Pisces in 10th House: A Daydreamer at Heart


It can often be estimated how long the career of someone born with Pisces in 10th House is going to last in a particular place, because these natives are known to run away from responsibility and do not respect any obligation.

They have several talents and are good at many things, but no one can beat them when it comes to spreading messages to the world. For this reason, many artists have Pisces in their Tenth House.

Pisces on the Tenth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Quiet, tasteful and subtle;
  • Negatives: Inconsiderate and volatile;
  • Advice: Pay attention to your thoughts because they define you more than you think;
  • Celebrities: Sandra Bullock, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Lindsay Lohan, Adele, Robert De Niro.

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Daydreamers at heart

The connections made by the Fish sign in this house are very powerful, but they’re creating all sorts of dependencies. This is indicating 10th House Pisces need to set their objectives straight in life and to not end up destroying themselves by being dependent on different substances, people or habits.

They may go through very difficult times when trying to choose a profession and to settle with it because they have many ideas and are always wondering what to go with.

At least they’re ambitious, even if they’re choosing what to do in life according to what their emotions are dictating them to do. These people are committed to their ideals, so they can make many changes in their professional life.

They can decide on doing something for the large public. Therefore, they can choose to be doctors or artists. No matter what, they need to have realistic dreams when it comes to how they’re evolving at work.

Romantic and almost all the time dreaming, they know how to use different methods to advance in their career, but they’re not at all practical.

They can still have a good reputation when it comes to what they’re doing in their profession, with some of them even being geniuses. Many of the Tenth House Pisces are curious about the occult and secret organizations. This is why some of them are working in strange fields.

When it comes to the meaning of life, this for them is a lot related to self-sacrifice. When wanting to escape a situation, they can simply just avoid implementing it.

More than this, they may not want to express their opinions too clearly, being evasive and expecting others to understand what they want to say. It’s very difficult for these natives to make choices because this is how they are and they’re rarely changing.

However, they’re true visionaries because they live in this “other world”. Many can accuse them of being impractical, especially when it comes to work and their public image.

Strange conditions may appear in their professional life, not to mention many of them are doing something mysterious for a living. A Tenth House Pisces individual may have difficulties deciding on a career and the path he or she wants to follow in life.

Great potential

Natives with this placement in their birth chart need to learn what practicality of making decisions means. They can do something to help others or express their emotions through creative work.

It would be a good idea for them to do something meant for the sign of Pisces, like being spiritual gurus, astrologers, and artists, or they could just focus on helping others.

The more evolved of them are improving other people’s lives. They’re doing this by advocating determination and showing the paths that need to be followed.

If they happen to be leaders and they adopt a too serious attitude, it’s possible to not have anyone getting along with them. As employees, they’re always keeping the distance and trying to make their boss softer because they want in the team in which they’re working to be peace and trust.

People born with Pisces in the Tenth House usually have no idea what to do with their professional life because Neptune is in their House of career.

They have enough potential to become successful in any area because they’re always emotionally involved, but Neptune can have them idealizing their profession and discovering that reality may be a little bit different from what they’re dreaming.

For this reason, they can change jobs and professions more than often. These people can imagine all the riches and good reputation they can obtain, but don’t know how to get their hands on these things.

Besides, they’re easily getting bored with any idea and may decide what they used to try is no longer doing them any good. At least they’re great visionaries, so they shouldn’t be forced to so something operational.

When having to do something they don’t like, they can get scared and decide to leave their job to join an ambulant acting company or to live another dream. They can do this even if in their heart they know everything is only an unreachable ideal.

Jupiter is the co-ruler of their career House, so they tend to exaggerate when complaining about the efforts they’re making at work. 10th House Pisces want to make the world a better place, but they don’t know where to begin.

They may be attracted to be inspirational, to heal or to become artists, especially in the visual arts. Some of them may be counselors.

Regardless of what they’re choosing to do, they need to be inspired and encouraged because their dreams are usually unrealistic, but at least they’re expressing something. These natives need to bring a contribution to society and dream about the perfect job.

The 10th House is influencing them to attain success from a material point of view as well. They need to be careful and not become disillusioned on their way to success because it’s easy for them to have all of their dreams crushed and not fulfilled.

Following a certain path in life

Influenced by the sign of Pisces, they’re always looking for more and to be larger than life. It can happen more often than not for many of them to not be happy at their place of work.

Others are accustomed to their romantic ways and how they’re dreaming the most impossible dreams.

And they’re not any different when it comes to their career either, but they can end up fulfilled only if they’re practical and following the path they’re supposed to have their professional life in order.

Some of the individuals born with Pisces in Tenth House can realize from a very young age that they’re only being idealistic and that they don’t have a well-established direction because they’re confused and indecisive.

All of these natives have difficulties understanding what’s calling and what’s vocation. They may want to do something larger than life when it comes to careers, so they can’t be happy with less.

It’s not unlikely for them to change jobs every year, some even every three months because they want something that’s allowing them to dream and their artistic spirit to lift.

For this reason, it would be a good idea for them to be advised when it comes to their profession. Only this way, they can understand what they need to do, from a practical and more realistic point of view.

When the life of the person born with Pisces in 10th House is too peaceful, they may want to chase more responsibilities. However, their boss may think this may compromise the quality of their work, the situation in which the 10th House Pisces won’t be around for too long anymore.

When leaders, these natives are ruling with their hearts and not their minds. Their intuition can always be of help when they need the most to be assisted. It would be a good idea for them to not make threats directly but more subtly.

These natives can’t easily agree with their bosses and associates because they’re too emotional and interested in gossip. The less evolved of them can’t have any responsibility or agree with having their freedom restricted. While having a clear mind, many of them are not at all practical.

They can be good in many professions, so they’re working in more than one place. The fact that they’re easily adapting can’t have them focused on only one job.

True artists, natives born with Pisces in 10th House can be amazing writers or musicians. The ladies don’t mind staying at home with the children because this doesn’t bore them and they may decide to open a home-based business.

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