Aries in 11th House: Passionate About Good Causes


People with Aries in the 11th House are all the time looking to meet new people. They’re changing their group of friends and letting their old friends behind, just to get together with them again, later.

More than this, they love working in teams because they’re energetic and looking to work with new techniques meant to make their dreams come true. Because they’re also enthusiastic and inquisitive, they can attract many people. However, when it comes to friendship, they’re impulsive and can get together with different people if feeling bored. In groups, they’re the ones taking the lead and establishing new connections.

Aries on the Eleventh House Cusp:

  • Positives: Loving, tolerant and straightforward;
  • Negatives: Vague and dogmatic;
  • Advice: Surround yourself with people who share the same interests as you;
  • Celebrities: Albert Einstein, Vincent van Gogh, Lady Gaga, Adele, Victoria Beckham.

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Passionate about a good cause

An Eleventh House Aries individual is open to socializing and to spend as much time as possible with friends, even if his or her connections are superficial.

If having to achieve a goal, they’re looking to do this by making a new friend. During Mars in retrograde, they should be more careful with their words because they can end up saying the wrong things that can hurt. Natives with this placement want to make their dreams come true and have the necessary energy for this to happen.

When it comes to what Mars does to people, this is providing leadership qualities and helping them to take any action. It’s an energetic planet that works for the interests of those who have it present in their birth chart.

Those having Aries in the 11th House are more friends with men and manly women. However, they shouldn’t allow anyone to bully them because by standing for their ideas, they can improve all of their relationships.

They’re open and able to get along incredibly with anyone, not to mention they can convince many people to help them.

They’re changing groups of friends and establishing many social connections because they love being admired and performing, but never with bad intentions. They’re not patient enough to be dramatic and are always ready to make changes when things are becoming tense.

As said before, individuals born with Aries in 11th House are all the time looking to make new friends, so everyone sees them as sociable, even if they’re forgetful when it comes to their closest connections. For this reason, they’re always hurrying to change the company and aren’t late to spend their time with the new groups.

When having to make achieve their objectives, they’re not doing it in an obvious manner, more in the most original ways. Besides, they don’t always seem to care and are inconsistent, meaning their group may decide to no longer be in their company when they’re least expecting it and when they’re not in control of the situation.

Impulsive and easily distracted

Having Mars in the Eleventh House, people with this placement are good at collaborating with others and getting what they want in life. They need others to make their dreams come true.

More than this, they’re focusing on their future and have all the energy they always need. Their friends are many, but not many of them close because they have too high ideals and are looking to improve the world. Big humanitarians, they’re becoming very passionate when working for a good cause.

It can be very tough for natives born with Aries in 11th House to agree with the fact that the groups they’re a part of have some defects. They can notice shortcomings and want to point them out.

Hating lies and rudeness, they can change hierarchies in groups when not feeling too happy with what’s going on.

More than this, they love to challenge their friends. The problem with them is that they’re not thinking of how much energy they need to spend to make this happen.

When working in groups, they’re impulsive and can denote aggressiveness. Others can know their places and what they want the most to do. This can be helpful when it comes to collaboration because this way, interests, and desires are becoming aligned.

A person born with Aries in 11th House is establishing connections impulsively and passionately. However, he or she needs to keep in mind what’s coming out from their relationships because they can get to feel only on one side if they’re not paying enough attention.

They can end up being fearful and confront others out of the blue. Struggling for peace can lead things to be even more heated in their life. During this type of situation, they know of the most original ways of making their intentions known and settling conflicts.

They can develop strong connections with technology, but they’re impulsive and can end up throwing laptops of phones out the window. This can happen mostly because they’re frustrated and don’t have enough patience.

Always having others listen to them

If looking to achieve their goals, they’re energetic and efficient. However, when keeping their dreams a secret, they’re only making mistakes because others can see how preoccupied they are and may not be happy not knowing what they’re on about.

Besides, they can get the help of their friends when they’re least expecting it. It would be a shame for them to not consult with others because they’re too proud. Their pride can have many of their friends upset with them, especially if they’re only looking forward in life.

It’s more than clear that their group can become upset with the way they’re taking action and aren’t asking for any help, not to mention these actions can lead them to depression.

When individuals born with Aries in Eleventh House are at peace with themselves, they can learn how to interact more efficiently. More than this, they’re getting to be more productive and to attain success more rapidly. When interacting with their friends, they must appreciate warmth and dedication.

They prefer to closely interact with their friends and colleagues, so having a job in a big company is perfect for them. Because they’re sociable, many are appreciating them for their social skills.

People in their service are always listening to their ideas and want to help them. Their ideals are high and they don’t mind making some efforts to achieve their goals.

As soon as the Aries sign begins its journey in the 11th House, things are becoming less peaceful for them and their social actions because they’re meeting new people and are starting to be superficial about it, knowing someone new will always come again.

These people are easily making friends, but not for the long term. They need to set boundaries with others and to dedicate their time to their social connections. Seeming like God is speaking through their energy, they’re seeing life as a battle they need to win at.

It’s important for them to have their connection with the Universe and to realize where their energy is being kept, to take the initiative and to move forward in the way they want to.

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