Sagittarius Horoscope and Traits

Sagittarius SymbolThe forever adaptable and easy-going Sagittarius sign is to be most often found pursuing some form of adventure or deep in laughter. It can no doubt be said that these people are born to explore and value their freedom more than anything else. You may have to wait a little for their loyalty but once you have it, consider yourself proud.

Sagittarius Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: November 22 – December 21
  • Element: Fire
  • Governing Planet: Jupiter
  • Gemstone: Turquoise
  • Lucky Day: Thursday
  • Symbol: The Archer
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Ruled by: 9th House
  • Metal: Tin
  • Lucky numbers: 4, 7, 9

Sagittarius Horoscope


April 2, 2020 – There might be some unpredicted obstacles showing up today but nothing that you should really be concerned of.

Other than that, quite a peaceful day and your main worry should be the way you control your impulses. These are the only ones to really pose a risk to what you have to do this Thursday and to the way you adapt.


April 3, 2020 – Starting with this Friday, you are increasingly more interested in the romantic aspects of your life rather than on what is going on at work or even with other members of your family.

And maybe some natives are chasing something, a dream, an image, a perspective and even them, they aren’t clear in their intentions or wishes.

April 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Entertainment and social activities will come your way this April but you must be careful to listen to the authorities’ advice to protect yourself and those close. There are so many ways of having a good time without risking anything and you should seek them, rather than spend all your time on your own.

An experience that will be brought to the forefront should be well learned and perhaps will give you a lot to think for a while.

Your work area brings you pleasant circumstances, and some of you may receive a financial reward, but remember that promises are only promises, so don’t make plans with the said money until it actually becomes a reality.

Many may contemplate a change of residence as you begin to feel restless in your surroundings. A good opportunity to do this might come your way.

This month, every Sagittarius can enjoy a new wave of positive energy. Due to Mercury’s influence, your ability to make decisions will be quick and imaginative.

The inherent problems in the relationship will be solved. Now is the right time to have deep discussions and to put your feelings on the table so don’t be afraid to take the first step in this direction.

April highlights

At the start of April, some misunderstandings may arise between you and some of your family members. Whilst battling these you get to know yourself better with your life partner and if you are single, the chances of meeting a special person increase. During or around the 7th, the likelihood of linking new partnerships or collaborations increases, but keep an eye on expenses.

During or around the 10th, the danger of challenges and obstacles in the professional plane increases. During or around the 15th, stay away from unnecessary expenses. Avoid them up until the 20th, but keep in mind that problems can also occur in the workplace.

From the 23rd onwards, you get to know yourself better with your co-workers and show a high efficiency. During or around the 27th, however, problems occur in the workplace, and some of them may involve workmates.

Sagittarius love horoscope for April

The love life of the Archer is unpredictable in April 2020. Events and situations can happen quickly, especially between the 11th and the 25th, when Mercury speeds through the house of love.

At the start of April, Venus also supports those Sagittarians who want to enter into new relationships or meet new and interesting people. There are no problems with personal charm, but if you are interested in a longer-term relationship, it is desirable to be more altruistic and attentive to the wishes of others.

Mercury governs the house of the relations and the marriage of the Sagittarius, and its repetition through the house of sentimental adventures and focused romance can prove especially beneficial to older relationships.

Some now have the opportunity to revive or even become hotter than ever, rediscovering the passion and drive to do something together in the long term.

For some Sagittarius, however, Mercury’s rapid transit through the house of love may inspire a dive into temporary flings, regardless of their marital status. If you are looking for fun, be warned that when pay time comes, you could very much regret all your actions.

It is quite possible that your life partner will hold you accountable for not taking things seriously, for not taking responsibility and for doing only what goes through your head.

In the short term, it does not hurt to live the moment, but you should do well to take into account the impact your actions have on others.

Career and finances

The natives of this sign have so much work at home that they could forget about an important meeting to attend or similar, during the first week of April.

It will also be very difficult to say no to new projects and engagements, especially if those come accompanied by a hefty financial reward, so many may find themselves having to work more hours than usual.

Around the 20th, good care should be taken with what is promised and very clear and concise expectations should be laid out from the start, in order to avoid confusion, misunderstandings and future disappointments.

Towards the end of this month Sagittarius may be a little too impulsive and do some things they would not normally do, just because they will become sick and tired from waiting around for others.

Health status

This month is less about thinking of health concerns and more about discoveries and fun so you will keep both your mind and soul in quite a good state and benefiting of good energy.

However, during the last two weeks of the month it would be good to slow down slightly, to allow yourself time for recovery and rest, and to even think about changing your diet, where necessarily to avoid some excesses.

Sagittarians with older health problems, may even have to think about paying for some specialized medical interventions and there isn’t much room to postpone them anymore. Monitor your health in as much detail as you can and be less afraid of the professionals because they are only there to help you.

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2020 Yearly Horoscope

For Sagittarius people, 2020 seems to be one of the best years in recent history. A select few of them might even marry their loved ones now. In fact, love affairs and romance will be quite successful this year.

It’s good that their friends and close ones are supportive. Sagittarians will reciprocate when they finally make some changes in their career.

This year, you will have many opportunities to change your perspective on the world, to change how the world sees you, and how you make your way amidst all the obstacles and challenges.

Financially, you’ll find many more opportunities to invest your money or time in lucrative prospects. More than this, you will also receive motivation to nurture your relationship and try harder.

This year, there will be many rewards for those who want to stabilize their image in society. The outer perception that people take for granted. Sagittarius natives are adamant about being likable and respected.

You will change your attitude when talking to people or expressing your thoughts to everyone around you. Some dramatic shifts might be required to get closer to someone.

2020 will present itself as a year filled with opportunities to get rich, the pathway to success coming ever closer to you. Productivity and resourcefulness will become easy to achieve but only if you challenge yourself to reach the peak of your field.

There’s nothing to worry about though. Your abilities, skills and potential are superior to most people out there. As such, you will get to see your dreams fulfilled, which will make you very happy. What matters is personal development, evolution, and learning from mistakes.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2020

Come 2020, you will see fresh opportunities to deepen some relationships and bring a few people closer to you. This is simply a natural course of action because you want to expand your horizons this year.

You will build your future according to your own schemes and plans. What was lost in the past will be regained, and you will eagerly share in your success with those close to you.

Single Sagittarians will have great luck this year – they will find their soulmate. Of that, there is no doubt. Especially the final few months of the year will bring about many conquests and romantic successes. Married people will have even more gains.

The planets warn of great shifts in the Sagittarius’ destiny. He or she will often attempt to aggressively impose his/her will in a relationship. This is, however, done in tandem with an attempt to empathize and understand the partner.

Married couples will find themselves making plans for the future, coming up with fresh ideas that pop seemingly out of nowhere. Partners of Sagittarians will be immersed in their creativity and innovativeness.

Single natives care about their freedom of thought and action. As such, it’s a big surprise that they will willingly engage in relationships that limit their independence. Their chances to meet someone will increase drastically.

Health & Wellbeing in 2020

You are very motivated and determined to succeed and achieve your goals. More than this, you are optimistic about your chances and potential to be professional and productive. However, you should keep your wits about you. Don’t waste energy or time on worthless things.

Only by being conservative and responsible will you have enough energy and resilience to last out until the very end. Balance out your efforts, take on some sports, and relax when you need to. The planets will deliver their promises to you eventually.

Your family life might be in peril one day or another during this year. And you need to take care of your own health, physical or otherwise, to resolve these issues. Be careful of your diet because that’s the main factor in people getting sick. Don’t be greedy or indulgent. Exercise and pay some sports from time to time.

Sagittarius Finances in 2020

There will be many gains for the Sagittarius natives from a financial point of view. These natives are hopeful and hard-working but they tend to indulge in materialistic possessions a little too much.

The planets might help you in terms of money but you also have to take care of your expenditures and spending habits. In the beginning, you should first pay off the old debts. After that, you can produce money all day long.

Sagittarius Career 2020

Not many things will happen to you from a professional level. As a matter of fact, you tend to focus more on yourself, not on work or on anything outside yourself. In any case, you are efficient and productive enough to receive benefits for all your life.

However, this doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible or accountable for your projects and tasks. You’ll start noticing that your ability to judge, analyze, and make decisions on the fly is even more evident. This means you have that much potential to grow.

Come what may, they’ll face it and win against all odds. They even trust themselves enough to do things that others won’t. Sagittarius natives will even make relationships and partnerships along the way. This time, everything will play out just as they want it to.

This year, you will have to prove yourself to the world, pass all the obstacles and win out against all challengers. Secure yourself a place at the table of the winners, go towards your goals, and do your best when it comes to your profession.

You should do everything legally, of course. It’s not worth it to create issues by doing fraudulent business or putting yourself into illegal situations. When the end of the year is near, all your efforts will start to bring you benefits. You might even start a new business association.

Must Remember

You shouldn’t revel in excesses. Too much of anything that is. You should exert modesty instead. Act in a rational and pragmatic way, think of how you can save money, and work with professional principled in mind.

Think reasonably so that you can get rewarded. The respect and admiration of people is also something you should desire in this life.

The beginning of 2020 will bring many opportunities and chances for you to evolve but you’ll still have issues with becoming responsible and disciplined. You will have to be innovative and renew your efforts rather than getting stuck in a routine.

The good thing is, you will be motivated and inspired to challenge your own limitations and get started on achieving your goals. By the time 2020 is over, you will become a much more responsible and mature person.

Your family will be there to support you, no matter what, whether you’re trying to make new plans for the future or if you’re changing workplaces. Happiness and satisfaction will come to you faster than you thought.

However, there will be changes in your family as well. Most likely, you will renew the relationships, spice things up and come up with new ideas. You will be loved and help in great esteem, so you should try to take advantage of this situation.

As for traveling, Sagittarius natives will go on lots of journeys halfway through the year. Most likely, they’ll be going with work interests, thus gaining new chances to be promoted.

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Sagittarius Personality Traits

People born in the sign of Sagittarius can consider themselves very lucky because they have an open mind and heart, not to mention they’re very good leaders and most of the time obtain what they want without giving importance to other people’s opinion on them.

What they love the most is traveling and taking part in new adventures. Optimistic, unable to stay still for a moment, bold and progressive thinkers, it’s difficult to have them settling down. Besides, they don’t like being told what to do and they give a lot of importance to their own freedom.

Positives and Negatives

When it comes to adventure and traveling, Sagittarians can’t be stopped. They’re very curious about the world and want to learn new things all the time. Similar to the Geminis, they need to feed their mind, but while Geminis are the type to learn a bit and then to drop a subject, Sagittarians stick to what they’re exploring and learning.

They’re restless and love being busy, so they may have a problem holding on to long-term relationships. Aside from being very curious, Sagittarians also like to discuss philosophical subjects. They have an open mind and are studious as far as religion and other similar matters go.

Their mind is always clear, not to mention they also have the ability to see things from a broader perspective. Very sociable and friendly too, they love making new friends. What’s also great about them is that they offer a lot of what they have without expecting anything back.

These natives can’t ever be possessive or jealous, and they think others shouldn’t be either. It’s very unlikely for them to tell people how to live their lives because they hate intruding and sticking their nose into businesses that aren’t theirs.

Being outgoing and having a creative mind, they’re among the best entertainers in the zodiac. More than this, they seem to have an equally sense of humor and talent for storytelling like Geminis.

While not at all stupid or gullible, they still believe people have only good intentions, which means they trust others without having serious reasons to. The person who’s always winning and doesn’t think positively won’t stay for too long in their surroundings because they don’t like dealing with people who have a pessimistic outlook on life.

The fact that they’re so positive makes them seem naïve, but in fact, they’re just extroverted and always up for a conversation. Famous for being direct and impatient, they usually speak out harsh truths and end up hurting feelings.

Since they want everything in their life to change all the time, it may difficult for them to be in a long-term relationship. Aside from all this, they don’t seem to care about anything and usually don’t have any worry, which can be bothersome for some of their friends and family members.

Sagittarians are not the type to slow down because they want to solve problems rapidly and to feel free again. If feeling like their life is going slowly, they become frustrated and nasty. What characterizes them the most is their optimism, self-confidence, desire to talk all the time and the tendency to exaggerate or to boast.

Many see them as irritating because they want to be at the center of attention. It’s not unusual for them to make threats that they’re going to hurt themselves when wanting attention. However, they’re most of the time nice and cerebral. The catch with them is to never attack their independence.

Sagittarius Love and Compatibility

When it comes to love, Sagittarians can be very contradicting. Having the centaur representing them, which is a half-human/half-horse mythical creature, they’re ruled by animal instincts and have an enlightening way of thinking.

As a matter of fact, their sign rules higher education and wisdom. This means they’re always looking to be divinely inspired and at the same time to indulge in life’s pleasures, which usually has them pulling in 2 opposite directions.

Having a free spirit, they’re the travellers of the zodiac, so they hate settling and knowing they have to spend a lifetime with the same person. It’s important their partner has the same desire to live life to the maximum as them. They need someone who’s equally adventurous and eager to expand.

Since such an individual is not easy to find, Sagittarians are most of the time single. More than this, if they happen to be in a relationship, they consume their partner’s energy without even realizing what they’re doing, at least in the beginning.

It’s important for those who are attracted to them to not overlook these things because they can end up feeling alone while in a relationship, not to mention drained of all their energy. Being ignored by someone in the present and hoping for things to get better in the future is not what love should be.

Sagittarians are avid readers and have the ability to focus on what they’re studying. They can fascinate anyone with the things they know, so it’s very easy to fall into their trap.

The most compatible signs with them are Aries, Leo and fellow Sagittarius. With the Aries, they can spend a lot of time outdoors and going on adventures. The Leo thinks the same way they do, so the level of understanding between these two signs runs deep.

Not at all compatible with Virgos and Pisces, Sagittarians can never get how the Virgo is functioning because they have nothing in common with natives of this sign. Even if Pisces are ruled by Jupiter just like them, they have different values and an opposite character.

Career and Money

As soon as Sagittarians have something in mind, they can make that thing happen in no time. They know how to react, so they’re very good with sales. It’s important for them to work in a dynamic atmosphere where they’re always being given new tasks.

This is why they’re very good travel agents, artists, photographers, importer or exporters, even researchers. What they need the most from their job is to have room for exploring and a flexible schedule. Sagittarians are the best freelancers.

When working for themselves, they get the chance to travel and to make new friends. Some of them are amazing leaders, especially if helped by an Earth sign to be more down-to-earth. Very efficient when working in teams, they know how to use their intelligence in order to solve other people’s problems.

More than this, they need to be motivated and encouraged to work harder because it’s not unusual for them to become lazy from time to time. Because they live for having fun, they’re the type to spend a lot of money.

At least they also know how to make it, not to mention their optimism usually saves them in risky situations. The Universe seems to always give them what they want just because they’re so positive.


As far as health goes, the sign of Sagittarius rules externally the glutes, the hips and the thighs, and the muscles. Internally, it’s the ruler of the sciatic nerve, the liver and the lungs, the motor nerves and iliac veins and arteries.

Structurally, the Sagittarius sign rules the sacral bones, the femur and the coccygeal vertebrae. When getting sick, they usually have problems with their thighs and their hips, meaning they can get injured in these areas. Many Sagittarians are also known to suffer from sciatica.

Friendship and Family

Fun-loving and always happy, Sagittarians have many friends. They enjoy making jokes and learning things about other cultures, so they’re always meeting new people in their journeys. Very generous and not at all the type to lecture others, they’re appreciated by all the member of their family, not to mention they usually do a lot for the people they love.

When it comes to conversations, they like to keep them meaningful and interesting. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians indulge in pleasure and are very expansive. This means they eat and drink a lot.

People who wait for them at home love to hear their stories and opinions but may end up feeling neglected because Sagittarians are always on the road and spending time with strangers rather than with them.

However, they should feel at peace because Archers are very attached to them and know their roots are important. It’s just that they love adventure and want to feel like they have a family anywhere in the world. Their friends are many and from many places.