Venus Conjunct Mars Natal and Transit: Venturing into the Unknown

  • The Venus Mars conjunction in the natal chart means you are a natural born charmer who knows how to deal with the public.
  • As the Venus conjunct Mars transit takes place, people are overwhelmed by their own emotions and passions can be quite destructive.
  • Venus reflects the beauty in someone’s life and is about style and romance.
  • The conjunct aspect is a magnifying astrological placement, one that blends the energies of the two planets found to be in close proximity, in the same zodiac sign.
  • The planet Mars exudes masculine energy, governing impulsivity and aggression, courage and drive, our survival instincts and motivations.
  • Celebrities: Vincent Van Gogh, Sir Richard Burton, Amy Winehouse, Tom Jones, Sally Field, Dwayne Johnson, James Stirling.
  • Transit dates: 13 July 2021, 16 February 2022, 06 March 2022, 23 February 2024.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus conjunct Mars Natal

The Venus conjunct Mars in birth charts has deep effects on the relationships of natives with this placement, but this doesn’t mean their passion won’t be felt in other aspects of their life.

They have a need to be loved and shown affection, meaning they’re giving a lot of importance to their romantic connections. Having a strong libido and a desire for intimacy, there may be friction between them and some of their partners.

They seem to possess a lot of sexual magnetism that’s bringing them many bed partners, whenever they’re feeling like. The more evolved of them have enough power and courage to train their animal instincts and to be composed when out in the world.

Depending on which planet, Venus or Mars is stronger in their birth chart, they’re either more loving or lustful. They possess great energy and warmth when it comes to their own emotions, not to mention they’re still able to charm anyone even if acting too aggressively.

These natives have a creative mind, but they’re expressing their thoughts and feelings according to other aspects present in their birth chart. Furthermore, they’re giving, open and very efficient at dealing with their public, but this doesn’t mean they don’t need their time alone.

When it comes to money, they’re not hesitating to spend it, no matter if theirs or others’, this being the reason why they should be careful and pay their debts.

Demanding with their loved ones, they’re usually angry when their expectations are not being met. Very independent, these people don’t like having their freedom hindered and feeling tied down.

Those born during the Venus conjunct Mars transit are living for arguments and debates with both their partner and best friends. At the same time, they’re energized by love in its purest forms.

Mars is known to drive, so when in an aspect with Venus, it gives that drive strictly to romance. For this reason, those who are having the Venus conjunct Mars aspect in their birth chart can’t wait to get out of bed and to fall for someone or to give their other half’s the attention he or she deserves.

Venus is the planet describing how they’ve handled their puberty, those times in which their sexual desires started to emerge and they’ve started falling for their dates. In adolescence, they’ve probably been vengeful with anyone who dared to break their hearts.

Natives born during the Venus conjunct Mars transit are naturally combining the masculine and feminine forces in their personality, even though many other aspects in their birth charts are truly revealing how they’re actually doing it.

They seem to possess a special magnetism that makes them incredibly attractive, not to mention they can only live for romance and sex.

They can easily establish new relationships, but only if the previously mentioned conjunction is strongly afflicted in their birth chart.

It’s like their body is exuding sexuality and when having to enter new relationships, they’re acting impulsively. Intimate connections are very important for their happiness and they need to have a lot of fun or to take part in many adventures by their partner’s side to feel like they’re truly living.

The conjunction between Venus and Mars in their birth chart is indicating they can be assertive and at the same time very cooperative. This is what’s making them charming, also the fact that they can determine who they are without bothering others.

Sometimes, the men having this aspect in their birth chart can be too domineering with their partner and be considered to have the most macho air. However, things aren’t necessarily this way.

They’re just open and straightforward about what they want when it comes to love, not to mention very passionate when following their dreams. Even so, it can be challenging for them to keep their relationships strong because their other half may find them to be uncaring.

Possessing a very creative mind, they need to find ways to express what may be going through their heads. Others will feel their warmth and high energy very easily, as if these are lying on the surface for the entire world to see them.

Being very intense, it’s sometimes difficult for their lover to cope with them, meaning they can have many marriages during a lifetime or cheat on their other half too many times.

They can easily find a new partner if single because they have great sex appeal and are very attractive. They enjoy flirting, but they need to be aware of how they’re influencing their partner if they want to remain in strong relationships, for long periods.
Being attractive means they’re also popular everywhere they may be going and talented at speaking when being faced with their public. This means they’ll succeed greatly in their career, so they can expect to earn a lot of money and to live a comfortable life, not to mention they’d get a lot of help from their very intense energy.

Ethical, creative and passionate about their goals, they can accomplish many great things and even become famous at some point in their life.

Venus conjunct Mars Transit

During the Venus conjunct Mars transit, people are overwhelmed by their own emotions and motivated, meaning following their passions can have them experiencing many great things.

While they may occupy their entire day looking for satisfaction, they’re still responding to external influences in the most intense way.

Those of them who are stronger will become more eager to live their life to the maximum and try to accommodate the forces pushing them to feel uncomfortable. While the balance in their life may sometimes get disturbed, they’re still the type to take action rather than to stay in a corner and not say a thing.

During the Venus conjunct Mars transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac are more interested in developing intimate relationships. More than this, their sexual desires are increased, which can have them more determined to search for a partner.

However, this instinct of theirs wouldn’t be that powerful to make others feel strange around them.

For as long as the Venus conjunct Mars aspect is in place, natives of all signs in the zodiac are more sociable and eager to express their passion.

This may get expressed sexually, but they need to determine if this kind of attitude suits them or not. They’ll connect with others more intensely and be exciting in relationships, but they’ll have to keep their ego healthy and not become too much for others.

Many of them will venture into new business partnerships and be more passionate to prove themselves. They should use this transit and start some new creative projects they may be thinking of, even if more attracted to challenge themselves physically rather than intellectually.

During the Venus conjunct Mars aspect, people’s energy is at higher levels, and they’ll look to take action more, even from a physical and sexual point of view.

They need to focus their energy on doing something creative, especially if they have no idea how to express it. They’ll likely spend money on useless things and not think before opening their wallets.

The sextile or trine aspect between Mars and Venus in natal charts is indicating people with such placements are not facing too much resistance when trying to get what they want in life.

They possess a special charm and are usually most of the time where they’re supposed to, more sensual and creative than usual. The square and opposite aspects between these two planets may give much more energy, but not too many chances to burn it.

For this reason, they may be frustrated from both a sexual and emotional point of view. They can look to make use of all of their senses and not find opportunities to do just so. Furthermore, they can be too aggressive and uncaring when it comes to others’ feelings.

During the Mars conjunct Venus aspect, natives of all signs in the zodiac are feeling more sexually alert. No matter if involved or single, they’ll want to be passionate with someone in bed and to consume their stamina.

Therefore, those of them involved in a couple should feel lucky, whereas the singles shouldn’t be throwing themselves at the first person coming their way because this wouldn’t be the most suitable conduct.

However, in case they’ve met someone nice and attractive, also whom they’ve got to know a little bit, they should just take the relationship to the next level, especially if all the signs would be there for them.

However, if doubting they’re being liked back by someone, they should just let go of it an continue to be friends with that person.

It would take many efforts to convince people on no longer being intense and passionate during the Venus conjunct Mars transit.

Those of them involved in a relationship will have their energy getting spilled all over the place, not only in their affair, meaning their other half may get angry with them too often. This is why they shouldn’t allow their passion to get out of control and make up with their lover when being blamed for their overwhelming attitude.

Tenderness and sensuality will dominate during this transit, meaning many will find their other half. Their most raw instincts and sexuality will have them looking extremely attractive.

More charismatic and popular than usual, they’ll socialize all the time and transmit only positive feelings. It would be a good idea for them to get involved in new relationships and friendships for as long as Mars is in conjunction with Venus.

Creative pursuits will as well be encouraged, so artists should stay focused on their work, especially if they’re into the physical and emotional type, such as dancing and sculpture.

Even those who are dealing with a strenuous daily routine will enjoy their days more, not to mention they may come up with great ideas at work, as a result of their increased creativity.

Last but not least detail to be mentioned about the Venus conjunct Mars transit is that it’s perfect for hosting parties and celebrating.

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