The 12th House

The 12th House governs karma and our potential in life, helping us to go through all life events and to keep moving ahead.

Twelfth house

The 12th House in Astrology: Beginnings and Endings

The 12th House is cadent, ruled by Pisces and the planet Neptune. It stands for what’s hidden behind appearances, for Karma, the development of the soul and hidden powers but also weaknesses,…

Aries in 12th house

Aries in 12th House: Beyond Ambitious

With Aries in the twelfth house you give a great importance to your loved ones and look up to their opinions more than you actually let it show.

Leo in 12th house

Leo in 12th House: Stronger than Average

Having Leo in the twelfth house means that your domineering side can sometimes prevent you from showing those around your true colors and how kind you can be.

Virgo in 12th house

Virgo in 12th House: Compassion at Its Best

Virgo in the twelfth house means you have this unique ability to see details that others may overlook and this will help you immensely in life.

Capricorn in 12th house

Capricorn in 12th House: Secure and Wise

Having Capricorn in the twelfth house you possess the inner discipline to make all your dreams come true and should take things step by step in life.

Aquarius in 12th house

Aquarius in 12th House: Original and Committed

Aquarius in the twelfth house means you can achieve balance in your life with some simple changes and leave aside your constant worries about what others may think of you.