Cancer Horoscope and Traits

Cancer SymbolHighly intuitive, gentle and compassionate, the Cancer sign is sure to have received all the nurturing attributes and a life purpose of taking care of those dear. Quickly invested emotionally, these people are capable of immense motivation and resilience too, and they practically sense what others need.

Cancer Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: June 21 – July 22
  • Element: Water
  • Governing Body: The Moon
  • Gemstone: Pearl
  • Lucky Day: Monday
  • Symbol: The Crab
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruled by: 4th House
  • Metal: Silver
  • Lucky numbers: 2, 5, 7

Cancer Horoscope


September 21, 2023 – Today is a great day for you to seek support to your latest acquaintances, whether you have the courage to approach them or not.

Find a creative way to suggest that you need their help and innovate in the ways that they can help you so you don’t feel that weird when it comes to asking. One of your hopes for the future can come true like this.


September 22, 2023 – This is going to be quite a changing period for you as you change aspirations and desires almost on a daily basis and you don’t really know if you can trust your instincts anymore.

Maybe it’s time to stop making plans and just look where like takes you. You might find more sense in just going with the flow without trying to influence things too much.

September 2023 Monthly Horoscope

Ready to ride the cosmic rollercoaster, Cancer? September is all dressed up and ready to take you on a whirlwind tour of love, finance, and personal growth! Forget about twiddling your thumbs; you'll need your hands for navigating a maze of celestial events.

From Jupiter's backspin to Mars' dissonant vibes, the planets are playing your life's soundtrack, and spoiler alert: it’s a mixtape of highs and lows!

The love department? It's more rollercoaster than romantic dinner, but hey, you dig originality, right? Whether you're smitten or single, September’s got you covered. Existing relationships take unexpected turns (we're talking rom-com plot twists), while singles might just find their 'meet-cute' at the end of a travel itinerary.

Career-wise, Mercury's retrograde action until the 16th says, "Clarify, don’t mystify!" You'll have to be as specific as an IKEA instruction manual. And while the stars aren't exactly flashing a neon 'Career Growth Ahead' sign, they do hint at financial upswings—if you play your cards right.

And hey, wellbeing isn’t taking a backseat. You might face some bumps in the health road, but a little caution could be your seatbelt. Your home life? It’s like the cozy blanket in this rollercoaster ride, bringing harmony and happiness.

So buckle up, Cancer! This month is your cosmic carnival, complete with rides, games, and maybe some cotton candy romance. Curious about how to win the ring toss of life this September? Dive into this article and let’s turn those zodiac signs into smiley signs!

September 2023 Highlights

It will be your relationship that guides things in a positive direction. However, starting September 5th, you no longer need to worry if things are progressing slowly. The planets will be in retrograde, including Jupiter.

Don't dwell on imagined bad luck; instead, benefit from your current relationships. Reflect on what you're receiving and what's unfolding in your life. Most importantly, steer clear of adversity, as the discordant influence of Mars could complicate matters. Avoid falling into traps and patiently await the return to normalcy.

From the 1st to the 8th, you'll likely need to put effort into being kinder and more available. Despite potential challenges, maintaining balance is crucial. Wear a smile, even if you have to muster it.

Cultivate kindness in all interactions, enhancing your credibility. After the 14th, you might feel like your struggles are in vain. However, remember your privileges. Moreover, your competitive spirit will offer chances for success. Don't let any opportunity slip away.

Between the 1st and the 13th, you'll be disciplined, with less focus on returning to school. Utilize early mornings effectively, organizing your day during coffee breaks. With the Sun in Virgo, rationality prevails. From the 7th to the 18th, urgent matters could keep you unavailable despite others' needs. Justifications might be shortened, leading to increased income.

From the 19th onward, as Venus moves into Scorpio, financial prospects improve. By the 14th, your ideas will find their place, and practicality will reign. Mars in Virgo supports responsible and grounded thinking. As the school year starts, expect enhanced structure and effort in your projects. You'll feel capable of handling anything.

However, starting the 15th, people might act in ways you don't grasp. Don't be overly concerned with appearances, as Pluto and Mercury could distort communication. Refrain from explanations unless you've contemplated them. In the face of disapproval, stand by your convictions.

Cancer Love Horoscope for September

Your romantic life will be vibrant. Unexpectedly, your partner will exhibit reactions that might irk and annoy you. While you appreciate their originality and fantasy, it's essential to manage these various aspects.

When situations slip from your control, you'll navigate through different stages. Single Cancers, take note – a shy individual will notice you, prompting you to initiate if interested. Dialogue will come naturally, fostering enjoyable discussions with your partner.

Together, you'll make future plans, making your romantic life feel idyllic. Single Cancers, consider traveling, as you could encounter your partner during your journey. Although marriage might not be the outcome, those desiring singlehood will maintain it. Venus advises against letting emotions veer you off course.

The discord from Mars could hinder your desired outcomes. To evade this, maintain composure. Mars' disharmony might invite criticism and reproach, leading to tension. Pursue tranquility by embracing delicacy and tenderness for success. Anticipate diverse and promising encounters. This September, Cancer, make thoughtful decisions rooted in realism.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Mercury's retrograde might cause some mischief. Until September 16th, exercise heightened vigilance. Remember details and maintain meticulous records, avoiding procrastination. Communicate with clarity and specificity.

Brush off accusations of perfectionism, and disregard any fleeting dizziness. Post-September 16, consider substantial purchases. Career aspirations might not receive stellar encouragement this September. Insecurities concerning professional relationships could impact your actions in work or business.

Despite hard work, your goals might remain elusive, triggering desires to shift jobs or business approaches, yet yielding dissatisfaction. Strive to avert significant conflicts with superiors. Remedial measures are wise when necessary.

This September offers financial growth prospects, with favorable star alignments. Artists will flourish creatively and financially, with abundant gains, possibly from speculation. A lady or girl might extend significant financial assistance.

Your Wellbeing This Month

While evolution is in progress, Mars could pose some hindrance. Don't take offense; instead, consider organizing your projects and relationships. Travel might not yield benefits this month due to unfavorable star alignments.

Artists are also unlikely to gain from traveling in September, facing setbacks instead. Many Cancer natives will have the urge to embark on solo journeys, whether by road, rail, or air, potentially abroad. These trips could be work-related, but the efforts invested might not yield substantial gains. Consider journeys to the East.

The month bodes well for family affairs, with positive star alignments fostering financial success. Welcoming new family members is possible. A harmonious home environment will keep children content, good-natured, and excelling in school or other activities, contributing to overall family satisfaction.


September offers favorable circumstances for maintaining good health. Those with chronic issues like flatulence, rheumatism, or digestive problems might find relief. Simple precautions can be immensely beneficial.

Lingering throat problems should be investigated, as negligence could impact your health. Overall, both your physical and mental health should be fine, barring any major issues.

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2023 Yearly Horoscope

The changes that are big in 2023 will be on their way, so bank them. You need to put your trust in the people in your surroundings, as there won’t be the time for you to pass misjudgements.

Work in the direction of achieving success with your endeavours. Invest your energy into this success. Throughout the entire year, it’s possible that you will be asked to no longer live in your comfort zone, so don’t have a second thought about it.

It will be a very good moment for other people to get to know the Cancer. The entire year, be proud and dignified. Don’t despair, no matter what. There will be many surprises in store in the labor and professional area.

This Year’s Highlights

As far as career goes, this year, you’re going to get rewards from your past efforts. Those who have been spending 2022 studying or retraining are going to come across work opportunities that will make their life easier now.

After March, there will be a sudden breakthrough giving people a brand-new direction in life, as well as new work opportunities. When it comes to the family life, this will be peaceful for the entire year, and the possibility of a very happy celebration is going to appear in the middle of June.

Financial affairs are going to be stable in a relative manner, but you’re going to benefit a lot from them if you talk with a professional advisor that can give you financial opportunities starting with the month of July.

Pluto, the planet that’s bearing resounding changes, will be traveling through the 6th House of the Cancer, this area being linked to work among other things, and generating all sort of convulsions that are going to lead to all sort of new routes.

The planet Saturn is going to support the crusade from the sign of Aries, allowing the people born in Cancer to consolidate their delayed and important professional goals. Obviously, storms will need to be endured, storms that will more than often hurt the sensitive nature that they have. It will have to be considered that Cancer natives will have to avoid being displeased if there is for power struggles and conflicts with authority figures to be managed.

The most important tasks are going to be entrusted to the Cancers, and appeal to their own natural tenacity and perception. Perfection will be carried out completely. However, more than once, the moods will be declining, especially when the natives won’t get the understanding needed for their affective mood for bonding.

Professional and social demands are going to have them neglecting their affections and their partner in general, which will open inner wounds, having them stumbling when needing to no longer be contained but supported by their loved ones.

Thus, the Cancers will spend long times trying to balance the outside world and make demands to the intimate life, which is what the homey Cancer needs. Thus, the natives will not all the time be capable of enjoying the extraordinary work period of 2023.

If the times can’t be equalized and the person can’t be calm, the tension that’s going to be generated is going to affect their digestive and bone system, so their physicality. By having an orderly lifestyle and getting plenty of rest, adopting a natural diet, and doing some gymnastics that allows relaxation, the Cancer will learn how coping with conflicts works.

The Nature has given Cancers amazing sensitivity and the understanding when it comes to supporting and protecting the people in need, as well as a sharp introversion preventing them from no longer having any pain afflicting them and releasing the emotions that are overwhelming.

However, when they don’t have a goal that changes their nature, the year is opening for them, with infinite paths that allow the sweeping of the anguish and the sorrow, by contact with the people who are proposing different therapy alternatives to solve contradictions between the intimate and external world.

All this is going to arrive through the planet Uranus’s expansive and liberating influence, as well as of Jupiter’s. There will be many Crabs, this year, experiencing unusual and surprising development of intuition and the anticipation of the future.

Cancer Love Horoscope 2023

The 7th House, that of Marriage and Love is not at all this year a powerhouse. On the contrary, it’s 3 eclipses that guarantee plenty of change and action. For those who are single, it indicates marriage. You’re going to be asked to make decisions when it comes to a relationship that keeps on going.

Things will either become serious or just dissolve. There will be an eclipse not allowing you to keep the fence active. For those Cancers who are married, the eclipses are indicating there will be relationship crises. There will be defects appearing, defects that you had no idea they have appeared, and you will have to deal with them.

The good relationships are only going to get stronger, whereas the weak ones are going to be in some sort of danger. Saturn’s movements, the Cancer’s planet of love, is also going to add difficulties. For this planet, which is slow, the changes signs are going to appear fast.

Thus, your attitudes and needs as far as love goes are going to change. You’re going to feel as if you need some different things from your relationship. Seeing that the planet Saturn was in the sign of Taurus for 2022 and most of 2023, you only wanted the basics in a relationship.

Financial support, physical intimacy, and a security sense, these will all be Saturn’s movement into the Gemini sign, which is going to happen next year. You will ask for intellectual connections, conversation, communication, as well as the exchange of spiritual ideas.

These are the factors that, when combined with eclipses happening, are going to cause different and complex crises. Singles are going to find their love in different organizations and professional environments they’re part of. Maybe a love story is going to begin on the Internet or via email.

This is a year in which astrology will play the biggest love role. During winter, Jupiter in conjunction with the Cancer’s planet of love, will bring about many love opportunities. But this development will have to wait.

For those Cancers who are married, the conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn, the love planet, is indicating that there’s an opportunity to deepen and improve the relationship you’re in, as well as the arrival of significant friends that are new.

The Moon’s South Node is going to enter on April the 10th, the House of marriage. This indicates accentuated sex activity if you’re getting married. Passions and instincts will be awakened, and the endings will be either sad or happy.

Sex can be a bit compulsive and not at all erotic or romantic. Furthermore, it can become an addiction. If these things are happening in the relationship, it should be fine, but if they’re not happening in the relationship, then there will be issues.

Cancer Career Horoscope 2023

This is going to have a mixed impact on the profession and work perspectives. You need to put all sort of efforts in continuous into practice, especially if you want to achieve success with your business.

Since the planet Saturn will be in your 8th House, many of the people who are in competition with you are going to create some sort of obstacles and hinder you from work, which will have an impact in your general work routine.

After the 22nd of April, there might be some cooperation from people who are higher officials or seniors. There will be the probability for being promoted at work. You will gain from land-related pursuits.

An independent business will bring you handsome gains. This is a year in which the economic aspect is yielding. A lot of wealth is going to arrive as a result of expending wealth, but savings will not be ensured. Avoid spending too much money.

After the 22nd, as a result of Jupiter in the 22nd and 4th House, the planning of purchasing lands, vehicle and building ornaments and gemstones are going to be put into practice. There will be some expenses on some family ceremonies.

In case you want to make some bigger investment, don’t execute them for a while. If a dispute is happening over some property, then you need to make decisions in this direction, but the decision might not appear to be in your favor or successful.

Social Life Predictions for the Crab Sign

This is a year with moderate favors for family perspective. In the year’s beginning, there will be differences of opinion cropped up with someone in the family, as Ketu and Rahu on the 4th House is going to have to resolve issues by applying wits, self-confidence, and understanding.

You will get more prestige and a higher social rank because Jupiter will be in the 3rd House. After the 22nd of April, the family will have favorable results turning into it. You will bag the cooperation of the members who are older in your family, which will provide some mental satisfaction and happiness.

You will have more attraction for the family and pay a lot of attention to your father’s health. Antagonistic situations might exist with the people who are your in-laws, so be careful. The year will be attacked with projects and ideas under your own arm, so you won’t have the opportunity to achieve your objectives.

In March’s beginning, the planet Saturn transferring in the sign of Pisces is inspiring you to reflect. Your experience will be highlighted. In the month of May, Jupiter passing in Taurus will project a specific dream or idea.

The influences of this planet are synchronizing the good people and the opportunity that’s knocking on the door. With the help of the planet Mars in the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, or Virgo, you will have what it takes to start and without taking any extravagant risk.

Cancer Health in 2023

The 2023 planetary alignments are indicating there will be good health for the people born in Cancer, as well as excitement with time. They won’t go through any life-threatening issues. It’s indicated for them that they take good care of themselves, sleep, and rest.

Their circulatory and nervous systems are going to be mixed in a very careful manner. You’re going to have the perfect immunity you need to overcome and withstand communication illnesses.

Remain active and alive, while Mars is going to give you its best resources of energy. Your mental and physical health should be at their best during this year. Enjoy the good things. Pay attention to what you’re eating and be moderate.

Be active and spend your time outside. Some people born in Cancer might sometimes be even more active. Be cool and in tune. Work in the sense of balancing your hormones. This is a good time period to no longer drink and smoke as well.

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Cancer Personality Traits

Emotional, loyal and nurturing, Cancers are also highly intuitive, creative, cautious, empathetic and very protective. When it comes to their negative traits, they’re moody and change a lot, not to mention they can be too sensitive and very clingy.

Positives and Negatives

Just like their symbol, the Crab, Cancers have the tendency to step sideways. This means they’re rarely direct and don’t really know what they want. It is best to judge them according to what they’re doing, not what they’re saying because they may say “no” at first when being asked to lend a hand, but this may not be their final saying.

This is because they’re usually harsh and reserved on the outside, yet no one can be softer than them on the inside. It’s just that they have a hard shell they’re hiding under when the world is too harsh and there’s a chance for them to end up hurt.

Their sign represents home and family. This means they are the happiest when in a relationship and feeling secure. When it comes to their imagination, this can be quite expansive and even wild, which indicates they can make a real story out of anything.

There’s no wonder many Cancers are artistic geniuses. These natives are very happy when able to express their feelings in an imaginative manner, this being the main reason why they’re such good writers and poets. Their creativity can be a real force, not to mention they really know how to appreciate and make art.

Their feelings and thoughts need to be expressed in original manners for them to be truly happy. At the same time, they have a very loving heart and care a lot about the people in their life. Since they’re the most sensitive natives of the zodiac, they do everything without losing their affection.

Many see them as very tender and that’s very true about them. It’s like they’re surrounded by magic when they’re in a good mood. They start being very funny, playful and more adventurous during these moments, so those who happen to be in their life can have a really good time with them.

As said before, Cancers have a very strong intuition, so they can guess what others are feeling and thinking without even trying. It’s easy for them to notice changes in behaviours or if someone is trying to trick them.

Besides, they have a very good insight and possess the best memory. When all this is added to their amazing observation skills, they become more aware of any hidden motives others may have with them.

The Moon is ruling them, so they’re changeable and moody. This means they can be light and positive one minute, dark and pessimistic the other. What they’re struggling with the most is their low self-esteem.

Besides, they need to address their tendency to hold on to grudges for too long. It’s also important for them to try and be more optimistic because if they keep on seeing things in a negative light, they can end up with their feelings deeply hurt.

Their imagination can run wild, so they can get into trouble more often than others. It’s important for them to stop being clingy and obsessive too. While feelings are important, they should control theirs more often because they can grow to be too strong.

People see Cancers as too moody and difficult to understand because they’re sensitive and very emotional. More than this, they also have the tendency to be overly possessive. When feeling uncomfortable, they retreat under their protective shell and don’t want to come out to deal with the world anymore.

Cancer Love and Compatibility

Being the sign of family and parenthood, the Cancer rules over the heart and takes such matters very seriously. Cancers are staying at home and dreaming about their future family when their friends are going to parties, living wildly.

When it comes to friendships, they don’t like hanging out with too many people and usually find their soulmate among the people they know since childhood. They’re romantic and love tradition, so they love giving and receiving gifts, having dinners near the fireplace and taking walks under the moonlight.

Their intuition is very strong, but it doesn’t make them less moody and emotional. Very sensitive at heart, they can also be insecure, which means they need a lot of stability in order to feel confident and to achieve success.

They’re usually the ones who nurture others and want the same thing in return, so they have to be with someone trustworthy who’s ready to build a nest with them. While they can fall in love very rapidly, they take romance seriously, even if they don’t open up too easily because they’re too sensitive.

It’s usual for them to take a lot of time before deciding to be with someone, as they need to know their partner is reliable and able to keep secrets. When ready for a relationship, they’re all the time in for the long haul.

Because they’re very family-oriented, they need to get along with the person they have chosen to be by their side. What they want the most is to live in a comfortable environment and to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones.

This is why they’re most suited for those who also want children and to stay more at home. The zodiac indicates they’re the most compatible with Scorpios because they feel complete next to these natives.

Besides, Cancers can help Scorpios feel reassured and protected. With Aries partners and Libras, they have bumpy relationships that can’t last for too long.

When with another Cancer, they can be very loving and emotional, also affectionate and childish. Two Cancer individuals should definitely try their best to be together for a long time.

Career and Money

The Cancer can be counted on to get any job done. People born in this sign are always ready to work hard and to complete their projects, not to mention they’re more productive when working by themselves rather than in teams.

They seem to be amazing gardeners, nurses and even politicians. However, they seem to have some problems finding the job that’s most suited for them, which may be why they’re always changing careers and looking for something that allows them to freely express their creativity.

Cancers are able to work very hard, and when having something to do, they’re very reliable. A leadership position wouldn’t suit them very well because they don’t know how to manage teams.

On the other hand, they’re very good at caring for others, so they should decide to collaborate with non-profit organizations. Because they want to have security and to know they won’t run out of money, it’s important for them to have a job that pays well.

As far as spending goes, they prefer to not overdo it and to put something aside for a rainy day. In fact, they have the tendency to make saving one of their main goals. It can be said they’re very resourceful when it comes to finances, so they’re the ones to make budgets for their home and to keep everything in order.


Cancers tend to have a fragile body. When it comes to their sign’s external ruling, this is over the chest and the epigastric section of the body, also the elbows. Internally, the Cancer rules the digestive organs, the liber’s upper live and the thoracic area, the womb and the blood’s serum.

This is why Cancers may end up suffering from indigestion, ulcer and flatulence. They should also pay attention to their lymphatic system and their chest.

From a structural point of view, the Cancer zodiac sign rules the bladder, blood’s serum and the axillae. These people are prone to stomach and liver problems, digestive and emotional diseases such as anxiety and depression.

If someone is threatening them or they feel abandoned, they just retreat and spend most of their time alone, not to mention that if they’re upset, they can eat too much and end up being obese or having digestive problems.

Friendship and Family

Cancer natives love making new friends, but this doesn’t mean they don’t pay close attention to whom they allow to enter their life. They like people who know how to communicate, but they’re not the type to talk too much because usually, their emotions speak for them.

What they love the most is spending their time around home, where everyone understands and knows them very well. Possessing a strong intuition and very compassionate, it’s difficult for them to see things rationally.

Since they care a lot about the people they love, they’re always taking family and friends very seriously. While they don’t hesitate to give a hand and to nurture others, they hate it when someone is overprotective with them.

On the other hand, they have to be given a lot of attention for their relationship to work. This means they need steady connections and to be appreciated by their loved ones.

When it comes to family, Cancers are all about having the strongest connections. They also have very strong emotions and want to build the greatest memories next to the people in their life. If personally fulfilled, they’re affectionate and can guess what their partner or children are feeling.