The 4th House in Astrology: The Domestic Realm


The 4th House’s cusp forms the special IC (Immum Coeli) angle, which is also known as the nadir. This Fourth House is angular and ruled by the Cancer. Its ruler is the Moon, which means it governs the family and home life, the instincts, the psychological foundations and the roots, the mother and maternal feelings, ancestry, the past, the domestic life and the sense of security.

The 4th House in a nutshell:

  • Represents: Family and ancestry, safety place and domestic orientation;
  • Positives: Feelings of stability and peace, thriving in the home space;
  • Negatives: Distraction from family matters, aloofness and distance;
  • If your Sun Sign is in it: You are likely to put a great price on your family’s happiness.

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Standing at the birth chart’s base, the 4th House is representative for family and home. The planets here are representing the native’s relationship with his or her own mother, also how he or she views domesticity.

The planets transiting the Fourth House encourage people to invest more in their foundation by surrounding themselves with nurturing people and having a very private personal life.

The 4th House has the Cancer’s energy, being centred on home and all the things there. All this means it’s connected with people’s sense of security, their roots and memories about their mother. Since it’s also the ruler of psychological relationships, it has many connections with the home and roots of individuals.

At the same time, it’s the home of real estate. In case Saturn, which is the Karma’s planet, is present here in a birth chart, the person having this placement is sure to have a difficult upbringing.

When the same placement appears in the horoscope, it indicates challenges in the same sector. While the 4th House stands at the bottom of birth charts, it doesn’t mean that it has the steadiest placement.

It’s true that it provides foundations and represents roots, but at the same time, it’s like a tall tree that doesn’t have visible roots. However, it’s a well-known fact these roots are under the ground and still very potent, bringing back everything back to family, which is very important for how natives are developing, either as children or as adults.

The way people are being cared and nurtured, or perhaps aren’t, influences their innate security, their honour and feeling of safety. The placements in the Fourth House give people enough clues on how they should nurture themselves when adults.

The planet Mars being present in the 4th House indicates an overly protective person who would do anything for his or her family. Individuals with such placements have to go back into their past and to remember everything they went through as children, especially when needing to feel more courageous and to address the problems that bother them the most.

By doing this, they can escape the anger they’re feeling in the present. There are many things and situations the 4th House brings to a person when he or she is young. This house being a foundation for the birth chart owner, the planets that are transiting through here make many important changes and can alter an individual’s character.

Most of the time, the reality comes from outside, which is specific to the 4th House and not at all to the first that governs internal feelings. When people have had too much being in the public’s eye in the Tenth House, they withdraw to the opposite house, which is the 4th.

This is when they need to spend as much time as possible inside, to recharge their batteries and to just relax. They can be themselves because no one is watching. After spending some time here, they can go back to the world, stronger than ever.

Whenever people need help, they just retreat in the 4th House, just like snails go back into their shell. After reflecting and sleeping well, they can wake up the next day and put up with what’s being send their way. After each return, they’re better and better.

The Fourth House also puts a lot of emphasis on the concept of having a home and roots. Roots are a lot related with the self. There’s not worth in being surrounded by luxurious things if the feeling inside of heart is not of home.

Even the words “home” inspires peace of mind and brings a certain relaxation. Home is the place where the self feels centred and grounded. People want to feel at home both from a physical and a psychological point of view because they need a sacred place where to be comfortable and to feel safe.

From home, they can start their life journey and become who they are. More than anything, having a comfortable space that’s nurturing is very important. Home is the place where memories are being made and traditions remain kept.

These are also ruled by the 4th House, just like ancestry and heritage. The parents are the ones that inspire people to create their own home and to be nurturing. This means the Fourth House is also the one of the Mother or the parent that has been the most nurturing.

Looking at things from a tangible perspective, the 4th House is also the one of physical surroundings and therefore, of real estate. It represents tradition, history and family, everything that helps people become adults.

The Fourth House and love

As said before, the 4th House is also called the one of the nadir. It holds the magical powers of the Cancer, which is the supreme ruler of family and home. Those having an agglomerated 4th House want to have their own family and to be with someone who can make them feel like they’re always home, which means they’re always in the search of love.

While the Fourth House determines the way in which they will build their own home, it also indicates how their romantic relationship is going to be. It’s very important for them to be open no matter what, also to allow new friends into their life.

They should live in a safe space with those they love the most, and especially with their life partner. If they want to be happy from a romantic point of view, they need to have a family that supports them, so a spouse and children.

It’s very likely they have been very happy as children, which means they want to have an adult life in which they’re reproducing what happened to them when they were little.

Until finding the person they’re meant for, they may feel lonely and endure a lot of pain because they’re being deprived of what they want the most. For them, having a harmonious life with the ones they live is of utmost importance, also never feeling alone when having to deal with challenges.

They need security no matter what. As soon as involved in a serious relationship, they’re doing their best to make their nest the most comfortable place for themselves and their partner.

To them, their surroundings being beautiful is inspirational, not to mention they need to spend a lot of time at home in order to come in contact with their own feelings and to feel reassured that their future is going to be great.

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