The 4th House

The 4th House governs our homes and families, all domestic matters and one’s unconscious beliefs about what matters in life.

Fourth house

The 4th House in Astrology: The Domestic Realm

The 4th House’s cusp forms the special IC (Immum Coeli) angle, which is also known as the nadir. This Fourth House is angular and ruled by the Cancer. Its ruler is the…

Taurus in 4th house

Taurus in 4th House: Caring for Loved Ones

Your life is all about pleasure and sensuality but you are also a rather responsible person when it comes to serious matters.

Virgo in 4th house

Virgo in 4th House: An Organized Home

You should be more mindful of the present and avoid stressing too much about what the future may bring.

Capricorn in 4th house

Capricorn in 4th House: Respecting Karma

You must find different outlets to externalize your emotions, rather than project your negative feelings on those around.