Taurus in 12th House: Working Hard for Those Close


Natives born with Taurus in 12th House need security, but they’re not showing it. This means they seem to have less stability. If having all the comfort they need, they’re tolerant, sexy and composed, as well as ready to work hard.

They can be influenced by what happened in their past, not to mention it’s difficult for them to accept change. More than this, they’re unconsciously insisting to have things done their way and to obtain the possessions they want in life.

Taurus on the Twelfth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Decisive, creative and determined;
  • Negatives: Machiavellian and confrontational;
  • Advice: Avoid playing the victim and blaming others and take more responsibility;
  • Celebrities: Kristen Stewart, Ashton Kutcher, Sandra Bullock, Lionel Messi, Adele.

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Working hard for those dear

While when dealing with others, the person born with Taurus in the Twelfth House is sure of him or herself and happy, on the inside, he or she is always worrying about money and how secure the ones at home are.

Being cheerful on the outside, people with this placement at their birth can have many friends who don’t care that much and keep coming to them for assistance.

Not liking change, they prefer to know what they need to fight and when. However, this doesn’t mean they’re free of any danger because if they’re subconsciously focusing to get their hands on more possessions and to have all of their pleasures fulfilled, they can encounter some problems.

When this is happening, they think it’s only fate working and they don’t try to pose any resistance. All of this can lead to even more problems. Individuals born with Taurus in the Twelfth House are not at all selfish and very sensitive to the pain of others.

For these reasons, they may work very hard to make their loved ones feel secure and have everything they need. When it comes to their generosity, they want to give away almost everything they have.

This is a situation in which they have to be inspired to give because otherwise, many can take advantage of them. In other words, Twelfth House Tauruses should be aware of the fact that victimizing themselves doesn’t always bring the looked-for results or their investments to return.

The 12th House is strongly connected with how much importance Tauruses are giving to their spiritual life and the principles in the Universe. It’s all about Cosmic Consciousness and how compassionate natives are.

When it comes to everyday matters, those with Taurus in their birth chart can’t be that generous with their understanding because they’re only thinking about themselves and therefore, are more selfish. If they want to make room in their life for their structure, they need to be at peace with the Universe and to learn how to work with all the principles they encounter.

More than this, they need to pay attention to their spirituality, but not exaggerate with it. It’s very likely individuals born with Taurus in the 12th House are feeling inferior. This is a psychological issue that’s impeding them to recognize their purpose in life. They’re usually sure that they can’t have control over their subconscious and that their decisions are based on their emotions.

In case they’re working on their character in the negative way, they should analyze their childhood because there may be there some memories influencing them to do so.

If they’re in denial about who they are, these natives can have a too fast pace of life and not stop to admire the beauty. They may want to receive everything they need when they need it, which can make them less consistent. It’s possible there was a condition for them to never bore others, so they may be thinking their relaxing times are never near. However, deep inside, these natives want in fact to take some time off for chilling.

This can be seen in their rigid attitude and the way they’re stubbornly opposing change. At least they have all it takes to be serene, since being a healthy human being is also about peace and calm. And most of them have learned this.

Prioritizing a sense of security

When it comes to the spiritual side of people born with Taurus in the 12th House, they need to use it unselfishly.

The passive sign of Taurus combined with Pisces, the sign that’s ruling in the 12th House, can make natives with the Bull in the Twelfth House want to receive more when it comes to spiritual matters. It’s like they should be encompassed by spirituality, not the other way around. Natives born with Taurus in 12th House should become themselves complete and not look inside themselves for this.

However, they seem to be very good working with Universal notions. If managing to overcome their ego, they can find the secure space they so much need and rest there.

When the day is done, they can feel how much people in their surroundings want security. In conclusion, natives born with Taurus in Twelfth House can be simple blessings for others, when helping them to be more stable and to have the peace of mind they require.

It can take them some time with themselves to achieve all this. Spirituality can bring them all the harmony they need inside, also the artistic spirit they need to overcome the everyday issues gracefully.

Taurus in 12th House natives are worried and anxious when it comes to money and what turns life is going to take. However, don’t hesitate to put up a calm and confident exterior.

What happened in their past can haunt them, not to mention they can become sick with worries. These people can fear what happened in the past, not to mention they can lose their connection with the practical side of life when focusing too much on the events that have already passed.

Individuals born with Taurus in Twelfth House like loneliness, so they’re serious to refuse others when these want to occupy their space. However, this can prevent their ways of communication with others. More than this, they can’t be truly empathetic or expressive with their words. When giving a hand, they can only do it from a material point of view.

Their emotions can sometimes have them depressed and they may try to make sacrifices to no longer feel guilty about it. Since they’re all the time stressed about their financial situation, they require money almost all the time.

When losing finances, they can rapidly recover it because they want life to follow its normal course. As far as their professional life is going, they’re not too emotional and prefer to follow a routine. They need to understand that creativity can flourish when they’re being oppressed, yet this shouldn’t depress them.

Besides, when hurting someone themselves, they need to reconsider what they’re feeling about their victims because being in denial is not the proper way for them to go. They should only rarely sacrifice their own needs for others. When lonely, they tend to do the most difficult things that can have them thinking intensely.

An analytical attitude

The person born with Taurus in the 12th House is looking to approach the most usual issues in strange manners, so he or she can prove to be ingenious.

Most of the time, natives with this placement don’t need people with no authorization to intervene in their matters because conflicts can degenerate and they can end up even more lonely than before.

They need to have as many possessions as possible because only this way, they can feel secure and sure of themselves. When their financial situation is being threatened, 12th House Tauruses can be more fearful than usual, which can negatively impact their life.

They can decide to analyze every event they’re part of, but this can cause them to become more impulsive. They need to resist change, not to mention they can refuse to work with new solutions to problems they may be having.

Some of them are very naïve and making decisions too fast. When too passive, their life can take a negative turn and they can end up losing money, even houses or other valuable things they own. For them, the material side of life is a complete mystery, also the chase for accumulating wealth.

Their spiritual side and skills are belonging to the planet Venus, so they’re creative and inspired enough to study these things closely. When it comes to intimacy, they want to have secret affairs and to feel warm inside when alone. This way, they can realize their worth and after, they can start looking for someone who can see them the same.

Taurus in 12th House is perfect for those who want to succeed in life because it’s making them more realistic and able to work with their imagination.

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