Libra Horoscope and Traits

Libra SymbolSuave, gentle and with exquisite tastes, whatever would you wish more from the harmonious Libra sign? Easily remembering about the happiness of those dear and constantly seeking outside perspectives, these people prefer to always be surrounded by others. As their symbol is the scales, their quest in life is one for balance and equilibrium.

Libra Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: September 23 – October 22
  • Element: Air
  • Governing Planet: Venus
  • Gemstone: Opal
  • Lucky Day: Wednesday
  • Symbol: The Scales
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruled by: 7th House
  • Metal: Bronze
  • Lucky numbers: 6, 8, 13

Libra Horoscope


May 24, 2022 – You are going to be very domestic today in your plans and impulses and this will surprise your very socially eager friends who may even end up threatening you with all sorts, as they find that you refuse all invites.

There is no need to doubt this tendency of yours towards comfort, no matter how hyper your dearest friends may be.


May 25, 2022 – An introspective day ahead in which you are invited by the stars to take a long look at what your role is in your most recent relationship, whether of work, friendship or love.

You are not doing what you are expected to do and soon this will be revealed in a way that will appear to be bitter to you. There is still time to make a change.

May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

May announces itself to be a stability month, one of a rewarding and beautiful period. This means it’s the right time for work and business, for the loving and emotional domains, which will both be at stake.

According to the stars, you’re encouraged to make the very good decisions that you usually make. And the surprises won’t end, as things are going to happen. New experiences might tempt you. After the month’s 2nd half, you’re going to have to make family choices.

You will have a spectacular condition, especially for the 1-3 weeks, which means your energy is going to drop a bit, yet the pace will be kept up. In case you have some difficulties making decisions regarding controlling any situation, the planets are going to pressure you on May 25th.

May 2022 Highlights

You’re still going to be in the Libran Heaven. Planets will mostly gather in your map’s social sector, whereas the social life will be calmer than it was lately. Grace and charm are still going to be in place, as it is with this strong point, and the month will be a successful one.

You will have the fast planets above horizon, whereas the ones who are slow are going to stay in the low half, all being retrograde. Family and home issues will be sorted out in time. You can have them being safe for as long as you focus on career and the achievements that are outward.

The month’s main interests will be social activities, love, money making for other people, psychological and personal transitioning, negotiating or repaying a debt, sex, higher education, traveling abroad, career, philosophy, and religion.

This month, the planet that rules you, Venus, is going to extrapolate, revealing how you need to come out from your usual orbit and go to search for an educational opportunity, a revelation, and success in your career. Some of you are going to travel, going on trips to exotic and distant locations.

You won’t go to any touristic destination that’s common. The financial situation is going to be complicated, and there will be some delays involved. Time will solve any problem. Meanwhile, refine your financial goals and strategies, and plan.

Your earnings can improve if you make other people prosper. They can also improve if you help your partner with financing. He or she will thrive and be generous, yet not too generous. In case you happen to be involved in insurance claims or litigation, the money will arrive from this direction, yet not too much, not as imagined.

There will be delays. The Moon being present on May 15th is going to clarify every matter, as well as show what steps you need to take. Love is still going to be fine, yet there will financial issues complicating your relationships.

Someone you believed to be no longer in your life is going to return, with a change of heart. For the entire month, you will be in excellent health, and after May 21st, the most. On May 30th, the Moon is going to fit your finances and give you some more energy to achieve your financial and intellectual goals.

Writers, teachers, and students will still enjoy a powerful period. Be careful with the phone bill from the 21st on. The career risks you will take are going to pay off, with later results.

Libra Love Horoscope for May

There will be a wonderful month awaiting you, a month filled with possibilities that are going to complete and enliven your romantic life. The moments with your partner are going to be incredibly exciting, and the more you will put into your relationship, then the more you’re going to be given back.

Venus is going to give enough energy for you to enjoy romance and love. For the month, as a result of stars’ favorable constellation, you’re going to have a dreamy love life, a creative and exciting one. Don’t let any professional obligation or chore keep you away from having fun with the moments offered by the month.

If any aspect in your relationship has been dissatisfying you for a while, then it’s time to revive the passion and make a change. When it comes to love, you are able to achieve what you have set your mind to do, as cosmic forces are going to support with your efforts, increasing the positive effect that you have.

In the month’s 2nd half, there will be work tasks causing you stress. As a consequence, you are going to neglect the partner. You’re being recommended to try and keep the balance between your romantic life and career obligations.

Otherwise, there will be good results losing their effect at the month’s beginning. Towards the month’s end, nothing will be separating you from the person you’re with. You will go to the 7th Heaven with this person.

Even the one of you who’s the shyest will need to leave home, looking for someone special. For the month’s first half, as a result of the stars being in a favorable constellation, you’re going to enjoy being in the center of attention at any meeting.

Your charm and special friendliness are going to open for you many doors and you will have the most fascinating love encounters, but don’t be too confident. Also, don’t give your heart too easily. On the 28th and the 31st, you will have the love barometer rising once more.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Not obsessing over work is a very good idea. You will have plenty of time for disconnecting and staying with the partner in a private environment. Don’t be obsessed with work. You need to disconnect and be with your partner privately.

Both the sentimental and monetary aspects are very important. Use money and time to give your partner the beautiful details of your life. If you live with your colleagues, then that even better for your confidence.

For this monthly Horoscope, there will be the stars advising you not to give money to those who are asking for it from you. As well, if you have some debts outstanding or people owe you, then you will pay them fast and get your accounts to a zero.

This will help you have financial prosperity. At work, you will people that aren’t from your work environment. You will be allowed to get closer to them and to collaborate with them.

On the 7th, the Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio is indicating that you have the chance to pay off an outstanding debt from a while back or declare your personal finances sincerely. Also, on the 17th, the Sun in the 8th house of the Libra is going to hold with Jupiter a trine in retrograde in the 4th sign, suggesting there’s a need to revise plans with family business or property.

In case you are planning to buy or remodel home, you may need to delay this for a while, as well as set new deadlines for your work, or have a look over additional budgeting tips. When it comes to profession, Mars entering the 6th House of the Libra in the 13th is fuelling your interest in all sorts of innovating initiatives, organizing your work environment, and your colleagues’ wellbeing.

The work will be at a wonderful stage. There will be new challenges and opportunities that you can take for a better social status. You can take these opportunities out to achieve professional success.

This is a month in which you could set new objectives and goals. You might need to make a turn in your career, so it’s time for you to flow. This can also be done with finances and by analysing expenses closely. Be good and see which expenses do you good and which don’t.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Working too much in May will cause the Libra to be mentally and physically worn. The effective way to get out of this state would be to pay attention to the foods you’re eating.

This is why it’s good for you to have rice and rye, whole grains, veggies, juices, anything that contains vitamins and compensates for the energy that has been lost. You could also do some yoga.

As a resulf of the stars’ constellation being favorable, the month of May is going to be positive when it comes to wellbeing and health. You’re going to feel energetic, balanced, as well as motivated.

If you adopt a healthy lifestyle and rest from time to time, then you’re going to remain in very good shape. Pay attention to the bladder and the kidneys. Avoid colds and infections.

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2022 Yearly Horoscope

On the 1st of January 2022, at midnight, Libra, your sign, is going to be on the Rising. This is a very powerful omen you must take into consideration, as it indicates the new year will be for you one in which you’re growing in all areas of life.

You’ll learn a lot, also be challenged by all the people in your life. Things you’ve never thought of before will now seem intriguing all of a sudden. At the same time, you will be a lot distracted by your own career.

For example, you may come across details you’ve never paid attention to as being in your blood. It’s important that you keep your job because the bigger picture wants you sticking with what you already have.

It doesn’t matter how much you wish to make a change, just don’t. Saturn and Jupiter are going to bring Libras more opportunities to manage their way of living better throughout the entire year.

Natives of this sign may experience some problems with their business partnerships, but employed Libras are scheduled for reasonable times ahead. Their income will increase, but they will also spend more too. Mars and Venus will favor them in the love sector.

Single Libras will be surprised by how rapidly they end up being in relationships. At home, they will have some conflicts with the members of their family. You mustn’t take any unnecessary risk, as this will help you achieve success.

In case you’re feeling more stressed than usually, just relax and exercise as much as you can. For the year’s 1st half, Libras will go through some bad times, so they should give their best to not act as liberally as they most of the time do.

People who don’t wish you well will take advantage of your kindness. Jupiter will enter Libra for the year’s 2nd half, encouraging you to be strong. During this time period, you’re allowed to be a liberal and to grow alongside others.

The Horoscope advises you to go on some kind of pilgrimage tour and take your family with you. Avoid being too liberal with the people you don’t know that well.

Libra Love Horoscope 2022

Social engagements and love are most of the time very important for you, Libra. Your nature is to be social and go out a lot. Only when interacting with others, you feel like you’re getting the chance to express yourself, reveal your genius and knowledge.

What’s also interesting to know about you is that you’re always inspired by others’ ideas regarding whom you might be. In 2022, you will have the most distinguished social attitude, as you will want to cut some ties, to get more prepared for a new social existence in which you’re composed, to spend more time with those who think just like you.

You won’t just show up for gathering or give people in your life all your time, even if they would need it. This is because you will focus more on your psychological upbringing and your family.

It’s important that you pay more attention to yourself and what you’re interested in. Make sure you have a structured social life and take good care of your finances. Put aside a certain amount of money for social activities, sticking to the budget you have made.

If you allow yourself to be addicted to a certain social situation, know you’re in as much danger as if you’d be physically or emotionally addicted to something or someone.

Focus on the quality of your friendships and not their quantity. This can be tough to do for a Libra, yet you will learn it for the next 2 years. Saturn, the ruler of your 4th House of Family and Home, is going to spend 24 months in your 7th House of Social Activities and Relationship.

This will generate a sort of fascination with social activities, a fascination that will be both optimistic and negative. In the first stage, it will modify the needs you have in love. What will happen is that you will want to be nurtured and emotionally supported by your partner, and you will offer the same in return.

When it comes to going out and hosting events, this will be done close to home and with people in your family. In case you’re not very careful, you can end up confusing your loved ones by treating acquaintances like family, and family as just some folks.

At the same time, the notions of friendship and family may change in your vision. Libras who have never married will have a time period in which they’ll be isolate, only to very likely get married afterwards.

2022 may inspire them to employ this social restriction technique. You may focus too much on love and this way, completely ignore your family. The person you will like for the next 2 years may be older than you, serious, stable, very ambitious, organized, frugal, sometimes pessimistic.

It will feel like he or she is somehow your work superior. As a matter of fact, you may fall for someone who’s taking care of your estate or maybe business, perhaps both.

You will be with someone who loves the notion of family and offers you great emotional support. Probably you already know this person or have been distantly involved with him or her at some point.

On the other hand, you could meet this figure at a family reunion, seminar or party. If you happen to be a married Libra, then expect your relationship to transform. The person you’re with may become significantly more pessimistic, having the tendency to be controlling and to see everything in a negative light.

Furthermore, he or she will be more ambitious and focus on career, even on yours too. This will have you seeing him or her as cold, which means you will want to bring the passion back into your relationship.

In case you don’t manage to do this properly, then your partner will think you are sabotaging his or her career ascension. Therefore, show your other half that you’re supportive of him or her every step of the way.

Libras who want to enter their 2nd or 3rd marriage will have a year in which the status quo will dominate. There will be no cosmic force to bring someone special into their life, but their love affairs will be very pleasing.

Libra Career Horoscope 2022

This year, Neptune is also going to change signs, as it will move on February 3rd, from Aquarius into Pisces. Take advantage of the Aquarius time period to end your creative projects, seeing Neptune can greatly help you in this direction.

At the same time, invest a lot of you time in your children. This influence is perfect for love, so don’t hesitate to make plans with your partner or to go out with friends in case you’re single.

The more you attend parties and social events, the greater your chances to meet someone fascinating will increase. Neptune in the sign of Pisces is going to influence your professional life for the next 14 years, while it will transit your 6th Solar House.

You will be both inspired and disappointed, confused and charmed by illusion, compassionate and uplifted. You may feel challenged when it comes to managing to keep your colleagues at a distance and not taking their work goes.

However, if you happen to be in sales, healthcare or the service industry, this is a transit that can bring you a lot of satisfaction. Use Neptune to increase your creativity. From a different perspective, you could use this planet to see what’s hidden, what you’re missing on when it comes to finishing any project you may have.

In order to do this, allow your mind to be free and sometimes change the tasks at hand. Be creative and talk about your strangest ideas, even if others may see them as unrealistic.

Your vivid imagination and innovative vision will be appreciated sooner rather than later, not to mention they can help solve any problem.

Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, which is your 4th Solar House, is going to trigger important changes at home, changes that may involve remodelling. It’s very likely you will need to relocate too, as a result of getting a new job or being promoted. Make sure your house is insured and check for pests from time to time.

Social Life Predictions for the Scales

Starting with May 11th and until October 28th, Jupiter moving into Aries is going to shake your world a little bit, stirring up your existence and what you have always been sure of, but at least giving you some answers to your prayers.

However, the same Jupiter in Aries is going to challenge you, offering rewards in the form of you having to make quick decisions. Saturn will be the one helping you cope with this influence.

This planet will bring certainties and is encouraging you to discover more. It will also offer you enough time to make compromises without takin risks. You will have a year of precipitation and excesses if you don’t remain calm and moderate. Opportunities for success will arrive for as long as you keep yourself together.

Libra Health in 2022

When it comes to health, the year’s beginning is going to be in your favor. Jupiter on the Ascendant will have the effect of helping you remain mentally satisfied and physically healthy.

Your energy will be constructive, whereas your immune system very strong. For the last half of 2022 and Jupiter’s, Rahu’s and Saturn’s transit in conjunction, you may experience some health problems.

Jupiter in a sign of Water, in your 6th Solar House, may bring some issues with obesity and coughing.

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Libra Personality Traits

It’s very easy to like a person born in Libra because natives of this sign are very charming. They can make anyone feel very important and intriguing, not to mention they know how to listen, even if they demand to be listened to as well.

Perceptive and possessing amazing observational skills, Libras are very good at having the strongest and closest personal connections.

Positives and Negatives

The sign of the Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This means people born in this sign have a very strong fashion sense and are artistic. More than this, they appreciate love and think everything has a beautiful side.

For this reason, their home is always nicely decorated with expensive furniture and items. Libras want to possess expensive and tasteful things. They have a special relationship with beauty, so they’re among the best artists and designers.

Charming and sensitive to other people’s needs, they make great friends. When someone needs something from them, they immediately deliver and turn out to be very supportive. What they hate the most is cruelty and vulgarity, as they’re gentle and kind people.

Besides, they seem to have special talents when it comes to diplomacy, so they’re usually the ones who are always solving conflicts and helping people get back together.

Libras will always give their best to cooperate with others, not to mention they’re most of the time ready to make compromises for the sake of peace. The fact that they’re sensitive helps them understand the positions others may be in.

Being good listeners and always ready to make compromises, their relationships are most of the time strong. Even when someone doesn’t like them, they manage to play their charisma and to make things smoother in no time.

As well highly empathetic, they can make their partner feel truly understood and appreciated. Because they’re loving and gentle, they usually never see the negative traits of a person. However, it’s best to never criticize them because they can become very insecure when this happens.

When it comes to their negative traits, one of them is that they want too much to be admired by others. More than this, they love being in the center of attention and can be self-centered.

Since they very much appreciate beauty, it’s very likely for them to end up giving too much importance to the way they and others look, forgetting all about personality and character.

Also, the fact that they can understand a lot makes them indecisive and unable to take a side. Their charming natures makes them more flirtatious than other signs in the zodiac.

Libra Love and Compatibility

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras are witty, elegant and stylish, so many members of the opposite sex want them. Many of the people born in this sign have dimples and an athletic body. All of them give a lot of importance to looks.

When going out, they like to mingle, so it’s very likely for them to meet the love of their life at a party. Being represented by the Scales, Libras need balance in their life, so they need to choose their partner with care.

Because they’re very soft and sensitive, they should avoid domineering people who are trying to control them. Because Libras want justice and equality, they need a partner with an open mind who’s ready to fight for the same causes they believe in.

Having fun when debating lightly, Libras still don’t like it when someone is too imposing with his or her opinions. They’re too soft and gentle to accept a pushy person into their life.

When in love, they hate being rushed, not to mention it takes some of them years to be serious about a relationship. This is also because they’re always analyzing everything and weigh the pros and cons of a connection.

It’s ok to take thinks slowly, but at the same time, it’s very likely for them to miss on great opportunities of finding their soulmate. Some Libras need ultimatums in order to get married with their long-lasting partner.

It would be a good idea for them to think about the fact that it’s better to regret doing things than not doing them. Therefore, they should stop being terrified of making mistakes and start living their life more intensely.

What makes them tick is finding balance, as they want only harmony and to be with a person that completes them. Libras are the most compatible with Geminis, Leos, Sagittariuses and Aquariuses.

The relationship between a Libra and any of these signs will always be blissful and happy, interesting and fun. Libra’s ideal partner has a free spirit, high ideals and big dreams.

While people born in this sign want nothing else than to be loved and peace, they need to be with someone loyal and reliable. The perfect match for the Libra woman is the Leo and the Sagittarius.

Very romantic and charming, Libras have a very good sense of humor and are sweet. They want a balanced relationship and their loyalty is sometimes beyond what their partner has imagined. However, being indecisive, some Libras find themselves in love triangles.

Career and Money

As said before, Libras are always looking for balance. This means they would never work too much and ignore their personal life. They wouldn’t do things the other way around either.

When it comes to their career, they can be amazing leaders, but only if they decide to take initiative more and to organize others. Many Libras work as judges or lawyers, diplomats and musicians or artists. These last two mentioned careers suit them well because they really know how to appreciate beauty ever since children.

Libras are very efficient when working in teams because they know how to speak and usually can convince their colleagues their ideas are the best. When trying to build up their career, they need to make important decisions and to choose something that really suits them.

While this may sound difficult to do, they should take their time and analyze the options in front of them. It’s important for these natives to relax from time to time too, as working and not having fun can have them ending up depressed.

They usually don’t have problems with money, but only of they pay attention not to spend it all on luxury items. At least they most of the time don’t purchase too many things because it’s very difficult for them to make a decision on what to get.

They also know how much to spend and how much to put aside too, so it’s unlikely for them to ever end up completely broke.


Every sign in the zodiac rules the body internally, externally and structurally. When it comes to the internal rulership, the Libra is the governor of the excretory system and skin.

Externally, it governs the buttocks, the adrenal glands and lumbar region, also the vasomotor system. From a structural point of view, the Libra rules the lumbar vertebrae.

What people in this sign usually suffer from can be kidney diseases, oedema, uraemia, lumbago and polyuria. Libra is also the ruler of ovaries and the lower back, so he or she can have lower back pain or problems related to the reproductive system in women.

When it comes to their psychological health, their main problem is related to the fact that they don’t easily make decisions and don’t take advantage of good opportunities, which can lead them to depression and overthinking.

Friendship and Family

Libras are very sociable people who love being in the center of attention. Their expectations from those who happen to be in their life can be too high, not to mention they have the tendency to be friends with those who put them on a pedestal.

Being indecisive, they take a lot of time before starting to trust someone new. However, this doesn’t mean they’re never making new friends or avoiding people who are interested in them.

Calm and diplomatic, Libras usually talk about their problems and love giving a hand to those who happen to be involved in conflicts. They’re also very fair and want their family to have a balanced lifestyle.

As children, they get along very well with their brothers and sisters. If too busy to make friends because they’re working too hard, they need to change something to have more balance.

Since they don’t have a problem sacrificing themselves for others, it’s important they learn how to no longer neglect their own needs. The more their life is balanced and harmonious, and their relationships the same, the happier they are.