Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What system of astrology is used on the website?

A: Most of the articles on HoroscopeJoy are written based on Western Astrology principles and teachings.

Q: What information can my date of birth offer?

A: If you are here then you surely have this inkling that your date of birth is more than a row of numbers. And that is true. Your birth date can say so much more than you think about your personality, firstly, through the zodiac sign characteristics and secondly, through the interpretation of the position of all the planets in your birth chart, at the time of your birth.

Q: You offer many articles on planetary transits, how can I use those in my daily life?

A: Planetary movement can be interpreted in two main directions. One has to do with the natal, personality meaning of the aspects that planets formed at the time and date of your birth and the second is linked to the effect of the planetary transits that are upon us, at every moment and may influence our actions.

By informing yourself about a transit through our articles you are one step closer to mastering its effects, making use of the opportunities it can bring with it and protecting yourself from its less positive influence.

But don’t forget that you are the master of your own destiny and it is through how you interpret the information you receive that you build your own path. The stars predispose, but us humans dispose.

Q: Do you give out personalized readings?

A: At the moment we focus our work on providing quality astrology articles that can help you navigate the world in harmony with the planets and your own personality traits. We do not provide any type of reading or advice, neither paid nor free and we don’t do birth charts.

Q: How accurate are your articles and horoscopes?

A: Astrology is a field full of wonders and mystery, with many facts but also a myriad of interpretations and each practicing astrologer has developed their own way of interpreting the horoscope. In some cases, some planetary movements may be more obvious and general in their interpretation whilst others may be more subtle and specific, hard to apply to each individual situation.

Our content is provided for entertainment purposes only, meaning that whilst we take pride in the astrology background of our contributors and we strive to keep up to date with the developments in the field, we cannot give any guarantees as per the accuracy of the content present, which is provided for entertainment purposes.

The view remains that whilst astrology can provide you with amazing insight into your personality, choices and actions, you are forging your own life, and are responsible for your actions and their consequences.

Q: I don’t identify with what you write about my sun sign, why is that?

A: Many of us will have been acquainted with our sun sign from an early age and even those who are not interested in astrology not follow their horoscopes, are likely to at least know their sign.

But there is so much more to you than the personality characteristics that your sun sign predisposes. In the view of astrology, one’s character and their path in life is hidden in the birth chart (the position of all planets and their relationships in the skies, at the time and date of birth).

Each planet comes with its specific influence, each aspect brings something else in the mix and each positioning can make or break some of the features normally exhibited by a sign. So, your ascendant’s influence (if very strong in your chart) could mean you are more of a different zodiac sign than you are the sign that is your sun sign.