Libra Horoscope and Traits

Libra SymbolSuave, gentle and with exquisite tastes, whatever would you wish more from the harmonious Libra sign? Easily remembering about the happiness of those dear and constantly seeking outside perspectives, these people prefer to always be surrounded by others. As their symbol is the scales, their quest in life is one for balance and equilibrium.

Libra Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: September 23 – October 22
  • Element: Air
  • Governing Planet: Venus
  • Gemstone: Opal
  • Lucky Day: Wednesday
  • Symbol: The Scales
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruled by: 7th House
  • Metal: Bronze
  • Lucky numbers: 6, 8, 13

Libra Horoscope


June 20, 2021 – You might feel as a stranger in your own home this Sunday and for most natives this will be triggered by the rest going ahead with a particular plan, that they don’t really feel comfortable with.

And this doesn’t even have to concern anything major, it could just be about going out somewhere or a particular meal, but your feelings are enhanced.


January 1, 2021 – You have one last chance to deal with a work matter that you might have postponed the entire week. And you finally need to show just how responsible you can be.

On the other hand, there may also be a situation in which you are counting on someone else so in case you don’t manage to attain the goal, it is not necessarily your fault.

January 2, 2021 – The current disposition seems to have blocked the acceleration pedal in the maximum position for your personal life so do expect some fulminant changes.

Some of this might be triggered by your own decisions while the rest will probably happen independently of you. For some natives, this might be the realization of an old dream.

January 3, 2021 – It appears that although this is a Sunday, your mind is still at work and you are trying to establish good contacts even in informal settings.

And it seems that you will have plenty of options to do that as you will be quite sociable. And the more people you meet, the better you are going to feel in your own skin and the more charming.

January 4, 2021 – You are trying to investigate what is happening around, perhaps at home, but this attitude of yours won’t be welcomed by everyone.

So do expect to see more than a few raised eyebrows and at the same time, perhaps have to explain what it is that you are looking for. Something that neither yourself have elucidated completely.

January 5, 2021 – You will probably notice that this Tuesday is accelerating the rhythm at which certain things happen at home and not only you have to keep up but you are also expected to push things ahead.

Perhaps this is happening because you wanted change and triggered a whole process you, yourself, didn’t expect to be this complicated.

January 6, 2021 – Don’t matter how you put it, this is not going to be an easy working day because your tension is contagious and it returns to you, even if you don’t realize this is happening.

You might also not be aware of some things that are happening at home behind you back, but this might carry the meaning of something in the area of a surprise or such.

January 7, 2021 – Whatever it is that you are searching for this Thursday, will only let itself found after you invest a lot of effort and prove yourself worthy.

And before you bow with frustration at this news, let me tell you how this is actually a good thing. You have the force to overcome all the minor obstacles set for you today with a bit of strategy.

January 8, 2021 – The current disposition safeguards your plans and the obstacles that might come your way and seems to serve them with a teaspoon, every time you are open to such hints.

This is why you are advised to keep your eyes open and your ears even more this Friday. Some unlikely figure will carry very important information for you.

January 9, 2021 – You seem to be very comfortable in your skin this Saturday but a lot can hide under that appearance. Don’t get me wrong, this is, by all means, going to be a good day for most natives, especially if they embrace their need to be with their families.

It is just that underneath all the enthusiasm, you may have some things to sort out with yourself.

January 10, 2021 – If you want to make some changes around, especially at home, then don’t be phased by the fact that this is Sunday and try to see beyond.

I am referring to the amount of free time you have on your hands and which could be greatly dedicated to such endeavors. You are also quite convincing so could engage your partner in the hostilities as well.

January 11, 2021 – It may be a bit of an understatement but it seems that you are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your appetite for risk.

You are searching for fun and don’t mind whatever those around you are saying. Other than this, some discussions with your family, although not necessarily heated, will put you on the track for even more misbehaving.

January 12, 2021 – A Tuesday of the heart ahead of you as you are fighting emotional for certain values you cherish and perhaps against someone who is way too superficial and threatening them.

You have the chance to come in contact with a special person, most likely during the morning so try not to postpone any outing you have around that time.

January 13, 2021 – A day of small rewards for everything you are doing at work, either that we are referring to small gestures between colleagues or something bigger that has to do with your superiors.

And if this rush doesn’t motivate you, then I don’t know what can. And you can keep that smirk on our face because things are looking good at home too.

January 14, 2021 – This Thursday will benefit from a harmonious beginning but it depends on you how it will continue. The stars seem to move your focus towards your relationship and towards nice matters of the house but you are not very keen to play the good role.

You are instead interested in doing something fun and getting some excitement out of the day.

January 15, 2021 – Professionally speaking, you seem to have wasted some of the chances you had this week and might spend this Friday tending to other mundane activities.

But the fact that you don’t have anything exciting or with real stakes shouldn’t cloud your day. Instead, learn to enjoy the peace and calm of some routine activities.

January 16, 2021 – You are definitely not letting any occasion to show just how handy you are so you are probably going to be quite busy around the house this Saturday.

At the same time, you might have the opportunity to also escape that and have some sort of meeting, in a formal setting, perhaps something having to do with work and closing a deal.

January 17, 2021 – Quite a difficult Sunday for some natives, especially those who have family or friends away as the risk of feeling lonely is higher.

But maybe you can use this occasion to treat yourself from this perception of loneliness and become more comfortable with your own company. A good time to rekindle hobbies or to learn something.

January 18, 2021 – You are following some kind of path you followed before but this time, although you are expecting the same result, the consequences will differ.

This should function as a wakeup call, not necessarily a warning because there are no signals that we may be talking about something negative. Also, keep a smile on your face during the day.

January 19, 2021 – You are meddling in the problems of your partner but it seems that even your helping efforts are not to be excused today so you will have a bit of a hard time dealing with the consequences of your snooping.

Other than this, you seem to be very comfortable with your own plans and don’t let any work matters take you down easily.

January 20, 2021 – This Wednesday puts an imprint on your health, either because you trigger this or because some things are bound to erupt, given your lack of care.

You are still in quite good energy and mentally alert and this might also mean that you are still trying to do things last minute before September and put some order in whatever else you are doing.

January 21, 2021 – Don’t get on the wrong side, especially before you hear the whole story. This is the word of advice for you this Thursday.

You are in a rush to get things done and this is of course admirable but doesn’t excuse you from making any stupid mistakes. Take your time and make sure you ask for second opinions when the case.

January 22, 2021 – No one can close the mouth of the world and you shouldn’t waste precious time this Friday doing so, not to mention the emotional consumption this triggers.

Instead, there may be someone wiser than you in the family who can guide you to the harsh times you are experiencing. You are going to then evidence an interesting behavior.

January 23, 2021 – Your rich social life is going to intertwine with your love life and if you are not careful enough, this is set to provoke a bit of ruckus.

Perhaps you have a jealous partner or maybe you are giving them reason to behave like that. In any case, you will probably be put in quite a sensible situation and this might happen in front of your friends.

January 24, 2021 – A little change here and there and probably things are going to look a lot shinier than they are now. Perhaps this is happening because you are very attentive to every detail or because some kind of good karma from the past is coming back to you.

Also, a good day for creative attempts if you have anything of this kind in mind.

January 25, 2021 – A great day for enlightenment but this doesn’t necessarily mean that such occasions will be presented to you on a golden platter.

To be fair, it will be more of a chase and you will be the main character. You are in an amorous disposition and this might make it increasingly hard for you to concentrate and to find some peace with your own thoughts.

January 26, 2021 – Some things are going to come by default to you this Tuesday and this might leave you under the false impression that you can handle absolutely everything that comes your way.

And you know how it is, the more stubborn you are in these regard, the more fate will try to prove you wrong. So do expect some misunderstandings to ensure later on.

January 27, 2021 – The warning for you this Wednesday is not to be naive and imagine that everyone has good intention because you will be in for a rude awakening.

Perhaps you are depending on someone at work for a particular thing and they have promised they would help. The right thing to do is to try and do it yourself in case they let you down.

January 28, 2021 – Your partner is central to your attention, no matter how much time you have to spend at work but you also need to tell them this directly because they don’t necessarily read your mind.

You might also find yourself in the situation where you need to explain your train of thought in more detail because some things might not seem to add up.

January 29, 2021 – This end of working week you are craving for stability and would do whatever it takes to turn back the time.

Perhaps you are regretting some things you have postponed because you realized it wasn’t wise to do that or because a certain deadline is ringing in your ears. You will dwell a bit in uncertainty, some of which you provoked yourself.

January 30, 2021 – The less expectations you have for the day, the happier you will be. So lower your demands and just enjoy what you or those close have in plan for the day.

For some, it might be chores and house work while others might get more relaxation time. The key is to find something to be grateful for, even amidst all work.

January 31, 2021 – Vanity will be the main word of the day, either that is comes from you or from those you are interacting with or, who knows, there may be a mix of the two.

This is the main source of misunderstanding and trouble and what won’t let people simply relax and enjoy the weekend. Don’t let yourself fall in this frivolous trap.

February 1, 2021 – You are quite keen to put some kind of grandiose plan into action but still require a few people or resources to join you.

The good news is that this Monday is willing to offer you what you have been missing but only after a thorough promise that you won’t abandon this endeavor early on and that you will do your best for it to succeed.

February 2, 2021 – Your efforts and demands are finally heard and somewhat granted and life at work might be a little bit easier starting this Tuesday.

And of course such a long awaited news grants a bit of a celebration, something you can probably do at home once office hours are over. This is a sensible way to advise you to be as serious as possible for the remaining day at work.

February 3, 2021 – Matters of money will come to your attention this Wednesday, not necessarily your money but surely you will be involved in their movement.

Other than this, you will have to prove your sense of responsibility by finally doing something you have promised you would do, even if it doesn’t come at the best of times.

February 4, 2021 – You have the support of your superiors in regard to a matter you might have started yourself and you seem to be quite content with that.

But have you wondered if you also have the support of your colleagues because things might be a bit more complicated in that regard. You need to be a lot friendlier to them now.

February 5, 2021 – You seem to be very communicative this Friday and it is either the effect of the proximity of the weekend or because you have so many things in common with your newly found connections.

What you need to keep in mind at all times is that not everyone is as honest as you can imagine and perhaps you should have a bit of censorship about you just to be safe.

February 6, 2021 – You seem to be very comfortable in your own skin so this Saturday is half won because of this. Everything else that happens will only seem as life situations and won’t make you question your capabilities in no way.

You are sufficiently creative, beautiful, have the perfect weight and whatever you care for, to please yourself and this matters most.

February 7, 2021 – This Sunday will come with some mixed signals for you and perhaps it will take you a while to decipher them. There is no shame in not getting things on the spot and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Also, you are in need of a bit of soul guidance, although you might not figure it just yet and someone older than you can help.

February 8, 2021 – This week announces itself from the beginning as dominated by social encounters and will force you to spend time with people you like but also with people you don’t like or you’ve just met.

This will mean a lot of new experiences to sink in. Some projects at work might move faster because you get this influx of people there as well.

February 9, 2021 – You might want to be careful with any temper fits this Tuesday because not everyone is patient with you as you’d like.

And the worst part is the fact that you can become a nuisance for people who generally like you, perhaps one of your closest friends. A good day for exercise and maybe this is the solution to get all the tension out.

February 10, 2021 – You are in search for some kind of official confirmation that you are doing the right thing in regard to something in your personal life.

But it seems that everything is way too flexible and you might not get the answer you are expecting. Perhaps you should focus less on validation and more on what matters most for you, regardless of the outcome.

February 11, 2021 – Some may be blessed with a sharp tongue while others have the courage to bare it all by themselves. You seem to be slightly in the middle this Thursday.

While this is actually a comfortable attitude, it will not bring the excitement you are after today and thus will make you feel increasingly frustrated. A good day for all sorts of shopping endeavors though.

February 12, 2021 – You are paying too much attention at what others are doing and completely switch the focus from your own life. This also means that you are a lot more critical with yourself than usual and the only thing this does is to block you further.

Perhaps you need to allow yourself a bit more time in certain regards and not compare what you do with what others are doing.

February 13, 2021 – It appears that you are easily enticed by any plans today and those in your family should take advantage of this, especially if they want you involved in any home matters.

You are easily pleased by anything and don’t demand much. The key is simplicity and enjoying what you get. Apparently, a lot of calm will come out of this as well.

February 14, 2021 – You are consuming your mind too much on a particular matter that doesn’t even pertain to your life. Maybe you should stick to your own worries and in case there are none at the moment, enjoy the easy day ahead.

You feel the need to get involved but maybe this is not the right time or the right situation to do so, without any offence.

February 15, 2021 – A bit of restriction won’t do you harm this Monday as it seems that the more limitations you put to yourself, the more creative you are and the more your mind will reevaluate choices.

Boundaries will keep your focused and with your feet on the ground. Other than this, chances are you will be remarked by a person of interest.

February 16, 2021 – You have been paying a lot of attention to the way someone you admire is behaving and now you seem to invest a lot of your time in bettering yourself.

There is no need to be a copy but at the same time it is right that you are trying to get good role models for yourself. These work as an ambition trigger, no matter at what age you are now.

February 17, 2021 – You have the chance to put yourself out there, professionally, but this occasion also comes with a personal challenge.

Perhaps you need to beat some kind of behavioral limitation, such as speaking in public. The word of advice for you is to not be scared to talk about this and perhaps you will find someone to offer you the support you need.

February 18, 2021 – You ought to be very attentive at work today, especially if you are taking any decisions that will impact others in a significant manner.

The whole key of today is in the detail so this is where you need to be most careful. On the other hand, this is not such a big challenge as you are committed to putting your best forward.

February 19, 2021 – A good day for plans even though it is the end of the working week. Of course that you are only allowed to look for next week when you got all things sorted but you should understand this implicitly.

Also, you might have to run some errands for colleagues or a superior and this won’t feel as the most dignified thing in the world, but you need to do it.

February 20, 2021 – We are talking about a lot of practicalities this Saturday, especially things you can do around the house. And you will be surprised by what you can accomplish in so little of time.

And I say little time because you will also exhibit quite some selfishness and you will tend to personal matters as well, perhaps indulge a bit with shopping or similar.

February 21, 2021 – A lot to accomplish this Sunday but you also need to be prepared, especially mentally, for what is about to happen. Although it might sound complicated, it sure isn’t.

All you discover today can be put to great use in the following days and your relationship with your family is also set to benefit from all this in more ways than you can imagine.

February 22, 2021 – A professional day for most natives out there, especially those who have not been working for long in the place they are now.

It is a great moment to make yourself remarked and also a great moment for new beginnings. On the other hand, home might not be that easy, especially if you decide to put in the extra hours at work.

February 23, 2021 – You need to keep the morale up or else things will seem worse than they actually are. You do need some support doing simple tasks but this is also happening because these are things you are trying the first time.

Other than this, some tasks from work might require you to get someone else’s assistance as well so you’ll have to search for the right person.

February 24, 2021 – You are magnetic and creative this Wednesday and it won’t take everyone else long to notice that. You might get involved with something you were afraid to, so far.

There are chances for activities that have to do with purchasing or planning and some natives might even get involved in the decisions of others or of a bigger company.

February 25, 2021 – You seem to be putting a little bit too much pressure on yourself and although you don’t think anyone else is able to see it, they actually are.

You need to bring the experiences of other people into your life and maybe then you will be able to see if you are on the right path. Perhaps you are a little bit too stubborn when it comes to setting goals.

February 26, 2021 – You might want to be careful to what you are spending your money today because it seems that you are quick to make all kinds of purchases on an impulse.

Hopefully, since it is a Friday, you won’t have too much time for shopping. Also, someone in the family might panic you about a situation that is not even a problem just yet.

February 27, 2021 – Communication is going to be the highlight of the day for you and it seems that you are using words to transmit what you want, organize some things but also show your feelings and hopes.

You are a bit dreamy but if not during the weekend, then when? Some natives might have to postpone some travel that they almost had planned.

February 28, 2021 – Some healthy life principles are going to be pointed to you this Sunday, either by someone or through an event you participate to.

This might become a turning point for some natives but don’t get your hopes too high because not everything will change. This might be a good day to get on board with something good for you but it will take time for it to be established.

March 1, 2021 – You may want to leave all hostility aside this beginning of week because things are not looking as bad as you imagine them.

On the contrary, you are more stressed than in actual difficulty and the sooner you notice that, the easier it is going to be. Some little indispositions might make life harder but you can cope with that.

March 2, 2021 – No matter how much you are trying to help this Tuesday it seems that you are simply not on the same wavelength with those you are trying to help.

It may be that you are too focused on theory and they are more focused on practice or the other way around. In any case, at least they know they have you for support any time.

March 3, 2021 – You seem to be very concerned with what your family has to say about your latest decisions and you are somewhat seeking their approval, no matter how much you are trying to hide this.

And perhaps this is not a weakness or something to blame, especially if the advising you are seeking has actually to do with your professional life.

March 4, 2021 – You are trying to build something at work, perhaps something extra, after all the other workload, and you will probably be a bit disappointed by the reaction of those around.

Not everyone is keen to invest their attention in something else and you don’t need to take this too personal. Perhaps something you want to do at home will help get your mind off this.

March 5, 2021 – You are very attractive to someone today and they won’t waste any time before telling things just as they are.

Surely this will block you a bit and you won’t know how to react. The good news is that this ambiguity can continue for a bit, at least until you put your thoughts in order.

March 6, 2021 – Although those around you might not understand what has gotten into you, the plans you have for the day and where you want to get, are very clear for you.

Either that you have been challenged in a particular direction and now you kind of want to take revenge or that you are doing things for your own development, this is going to be a great day for discovery.

March 7, 2021 – It seems that you will have to attend some kind of celebration today and although you will be quite happy to oblige, once you reach the location, you might have some regrets.

It is either the atmosphere or the people that are not necessarily your taste. But it is Sunday and you should let these details become real obstacles in the way of you relaxing.

March 8, 2021 – You might want to draw a line this Monday and check what you have learned from last week before you start whatever you have planned for the day.

It might seem like a waste of time but a little meditation time will help you get your thoughts in order. You might also remember about something you really wanted to put in practice.

March 9, 2021 – It seems that the stars are trying to spice things up a bit in your life but you remain quite un-phased by all this.

While you are keeping your focus on work, your partner might actually be offended by this attitude of yours. So try to keep an eye on everything that is going on and observe what kind of reaction is expected from you.

March 10, 2021 – No one will be able to resist a well-placed smile from your side this Wednesday and you might be surprised of what you can achieve, even in situations you are not very confident about.

On the other hand, there may be someone else competing for the same level of attention so you will quite feel the threat around you.

March 11, 2021 – Quite an argumentative day ahead and it is not like you have woken up like this. Most likely, you will interact with some people who have a thing or two to be angry or upset about and you will kind of borrow their mood.

If you take time to pause for a bit and think of the direction you are heading in, you might get the chance to regroup.

March 12, 2021 – All’s fun and easy as Friday arrives but you will still have a thing or two to put in order before you can really enjoy your time.

Perhaps you will also be given the chance to go out after work or at least do something different at home. The busier the day has been, the more accomplished you will probably feel at the end of it.

March 13, 2021 – Your aspirations are quite high this Saturday and the stars seem to shine on you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you get to accomplish any crazy idea you have but it surely gives you some kind of leverage to what you want to do.

Some natives might find themselves worrying about money, especially if they have some big purchase planned.

March 14, 2021 – You are taking some of what is being told to you too easily and this is why you are kind of wasting time. This is a Sunday indeed but this doesn’t mean that all about this day is fun and superficial.

You might get the chance to be in the company of an important person, someone you got things to learn from and you shouldn’t waste that.

March 15, 2021 – What you are up to this beginning of the week mostly depends on those around you and this is because you are paying increasing attention to them.

While it may be all right to compare at times, perhaps this is not the best strategy when it comes to aspects of your personal life that are sure to differ from those of others.

March 16, 2021 – You might want to avoid gossip and any attempts at discrediting others or their work, no matter how inoffensive this may seem to you.

The rule to follow is actually that if there is something you don’t like being done to you, then don’t do it to someone else. By listening to this, you will ensure a harmonious and uneventful Tuesday.

March 17, 2021 – This Wednesday will come with the opportunity to begin something new and of course this will probably be a change of scenery that you welcome.

But the different news comes in stage now as it seems that the best recommendation for you is to deal with whatever you already have going on and to try and avoid starting something else.

March 18, 2021 – You are not very keen on work today but it seems that your mood is ought to change once you realize the challenges the day has to offer you.

It seems that this Thursday has a lot of potential in teaching you new things and experimentation will not be over as the day comes to an end. There will be results in the next days as well.

March 19, 2021 – You don’t seem to be very kind with anyone who comes in with advice or opinions on how you conduct your life and some bitter words are sure to be heard.

And this is happening not only with people in your family but also with those you don’t know very well. You might be labeled as rude or worse but you are right to keep all this at a bay.

March 20, 2021 – You have some big expectations for this Saturday, especially if you have something planned with your family.

But if you really want to have a good time then you should line these expectations with whatever the others want for the day. Try to relax a bit and take things easier. On the other hand, you are struggling to cope with your own worries.

March 21, 2021 – A great day for physical activities, whether we are talking about a sort of sport that you like practicing, even as a hobby, or about something more serious.

You might start the day in a lazier mood but the sooner you pick it up, the better for everyone. You are also a lot more permissive with those in your life and will surely be labeled as the most fun.

March 22, 2021 – You are encouraged to communicate with everyone this Monday and to not be afraid to express even your feelings.

At first you might be the only one with this strategy in your group but don’t feel discouraged. It is important to set a first example and those with some wisdom will follow. On the other hand, you have also invested a lot in some relationships and should keep them updated.

March 23, 2021 – You are advised to be very careful with what you are trying to build because not so pleasant times are coming in this regard.

You might feel as if you are working in vain or perhaps there is someone who is particularly trying to undermine your work. At home on the other hand, you are welcomed with open arms and should feel most comfortable.

March 24, 2021 – If you are not careful enough, this day is going to prove quite complicated. But with a little patience and all the intuition you have put to good use, you will be able to change the way things look.

Some support might come from your partner but don’t expect them to do the whole work because this is not the case. Fight if you think something is worth it.

March 25, 2021 – Some of the actions you have in plan this Thursday are going to complicate things unnecessary and you need to be warned about this.

At the same time, you are also very busy and perhaps it is not that easy to control most of these aspects. This day is going to be quite creative as well and you might come up with some new ideas.

March 26, 2021 – You are quite keen to see some things moving at home but you don’t seem to be aware that it is not all about you and that you might have to make some compromises.

A little stubbornness here and there will probably help you advance but not as much as you imagine. Someone younger than you might be in a better position than you.

March 27, 2021 – You are focusing too much on making things work for yourself and you kind of miss out on the whole point of what you are doing.

And although this might not seem that bad for you, it actually is because you risk angering or offending people you care about. And remember it is just Saturday and you need to take it easier.

March 28, 2021 – You don’t seem to be paying a lot of attention to the abilities you have and this is why you might not feel like you find your place between your colleagues.

This is also happening during the weekends because this is when you seem to have more time to think about this. However, some chances you will win some confidence are for later on.

March 29, 2021 – The current disposition seems to turn a favor you did to someone in the past and they are now all over you trying to make a positive change of some sorts in your life.

But you are quite critical about this and don’t let yourself influenced that easily. This might be a great day for physical activities if you get to squeeze this in your timetable.

March 30, 2021 – You might not know exactly where to start this Tuesday but again, perhaps you are paying too much attention to all sorts of details and don’t really know where you want to go.

Someone might ask you for help in a regard that is similar and you will have to find a way to combine the information you want to keep for yourself with helping them.

March 31, 2021 – A both challenging and tempting day ahead in which you will be faced, not only with something new that you have not tried before, perhaps with a stake as well, but also with something that will make you question your desires.

The best advice in your case is to be true to yourself and to not let yourself influenced by anything others may be doing or saying.

April 1, 2021 – Although you didn’t do anything to get involved in a particular situation, you might find that this Thursday you are main character in someone else’s drama.

Don’t take this too personal though because there may be some things you can do to come out of this intact. With a lot of diplomacy and clarity you can avoid being dragged into something even more complicated.

April 2, 2021 – You are trying to consolidate a relationship you have with someone you consider important and although they might not have the most time to dedicate to you, it is best to chase them.

You are sensing the right moves to make, customized by situation but at times you are too scared to try that or too conscious of what others are thinking.

April 3, 2021 – The past seems to be a no go area for you this Saturday, although you are not very sure what you are trying to hide either.

Perhaps some of these things are happening just because you are a little bit more sensitive this period or because you feel like this is a great time for a fresh start and you are trying to do your best in this direction.

April 4, 2021 – An easy Sunday ahead and it seems that for those who just want to lazy around, this is heaven. Others are able to challenge themselves with some activities around the house.

You can of course, plan something social but the word of advice is that you will probably feel best around the house. A good time for reflection though.

April 5, 2021 – If I were you I would be more careful to what I am spending my paycheck rather than on what others may be thinking about me.

You tend to be overly influenced by the opinions of those around you and this is definitely not a step ahead or a way to start the week. Be more relaxed in some regards and have more self-respect.

April 6, 2021 – Don’t put yourself in an unfavorable posture just to save someone else, especially if you are not sure they would do the same in your case.

You are too nice with a particular person and you are not gaining anything from that. With a little bit more fierceness and some boundaries, you can still have a good relationship with them.

April 7, 2021 – You have reached a moment in which you are counting a bit too much on the help of someone else, perhaps someone from the office and you need to ask them to intervene in a matter further.

You are not feeling very comfortable doing this but it seems that you need to own this as your actions have taken you in this place.

April 8, 2021 – A challenging day this Thursday because it seems there will be a key moment in which you need to be very attentive what you decide.

Most likely it will have to do with your interaction with someone of authority and the answer you give will have long term consequences. This is not meant to scare you but to make you more responsible.

April 9, 2021 – You need to come back with your feet on the ground this Friday if you really want to accomplish something because it seems that you have invested a lot in a particular direction, both time and money, and you are now kind of giving that up.

Some good aspects are going to maximize all the new work you are putting out there.

April 10, 2021 – Although at a first glance, this might seem like quite a challenging day, you can actually handle it just fine.

The morning will probably be quite busy and you might have to run some errands, other than this, things are looking bright for you and should feel proud of this. You will show a lot of resilience during this day as well.

April 11, 2021 – The current disposition seems to have awaken some kind of sensibility in you and it seems that a lot of things are going to bother you, starting from noise and culminating with the plans other might have.

You might turn against your family because of this so it is important to temper yourself and set some line you won’t let yourself cross.

April 12, 2021 – Some natives may have decided that this Monday it is finally the time for that step ahead while others are still lingering, making excuses.

Whether you are bold enough for what is about to happen or not, there is time for opportunities and chances you don’t really meet with that often. Some may require some physical effort.

April 13, 2021 – In some regards you may feel as if you are half way through what you wanted to accomplish today but in others, you feel there is a lot more to do and perhaps you don’t have the necessary time.

And this seems to keep you stuck in some sort of intermediary planning position. Don’t wait for anyone to rescue you from this because it may not be the case.

April 14, 2021 – The word of advice for you this Wednesday is to count more on your analytical abilities and on how you interpret things than on any information that is given to you.

It is not necessary that someone wants to deceive you on purpose but in some cases you just never know. A family decision might keep you busy in the afternoon.

April 15, 2021 – New help seems to be announced for some natives but this might also have to do with something you did in the past.

So perhaps a favor is now being returned. Other than this, you are quite agitated when it comes to what others are doing, especially people in the family so maybe you should relax a bit more about that.

April 16, 2021 – A treacherous day, especially for those who prefer to remain in their dreamy ways. There are some disputes you might get into and chances for you to make yourself remarked, but not for the best reasons.

You need to be very careful in regard to what attitudes of yours you are putting forward this end of the working week.

April 17, 2021 – You need to let go of some thoughts you’ve reveled in during the past months because chances are these don’t really apply anymore.

You are keen to try new things but you are still grounded to some past rules and don’t seem to understand why your efforts of expanding your horizon and getting out of your comfort zone don’t succeed.

April 18, 2021 – You must be very careful to the way you interpret anything that comes your way this Sunday because you ought to be too relaxed for what is about to or has the potential to happen.

It is exactly the situations in which you feel most comfortable that pose the highest risk and the people in the company of whom you are usually very relaxed in.

April 19, 2021 – If you’ve made some serious plans this Monday, then it is time to sit down and enjoy the show because this will turn quite difficult.

There may be some real roadblocks in your advancement, some that might impact heavily on what you are planning on doing the following days as well. Involve a friend who knows someone who could help.

April 20, 2021 – The planet of love seems to dispose you towards seeing everything under pink lenses, even where things are quite gray and this risks getting you on the nerves of your partner.

You need to follow your instinct but also to search for what is best for you. In some cases, there may be need for some kind of compromise you haven’t yet thought of.

April 21, 2021 – Some may advise you that is time for some future plans while others will ask you to focus on the present.

And to add to this, when life gives you lemons, be careful what you do with them. At work you will have to work under the supervision of someone very strict of very unfair and this will prove quite difficult.

April 22, 2021 – You are keeping an eye on someone in the family and perhaps they are starting to be mindful of you as well.

Whether you are checking up on them or your intention are nicer, you won’t really come across as clean. You are analyzing a bit too much and perhaps there is no need for such profoundness, not from this early stage anyways.

April 23, 2021 – Towards the end of the day things are getting more energetic and it seems that you will work more focused.

Too bad that this comes quite late and after a day in which you prefer to dream with your eyes open. Some tasks may actually be overwhelming but others are just like this because of your imagination, not everything is as dark as it seems.

April 24, 2021 – Keen or not to show what you are capable of this Saturday is going to have you do that from the very first moment you wake up.

Most challenges are going to come from domestic situations so you should handle that. Be careful though about misplaced or lost objects, especially that you might need in your work, because this will tend to happen.

April 25, 2021 – Be careful with technical stuff around the house this Sunday because it seems there’s a large tendency towards domestic incidents, whether things have been faulty or now they decide to break.

It is Sunday after all so maybe it is best to move your attention to something that can relax you and not to activities that can get you hurt.

April 26, 2021 – There may be some strategies you can apply to calm your nerves this Monday, especially if there are some important things you need to do.

On the other hand, perhaps emotions are good for you and they show you some boundaries. After all, you don’t really want to risk too much. It’s great to play the game but you also need to know when to stop.

April 27, 2021 – The support of only one person can value more for you than an entire team of specialists and this is most likely happening because you are waiting for someone in particular.

If this happens at work, perhaps you could be a little bit more flexible. You never know what great surprise someone you wouldn’t really expect could offer you.

April 28, 2021 – There may be a turn of the medal this Wednesday and you might have something to win out of a situation that has been continuously on loss for you.

It may be that this is happening out of luck or that it is all consequences of a very calculated and motivated act from your side. Whatever the route, there is something you need to learn from it

April 29, 2021 – You are quite distracted by something that is happening at home and don’t pay enough attention at work.

Let this function as a warning for you so you don’t get into any trouble. Some natives may fail to achieve a particular intermediary goal because of this and they will be quite upset, without actually seeing that they have enough time for the final.

April 30, 2021 – Venus changes your perspective on your love life so don’t be surprised if a lot of the natives are behaving in a hectic manner.

A previously happy person in a relationship may all of a sudden go through some kind of crisis and would want to find themselves. The opposite can also happen to some players who all of a sudden want to be monogamists.

May 1, 2021 – This is going to be quite a sensible day because on one hand you don’t want to interfere with someone’s activities while on the other, you feel that there may be consequences for someone you love, if you don’t get involved.

There may be some moments in which you will get the chance to put your thoughts in order and some results will arise.

May 2, 2021 – An easy Sunday for most natives, especially those who don’t really have any plans for the day, as they will have the most flexibility.

On the other hand, this open schedule can bring questions and doubts and the usual fear of missing out. Some may prefer to invest their free time into planning the busy week and perhaps start with work from now.

May 3, 2021 – A simple Monday for most natives, a day that will put you in all sorts of positions and in which you will need to interact with a lot more people than usual.

But you seem to be in a great place, mentally speaking, and this makes you approach everything with a lot more confidence than usual. Hopefully you will keep the good mood for longer.

May 4, 2021 – The stars prompt you to face your fears this Tuesday and although nothing in particular will happen, you get the chance to make some things happen.

It will all be in your decisions and the paths you are taking. You can involve your partner if you feel like it but don’t expect for them to do the work for you because this is not the case.

May 5, 2021 – Financially speaking you are in a good position and you might receive a lot more money for your hard work than you actually expected.

But you don’t seem satisfied with this either. Perhaps you are being just too picky and ungrateful and you need to think of this attitude of yours. Some will deal with long term plans.

May 6, 2021 – You really want some things to go according to plan for you this Thursday but you also don’t want to work the amount of work that is needed for that.

Therefore, you will try to come up with some kind of a plan to get others to help you. Honesty won’t really help you so you might intuitively go towards victimizing yourself.

May 7, 2021 – Some matters of reputation are going to come in discussion this Friday, whether it is something that you did or someone else.

You will still have a principal role in the proceedings. This might bring some interesting principles from deep into your head, some that might end up surprising yourself. Good time to learn something about one self.

May 8, 2021 – It seems that this Saturday is set to offer you the opportunity to move away from a bad habit you have developed in the past few months.

It may be something you have acknowledged yourself or it will actually be something new. The good news is that your partner or one of the elderly in your family are going to come up with useful advice.

May 9, 2021 – This is going to be quite a difficult Sunday because of some decisions you will have to make. It may be something that involves your family and for which you need to ask others too or it may be something that although, very personal, still affects others.

You will not only be torn because of the personal decision but also because of how to make others understand you.

May 10, 2021 – A great day for all sort of activities, especially for those natives who are in favor of all kinds of improvements around the house.

You could even end up finding an extra motivator in the attitude of your partner. You should start the week by making arrangements in regards to anything you have planned and make sure you can attend everything you say you can.

May 11, 2021 – Matters of loyalty are going to surface this Tuesday and it seems that your mind harbors a lot more thoughts on this than you can imagine.

It may be that your partner does something you find out of the ordinary and this somewhat wakes up all those instincts in you. If in some cases, in the past perhaps, you have been the one to be wrong, refrain from being judgmental now.

May 12, 2021 – You will have to act rapidly and with confidence this Wednesday if you want to obtain that advantage you are after.

If this is happening at work, you need to be a lot more focused than you already are. Keeping an eye on the prize is not enough these days so you will need to be a lot more creative in getting a step ahead.

May 13, 2021 – Playful and imaginative, this Thursday will surely go by in a breeze for you. Admiration is something you are seeking but perhaps you have nothing to be admired for at the moment.

You also tend to exaggerate in some regards and people are quick to seize this about you. Some may get the chance to work with their friends.

May 14, 2021 – It seems that some of your ideas might appear quite direct and radical and you should tone them down a little beat this season.

This unless you want to be answered in the same manner. There may be some tense moments at home as well, some discussions that don’t necessarily have you at the middle but in which you are involved, nonetheless.

May 15, 2021 – It seems that the current disposition looks more at financial matters than at anything family or emotion related.

So it seems that you are keeping an eye on spending these days and don’t really buy into all the emotional stuff. Some may criticize you but in the end, you are quite comfortable with your decisions so you move past that criticism very fast.

May 16, 2021 – This is one of those moments when you are relaxed enough and feeling very comfortable in your skin that you start imparting advice everywhere.

And while at first those in your family are going to be polite enough, as the day progresses and so does your enthusiasm, they will start being a lot more forward with yourself.

May 17, 2021 – If you don’t like or don’t feel comfortable with the implications of certain actions, then don’t go ahead with them.

It seems quite simple in theory but you will probably struggle with practice. This is a great moment to show everyone around, and especially to your partner, that you are taking some things with a lot more maturity than they think.

May 18, 2021 – You are more interested in your career than in anything else so you will probably only speak about this. Needless to say that those around will get over this pretty soon.

You would even fraternize with the enemy just to feel that anyone is interested in what you have to say. If you are longing for the central point, you need to listen to others too.

May 19, 2021 – You might be craving for changes or at least a different dynamic for this Wednesday but it seems that your wishes are not listened to.

And the more you focus on what you want to happen and not on what is given to you, the more frustrated you will become. What you need is to reconsider your plans for the day and not expect anything.

May 20, 2021 – The current disposition sends you some signals pointing out at some things you might have kept hidden for a while and perhaps it is time to be honest.

There are some things that cannot be postponed anymore and should resurface. Some natives will take the opportunity of some family visit for some kind of big reveal.

May 21, 2021 – You are turning every no or different opinion you hear this Friday into some sort of defeat but perhaps you are taking things way too personally.

You shouldn’t fall in the other extreme either and not care about what is going on. A good piece of advice will probably come from a close friend and might have to do with picking your battles wisely.

May 22, 2021 – You might want to tackle the last day of the year with a lot of objectivity because there will be a lot of things coming at you.

It seems that the risk of misinterpreting a few signals is quite big. And it can go the funny way or the bad way. Another signal may be that you need to distance yourself from someone who’s only been critical to you.

May 23, 2021 – This Sunday seems to debut with a period of concern in your love life, with a recently formed relationship being put under the magnifying glass.

You want more than ever to start with your right foot forward and seem to question everything you are not very comfortable with. Other than this, the enthusiasm of the past days seems to have worn off.

May 24, 2021 – New wishes and some very personal desires are going to surface this Monday as you seem to tackle everything very boldly and finally demand what you think it belongs to you.

This might also reveal some misunderstandings from the past and might make you understand why some things never happened. It may not have been your fault after all.

May 25, 2021 – We are talking about different tactics this Tuesday and it seems that you will have a differentiated behavior with those around you.

Perhaps you can sense who you can convince easily to be on your side and who needs to know less so they don’t interfere with your plans. You seem to be on top of everything going on today.

May 26, 2021 – The current disposition looks at what you can do to bring some smiles on the faces of those around and no matter how busy you are with work, there are things you can do in this regard.

It may be that you can keep a promise you’ve made a long time ago or come up with an inexpensive but full effect surprise no one is expecting.

May 27, 2021 – Intellectual endeavors are going to be highlighted this Thursday and it seems that you will be spending a lot of time around books or gathering information from all sorts of sources.

And in order to relax, you might think of small distance travel. Perhaps you can go visit friends or go on some kind of city break not far from home.

May 28, 2021 – You seem to have chosen to spend this Friday in quite a traditional way. Perhaps you have some guests or do something that has to do with your family inheritance.

In any case, you come closer to the roots and feel very comfortable by doing so. Avoid excesses however, especially drinks if you don’t want to be sick later.

May 29, 2021 – You don’t seem to be at your best physically but you don’t let this stay in the way of your plans for this Saturday.

But you might want to temper your enthusiasm, especially in regard to some activities that involve too much energy or strenuous exercise. Getting some rest might not be high priority on your list but should be.

May 30, 2021 – If there is something you should avoid this Sunday, then it is waiting too long to make a decision, especially when it comes to small day to day choices.

You ought to lose out on what this day has to offer if you hesitate too much. You are in the favor of the stars and shouldn’t be too worried to try new things this weekend.

May 31, 2021 – You are going to be quite moody this beginning of the week and the more impulses you receive from the stars to ask for your rights, the more hectic you become.

In theory this can be a great day for reclaiming some sort of boundary someone close to you has overstepped. But you need to judge your steps carefully and not be temperamental about the whole thing.

June 1, 2021 – The current disposition will offer collaboration occasions but you are too selfish to even consider that. And it is not like you wouldn’t enjoy the helping hand.

It’s just that you know that this comes with the pressure to acknowledge someone else and on this particular occasion you kind of want to take all the credit for what is done.

June 2, 2021 – This Wednesday, you seem to be very concerned with matters of the future, so concerned that you don’t really know where to start.

Perhaps it is exactly this type of thoughts that are preventing you from advancing. You are quite emotional and you need to learn to recognize these moments and take things more seriously.

June 3, 2021 – This Thursday announces a revitalization of your love life or at least some realization that things can go in a different direction.

It is important that you spend as much time as possible with your partner, today and in the following days. For those still in search for their better half, these days will seem just normal with nothing out of the ordinary happening.

June 4, 2021 – Things ought to get heated up this Friday in your relationship and it might be the influence of the day or the fact that there is a lot of desire in the air.

Some obstacles might leave you hanging in there and waiting for better moments. This will offer some occasion to dream though, something you have missed in a while.

June 5, 2021 – This day is going to be full of sentimentalisms, some cynics might say cheap actually. Perhaps you are paying too much attention to those around you and find excuses for everything they are doing wrong.

It might start with you accepting that someone can’t keep a promise or something similar. This behavior might be harshly taxed by your partner.

June 6, 2021 – This Sunday seems to begin with quite a surprise and you might get to see someone you haven’t seen in a while. Expect a day of memories and nostalgia.

If you are generally surrounded by love, this won’t seem like a big deal but otherwise it actually is. For most natives it will be something they won’t forget in a while.

June 7, 2021 – This day will try and bring some sort of modification to the way you see the relationship with those younger in your family.

It may be that you get to spend more time with them and manage to relax entirely or that you are making a conscious effort in this direction. You might have to come with some answers too.

June 8, 2021 – You are kind of sick and tired of everything being dynamic around and it seems that starting today you are chasing comfort.

And I say starting today because this will only be for a couple of days, especially when some surge of adrenaline will drop and you’ll be reminded back of what you really are looking for in life.

June 9, 2021 – You are not necessarily seeing everything through rose tinted glasses but you are close enough. And it is not enthusiasm or optimism that you have too much of but perhaps you are trusting some people too much and might end up being hurt because of this.

You might want to put yourself on the first place this Wednesday.

June 10, 2021 – You are genuinely feeling a lot of pressure because of something that someone in the family has done and don’t really know how to turn the tables in their favor.

But perhaps this is not something you should be doing anyway. Let them handle their stuff on their own and don’t allow them to guilt you into further help.

June 11, 2021 – You should have celebrated more one of your recent accomplishments and since the likelihood is that you haven’t, for various reasons, this Friday is here to redeem that.

It may be that your friends are organizing something for you or something like that. Don’t refuse them, especially if you don’t have anything better to do.

June 12, 2021 – Your partner might come and challenge you this Saturday with a decision that they have taken. It may be something that involves some parts of their personal life but it seems that in the end, it will have consequences on your life too.

There is need to find the right communication path to discuss this without leading to a difficult situation.

June 13, 2021 – A lot of frustration is going to ensue this Sunday morning if you don’t control your emotions and might ruin more than your mood.

The good news is that as the day progresses, you are becoming a lot more understanding with those around you and might even end up helping someone who has been in need for that specific help for a long time.

June 14, 2021 – You are in search for instant gratification this Monday but it seems that the more incentives you put along the way, although they might help in getting you to work, they are not letting you achieve a true focus.

If you are tired, you might want to take some time off and get the right level of sleep and relax time and then focus will come back.

June 15, 2021 – You have someone to thank for something, perhaps something that happened a long time ago but about which you haven’t come around talking.

It is a great proof of the fact that you are a great person to be around and shouldn’t cost you too much to get in contact with them. Do it even if it doesn’t feel like it is benefiting you in any way.

June 16, 2021 – It is not like you are afraid of risks this Wednesday but at the same time, you are not very keen on taking any.

You seem to have some free time that you could use in a particular direction but prefer to stay on the spot because you fear of what might happen. Something spectacular can happen if you move at least a finger and not wait.

June 17, 2021 – Some natives are going to travel today, not very far but in a place they will surely like. It may be that this is family related and you haven’t planned for it, in this case, even better, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Some may combine this with a personal plan, perhaps pertaining to their love life and will progress things.

June 18, 2021 – This is going to be quite an idealistic Friday for you and although you are attracted by this side, you are also quite practical and grounded.

It is a great time to help around the house, especially with things you know you are good at. There is a lot of confidence in your demeanor and this will be quite contagious, especially for the young around you.

June 19, 2021 – What I would suggest for this Saturday is to get rid of everything that weighs you down, deal with all chores in time and then reconnect with some kind of cultural endeavor.

It doesn’t even need to be anything fancy, you can just go to the movies. But what is important and will rest with you, is the accomplishment and relaxation you will feel afterwards.

June 20, 2021 – You might feel as a stranger in your own home this Sunday and for most natives this will be triggered by the rest going ahead with a particular plan, that they don’t really feel comfortable with.

And this doesn’t even have to concern anything major, it could just be about going out somewhere or a particular meal, but your feelings are enhanced.

June 21, 2021 – You will have to use most of your resources this Monday, especially the creative ones, so no wonder that as the day approaches to an end, you will probably feel more tired than ever.

On the other hand, your patience will be highly rewarded, especially in the workplace. So make the most of the day and take things with a lot of calm.

November 2020 Monthly Horoscope

For the month of November, you will inspire the people you’re closest to. During the last few months, you have gathered a lot of knowledge that you need to share.

However, Libras should also make sure they’re not boring people, as some may not be interested in what they have to say, also may find their way of thinking unrealistic.

Just be understanding. At the same time, don’t force your opinion on others because this may lead to losing some of your best friends.

November will also be a month in which you have to make decisions on how to interpret information. You will develop long-term relationships and the trust you have put in people until now is going to bring your rewards.

If you want to take relationships to the next level, just do it. The Horoscope advises you to not forget about any of your friends because they may take it personally and become mad at you.

November 2020 Highlights

November is a month in which you need to take care of your private life. If your time allows you to, spend as much of it as possible with the ones you love, as they play a very important role in your plans, not to mention they can help you express yourself without any fear.

Your dreams have a very good chance of coming true. You will be charismatic and surrounded by friends, Libra. Venus will be in your sign from the beginning of the month until the 21st, Mercury as well until the 10th, so you’ll have endless charm.

The presence of the Sun in the sign of Scorpio will influence your finances and make you eager to donate. Mars will enter Aries and put an emphasis of intimate or business relationships.

Spend time with your family at home during the last 2 decans of the month. When it comes to your professional life, Neptune will have you fantasizing and busy during the 2nd decan.

As far as health goes, for the 1st decan, Uranus will have you more materialistic and sensual, so make sure to not make excesses. Starting with the 22nd and until the 30th, your relationships are going to bring you only happiness.

Libra Love Horoscope for November

With Venus and Mars in Libra, you’ll be more active, sensual, connected to your inner feelings, also aware of others and their desires. However, you will only be the accomplice of those who are in tune with you from a sexual and intellectual point of view.

Venus will make you more emotional, also feeling like your partner is also your best friend. You will be very delicate and erotic in bed too. However, remember that Uranus is in Aries and can make some drastic changes when in its opposite sign.

November, overall, will be a month of love for Libras. They will be more seductive and come across many opportunities for passionate encounters. But for this to happen, they need to use their common sense and to not judge by appearances.

Many opportunities will come their way this month. If they decide to leave aside the economic problems they may be having, it’s very likely they’re going to travel with an Aries to forget all about their everyday life.

Such a trip will also strengthen their relationship with that Aries. Sagittariuses and Pisces will try their best to understand to make the relationship with them flourish.

Career and Finances Horoscope

You may be very stressed regarding some relationships you’re having with colleagues and superiors, relationships that will have you thinking if you’re really pursuing what you’re dreaming of at work. Venus and Mars in Libra will help you close agreements, but only if you put some effort into it and don’t have a radical way of thinking.

It’s important that you focus and similarities and not differences, also that you don’t see anyone as a rival. Contacts from the past can be activated because this is what the astral energies are sending your way.

Enthusiastic about the positive results they’re obtaining at work, Libras are going to hurry to accept any proposal without analyzing if it’s feasible or not. These Venus’ children need to examine any decision they’re about to make.

Completely dedicated to their career, Tauruses will simply infect them with their enthusiasm.

A collaboration between the two signs will lead to the goals of both being achieved. Cancerians will surprise Libras with their determination, also teach them how to act in their own interests.

This is offered to you in collaboration with

2021 Yearly Horoscope

2021 is a good year for Libras to exercise and become healthier. They should start being more physical in case they aren’t already, as well focus on the changes they could make every day, not on major commitments. Small steps will help them achieve what they want.

Their experiences in 2021 may be the start of a period of innovation and changes in creativity, both which will open new paths as far as self-expression goes. They will be able to escape situations in which they can’t reveal their individuality or are restricted by responsibilities.

Family and home will be very important to Libras throughout the entire year, not to mention they’ll have more authority in front of their loved ones.

From a personal point of view, they should use their efforts and be more focused on what they could do in order to fulfil their needs and become more whole persons. Jupiter will spend the entire 2021 in transit through Capricorn, emphasizing their solar 4th House, so they will feel the need to have more security.

They should use the cycle to achieve it. The more self-confident they are, the more they can overcome any problem that overwhelmed them in the past. It doesn’t matter if they were having issues coming from inside or outside, they’re sure to face all their fears and to move forward into a period of peace.

Their family will be more supportive, so if Libra natives have some problems with their parents, they should go ahead and fix them. They may be more interested than ever in making renovations at home.

They will value their surroundings more, not to mention the investments made in their house won’t be too expensive. It would be a good idea for them to make real estate investments.

When it comes to matters of the soul, they’ll be more self-accepting and generous. They should avoid overindulging in this time period. In case they happen to give themselves too much importance, the foundation on which they have built for years in the past will get completely destroyed.

The eclipses of 2021 will be very important for them because they will happen on the Aries/Libra axis. The North Node of the Moon will transit Libra, which will draw their attention more on their own experiences and feelings about their self.

They won’t be able to hide from what’s inside their heart, but at least they’ll be given the opportunity to deal with their unfinished emotional issues. They can’t hide from who they really are and their internal processes.

During the months of April and October, the crises in their life will reach their peaks because these months are the ones of solar eclipses. They should be ready to take action and to ask for help for these time periods.

Their intimate relationships will be more important than ever. Even if unhappy with their partner, they will try to determine why by analyzing themselves at the deepest level.

They should acknowledge why they’re in a relationship and what they have to gain from it. As soon as their personal needs will become clear, they’ll feel more at peace next to their other half.

At the same time, they should be ready to accept themselves for who they really are because there’s not thing as perfection. They should also understand change is meant to satisfy their deepest needs.

What to keep in mind

Because Jupiter will be in Pisces, the governor of their solar 6th House, they should expect things to happen faster for them at work, also their talents to be more in demand and appreciated.

However, they shouldn’t take on too many projects at once, as Jupiter may influence them to do so. Keeping promises and delivering on time should be more important.

Since the 6th House is also their wellness sector, they should use Jupiter’s optimism and stay fit, eat healthy and relax after work. 2021 can also be a year when they’re giving more importance to pets.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, is in Aries, their 7th House of relationships, so they should expect their romances to go very well, especially from June 5th until September 7th. When Jupiter will be back in Aries, they will get a preview of their 2021.

For as long as Jupiter will be here, their popularity will increase, and they’ll have many people in their surroundings. Saturn will be in Libra almost the entire year, with the retreat in Virgo, their solar 12th House, exception from the April 7th – July 20th time period.

Libras should allow themselves to breathe for as long as this is happening, to just relax and remain quiet. They could reflect on what happened last year and when Saturn was in their sign.

Answers to many of their questions will get to be revealed if they ask themselves what’s important about what they have learned and where they’re headed in life.

When Saturn will return to Libra at the end of July, they will be able to choose the path just right for them. They should go to the doctor for a routine consultation but be open about what they are experiencing.

Their usual health provider should do the trick, yet they may also need to go to someone who practise alternative medicine because they may find answers to the problems that have always been bothering them and no one knew how to treat their symptoms.

What’s important to remember about the Saturn’s progress through their sign is that is bringing them exactly what they deserve. Their life could be influenced both positively and negatively, depending on what they have done in the past and their previous decisions.

They should remember that the transit of Saturn through their sign will get to reveal its benefits in 14 years, when this planet will enter Aries and their solar 7th House. The alliances formed during Saturn’s transits won’t bring them anything valuable for their future endeavours.

Libra love horoscope 2021

While the Libra’s 7th House of marriage doesn’t hold any important long-term planets in 2021, Venus, which is also Libra natives’ ruling planer, will be for 4 months in Aries, their solar 7th House, from February 2nd until June 6th. The Sun will also pass through here, activating the House more.

As a result of all this, Libras who are single can expect to start something serious and very pleasant with someone. However, they shouldn’t dream too much about security and perfection because Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Neptune will also be involved.

They may be involved in one or more serious commitments and even get married, yet not very fast. Jupiter and Venus being present in the picture, they will enjoy true love and receive all the affection they want.

Mars will bring its fire and male things more passionate, whereas Neptune will the idealist and the romantic. Uranus will bring about changes, so breakups and make ups.

Libras shouldn’t take their partner for granted, nor should they allow to be taken advantage of. Their feelings may be so complex and all over the place that they won’t understand them.

Until April 27th, they will feel unstable in their relationship and for good reasons. After things would become more secure between them and their partner, they will start feeling strange about the connection themselves.

By the middle of August, just when Mars meets Jupiter in their sign, they won’t know if they should commit for a lifetime to their partner or not. They shouldn’t make any hasty decision, whether it’s about getting married or eloping.

Their relationship should be given a chance to just happen. Those of them who are already married or involved in a serious relationship will be more stressed at home and experiencing changes in their career at the same time.

Some Libras will go through many difficulties through the first four months of 2021, but everything will turn out to be just fine for them in the end.

Libra career horoscope 2021

When it comes to career, Libras should feel hopeful about 2021 because Jupiter and Saturn will meet in their solar 10th House, which means they will be very efficient and able to find solutions to problems at work.

They may even get a promotion, especially between April 6th and September 14th. From a financial point of view, they will have a very lucky year in which they’ll accumulate more wealth, even if spending a lot too for their family to remain happy.

Their 4th House being transited by Saturn and Jupiter will have them investing in land and real estate, also in the comfort of their home and vehicles. Their business should bring them profits, especially after April 6th.

Libra health in 2021

In 2021, Libras are going to be moderately healthy. Any weather-related illness they may be suffering from will just go away at some point.

Following April’s start, Jupiter will increase their immune system and bring about better health because they will start to exercise more.

After September 14th, the astral context may mean that they will be more stressed, which can be detrimental to their health.

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Libra Personality Traits

It’s very easy to like a person born in Libra because natives of this sign are very charming. They can make anyone feel very important and intriguing, not to mention they know how to listen, even if they demand to be listened to as well.

Perceptive and possessing amazing observational skills, Libras are very good at having the strongest and closest personal connections.

Positives and Negatives

The sign of the Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This means people born in this sign have a very strong fashion sense and are artistic. More than this, they appreciate love and think everything has a beautiful side.

For this reason, their home is always nicely decorated with expensive furniture and items. Libras want to possess expensive and tasteful things. They have a special relationship with beauty, so they’re among the best artists and designers.

Charming and sensitive to other people’s needs, they make great friends. When someone needs something from them, they immediately deliver and turn out to be very supportive. What they hate the most is cruelty and vulgarity, as they’re gentle and kind people.

Besides, they seem to have special talents when it comes to diplomacy, so they’re usually the ones who are always solving conflicts and helping people get back together.

Libras will always give their best to cooperate with others, not to mention they’re most of the time ready to make compromises for the sake of peace. The fact that they’re sensitive helps them understand the positions others may be in.

Being good listeners and always ready to make compromises, their relationships are most of the time strong. Even when someone doesn’t like them, they manage to play their charisma and to make things smoother in no time.

As well highly empathetic, they can make their partner feel truly understood and appreciated. Because they’re loving and gentle, they usually never see the negative traits of a person. However, it’s best to never criticize them because they can become very insecure when this happens.

When it comes to their negative traits, one of them is that they want too much to be admired by others. More than this, they love being in the center of attention and can be self-centered.

Since they very much appreciate beauty, it’s very likely for them to end up giving too much importance to the way they and others look, forgetting all about personality and character.

Also, the fact that they can understand a lot makes them indecisive and unable to take a side. Their charming natures makes them more flirtatious than other signs in the zodiac.

Libra Love and Compatibility

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libras are witty, elegant and stylish, so many members of the opposite sex want them. Many of the people born in this sign have dimples and an athletic body. All of them give a lot of importance to looks.

When going out, they like to mingle, so it’s very likely for them to meet the love of their life at a party. Being represented by the Scales, Libras need balance in their life, so they need to choose their partner with care.

Because they’re very soft and sensitive, they should avoid domineering people who are trying to control them. Because Libras want justice and equality, they need a partner with an open mind who’s ready to fight for the same causes they believe in.

Having fun when debating lightly, Libras still don’t like it when someone is too imposing with his or her opinions. They’re too soft and gentle to accept a pushy person into their life.

When in love, they hate being rushed, not to mention it takes some of them years to be serious about a relationship. This is also because they’re always analyzing everything and weigh the pros and cons of a connection.

It’s ok to take thinks slowly, but at the same time, it’s very likely for them to miss on great opportunities of finding their soulmate. Some Libras need ultimatums in order to get married with their long-lasting partner.

It would be a good idea for them to think about the fact that it’s better to regret doing things than not doing them. Therefore, they should stop being terrified of making mistakes and start living their life more intensely.

What makes them tick is finding balance, as they want only harmony and to be with a person that completes them. Libras are the most compatible with Geminis, Leos, Sagittariuses and Aquariuses.

The relationship between a Libra and any of these signs will always be blissful and happy, interesting and fun. Libra’s ideal partner has a free spirit, high ideals and big dreams.

While people born in this sign want nothing else than to be loved and peace, they need to be with someone loyal and reliable. The perfect match for the Libra woman is the Leo and the Sagittarius.

Very romantic and charming, Libras have a very good sense of humor and are sweet. They want a balanced relationship and their loyalty is sometimes beyond what their partner has imagined. However, being indecisive, some Libras find themselves in love triangles.

Career and Money

As said before, Libras are always looking for balance. This means they would never work too much and ignore their personal life. They wouldn’t do things the other way around either.

When it comes to their career, they can be amazing leaders, but only if they decide to take initiative more and to organize others. Many Libras work as judges or lawyers, diplomats and musicians or artists. These last two mentioned careers suit them well because they really know how to appreciate beauty ever since children.

Libras are very efficient when working in teams because they know how to speak and usually can convince their colleagues their ideas are the best. When trying to build up their career, they need to make important decisions and to choose something that really suits them.

While this may sound difficult to do, they should take their time and analyze the options in front of them. It’s important for these natives to relax from time to time too, as working and not having fun can have them ending up depressed.

They usually don’t have problems with money, but only of they pay attention not to spend it all on luxury items. At least they most of the time don’t purchase too many things because it’s very difficult for them to make a decision on what to get.

They also know how much to spend and how much to put aside too, so it’s unlikely for them to ever end up completely broke.


Every sign in the zodiac rules the body internally, externally and structurally. When it comes to the internal rulership, the Libra is the governor of the excretory system and skin.

Externally, it governs the buttocks, the adrenal glands and lumbar region, also the vasomotor system. From a structural point of view, the Libra rules the lumbar vertebrae.

What people in this sign usually suffer from can be kidney diseases, oedema, uraemia, lumbago and polyuria. Libra is also the ruler of ovaries and the lower back, so he or she can have lower back pain or problems related to the reproductive system in women.

When it comes to their psychological health, their main problem is related to the fact that they don’t easily make decisions and don’t take advantage of good opportunities, which can lead them to depression and overthinking.

Friendship and Family

Libras are very sociable people who love being in the center of attention. Their expectations from those who happen to be in their life can be too high, not to mention they have the tendency to be friends with those who put them on a pedestal.

Being indecisive, they take a lot of time before starting to trust someone new. However, this doesn’t mean they’re never making new friends or avoiding people who are interested in them.

Calm and diplomatic, Libras usually talk about their problems and love giving a hand to those who happen to be involved in conflicts. They’re also very fair and want their family to have a balanced lifestyle.

As children, they get along very well with their brothers and sisters. If too busy to make friends because they’re working too hard, they need to change something to have more balance.

Since they don’t have a problem sacrificing themselves for others, it’s important they learn how to no longer neglect their own needs. The more their life is balanced and harmonious, and their relationships the same, the happier they are.