Pisces Horoscope and Traits

Pisces SymbolJoys, hopes and fears … open your eyes, you have them all in front of you, on display, courtesy of the immensely sensitive and intuitive Pisces sign. Kind and gentle, and often wearing their metaphoric rose-tinted glasses, these people reinvigorate anyone’s perspective on life.

Pisces Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: February 19 – March 20
  • Element: Water
  • Governing Planet: Neptune
  • Gemstone: Aquamarine
  • Lucky Day: Thursday
  • Symbol: The Fishes
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Ruled by: 12th House
  • Metal: Aluminium
  • Lucky numbers: 3, 10, 17

Pisces Horoscope


May 28, 2022 – You appear to be very brave from a romantic point of view this Saturday and may end up confessing your love or something similar.

You are not sure how your actions will be received but this doesn’t really keep you away from trying to do something in this direction. You are also very excited about something happening in the life of a friend.


May 29, 2022 – This is going to be a very interesting Sunday for single natives who are likely to spend the day in very good company.

On the other hand, you may be questioning something that is happening at home and will allow yourself to get rather distracted by this. For some, this is a great moment to make something official.

May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

Good news this May as there will be no effort that you’ll need to make. You will have a state of mind that doesn’t contain any obligations for the month’s beginning. So things will gradually change, but around May 18th, you will be more anxious and thus, less relaxed.

You will see a situation slipping away from your hands, which will make you weaker. You will need to recover from it rapidly, so don’t allow any emotion to overwhelm you. When it comes to work, there will be a situation coming true, so you might sign a contract.

They might also ask you to do it because you have attractive ideas. In short, the more you get noticed, the more you earn. Around May 22nd, there will be external support making a change that’s official. Your daily pace will be difficult to keep up with, yet necessary, put your wellbeing above anything else. Family will be important, as you will need the people you love the most to be by your side.

May 2022 Highlights

Most planets are going to be firmly below the horizon of your chart, whereas those that remain all above will be in retrograde. The career will be standing still for some time, whereas many exciting and positive things are going to happen.

Focus on being emotionally harmonious and expand the psychological awareness. This way, you will resolve your family problems. Remember that the higher you aspire into the world, the deeper you will have psychological insight and stability.

The planets on the interior and the ones that are moving fast are going to be in cusp, at the boundary between the map’s East and West sectors. You will be independent, yet not as independent. Things are going to be social, yet not so much.

You will have to balance the desires that you have with the ones of other people. Sometimes, you’re going to be independent, so these will be the good times when the goodwill is going to come from others. There are going to be situations in which things are going to go your way, whereas others will think that these situations aren’t possible.

On occasion, you will have to adapt to what people want from you. Every case is going to be quite specific, so you’ll need to be ready of going any place. You’re going to dominantly focus on intellectual pursuits, siblings, family, home, communication, short and domestic travel, as well as psychological affairs.

Whereas financial trends will be generally good, the pullback of Mars is going to cause some complications for the short-term. Mars is going to come out of the 9th House and go into the 8th, revealing how you have prematurely expanded and don’t need to return to the same stage ever again.

Without expanding roles or possessions, you’re going to use your profits or sell things. Your past’s financial mistakes are going to come back and haunt you, but this won’t necessarily be a good time, and you will have all the chances to clear things up. Most of the time, you are going to deal with hassles and delays.

There will be the financial structure that’s going to be facilitated with consideration, starting with May 21st. For as long as Mars is retrograde, you need to take a look at the big purchases, long-term commitments that are good, and contracts. Obviously, you can go to shop for groceries and other small things, but you need to study other cash outs.

Pisces Love Horoscope for May

Thanks to the stars’ favorable constellation, May is going to generally be positive for the Pisces people. The energy is going to be bursting, not to mention the good spirits will also be there, so nothing is going to cloud the cheerful attitude of the native.

8th to the 15th of May, the native is also going to be eloquent, having a persuasion that’s going to open all sort of doors important for him or her, no matter the area of life. You will have the most excellent communication skills that are going to help you pass all the small conflicts and misunderstandings that have been arising in the past weeks, with the partner.

As a result of this, the natives are going to solve the phase of concord and harmony. With their partner, the native is going to give innovative and positive impulses to the relationship they have, building strong on the foundations on it.

Your partner is going to be happy with what you have in line and bring in some surprises, such as maybe a romantic weekend away or inviting you to the restaurant you love the most. Especially at the month’s end, you will have a productive period.

Each and every morning, you will wake up feeling enthusiastic and wanting to have some good times with the person that matters the most to you in your life. The month is going to end just as it has started, with you going to the 7th Heaven.

This month, as a result of the stars being in a favorable constellation, the Fish natives are going to come across love all over the place. From May 5th and onwards, the planet Venus is going to give many flirting opportunities, and you will meet all sort of new people.

It’s not going to be easy to pick the many options available, but this doesn’t mean that you have to decide straight away. Enjoy the adventure, especially starting with the 8th and until the 14th, the stars are going to offer you exciting and magical moments.

Career and Finances Horoscope

When wanting to improve the aspects of financial and sentimental life, you need to do it without failing for the month’s first half, as the special dates in the calendar will get you closer to the fuss.

At the year’s end, you won’t be more than just having fun and looking ahead into the next year, a year that you know is going to be the best. Finances will be stable for the entire month.

The direct trajectory of Juno in the 8th House of Pisces on the 26th is referring to what economic support you’re receiving from an associate or the family, for commitments that are pending.

At work, retrograde of the planet Jupiter in the 11th House of the sign, starting with the 14th, is going to create distance between you and the colleagues and friends you have, as a result of power conflicts.

Pluto being in retreat in the same 11th House is suggesting that you might be feeling betrayed or experience some paranoia in relation to your collaborators. It’s likely that you will take advantage of the retrograde of Pluto and Jupiter in the 11th House of the sign, which will reflect on your aspirations and dreams.

You need to admit that you have true friends. Defend your individuality at the same time. On the 17th, there’s going to be a trine between the planet Jupiter in retrograde in the Pisces 11th House, as well as the Sun in the 3rd House.

This alignment is going to add some efforts to the cause you’re fighting for, revealing how important it is for you to have a plan and share it with 3rd parties later. As a result of their talent, Pisces are going to experience the greatest work and professional success.

They will have what it takes to propose improvements at the job, to be the example for a pay raise, and so on. If they don’t want the same commitment they were after, then they need to negotiate with their superiors a change of the setting.

They can ask to be assigned tasks that are more suited for their skills so that they can enjoy work more. At the same time, they need to pay attention to how much they are spending so that they don’t end up in a situation of compromise. Some more money might come from inheritance or gambling.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Since May is a relaxed and calm month, most Pisces will feel good as far as their health goes. Those of them who are experiencing some chronic diseases will get the amazing opportunity to solve their problem.

Except for the month’s first week, they will have plenty of energy to go on with what they have set their mind to do. It would be a smart idea for them to do some systematic sports if they want to be slim and to no longer retain liquids.

With May representing renewal and rebirth, they would have to go to the doctor for a check-up. If they use preventive methods, then a visit to the doctor would no longer be necessary, seeing that they might have problems with their intestines, regardless of their age. A detox diet based on liquids would also be helpful, especially when it comes to losing weight.

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2022 Yearly Horoscope

At a first glance, 2022 is going to look for you as if it’s filled with many extreme situations. You will have things going great one moment, only to feel like your life is falling apart the next.

Other times, you will think there’s no way out of a bad situation, but you will be saved by a miracle. What’s good to know is that some wishes you’ve been having for a while now are going to become a reality, even if you won’t be able to enjoy them as much as you’re supposed to.

Don’t allow the insecurity that characterizes your sign to be overwhelming. Keep being positive and good things are going to happen to you. At the same time, remember that success can’t come without failure.

2022 will bring many pessimistic thoughts and tough situation to Pisces. You need to try your best to be optimistic. Be sure that you’re still fighting for achieving your goals. Since your expenses are going to increase, expect your financial situation to be tricky.

Tensions in the family will arise, as you won’t be able to give your loved ones too much of your attention. Both year’s beginning and end will have you achieving good results from ventures, as a result of Jupiter’s influence. You will be full of life, no matter how many challenges you have to face.

Just make sure you are following your instincts, and success will come your way. 2022 is a good year for you to accomplish your goals, to no longer feel uncertain about the things that had you being doubtful in the past few years.

The planets are in good positions, favoring accomplishments. If you want to improve your financial situation, then don’t hesitate to bargain when necessary. As far as health goes, everything for you and your family is going to be good.

Pisces Love Horoscope 2022

While your 7th House of Marriage and Love is going to remain rather inactive in 2022, you’ll still going to have some improvements in your social and married life, seeing that Saturn moves away in April, and you also become less severe, stiff and cold.

Your life partner is going to be warmer with you as a result. It’s very likely life next to you has been very difficult, especially over the past 2 years. This is not because you have tried to be cold and act distant, but because you have been perceived like this.

These energies have been projected by you in an unconscious manner. After April, just make the changes you want to make in yourself. This may help you with appearing less intimidating, and you will be able to make new friends more easily.

It’s as if of late, you have been putting barriers between yourself and others so that you’re protected. Besides, you may have wanted to not be bothered from achieving your goals.

Being separate has taught you how to defend your own space even more zealously. However, the barriers you have built will now be gone. If your marriage survived the nasty period in your life, then you can be sure you have a spouse that profoundly cares for you.

On the other hand, if you happen to be single, expect members of the opposite sex to want you more this year. However, this doesn’t mean you will get married. You will just have more romantic opportunities.

After all, your 7th House will maintain its status quo and remain inactive, which means not too many changes will happen for Pisces as far as love goes. If you want to have a happy social life, then you need to make new friends and to focus less on romance.

Expect to come across many prominent people. Besides, by pursuing success in your career, you’re going to meet many individuals who will be more than happy to give you a hand when you are in need.

You will develop true friendships with them, not only work relations. Furthermore, you will be invited to outings with your superiors, so you will learn a lot from those who are more experienced than you in your field of work.

Your old friends are going to convince you make positive career changes. Pisces will very much be involved in group activities and go to all sort of social events this year.

Their friendships will be more exciting than ever, not to mention they will put less stress on them than love will. You will feel restricted by your partner and free among your friends.

Single Pisces looking to get married for the 3rd time will tie the know in 2022. They won’t have an affair, but a relationship that starts slowly and turns into something serious. However, they need to be patient for this to happen.

Their soulmate may be someone working in management. If you’re a parent, then expect to attend your kid’s wedding, as he or she is in a very serious relationship.

Those Pisces, who are grandparents, should have patience, though. The status quo is being maintained with grandchildren too. Parents of Pisces will be in crisis because major changes are going to happen in their life.

Pisces Career Horoscope 2022

In the beginning of the year, Jupiter will be in the sign of Taurus until June 10th. This will make the daily life chaotic, especially since Jupiter will advance through your 3rd Solar House, where it will emphasize trips on short distances, learning, also interaction with neighbours and siblings.

In the spring, you will be very interested in a project that has been initiated by your community. Make sure you take part in it as a volunteer. In case you decide to travel with your loved ones, pay for your trip.

Furthermore, if you want to come across new ways of making money, leverage networking. Later in the year Saturn is going to change signs, but its most time will be spent in Libra, which is your 8th Solar House of Joint Resources.

In this sector, it will impact the earnings of your partner, taxes, loans, inheritances and insurance, which means you need to pay off some debts and to think about home before deciding to make any expense whatsoever.

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is for you and your partner to agree on money matters. If you do, then your financial future looks more stable than ever. Compromises are key.

Saturn is also encouraging you to assess the valuable things that you own, also to see where you’re positioned when it comes to the materialistic side of life. Do you want to drive a luxury car or just to feel comfortable and carry yourself from point A to point B?

Are the latest gadgets really making you feel as if you have achieved something in life? Do you want to afford enjoying your hobbies, or do you prefer expensive clothes?

These questions need to cross your mind, as it’s time for you to establish a lifestyle you’re going to stick to. Saturn is going to enter Scorpio and stay here for the next 2 and a half years, transiting your 9th Solar House.

If you want to make a change in your career or perhaps choose another profession, also if you’re dreaming about a promotion, then going back to school becomes a must. Get a new degree or your certification.

Just as Saturn starts to settle in your 10th Solar House, you realize how important these things are. The same planet in your 9th Solar House will favor your travels, especially those in which you’re learning about the history and culture of new places.

If you want to become more creative, take a course on anything while being far from home. You could also use this transit to become more spiritual and explore different systems of belief.

You are also encouraged to take a leadership position at work or perhaps in an organization. However, be careful because many may envy you.

No matter what, keep thinking in perspective and don’t allow your passions to become obsessions. When leading, make sure you’re not a dictator. If you want your leadership skills to improve, just read some books on this subject.

Social Life Predictions for the Fish

Starting with January 1st and until May 11th, Jupiter is going to give you many opportunities to put your talents and projects to use. As a matter of fact, even if January is going to start in a chaotic manner, there will still be Mars in the sign of Capricorn that’s going to bring stability.

The same Mars in the sign of Pisces is going to help you be more intuitive. You will feel rather than think, which will save you some precious time. During the entire summer, you are the most practical person, solving problems by applying a lot of common sense to them.

Besides, your ideas are the brightest. From November and until December, Jupiter returns to make everything beautiful for you. You have your lucky star always by your side, so pay attention to what it says.

Pisces Health in 2022

As far as health goes, you will have a moderately auspicious 2022. Jupiter transiting your 12th House has things happening this way. In case you been suffering from a disease from quite a while, expect to go through increased pain.

Starting with April 13th, you should be better, but only if your thoughts are positive and you allow Jupiter in Ascendant to take care of things. Practice yoga and meditation while following a vegetarian diet. If you do, you will feel mentally stable and fitter than ever.

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Pisces Personality Traits

Pisces people have very intense emotions and are quite mystical beings. Everyone likes them because they’re friendly, even if they sometimes have changing moods and the tendency to introspect too much.

Seeming from another world, they’re the dreamers of the zodiac and possess a very rich imagination. Besides, they’re sensitive and can be very hurt if someone says something nasty about them.

Positives and Negatives

As said before, Pisces are big dreamers. They possess a very creative mind, which means they’re talented artists who can do a lot just by using their imagination. As a matter of fact, distinguishing reality from dreams can be their main problem, not to mention that they often follow only their emotions and don’t pay too much attention to what their logic dictates.

Very compassionate, they can put themselves into others’ skin. What they need to pay attention to and avoid is not getting too involved in problems that aren’t their own. It’s very easy to impress them because they’re sensitive and kind. Empathetic, Pisces never refuse giving a hand to those in need. This means they’re very caring and don’t hesitate to make sacrifices for others, which can lead them to being taken advantage of.

Natural healers, they make good doctors or psychologists. Their amazing power to improve someone’s health and state of mind can’t be seen in natives of other signs. More than this, they enjoy helping others and don’t expect anything in return when doing it. They sometimes take this and their generosity to the extreme. It doesn’t matter how badly someone has treated them, they will always be by that person’s side.

If feeling depressed, they have all the negative thoughts in the world and find it difficult to overcome the situation. For this reason, they need long periods of recovery after having bad experiences.

Since they’re naïve and always ready to give a hand, it’s easy for them to become very depressed when a person betrays their trust. In such a situation, they can start doubting themselves and be very anxious. After a long period of time being hurt, they no longer trust anyone and retreat into a world of fantasy.

This can lead them to be very lazy and impractical, lacking self-confidence and lonely. As a matter of fact, being as idealistic as they have the tendency to be, it’s not unusual for them to be loners either. At the same time, their high ideals can also have them trusting people too much and vulnerable.

Pisces Love and Compatibility

The symbol of Pisces is two fish that are pulling in opposite directions, so the people born in this sign have this type of approach as far as love goes. They’re looking for someone who can make them feel secure and at the same time free, and if not able to find that person, they can end up being very confused. They can be realistic one moment and dreamy the other.

When it comes to commitment, they don’t have a very strong relationship with it, so they’re doing their best to avoid committing. They like to complain because secretly, they’re all about drama and making their fantasies a reality.

This often seems confusing for their friends, who see them as losers. More than this, they’re the type to change their ways and to ditch people in their life as soon as someone better appears. Just like the fish in their symbol, they hurry to swim towards a new person, even if not sure they’ll catch him or her.

Ruling over the 12th House of trouble and the underworld, Pisces are their worst own enemies when it comes to love. They have the strangest tastes when it comes to their partners, being attracted by people who have problems and are very dark.

Anyone who has a sad story appeals to their compassion and big heart, as they’re tortured souls themselves. It’s not their fault that they’re being like this because Neptune is telling them what to do. This planet is known to bring about hazy experiences and to make people doubt everything.

When it comes to how it rules the sign of Pisces, this is by making them poor judges of character and situations, also great victims. This is why Pisceans always need to have reality checked twice before making a decision.

They’re the most compatible with people born in Taurus because they can receive their advice and guidance. Cancers are also a good match for them because they have the same expectations from love.

Geminis and Sagittariuses don’t suit them whatsoever because Pisces can never understand how Geminis are thinking, whereas with Sagittariues, they can end up being very hurt after hearing their nasty and direct commentaries.

Career and Money

Possessing a sharp intuition and having big dreams, Pisces are the most suited for a career in which they have to use their creativity, even if they’re doing it for free. Many of them are great architects, lawyers, doctors, social workers, designers and artists.

What inspires them the most is making changes into other people’s lives, not to mention they’re always ready to make sacrifices for their loved ones.

Compassionate, hardworking and good friends, they’re good at solving problems that have nothing to do with them. Most of the time, they don’t care that much about money because their focus is on making their dreams come true.

However, they still need money to have their goals becoming a reality. As far as spending goes, they have to sides. On one hand, they can buy whatever they want, on the other, they can be stingy. However, no matter what, they will always have enough to live the good life.

Loyal and always dedicated to their projects, they most of the time hold on tightly to their jobs and their bosses trust them completely. They’re rather quiet when working, as they tend to get very absorbed with what they’re doing and don’t like to share the steps they’re taking in order to complete a task.

It can be said they aren’t the best leaders because they don’t like telling others what to do, but they do love working in teams and following advice. For as long as they’re supported and encouraged, they can come up with the best ideas at work.


Externally, the Pisces rules the toes and the feet. Internally, it’s the ruler of the synovial fluids and lymphatic system, plus all the glands. When it comes to the structural ruling, this is over the feet’s bones.

Natives of this sign are prone to swells, allergies, feet injuries and emotional or psychosomatic problems. Besides, they’re more susceptible to end up suffering from addictions as a result of their need to retreat from the real world.

Friendship and Family

Caring and kind, Pisces are very good friends and usually put others before themselves. At the same time, they’re compassionate and loyal, so it doesn’t matter what problem a member of their family may have, they’re always there to solve it the best way they can.

Since their intuition is very strong, they feel when things aren’t right, even from before anything gets to happen. When it comes to feelings, they need to express them as openly as possible, wanting their loved ones to do the same in their presence. Pisces give a lot of importance to communication, and no once can change this about them.

They need to be nurtured and encouraged to be more realistic by their loved ones. If they have a passion through which they could express their creativity, they could become the greatest artists that ever lived.

Since they’re also easy to impress, it’s difficult for them to set up some boundaries in their relationships with others. They’re always ready to help, so many may manipulate and take advantage of them, especially those people who don’t have the best intentions at heart.

It’s essential for Pisces to develop some boundaries when interacting with individuals they don’t know much about.