Cancer Horoscope and Traits

Cancer SymbolHighly intuitive, gentle and compassionate, the Cancer sign is sure to have received all the nurturing attributes and a life purpose of taking care of those dear. Quickly invested emotionally, these people are capable of immense motivation and resilience too, and they practically sense what others need.

Cancer Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: June 21 – July 22
  • Element: Water
  • Governing Body: The Moon
  • Gemstone: Pearl
  • Lucky Day: Monday
  • Symbol: The Crab
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruled by: 4th House
  • Metal: Silver
  • Lucky numbers: 2, 5, 7

Cancer Horoscope


March 8, 2021 – Social life is going to see an unlikely improvement this Monday and you will probably be caught by surprise.

Perhaps some friends are really insisting on an outing with you or maybe someone else from the family has some plans that you can’t miss out on. In any case, you have something to look forward to during the day.


January 1, 2021 – A bit of spotlight again for you as the weekend approaches, this time your efforts having been recognized by someone you care for deeply.

It may be that a superior gives you some kind of prize or are in the contest for a promotion. You are trusting your instincts and doing the best you can so you shouldn’t have any fear.

January 2, 2021 – You may get the chance to participate in some kind of tradition or something that pertains to the habits of another family, either that we are talking about those dear to your partner or to one of your friends.

This will leave you a bit uncertain in regard to where your family stands but at the same time you will be happy to discover something new.

January 3, 2021 – Not necessarily a salary rise but something similar is on your mind and you will probably be spending this Sunday thinking of ways to make yourself remarked and put things in motion.

If it is that important for you, then you should do it, but make sure you also leave room to relax and also get a proper rest before next week.

January 4, 2021 – The only weakness that risks keeping you down this Monday has to do with your health and it probably is something you have expected to happen in a long time.

Some natives might react with more worry than others but regardless of how you feel about this emotionally, when it comes to real life actions, you shouldn’t delay care.

January 5, 2021 – You need to get some alone time this Tuesday because you are becoming increasingly stressed out. But the good news is that if you manage to find exactly that spot of weakness, you can recharge your batteries more than ever in the littlest of time.

Think about making a timetable of breaks to abide by at work or something similar.

January 6, 2021 – This is going to be one of those great days at work when everything seems to be going according to plan and where you motivate yourself into doing even more.

A lot of cooperation as well but be prepared to pay the price for that later on. No one is nice to you without expecting some benefits of their own and you will have to deliver.

January 7, 2021 – The current disposition makes you a lot more empathic and responsive to the reactions of those around you and you really are trying to make everyone happy.

While at first this will be like a game of touch or miss, as the day progresses, if you continue, you will feel frustration installing, because everyone has higher and higher demands.

January 8, 2021 – The current disposition is going to prove more than beneficial for some natives, perhaps offer them the occasion to meet someone.

And of course the single ones are going to be most enticed about the opportunity. Present yourself in the best light and speak openly, the rest will probably follow. Other than this, a calm end of the working week.

January 9, 2021 – The current disposition seems to see you focus more on what you think is about to happen rather than what is happening in the present.

And no one said it was bad to always be one step ahead of the events. We are just questioning whether this lets you enjoy what you have at its fullest, especially during such a lovely Saturday.

January 10, 2021 – You seem to be a lot more involved than usual in family matters so it wouldn’t be surprising for this Sunday to see some men snooping in the kitchen while some of their spouses are all of a sudden interested in sports or cars.

Although it may sound as a cliche, you are doing the opposite of what society expects from you.

January 11, 2021 – Some aspects that have to do with how you behave socially are going to be revealed today, either that your partner lets something slip accidentally or that they do it on purpose to get revenge on you for something minor you did.

In any case, much to your surprise, everyone will probably be too busy with their own persona to even care about your insecurities.

January 12, 2021 – Use this Tuesday to set your priorities straight for the week or else you will start losing time. If you don’t have a particular goal in mind and a destination attached to it, you are more prone to letting go of things and of postponing others.

Surprisingly enough, a colleague is going to offer you a helping hand you haven’t even thought of.

January 13, 2021 – The current disposition is looking more to what you are doing in the present and doesn’t allow you to have any excuses or to connect this to what you did in the past.

So it is only natural that you feel this pressure to succeed and to prove yourself. It appears that your partner will surprise you with their understanding though.

January 14, 2021 – A prosperous Thursday ahead and with a bit of attention and care to what others are saying and doing, you will manage to accomplish more today than you have, the other three days altogether.

Some natives are also prompted towards taking all sorts of classes, bettering themselves in their area of expertise, or, who knows, perhaps changing their path entirely.

January 15, 2021 – If you are planning to go on an adventure or visit some place you have never been in, you should document yourself long before the trip.

The risk for you is too get too enthusiastic and confident about what is to happen and to overlook some important details. No matter how small it seems, if you feel you will forget it, put it down.

January 16, 2021 – One of the days of this month, you have learned something new, it might have been something important for you or a tiny bit you don’t even remember that well now.

In any case, it seems that this Saturday will bring upon you the exam for that and you will need to prove yourself. It may be something to do with work as well.

January 17, 2021 – A bit of a health nuisance might impose a rocky start to this Sunday but if you act in due time, you will probably be able to prevent the situation from escalating.

Some things are going to be more complicated, emotionally speaking but you are also keen to make those work out and will be able to discuss them.

January 18, 2021 – A beneficial beginning of the week as you seem to be very creative and not shy at all. You want to make yourself heard and you will probably approach whomever is in charge to make sure you realize your dream.

You are great at doing things for the short term but you need to work a bit more in regard to realizing things for the future.

January 19, 2021 – A great day for all those natives who are dealing with exams or any means of proving their abilities. You are quick to realize what is demanded of you and won’t let any other thoughts stand in your way.

Take advantage of this focus and clarity in your home setting as well, perhaps by organizing things better or making plans for the following day.

January 20, 2021 – You are prone to repeat the mistake of someone close if you don’t regroup fast enough. For some natives this warning might have an emotional echo while other natives will understand it in a more practical manner and will try to remain focused and organized the whole day.

After all, it depends on us to recognize our weaknesses and prevent them from doing any damage.

January 21, 2021 – Feeling comfortable in your skin, well you shouldn’t brag about it because it is all down to the stars who are allowing you to be all open and peaceful this Thursday.

Once their influence is diminished, you will come back to your critical self and find all kinds of flaws. So do enjoy this basking in the sunshine that you are freely given now.

January 22, 2021 – If it is not there, it may be that you don’t need it and if it happens then you need to do something about it. This should be the golden rule for you this Friday.

Respecting this will ensure that you don’t do more than you are supposed to and that you don’t stress for things you are not supposed to stress. It will also help you keep a clear mind.

January 23, 2021 – This Saturday will show you that nothing happens for no reason at all and perhaps you will be open enough to connect the dots.

Your partner will also be your partner in crime, for that matter, they will probably be the one to first open the conversation. This will prove both of you how intuitive you can be at times.

January 24, 2021 – This Sunday is a great day for all kinds of corporal treatments if you are into that kind of thing or at least a bit of spa and pool to pamper yourself.

But if you are going to take care of the body don’t forget about the mind either. Reading or watching something online will probably enhance your knowledge and also relax you further.

January 25, 2021 – It is to everyone’s accord how they want to react and you need to learn that you can’t always interfere or try to scold them, not even if they are from your own family.

This Monday might present itself to you with such a situation and you will have to put a lot of care into handling that. A good occasion to show how you really are.

January 26, 2021 – A great day for all sorts of experiences, usually having to do with other people so towards your peers is where you should point your focus this Tuesday.

Also, you are prone to expressing too much of what you feel and a bit without filter and this is something that might surprise, and not necessarily in a good way, those who don’t know you well.

January 27, 2021 – You manage to go through task after task and at some point you will probably be surprised and a bit scared by your own efficiency.

This is also happening because you have left some of the lingering thoughts away and prefer to occupy yourself with only impending work. This might leave some free time you should occupy with your partner.

January 28, 2021 – It seems that the communication between you and your partner will reach a bit of a road block during the morning but things are clearing out as the day goes by and the more effort you put into it.

This is one of those situations you didn’t necessarily create but that you need to tend to yourself. Some proofs of loyalty might be required.

January 29, 2021 – The current disposition seems to make it hard for you to adapt to a new aspect of your life, for some natives this might be the place they recently moved to or the new work place while other natives are probably dealing with less elaborate issues.

This is only temporary however and you will manage to build your coping mechanisms all on your own.

January 30, 2021 – It seems that this Saturday comes with the challenge of maintaining the fine balance between what you have earned during the week and what you want to spend now.

You are in this indulgent spree and now only want to please yourself but also those around and this will prove costly. Try to temper yourself before it gets too late and complicated.

January 31, 2021 – You seem to have accumulated some tension in regards to your partner but if you are not willing to talk about what bothers you, then you won’t be able to get rid of that.

Easier said than done of course but this doesn’t mean that you cannot approach the subject on a different route and perhaps start by asking your partners opinion on a similar matter.

February 1, 2021 – A matter of money won’t let you sleep very well at night and will probably make you rise up early. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are talking about bills or money you lost.

It may be that you are concerned with a further purchase and still have some doubts. Perhaps you should take your time a little longer before you make the final decision.

February 2, 2021 – A lot of strategy for nothing seems to be the motto of this Tuesday and also illustrates how you will be feeling if you invest too much time in a particular thing.

Take everything as it is, think of a solution and deal with it. The more you spend time on a matter, the more chances are that, in the end, you will be proven that it wasn’t worth it.

February 3, 2021 – You are making your own choices and although you feel great and in control, perhaps you are missing out on someone’s input, someone important in your life, like your partner or a close family member.

This is where you risk failing today. Not only it can create a tense discussion but might have you redo your plans again.

February 4, 2021 – You know that dirty laundry should only be washed in the family but at times, days like this Thursday come up and you need to let others know what is going on in your family.

Either that you are doing it to shame someone or because you feel you need external help, you surely shouldn’t be embarrassed by your choice.

February 5, 2021 – This is a great day for educational endeavors, mostly for things you can do on your own and have nothing to do with official matters.

You might come across some interesting material by accident and then your appetite will be open in regards to a particular subject. A good time for self-development in and outside the office as well.

February 6, 2021 – It appears that this Saturday helps you communicate better with those older than you, either that we are talking about your parents or other people around you that you look up to.

Perhaps this is a great time to take from their experience and also show them how you really are in case they haven’t really met you.

February 7, 2021 – This Sunday announces some progress in a matter that has kept your couple stuck and you will probably feel as if a big weight has been lifted off you.

It may be that you discover that you have a similar view with your partner and that you both have been blindsided by certain expectations. In any case, you are keen to see things moving.

February 8, 2021 – The current disposition makes you all more aware of what is going around but you choose to ignore certain things because you don’t want to stress too much.

And this is actually a good thing to do as it will help you exercise your observation and attention but at the same time not burden your mind with the problems of those around.

February 9, 2021 – Some unexpected alliances are going to be made tonight and although you are not very keen on sharing either the rewards or the work, you are going to have to accept them.

Perhaps it is something that has to do with your friends or something that has been initiated by your family. Some kind of news from someone close will wake you up.

February 10, 2021 – It appears that the middle of the working week is great for your health and you might get to change some things at you, of course that for the better.

We are also talking about new habits that you take on board easier than usual. Your friends might not have the reaction you would expect from them but this shouldn’t get your morals down.

February 11, 2021 – You are protesting some kind of work decision and are trying to do whatever is in your powers to get it reversed.

But this also mean a lot of contact with all kinds of people and this will tire you more than ever. It is interesting to see how much longer you will be able to keep your motivation and whether you will succeed or not.

February 12, 2021 – This Friday will offer you the occasion to spend time surrounded by your friends, perhaps with the occasion of a party. It might involve some members from your family so you will feel surrounded by most of the people you love.

Needless to say that the thought of what you are to experience later on will keep you busy the whole day.

February 13, 2021 – The current disposition changes the focus in your life and you are paying a lot of attention to your family and what they are doing but also to what needs repairing or updating in the home.

So it wouldn’t be a surprise if, after today, you come with this complex plan. While at first you might be met with a raised eyebrow, things will clarify soon.

February 14, 2021 – You seem to be in search for some kind of secrets or something to take your life out of mundanity but perhaps you are trying too much for the moment.

Relish to what you have and just wait. Some things ought to come later on while others, no matter how much you chase them, will continue to escape you. Be content with now.

February 15, 2021 – The current disposition seems to focus on your relationship with friends and what comes between you and them.

Perhaps it is something that has to do with money or some kind of secret. In any case, I am talking about something that is quite sensible and might require a bit more than diplomacy and some kind words.

February 16, 2021 – Family issues are going to be central to everything you accomplish this Tuesday so surely you are in for a busy day.

On the other hand, you feel best when doing such things and when playing the hero so you won’t feel too much pressure. Some pleasant experience with work will give you wings and put you in an even better position.

February 17, 2021 – This Wednesday will make you look differently at your friends and perhaps cherish some more than others.

It is not something that comes out of superficiality or selfishness, it is just a reordering of how things should be. If the time allows you, perhaps it is not such a bad idea to go and do something outdoors, maybe in an extended company.

February 18, 2021 – A lot of responsibility seems to be demanded from you this Thursday but obviously the stars have no idea who they are dealing with because you are already one step ahead.

And you also seem to transform this need others have for you into an occasion not only to help them but also to learn something new yourself.

February 19, 2021 – It appears that you need to occupy yourself with what matters most for you this Friday and this can take various shapes.

This is why, the majority of the morning you should think of prioritizing some of the things you have had on your mind lately. The better the choice, the higher the chances you will succeed, no matter how difficult what you need to do is.

February 20, 2021 – You might find it easier to talk to strangers this Saturday rather than with those in your own family but it most likely is all in your head.

You feel misunderstood, maybe because of some past feud or something like that. But unless you try to discuss things with all your cards on the table, you won’t know if your perception is right.

February 21, 2021 – You are seeking harmony in everything you do and you seem to have this peaceful vibe about you this Sunday.

This will sooth others as well and might help you bury some kind of conflict that has been going on in your family for a while. At the same time, you seem to be looking forward to what is about to happen following tomorrow.

February 22, 2021 – Fame and the spotlight are not necessarily something you are attracted to but this doesn’t mean you don’t go through such moments in life. And for some natives, this is exactly what happens this Monday.

Opposite to this, you might feel the need to hide somewhere and focus on your plans and might feel that you are distracted from your real wishes.

February 23, 2021 – You need to store as much of what this day has to offer to you as possible, either that we are talking about information, new contacts or practical resources.

It seems that you get a lot today, not only you but also those around. There might even be this kind of competition about who manages to be in front of everyone else.

February 24, 2021 – It seems that this Wednesday you should focus on domestic activities, like cleaning or cooking a good meal. I don’t want to sound too patronizing but this is not the worst idea ever.

You might also be able to use your instincts and play the detective for a bit. A great day for spending time outdoors so try to combine these.

February 25, 2021 – The current disposition seems to put you face to face with some opportunities at home and therefore some improvements will be made.

You might even have the chance to think of the long term. Don’t avoid involving your partner as well, even if your situation is not completely official. You will show a lot of consideration by doing so.

February 26, 2021 – It appears that work is on slow motion today for you and is not just the Friday. The good news is that you shouldn’t feel stuck by this and that you should try and do something for yourself.

Maybe you finally get the chance to read that article or write that proposal. In any case, some good things will come to those who wait.

February 27, 2021 – It appears that this Saturday will favor all those who know balance, who work hard but then find time to rest, who help others but dedicate time to themselves as well.

You might have a busy schedule ahead but perhaps it is best to skim it a bit from the morning or else you won’t be able to accomplish all that is in there.

February 28, 2021 – A lot of patience seems to be required from you this Sunday and it seems that this will be your biggest enemy.

You really want to have things done on the spot, especially when it comes to your home. If things are left half way through you will feel a lot more stressed than you should. Try to understand how others move and you might feel better.

March 1, 2021 – Don’t hurry into drawing your conclusions just yet, and not only because the week just started but also because there may be some extra elements and sides to the story, sides you haven’t yet been exposed.

Someone else’s ideas might come of use but let them know which parts you are using because this is the right thing to do.

March 2, 2021 – This Tuesday seems to mark a great moment for any domestic purchases you might have in mind and the more research you have made on the subject, the easier it should be.

Some natives will have to deal with returns or similar for something they bought in the past but even them will be able to get the right thing this time.

March 3, 2021 – A challenging day ahead but it seems that the big problems are going to come from the small details, either because they have been overlooked or because no one deemed them important.

And you will function like some kind of life saver in your group because you might be able to recognize some of the dangers before they occur.

March 4, 2021 – Some of your personal anxieties are going to be highlighted today, more or less in public. This is happening because you are paying too much attention at what others are doing and then putting too much pressure on yourself.

You need to let go of some things and just mind your own business. You are also quite productive this Thursday.

March 5, 2021 – It seems that someone close to you has something they might be able to help you with but perhaps they see you too well put to intervene.

This is why you are advised to be more open to novelty and to exterior help. You need the resources other people close to you might have and there is no need to believe that you are the only one who can do things.

March 6, 2021 – It seems that some sort of serious discussion is going to take place today in your life, and will most likely be with someone of authority or an elderly person in your life.

And although at the beginning of that you might feel a bit put to the wall, the more time you spend in there, the clearer it becomes that the person is there to help.

March 7, 2021 – Some natives might deal with some health issues, either that this is something they are just confronting with or something they really tried postponing and now they have time for.

In any case, there is a lot of responsibility around, which is a good thing. You also get the chance to set a good example with your behavior, perhaps to someone younger than you.

March 8, 2021 – Social life is going to see an unlikely improvement this Monday and you will probably be caught by surprise.

Perhaps some friends are really insisting on an outing with you or maybe someone else from the family has some plans that you can’t miss out on. In any case, you have something to look forward to during the day.

March 9, 2021 – You should take advantage of whatever occasion you are being given today to talk in public because it will contribute to the image you are trying to get out there.

It may not be your expertise entirely and you might not feel confident at all this Tuesday but this doesn’t mean that others are better than you and you need to follow your interest.

November 2020 Monthly Horoscope

For the month of November, make sure you don’t give into nervousness because the Universe is going to emotionally challenge you a lot. Cancers can overcome all these problems if they don’t exaggerate with anything.

This month is also excellent for balancing work with free time. More than this, you’re going to be rewarded for your efforts and your leadership abilities will take you far.

However, make sure you don’t allow your success to turn into an arrogant person because your loved ones may grow to be scared of you. November will be a good month for Cancers, especially when it comes to long-term relationships because these will greatly evolve.

If your bond with your partner is built on mutual trust, you’ll end up having the strongest connection ever with this person. Maybe you need to take things to a whole new level, to be more responsible in love and to no longer fear anything. Success in sports will come as well.

November 2020 Highlights

You will have no time to rest during November. You need to start working hard from the month’s first days. Assess what’s happening in your life in the most realistic way.

At the same time, make decisions that have a positive impact on your future, especially as far as work goes. Don’t be hasty and take things step-by-step. Your creativity will increase, and you’ll focus more on family too.

The Sun in the sign of Scorpio until November 21st will have you being more affectionate and creative. At the same time, from 11th and until the 30th, Mercury in Scorpio will bring about discussions and exchanges of information at home.

Until December 21st, Venus in Libra will receive Mercury’s support, and at least until the 10th, you will feel like your home life is easier. The Universe’s heavyweights seem to bring important changes in relationships during the last 2 decans.

In the 1st decan, Uranus’s presence in Taurus will disturb your projects. The entire month, Mars will be in Aries and propel you in the direction of your socio-professional future.

On the 22nd, Venus will be in Scorpio and will favor love, whereas starting with 22nd and until the 30th, you will need to pay more attention to work.

Cancer Love Horoscope for November

If Mars and Venus wouldn’t be in Libra, November could be a great month for you, but dissonances will exist, so you will be annoyed because problems from your past will reappear.

However, these issues won’t be serious if your relationship is built on a strong foundation and you’re not withdrawing or becoming moody. Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio are going to make you feel more secure when expressing your feelings out in the open, whereas Jupiter in Virgo will have you being more generous, open to communication and enjoying your life to the maximum.

Until November 14th, Cancers will get very busy with work relationships and trying to get along perfectly with their partner. However, from this date further, they will be more romantic and seductive, which will bring them a lot of pleasure.

Couples will feel like the forgotten beautiful moments in their life are back. Single Cancers will get new opportunities to start new chapters of peace and quiet, but only if they’re focused on finding their own happiness and getting along well with the people they care about the most.

Career and Finances Horoscope

When it comes to work relationships, the planet Saturn will be in Sagittarius and make you more responsible. You will find solutions to any problem. Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio are going have you making new connections and rekindling the professional ones you already are involved in.

Furthermore, you’re going to get encouragement to take advantage of any opportunity. Professional and always alert, you will always analyze every new opinion you’re hearing.

You will focus well and be committed to your project. Take advantage of this month because it’s unbeatable for you. Worried about family problem, Cancers will not be able to focus on work during November’s first week.

However, their creativity will increase immediately after, so they’ll be able to gain benefits in their professional life again. November will end with increases in payment and promotions.

With Tauruses, Cancers will collaborate more than perfectly, so they don’t have to hesitate to ask for favors. Libras taking the initiative for them is going to bring a lot of good luck, but only if they remain vigilant still.

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2021 Yearly Horoscope

For Cancers, 2021 will be a year in which they’re focusing on friends and their future, a year of decisions when it comes to these matters. They may meet a person with the same interests as them, who will become their best friend.

All they need to do is to get out of their shell and be open to new people. Since they will want a lot to fly at new heights, their ambitions are going to be very strong.

Many opportunities will come their way for them to change their currency circumstances, yet they will also have more responsibilities.

It’s important they have a look over what they need in order to achieve their goals because 2021 will be favorable for them in this direction, especially if they want to extend their education or to make a good name for themselves.

Being sure that their home is secure and their family happy, they may succeed when it comes to other aspects of their life too. However, before they get to be satisfied with what’s going on with them at work or in their social life, they need to make sure everything is alright with their family.

For as long as Jupiter will transit through their solar 7th House, they will pay a lot of attention to partnerships. In case they happen to be single, they will be presented many opportunities for romance, not to mention they won’t be willing to make any compromise as far as love goes.

Their standards will be kept high, but at least they’ll have all the chances to meet someone who meets them. The partnerships they will already be involved in are going to start prospering, not to mention they’ll have enough reasons to offer their support to their loved ones.

This cycle is very much associated with advancements next to a partner. If they have started a partnership or collaborating with someone, they will achieve what they want from that connection.

Aside from all this, Cancerians will have a very busy social life, no matter if it’s about business or pleasure, just because their influence is going to be a supportive one. They should avoid being egocentric at all costs, as others may grow to be tired of them.

In case they have a problem with what the people they know think of them, they shouldn’t hesitate to ask for advice and support from time to time. Their position will be good if they want to assess where their competitors are standing and to meet the demands they’re required to fulfil, especially if their career has them being competitive.

They may realize that their old competitors are turning into allies too. The solar and lunar eclipses happening in 2021 will have them more eager to have balance between work and personal life because they may no longer take not giving importance to one of these life aspects.

It’s true the dilemma on how to do this will exist because if they’d decide to spend less time at work, the comfort of their family would be compromised, but they need to do something about it.

Therefore, they should set their priorities straight and see what their heart truly desires. Knowing what their needs are, they will be able to fulfil them, without caring what others may have to say.

Their family may play them a lot, not to mention they will be more interested in the traditions of their home. However, they will have to determine which one of these traditions honor them, also which ones allows them to grow from a personal point of view.

In case they’re the head of their family, they’ll come across new ways to make their loved ones happy while also paying attention to their own needs.

During the month of April and the one of October, the crisis situations at home will be at their highest peak for them. While the changes coming are sure to be positive, they will still face many difficulties and may need to be more responsible than ever.

What to keep in mind

Jupiter, the planet of luck, ends its 1-year tour of the Aquarius and enters Pisces, their solar 9th House, on January 17th, so Cancer natives should take advantage of this time period to travel and to broaden their horizons. They may need to be on the road for business, going to seminars and trainings. It’s not unlikely for them to be the teachers at these events too.

In the middle of September, they may meet someone who can help them a lot, something that will happen in their travels. This person will help them put their talents to user.

For career, 2021 wants of them to take advantage of any opportunity coming their way. They may get a preview of the year in the brief visit of Jupiter in Aries, their solar 10th House of career and social status, from June 5th until September 7th.

They should make sure they’re meeting with the right people and are using their reputation as much as possible, especially when it comes to career, as Jupiter is going to be in Pisces most of 2021. In case they don’t know how to do this, they should talk about it with a mentor.

Such a person could help them how to use their abilities to the maximum. Most of the year, Saturn is transiting Libra, their solar 4th House, but it also returns to their solar 3rd House from April 7th to July 20th, just to end its transit in Virgo.

For this transit, Cancers are given the opportunity to take care of 3rd House matters. They should make sure they solve all the problems they may have with their partner, siblings or neighbours.

Saturn is also going to align itself perfectly with Uranus in Pisces over their solar 3rd to 9th House axis. They should use this to settle legal matters, even if they’re not sure to achieve success.

At the same time, they should avoid as much as possible doing anything illegal. Saturn in Libra indicates their domestic responsibilities are going to increase, so in the next couple or more years, they may need to take care of an old relative, or perhaps one of their children will need to spend some time at home.

This means they need so set boundaries with the person they’re spending time with, but at the same time, be ready to make some compromises.

Cancer love horoscope 2021

Neptune and Uranus are very powerful planets that have been in the Cancer’s House of marriage for some years already, remaining year for more other years too.

In 2021, these planets will be in conjunction three times, something that happens very rarely. This will bring change, more ideals and events in the love life of Cancers. These rare conjunctions are meant for excitement, making Crabs’ relationships stimulating, surprising and even unstable.

Even business partnerships will be tested, with those that can no longer be corrected dissolving forever. There will also be the situation in which divorce is going to require natives to move to a new house.

Break ups won’t mean they’re flawed as far as love goes, just that they’re going through a more difficult time. Perhaps they have entered their marriage without knowing what’s going to happen after the wedding, or perhaps they haven’t realized there’s someone better for them out there.

In case they have settled for less in love, Neptune and Uranus are coming in 2021 to make justice. They may even meet someone who can fulfil their romantic dreams, which means they will no longer have to make any compromise in order to be in a relationship.

Single Cancers will have a 2021 filled with serious commitments, all while they will also probe and test the field to see what they really want from love. The married ones will experiment with the new in their marital connection.

They will discover that they can break rules and make new ones with their partner. All they have to do is make sure they’re aren’t destructive with their experiments.

What scares them may be to the liking of their other half, but this doesn’t mean they should go with it. It can be said that for them, 2021 will be a year in which they’re searching for perfection as far as love goes.

Cancer career horoscope 2021

When it comes to career, 2021 is going to be a good one for Cancers. They will progress at work, and if they happen to run their own business, they will make good money with it.

Some of them will learn how to earn extra income, not to mention all their professional projects will succeed.

Their financial situation will also be very good. The astral aspect in their 11th House indicates they will save as much as they want, so they should build their wealth up as much as possible in 2021. Big investments are also advised.

Cancer health in 2021

As far as health goes, that of Cancerians will be very good in 2021. Their mindset will be positive because Saturn and Jupiter will be in the ascendant. It’s important they try to eat well and do some yoga or meditation.

In case they have suffered from weather-related diseases in the past, these will go away this year. Some problems may appear from April 6th until September 14th, but they will rapidly recover.

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Cancer Personality Traits

Emotional, loyal and nurturing, Cancers are also highly intuitive, creative, cautious, empathetic and very protective. When it comes to their negative traits, they’re moody and change a lot, not to mention they can be too sensitive and very clingy.

Positives and Negatives

Just like their symbol, the Crab, Cancers have the tendency to step sideways. This means they’re rarely direct and don’t really know what they want. It is best to judge them according to what they’re doing, not what they’re saying because they may say “no” at first when being asked to lend a hand, but this may not be their final saying.

This is because they’re usually harsh and reserved on the outside, yet no one can be softer than them on the inside. It’s just that they have a hard shell they’re hiding under when the world is too harsh and there’s a chance for them to end up hurt.

Their sign represents home and family. This means they are the happiest when in a relationship and feeling secure. When it comes to their imagination, this can be quite expansive and even wild, which indicates they can make a real story out of anything.

There’s no wonder many Cancers are artistic geniuses. These natives are very happy when able to express their feelings in an imaginative manner, this being the main reason why they’re such good writers and poets. Their creativity can be a real force, not to mention they really know how to appreciate and make art.

Their feelings and thoughts need to be expressed in original manners for them to be truly happy. At the same time, they have a very loving heart and care a lot about the people in their life. Since they’re the most sensitive natives of the zodiac, they do everything without losing their affection.

Many see them as very tender and that’s very true about them. It’s like they’re surrounded by magic when they’re in a good mood. They start being very funny, playful and more adventurous during these moments, so those who happen to be in their life can have a really good time with them.

As said before, Cancers have a very strong intuition, so they can guess what others are feeling and thinking without even trying. It’s easy for them to notice changes in behaviours or if someone is trying to trick them.

Besides, they have a very good insight and possess the best memory. When all this is added to their amazing observation skills, they become more aware of any hidden motives others may have with them.

The Moon is ruling them, so they’re changeable and moody. This means they can be light and positive one minute, dark and pessimistic the other. What they’re struggling with the most is their low self-esteem.

Besides, they need to address their tendency to hold on to grudges for too long. It’s also important for them to try and be more optimistic because if they keep on seeing things in a negative light, they can end up with their feelings deeply hurt.

Their imagination can run wild, so they can get into trouble more often than others. It’s important for them to stop being clingy and obsessive too. While feelings are important, they should control theirs more often because they can grow to be too strong.

People see Cancers as too moody and difficult to understand because they’re sensitive and very emotional. More than this, they also have the tendency to be overly possessive. When feeling uncomfortable, they retreat under their protective shell and don’t want to come out to deal with the world anymore.

Cancer Love and Compatibility

Being the sign of family and parenthood, the Cancer rules over the heart and takes such matters very seriously. Cancers are staying at home and dreaming about their future family when their friends are going to parties, living wildly.

When it comes to friendships, they don’t like hanging out with too many people and usually find their soulmate among the people they know since childhood. They’re romantic and love tradition, so they love giving and receiving gifts, having dinners near the fireplace and taking walks under the moonlight.

Their intuition is very strong, but it doesn’t make them less moody and emotional. Very sensitive at heart, they can also be insecure, which means they need a lot of stability in order to feel confident and to achieve success.

They’re usually the ones who nurture others and want the same thing in return, so they have to be with someone trustworthy who’s ready to build a nest with them. While they can fall in love very rapidly, they take romance seriously, even if they don’t open up too easily because they’re too sensitive.

It’s usual for them to take a lot of time before deciding to be with someone, as they need to know their partner is reliable and able to keep secrets. When ready for a relationship, they’re all the time in for the long haul.

Because they’re very family-oriented, they need to get along with the person they have chosen to be by their side. What they want the most is to live in a comfortable environment and to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones.

This is why they’re most suited for those who also want children and to stay more at home. The zodiac indicates they’re the most compatible with Scorpios because they feel complete next to these natives.

Besides, Cancers can help Scorpios feel reassured and protected. With Aries partners and Libras, they have bumpy relationships that can’t last for too long.

When with another Cancer, they can be very loving and emotional, also affectionate and childish. Two Cancer individuals should definitely try their best to be together for a long time.

Career and Money

The Cancer can be counted on to get any job done. People born in this sign are always ready to work hard and to complete their projects, not to mention they’re more productive when working by themselves rather than in teams.

They seem to be amazing gardeners, nurses and even politicians. However, they seem to have some problems finding the job that’s most suited for them, which may be why they’re always changing careers and looking for something that allows them to freely express their creativity.

Cancers are able to work very hard, and when having something to do, they’re very reliable. A leadership position wouldn’t suit them very well because they don’t know how to manage teams.

On the other hand, they’re very good at caring for others, so they should decide to collaborate with non-profit organizations. Because they want to have security and to know they won’t run out of money, it’s important for them to have a job that pays well.

As far as spending goes, they prefer to not overdo it and to put something aside for a rainy day. In fact, they have the tendency to make saving one of their main goals. It can be said they’re very resourceful when it comes to finances, so they’re the ones to make budgets for their home and to keep everything in order.


Cancers tend to have a fragile body. When it comes to their sign’s external ruling, this is over the chest and the epigastric section of the body, also the elbows. Internally, the Cancer rules the digestive organs, the liber’s upper live and the thoracic area, the womb and the blood’s serum.

This is why Cancers may end up suffering from indigestion, ulcer and flatulence. They should also pay attention to their lymphatic system and their chest.

From a structural point of view, the Cancer zodiac sign rules the bladder, blood’s serum and the axillae. These people are prone to stomach and liver problems, digestive and emotional diseases such as anxiety and depression.

If someone is threatening them or they feel abandoned, they just retreat and spend most of their time alone, not to mention that if they’re upset, they can eat too much and end up being obese or having digestive problems.

Friendship and Family

Cancer natives love making new friends, but this doesn’t mean they don’t pay close attention to whom they allow to enter their life. They like people who know how to communicate, but they’re not the type to talk too much because usually, their emotions speak for them.

What they love the most is spending their time around home, where everyone understands and knows them very well. Possessing a strong intuition and very compassionate, it’s difficult for them to see things rationally.

Since they care a lot about the people they love, they’re always taking family and friends very seriously. While they don’t hesitate to give a hand and to nurture others, they hate it when someone is overprotective with them.

On the other hand, they have to be given a lot of attention for their relationship to work. This means they need steady connections and to be appreciated by their loved ones.

When it comes to family, Cancers are all about having the strongest connections. They also have very strong emotions and want to build the greatest memories next to the people in their life. If personally fulfilled, they’re affectionate and can guess what their partner or children are feeling.