Capricorn Horoscope and Traits

Capricorn SymbolNot one to be easily distracted from their path, the Capricorn sign constantly amazes with their resilience and ambition, being undoubtedly the most resourceful of the zodiac. Those lucky enough to become their friends will get to experience their hidden optimistic and playful nature too.

Capricorn Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: December 22 – January 19
  • Element: Earth
  • Governing Planet: Saturn
  • Gemstone: Garnet
  • Lucky Day: Saturday
  • Symbol: The Goat
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruled by: 10th House
  • Metal: Silver
  • Lucky numbers: 5, 6, 12

Capricorn Horoscope


May 24, 2022 – You might want to give yourself extra time this Tuesday as it seems that you are slow in some reactions.

You may be tired and require extra time to rest or simply may not be convinced that what you are doing is right and this is why you cannot be bothered. A romantic event that will occur suddenly tonight will change your perspective however.


May 25, 2022 – You are craving some lifestyle changes for the upcoming period but it seems that what you miss out on is the fact that things don’t really change overnight and that you are expected to put some effort in.

The moment you stop waiting for your family to move things for you and start doing something yourself, results may come.

May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

Stop acting in emergency. You are on your way to success, Capricorn, so this month, believe in waiting to achieve. There will be many opportunities for you to take advantage of, in both the financial and professional fields. Love will also have a place in the story.

Around May 11th, your tests are going to turn into victories. Your ideas will be blazing, and you’ll have a buzzing mind. However, you will be anxious and scared that things are going to stop at some point. Don’t worry because they’re going to last.

There will be positive influences propelling you forward. Just go with the flow, especially when wanting your exploits to be understood by your surroundings.

May 2022 Highlights

The planets are going to be mostly under the horizon, so you need to continue growing and consolidating your home position. Let what you’re doing for your career to bring you plenty of harmony. Promote the careers you have in the family, and your career is going to improve as well.

Most planets are still going to be in the map’s social sector, whereas those in the personal one will be in retrograde. Avoid any power struggle, don’t self-assert and don’t impose your will. Remain in the shadows and allow your life to flow.

The current disposition is going to get you to the destination for as long as you’re not resistant. Adapt and make compromises, agreeing with your opponent. The wellbeing you’re searching for will come through other people.

Thus, it’s going to be the best time for you to improve your personal goals and plan. Your personal lifestyle will also be improved. It’s ok if you are late or when the planets are coming back to the West sector. What’s going to interest you the most during this time period will be children, family, creativity, entertainment and fun, health, love, and work.

Finances are going to stress you, meaning you will go through conflicts, delays, and some minor annoyances. The money flowing in will be worked, and worked hard. It might be necessary for you to cut on some costs, which will bring a war to your mind.

While discovering and in the meantime, separating what’s necessary from what’s superfluous is going to be tough. For a short time, around May 21st, you will have your finances returning to normal. The 5th House’s power in the month’s beginning is going to bring all sort of romantic opportunities.

You might also be partying, but don’t expect anything serious to happen. You will have a strong libido and your sensual fantasies fulfilled. You will be distracted from all the serious business of money making by personal pleasures.

On the other hand, after May 21st, you’re going to become more focused. Remain focused on your positions. Those who are looking for a job are going to find it easily, so employers will get their employees.

There might be a job change, and you will be very happy about it. This is a month in which your health is going to be excellent. A good year when it comes to this. You must focus on prevention, so eat well and in case you’re not feeling good, visit a doctor.

Many Capricorns will go to an annual health check-up. On May 15th, the Moon won’t just clarify the health problems, but it will also bring some new knowledge when it comes to weight loss and healing.

Single Capricorns are going to find the love of their life if they attend parties, go to work, or collaborate with those who have a connection with their career.

Someone in their career might introduce them someone, a relative, a boss, or a superior. But, as mentioned above, nothing will be serious. The occurrence of socializing with more successful people who are well positioned will increase.

Capricorn Love Horoscope for May

The month’s beginning could not sound or be better. Already, from the month’s first 10 days, there will be many doors opening for you, so you will discover the doors to new exciting and emotional worlds opening for you.

Love is going to be the eternal adventure, with no other zodiac sign knowing this better than you do. In the month of May, many Goats will want to escape the everyday routine, to change how their life rhythm is going, and to let the cosmic forces inspire them.

This might cause problems to the relationship you have with your other half. Mid-month, things are going to be back to normal, as the stars’ constellation is going to be favorable. Starting with May 20th, you will have the best mood, feeling happy and balanced.

New impulses will be given to your romantic life if you show the feelings that you have to your other half, who will help you go through the most magical and exciting moments in your life. It’s time for you to enjoy this very special season, go through your love’s aspects, and feel happy, as well as united, experiencing charming moments together with your partner.

May’s last week will be happy and exciting. Use this phase and plan, as this is going to make your relationship stronger. The Earth sign of Capricorn is going to be in its element. Expect to have plenty of luck, and especially mid-month.

When it comes to love, you will ace things and be in demand. Don’t lose sight of what’s in your surroundings. Maybe there will be a great love getting closer, and more than you have even imagined. For the month’s second half, you need to be more vigilant.

Enjoy what the flow has to bring, as you will be amazed of how rapidly you can go to the 7th Heaven. It’s possible that you won’t find your life partner, but be sophisticatedly seductive, sensual, and passionate, especially if you want an adventure.

For the month’s second half, and from the 20th and until the 31st, you might meet your potential desire object. The love stars are going to really shine on you.

Career and Finances Horoscope

On the 10th of May, the planet Saturn is going to start its retrograde in the 2nd House of the Capricorn, so in case you have been advancing in your financial organization or at work, then you’re going to make all sort of small adjustments the entire season.

If not, you are likely to be overwhelmed for the entire season by demands of getting paid some outstanding debts. Open up about finances. In the meantime, restructure the management system that you have.

Remember that Palas, the asteroid, is going to be retreating in the 2nd House location, starting with the 17th, so you should put on paper payment dates, recording expenses and income. This is if you want any setback to be avoided.

When it comes to labor, on the 14th, Jupiter retrograde in the sign of Capricorn is going to begin and signal a period favorable for revising the expansion of professional objectives of those born in Capricorn. Jupiter in retrograde in the sign is imposing taking a pause from the events developing, a break for seeking the own path, beyond the social pressure and the expectations that third parties have from you.

During the retrograde, the expansion planet Jupiter is going to be the star of a Sun trine in the 5th House of the Capricorn, on the 17th. This is an alignment that sends to inspiration and developing the plans that are making your ideas more visible and creative.

Keep in mind that the retrograde is revealing how the internal transformation of ideas and concepts is forming the necessary mental frame to connect on vibrational levels that are new. There will also be Venus in retrograde in the 6th House of the sign, starting with the 13th.

This will involve how you are asking yourself about using creativity at the workplace, and this if you really appreciate your work and want more. Mercury traveling over the 6th House, starting with the 11th and until the 28th, is suggesting that you’re going to consider many different options, both outside and inside your environment.

When the Sun will enter the 6th House of Capricorn, on the 20th, and there will be a New Moon in the sign of Gemini, in the same astral map’s sector on the 22nd, the native is going to have a clearer mind about where his efforts should be channelled, with common sense and logic.

It’s recommended to go through new training and undertake some knowledge. There will be some important developments at work too. The stars are telling you that you can have your knowledge deepening, which will help with unleashing your imagination for more creativity to be generated.

You will use your creativity to become more successful from a financial point of view. You will have balanced finances this month, so you will afford to spend some more. If you want to make an investment in yourself, travel more.

Your Wellbeing This Month

For the May’s first week, those born in the sign of Capricorn are going to be very healthy. Those Capricorns who are having organic imbalances should go to a doctor because there might be some surprising cure for them in the first 7 days of the month.

There will be favorable conditions subsisting until May 18th. Therefore, problems with the circulatory system might appear, as well as with the genitourinary one. The life habits that are ordered will be your best allies if you want to remain healthy.

May is an ideal month if you want to be in shape and get rid of any bad habit or vice. Improve your fitness before the summer comes. Don’t put too much pressure in yourself, as resting enough is going to optimize your health.

Having a good diet and exercising might be as well helpful. May will have a lot to offer, so don’t waste any of your energy. Relax and don’t stress over anything. Go to hydrotherapy, as your health is going to benefit from it.

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2022 Yearly Horoscope

It doesn’t matter for you what sad stories you’re hearing about on the news, you simply refuse to pay attention. Afterall, you have always had things fixed, so this time won’t make an exception either.

Therefore, in 2022 you’ll continue to enjoy success because you’re very hardworking, not to mention some natives being the best in their field. The only problem may be that your professional success and money rewards are going to come your way this year only if you’re investing twice the efforts you did in the past few years, something that will stress both your body and mind.

This means you won’t have too much time off to spend it with your loved ones, whereas your health may suffer too. These times are rough, so don’t expect to overcome them too easily.

2022 seems to be promising and at the same time quite messy for all Capricorns. As mentioned, you will need to make extra efforts in order to succeed in your career and get financially rewarded.

Expect to work hard and to experience all sorts of tensions that will impact your family relationships and even your health. Your children will also have a rough year. In case they have reached the age at which they need to marry, at least they will do it.

However, higher education students will go through a favorable time period if they don’t allow bad situations overwhelm them. Any problem has a solution. In spite of all this, 2022 will still be a good for Goats, especially if they decide to sometimes just relax and enjoy their family life.

This will help them have harmony at home. Those of them who are close to the marriage age are going to tie the know with their soulmate. There are no breakups announced either, for those who are in a relationship.

Capricorn Love Horoscope 2022

Because your 7th House of Marriage and Love won’t be very active in 2022, you won’t put your relationship and romance first in your life. The planetary aspects are fostering the status quo.

Single Goats will remain alone, whereas married ones are very likely to not get a divorce. Your marriage should neither bother, nor have you feeling too thrilled. In case you’re about to tie the knot with someone, don’t let pressure change your decision to do so.

You can do it, even it doesn’t seem so at a first glance. 2022 will be the year in which many Capricorns will focus more on themselves, which means they won’t be too socially active.

You want to become a better person, to increase your self-esteem and to understand what makes your existence the way it is. Besides, you will get to realize that the more you pay attention to the way in which you’re interacting with different situation, the more you are in control of your own life.

You seem more concerned about your own happiness than the one of your other half, thinking you’re the most important person in your life. This has you wanting others to adapt to your lifestyle, but you need to understand that sometimes things can’t happen the way you want them to happen.

This year is one in which Capricorns have a strong special magnetism, a year of many intimate encounters that won’t feel to important, though. You will think that many people in your surroundings have a more educated and refined perspective than yours.

Make sure you also keep your own beliefs intact when wanting to do something. In other words, keep yourself in the graphic. The Moon represents the Love Earth for you, making you more enthusiastic about love, even when your magnetism in different social surroundings seems to fade away.

The Horoscope predicts this year’s months will be very much influenced by how the Moon is positioned, so expect fluctuations in mood too.

Furthermore, one of your siblings will want to preserve the same lifestyle and order he or she had until now. It will happen the same with your children.

When it comes to your marital and business relationships, your spouse and associates are going to wish for a more active social life, something you won’t like that much, nor you need.

One of the people you’re working with is going to very likely get married. When it comes to your own social life, this may shrink as a result of many disappointments that you don’t have safer and more steady connections.

Capricorn Career Horoscope 2022

2022 will have you more interested in career and work, but also in relaxation activities, your friends and the community you’re living in. You will be all over the place, next to your family and taking care of your home, all while working a lot.

The planet Jupiter will put an emphasis on the light side of life during its Taurus transit, around June 10. Taurus is your 5th Solar House. Decide to spend your weekends and evenings having fun, this obviously when you’re not running around to accomplish your goals.

Jupiter’s transit through Taurus is going to give your social life a boost, regardless if you’re single or with someone. This planet will bring you many romantic opportunities. You can achieve great satisfaction by doing what you love, especially if you’re in the creative line of work.

At the same time, you are sure to have a great time with your children, in case you are a parent. Take on a new sport, go to the gym, or compete in sporting events. All in all, Jupiter transit through Taurus is the Universe’s gift for you, as its influence is all about enjoying life more.

Your professional ambitions are going to be achieved if you’re networking a lot, especially right after the planet Saturn is going to enter Scorpio, which is your 11th Solar House, on October 5. For the next 2 and a half years, you will be given the chance to expand your circle of friends, but you need to take part in group activities for that to happen.

2022 will be great for working in teams and getting involved with different organizations. If you do these things and make new friends, then the bonds you’re developing with these people can be greatly strengthened.

However, the same Saturn transit will have some of the people in your life gradually disappearing, mainly because you will develop new interests and have new goals. At least, everyone who goes away is going to be replaced by a person with long-term friendship potential.

The 11th House of goals, hopes and dreams will be influenced to have you deciding what you want to do next in your career. After you have made a plan, go ahead and implement it.

Allow the people you have met at work and different social events to help you when it comes to accomplishing your life goals. In case you happen to be working in teams, expect your team mates to ask you to be their leader.

This experience can be very rewarding, but you need to make sure that you’re sharing the work load you’re being assigned. This year, Saturn is going to change signs. After being for the first 9 months in Libra, which is your 10th Solar House, it moves into Scorpio.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of this planet’s last months in the career sector in your chart. This pinnacle happens only every 28 years. This summer, you may be promoted, but don’t accept the new job if you didn’t completely understand what it asks of you.

A promotion is not all the time a good career move. Send your resume out to new companies in June and see what happens from there. Your 10th House of Status may influence you too much to chase status and money, especially since you’re famous for wanting expensive things and the latest gadgets.

Owning gives you the impression that you have achieved success. However, you need to be more focused on networking and working hard during this time period. Neptune is going to transit the sign of Pisces, which is your 3rd Solar House.

Being here, it’s going to influence the relationships you have with your siblings and members of your community. Focus your entire energy on communicating more efficiently.

Your creativity will be your best weapon, as it will allow you to see life from different perspectives, which will help you find solutions to problems and finding out what people are really thinking. However, as much as it’s important to rely in your sixth sense, you also need to take things and words as they come.

Social Life Predictions for the Goat

The influences of the Pluto-Neptune sextile will greatly improve your relationships. You will develop bonds and very strong friendships that can stand in the long run.

Starting with January 1 and until May 11, also during fall, Jupiter’s influx will have the events happening in your life being more consistent. You will face many happy situations and feel like your everyday life is improving.

2022 will be the year in which a new dimension is going to open for you. Routine and being lonely will be left behind, as you will discover how good it feels to move, to deal with the unexpected, take on new projects and go to parties.

When some crisis is going to happen, don’t believe that you’re unlucky. The Universe is just trying to teach you a lesson.

Capricorn Health in 2022

Your health will be moderately good. Rahu in Ascendant on Saturn may bring some minor illnesses, yet after March, you will feel healthier than ever. Don’t allow money problems or others stress you too much. The more irritated you are, the more your health may be negatively affected.

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Capricorn Personality Traits

Ambitious, determined to succeed in life and to make a lot of money, also authoritative and almost obsessed with having a good position in society, Capricorns are career-oriented and usually the ones in charge at their workplace.

They aspire to many things, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t down-to-earth and practical. On the contrary, because they’re ruled by Saturn, which is a planet of limitations, they know how to organize their life and are always making plans, not to mention they’re very patient and can wait for their dreams to become a reality.

Witty and focused, they don’t make decisions before being sure they’re completely right, especially when it comes to money. Not only they’re very good at making budgets and saving, they also know how to invest. The fact that they’re materialistic and want security makes them like this. While proud, Capricorns still know how to be kind and never hesitate to help those in need.

Positives and Negatives

Since they’re so driven to succeed in life, Capricorns almost never procrastinate. They believe in their own abilities and know things are going to happen only if they work hard. Many people think they’re cold and too reserved when in fact, they’re only focusing on self-sufficiency.

Knowing time is money, they’re good organizers and pay attention to every little detail when having something to do. It’s very likely for them to marry for money or a good position.

However, this doesn’t mean that if they got married and obtained what they want, they won’t continue to work hard for themselves. Even if their partner has more power and money than them, they still need to have the control. They want fame and are determined to achieve success.

At the same time, they’re independent and naturally inhibited, so they’re quite the loners. If their goals are well established, they can no longer see other things, which means they can end up ignoring their friends, family and even their own feelings when they’re trying to achieve something.

They don’t need others and always seem to know what they need to do in order to make their dreams come true. When it comes to their soul, this is pure and innocent.

Loyal and sincere, they’re kind and always ready to help too. Their loved ones can rely on them to always be by their side and to protect them because they’re very responsible and devoted.

As far as work goes, they’re the type to make an effort and to go the extra mile because they know this is the only way for them to have success. It can be said they can lead by example when it comes to working hard. Another word that describes them is “classy”, as they dress elegantly and are very mannered.

Their charm and compassion have them being appreciated by many people. When it comes to style, they’re rather conservative and not into new trends. Many Capricorns and very serious and down-to-earth, real providers with a strong sense of responsibility.

The fact that they’re also reserved makes them seem boring and cold. Some people see them as strange, as they don’t understand how they can be so ambitious and focused on doing everything perfectly.

When having something to do, Capricorns usually ignore other aspects of their life, not to mention they can be quite domineering, bossy and demanding. Having high expectations, they criticize and bother others when they try to impose their own points of view. At times, they become melancholic and even depressed, so they need to be with someone who can put a smile on their face when they’re feeling down.

Capricorn Love and Compatibility

Just like with any other things in life, Capricorns are very serious about love. These natives can remain focused on their goals and don’t like playing games. It’s very likely they have their life planned 10 years ahead, so they need a partner who’s ready to go with what they want.

Not at all the type to have one-night stands, they prefer to be single rather than involved in flings. Most of them marry and divorce because they’re too eager to settle when young and choose the wrong person.

No one should underestimate their loyalty, even if they seem flirtatious on the outside. After all, the sign of the Goat rules history and long-lasting things. Capricorns usually end up with their oldest friend because they think that if someone keeps coming to them, that’s love.

Belonging to the Earth element, they’re lusty and may stray from time to time. What’s worse about this is that they take the person they’re cheating with seriously. If their partner finds out about it, they’re very ashamed and may try to explain themselves.

The signs most compatible with them are Taurus and Capricorn, but can also be Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. The Taurus is also Earth like them, so the two have many things in common and are most of the time cautious. Things can be very complicated with it comes to Capricorns’ love life.

Since Libras, Sagittariuses and Geminis are the same, they’re not so compatible with people born in these signs because their life together would be too difficult, not to mention their personality differences would ultimately win.

For example, Capricorns are too pragmatic for the open-minded Libras and the spontaneous Sagittariuses, whereas with the Geminis, they wouldn’t like how these are always goofing around.

Career and Money

When it comes to career, Capricorn have high demands from themselves. They’re honest, perseverant and dedicated when trying to make their dreams come true. At the same time, they appreciate these traits in others.

It’s important for them to feel intellectually equal or superior when working with others. Resourceful and focused, Goats always get the job done the right way, can work long hours and complete their projects. Most of them are great managers, financers, programmers and mathematicians.

They believe in the system and traditions, so they like to have everything in order and to keep track of what they’re doing. What’s also great about them is that they always manage to get to the top in their career because they’re hard workers.

No one can manipulate or push them around because they’re too stubborn to accept ideas they don’t agree with. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be great leaders, as they have a very logical mind and usually make the best decisions. It doesn’t matter what it takes to achieve success, they will do it.

Their bosses love them, whereas as bosses themselves, they can be demanding and inflexible. Giving a lot of importance to many, they know how to save and don’t like borrowing.

When having to pay for a mortgage, they usually work very hard to speed up the process. These people know success can’t come their way if they’re not determined to work hard for it.


The Capricorn sign rules externally the joints, the teeth, the skin and the hair. Internally, it’s the ruler of peripheral nerves, some areas of the stomach and the mucous membranes, whereas structurally, of the bones, skeleton and patella.

While the Sun is weak in the Goat sign, Capricorns can still live a long life, especially if the Moon or Saturn don’t afflict them. Their diseases usually result in anxiety.

They may have problems with injuries to the bones too, with sensitive skin and different allergies. When young, Capricorns are very anxious, yet Saturn helps them blossom later in life.

Friendship and Family

Intelligent, responsible and stable, Capricorns are also very loyal and the best friends anyone could have, even if they’re focused to make their dreams come true most of the time. They like it when people know their limits with them and don’t ask too many questions. This is what makes them warmer and more open.

However, they won’t have too many friends because this would mean spending too much time going out, which is something they don’t actually like, especially when busy working. Their family and friends admire them for being loyal, logical and down-to-earth.

As soon as having their own family, Goats are more self-confident. When members of a group, they’re the most mature and rational, so others come to them for advice.

Big traditionalists, Capricorns like to transmit the teaching of their parents and ancestors to the next generation. They never forget a birthday and can be domineering when wanting to have things done their own way. As parents, they can be strict and will teach their children how to be responsible from a very young age.