The Sextile Aspect in Astrology: When Two Planets Favor Each Other


Sextile aspects happen when a combination of two planets find themselves approximately 60 zodiacal degrees apart. Sextiles are generally regarded as easy aspects, and are more noticeable on a day to day basis than trine aspects, but less potent.

The sextile targets weak areas in one’s life, creating the potential for self-improvement. It can tell a person about how they really feel about their popularity, assurance and personal skill. It allows for a person to explore new opportunities and develop themselves.

The effect of sextile aspects stems primarily from relationships between different zodiac signs that are too apart from each other.

Even if the influence of each planet is starkly different, they do not act in a way that suppresses each of the effects. In actual fact this is quite the opposite – their difference actually causes individual growth for each planet.

The trade-off here is that there is additional effort required to truly harness the impact created by the sextile, but the advantage is that the risk of laziness (for example that caused by trine) is far lower.

Sextile Aspect AstrologyIn the same way that conjuncts operate, sextiles are also fairly peaceful and harmonious aspects, primarily because of the manner in which the quartet of elements come up on the birth chart.

In contrast to trines though, sextile planets only share compatible elements, whereas trine planets occupy single elements.

Compatibility across the elements comprises of Fire and Air, and Earth and Water. Air and Water are the outwardly expressive elements, more yang in terms of balance, whilst Fire and Earth are far more introverted, the yin in this particular case. This has a far greater influence on the impact created by sextile aspects than the actual planets themselves.

So even if you were to take two planets that have very different influences, they find a mutual connection by the sign that they find themselves occupying.

Whilst this is the biggest factor for sextile aspects, the overall impact can be quite subtle, so much so that one might not actually notice it.

Sextile aspects give people the ability to communicate effectively, and are great for forging new relationships and enhancing existing ones.

As such, this makes resolving conflicts very easy. It is during sextile aspects that those around a person will be far more receptive to sensitive subject matter, and will be more likely to observe a situation objectively.

Again, in opposition to trine where everything is energetic yet effortless, sextile impacts have to be earned because of the subtlety.

Examples of this might be that the sun is out, the birds sing their finest songs, and nature is at its most vibrant. This impact provided by sextiles gives us the perfect opportunity to take a rest from the trials and stresses that day-to-day life normally throws at us.

While this is a pleasant situation to be in, it is quite passive, so one shouldn’t expect any significant changes in energy.

Whereas trines are so effortless in their application, a person almost has to remember they have a particular set of skills or characteristics, sextiles operate on a much more individual level – others might not notice but they can remind a person of their own talents, giving them an individual push to develop certain areas of their life.

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