Aries Horoscope and Traits

Aries SymbolA relentless and passionate leader at heart, no wonder Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. With a direct approach and a fiery temper, these are not the people you want to leave waiting. Throwing themselves head first like the ram is how these natives go through life, experiencing all it has to offer.

Aries in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: March 21 – April 19
  • Element: Fire
  • Governing Planet: Mars
  • Gemstone: Diamond
  • Lucky Day: Tuesday
  • Symbol: The Ram
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruled by: 1st House
  • Metal: Iron
  • Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 9

Aries Horoscope


December 2, 2020 – It appears that the middle of the working week is quite overwhelming for you and therefore you might require a break.

At the same time, there might be some occasion for you to attend some entertaining activities but you need to be careful to avoid any accidents. At the same time, there are some people you will be able to meet there.


December 3, 2020 – This Thursday seems to bring a liberating and confident attitude for you and this means that you might finally get the courage to come clean with some things that have been troubling you for a while.

You might be viewing what you are going through in a different light and therefore you feel more compelled to change them.

November 2020 Monthly Horoscope

During the month of November, Arieses will benefit from more intellectual energy and motivation than usual. You will also have many new ideas and want to do voluntary work.

Inspiration will overwhelm you, and your keens will notice it. November is an ideal month to start a business for these Fire signs. Arieses are ambitious, so fulfilling their goals will bring them a lot of satisfaction.

This month also promises busy days at work, not to mention you’ll be aware of the fact that you’re in control of your own time, so you will get through everything more easily.

Besides, being very dexterous, you’re going to immediately get your superiors’ attention. When it comes to love, you may have some disagreements with your partner, but nothing too serious.

November 2020 Highlights

You’re going to go through many changes at work, changes that will help you advance in your career. However, this won’t happen without the help of a mentor and even one or perhaps both your parents.

During the month of November, ambition is going to be the words for you. Make sure you focus on achieving your goals. Your partner will love you and your friendship energy is going to be fantastic.

Mercury is in Libra till the 10th, and Venus till the 21st, so take advantage of these aspects to unite with others. Mars, your ruler, is going to be in your sign the entire month, giving you a strong sense of community.

At the same time, the Sun being in Scorpio till the 21st, also Mercury here starting with the 10th and until the 30th, are going to have you very active and radiating joy. However, think twice before acting and don’t rush.

Starting with the 22nd and until the 30th, when the Sun will be in Sagittarius, just take action. During the first decan, Uranus will bring a financial reform. As for the last 2 decans of the month, there will be strong planetary energies that will help you make changes in your socio-professional life.

Aries Love Horoscope for November

Because Venus and Mars will be in Libra, you’re going to feel sentimentally awaken, more passionate and more tender than ever. You will find your mental and sexual accomplices more easily, yet Mars may generate some conflicts.

With Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius, difficulties will be easily overcome and finding a new tune will seem a piece of cake. Mars’ influence with confrontations will only ignite your passion.

You will be both sensitive and very erotic. The first week of the month may bring some passionate disputes dominated by eroticism. Romances will satisfactorily evolve, though.

Your Taurus partner will be possessive and threaten your independence., whereas Cancer will bring more sensuality to the table. With Scorpios, Arieses have to discuss settling in love more, to be patient and to wait a bit for what they want.

The lovers’ planet Venus will support Arieses during this month, making complications caused by aggressiveness easier to bear. Tolerance, tenderness and understanding will be possible.

Mercury will help Rams express themselves. You, the Aries, should avoid outbursts if you don’t want to regret your words later. Keep in mind that Mars is doing its thing and needs to be kept in control.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Jupiter in Virgo will bring good news at the beginning of the month, but only if you’re not impulsive or making a big deal out of things. At work, you’re going to communicate very well, also have the desire to be useful to everyone.

Jupiter makes promises of productivity, a nice environment and prudence. You will work hard and be committed to your projects, also more responsible and discreet, even if Mars in Libra may bring about some confrontations.

Aries will furthermore need to be patient during November’s first days, as they may have some disagreements with their associates.

Calm will come back, not to mention they will be tested by the stars when it comes to finding out how the balance of Justice plays in their favor. Some children of Mars are going to inherit fortunes or obtain financial benefits.

If working with Leos, they’ll have delays in accomplishing their projects, but no problems in the romance sector. Capricorns will want them dedicated and may be inflexible in their demands.

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2021 Yearly Horoscope

2021 is going to be big for Arieses as far as money goes, but not necessarily to the extent that they would be hoping because they will need to make budgets and stick to them.

Those who like networking may come across great career opportunities. 2021 will mark the beginning of a period in which they’re going to have a lot of energy to focus, period that’s going to last for two years.

They will be able to know more about themselves and their life will be stable. Professional opportunities, promotions and recognition for their efforts are going to come their way if they’re ready to work hard and to let go of matters of the past that keep holding them back.

The more they will complete the tasks assigned to them, they more they will become able to make their dreams come true. There are several important cycles that this year brings to the Aries.

Saturn will enter the sign in April and remain here for 3 years. Besides, the 2021 Sun and Moon eclipses will be in the axis Aries/Libra too. When combined, these two cycles indicate that natives should examine their life more, also that their year is going to be one of crisis situations and stress.

However, this doesn’t mean all the experiences will have to be negative because many problems will find their solutions. Those born in the sign of Aries will have more control over their life and come up with the most creative ideas on how to use their energy in a positive manner.

Jupiter will close its 1-year long influence over friendships and social life, in the moment in which it will exit Aquarius, the Sun’s 11th House, on January 17th.

While this planet’s tour of the Pisces sign won’t bring about the Aquarius’ dynamic energy, it will sure make the Aries native luckier while transiting through the solar 12th House.

When here, Jupiter works like a guardian angel, protecting and bringing about good luck. Problems will be solved in the last moment, but not quite all the time because Jupiter doesn’t always respect its promises.

It doesn’t matter what planet is in transit in the 12th House, it’s sure to indicate self-renewal and fresh starts. Therefore, this transit should be used for looking inwardly and making assessments about life.

Being more spiritual can make natives understand themselves better, especially if they’re trying to know what brings them their motivation and what keeps holding them back. 2021’s time should be used wisely. Jupiter visiting Aries from June 5th to September 7th will offer a preview of what’s coming next.

What to keep in mind

All throughout 2021, Jupiter is transiting Capricorn and highlights the solar 10th House. It has people analyzing their own ambitions and desire to achieve success, also the opportunities that may or may not bring this success.

During this cycle is important to open the horizons and to broaden one’s influence, especially when it comes to building a good reputation at work. Not only Arieses will have high expectations from themselves, but others will hope the best when it comes to their success too.

In case they don’t have what it takes to advance in their career, they need to develop their credentials more. As a matter of fact, there’s the chance that if they decide to go back to school, the company they’re working for is going to pay for tuition.

If they decide to be impertinent during this cycle, they will bring the worst upon themselves. This influence of Jupiter can also have them feeling like they need to over-obligate their time and energy, as they’re very likely to underestimate situations.

For this reason, they need to think carefully before jumping into any opportunity. Their relationships with authoritative figures in their life may improve, but only if they make an effort to show how grateful they are to their mentors and advisers.

It would be a good idea to not be self-centered during this time period. If they only think about themselves, they may experience problems just when thinking nothing in their life could go wrong anymore.

The more they keep their integrity and are aware of others, the more they may progress. The solar eclipses in April and October, 17th and respectively 12th, will mark some periods in the year in which their awareness will increase and in which they will need to carefully examine their relationships.

In case they’re married or involved in a serious commitment, they need to use 2021 in order to analyze their role in their romantic connection and to determine what makes them feel comfortable with their other half.

By being honest when expressing their feelings, they’re doing something helpful for their interaction with their partner. 2021 may be the year in which their love life is more balanced, and they know what they need from it.

They should focus on being whole in their relationship, also on balancing every aspect of their life, from the physical and emotional ones, to the spiritual and intellectual. In case they’re very preoccupied with physicality, their health concerns may increase during this time period, whereas the illnesses they didn’t give importance to may become real.

When it comes to solving problems, they will be able to do it by changing their habits and having different attitudes, even if their psyche may resist such changes because they think their freedom is being limited. It would be better for them to leave any self-destructing behavior behind.

Aries love horoscope 2021

2021 is a very good year for Aries in love because Jupiter the bringer of luck and expansion is in the Ram’s natives’ house of marriage most of the time, indicating they have a good connection with their other half.

Singles will come across a new love, a person with more money than them, also more fame. By being with this person, they will improve on many levels. However, the planets will test them to see if they’re worthy of such a romance.

While marriage or something serious will be in the cards for them, they will have to work hard for it. Their family may oppose to their relationship or they may have someone very jealous of their love life because they’re with someone very special.

It doesn’t matter what it is, they need to pay great attention to their relationship and not let anyone get involved in it. They will invest a lot of time and energy in the connection they have with their partner, which will interfere with their career and ambition.

It’s possible for them to even change jobs as a result of this. Either way, they may change their priorities and perhaps decide to pay more attention to love than to their professional life. In other words, romance will change things for them, but at least they’ll grow to be more self-aware as a result.

They will understand what truly matters for them and their heart, even if the situation will seem very complicated. They will need to pay either with love or career if they want to have more of one of the two.

It’s important they remain calm and don’t make a fuss about it because everyone has to do this at some point. If they feel like missing their partner too much when at work, then they should just invest less time in their job and be with the person who’s waiting for them at home.

And there’s more to say about the love life of Aries in the year 2021. This sign’s natives are going to be much loved, in a spiritual, intellectual, physical and passionate way. They will also be appreciated for looking good and their mind.

This will happen especially after February 2nd, when the planet Venus, which rules love and sociability will move across their Natal Sun, remining in that area for a period of four months. This will also increase their ability to give their love. For as long as this four-month transit is happening through their sign, they’ll be more glamorous and have a lot of sex appeal too.

Others will be very attracted to their special charm. When asserting themselves, they will do it elegantly and gracefully, so people will fall in love with them on the spot, which means they will have many romantic opportunities coming their way.

Jupiter transiting their house of love is also going to expand their circle of friends. This means they’re going to make new friends and go to many parties, some in their own home.

Aries career horoscope 2021

As far as career goes, 2021 is going to be an auspicious year for the Aries. Natives of this sign will have many financial ups and downs, but at least they will keep their job.

However, they will have to make many efforts at work, especially if they want to get promoted or to be more successful. Their money will come and go. Rahu being present in their 2nd house indicates their money will fluctuate.

This means they should pay attention to investments and not take too many risks. It’s likely they will end up owning land or a house, perhaps a new vehicle, as a result of Saturn and Jupiter residing together in their 4th house for a while.

Aries health in 2021

In 2021, Arieses will want to eat healthier, to exercise more and even to meditate or to practice yoga. They should be in good health and not suffer from anything serious, mostly because they will be happy and have peace of mind.

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Aries Personality Traits

People born under the Aries zodiac sign don’t only think they’re the best, they know it and others believe the same about them. This is because they have very original ideas and those who happen to be in their life want to copy them.

Besides, they’re always ready to fight for what they believe in, not to mention they’re never ready to give up on making their dreams come true. When competing, they’re fierce and all about winning. However, this also indicates they would do anything in order to succeed.

Being fighters is what they know best, which means they should pay attention to the means they’re using in order to obtain what they want, especially since they have the tendency to hurt others and to act out of impulse. It’s important for them to learn how to make a plan and to have a more balanced approach, just like Libras, their opposite sign in the zodiac.

Positives and Negatives

As the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries is a natural born leader. Those who are born under the Ram, love their freedom and want to explore new concepts.

Many people see them as very ambitious, interesting and full of energy because they love being in the middle of things and showing their most positive traits. They’re such good leaders for the reason that they really care about the people under their wing, not to mention they’re very honest and innocent, just what many look for in someone who’s leading.

Arieses are crazy about doing things differently all the time. This means they have a creative mind and couldn’t put up with a routine. They prefer to do something artistic rather than going to work every day.

These people are very positive and energetic, also because the planet Mars is ruling them. When in a difficult situation, they’re optimistic and can’t hide their enthusiasm that things are going to be just fine.

It’s unlikely for them to complain about anything or to leave things unsolved, as they always have a plan on how to fix any problem. Their time is precious, so they don’t waste it with the wrong choices. Aside from all this, they’re aware that bad things can happen, and some situations can’t be controlled.

This is why they don’t worry too much and focus only on what they have to do or their dreams. Since being in charge of everything comes with many challenges, they’re not the type to hold on for too long to something, as they prefer to move on quite fast.

For this reason, they’re the ones who abandon causes when everything starts to be more difficult. At least they’re very good at starting projects.

The fact that they’re very energetic and aggressive can also be to their disadvantage because they have the tendency to also be stubborn and always ready for a fight. More than this, they seem to have a quick temper and to hold grudges for too long.

As a matter of fact, they’re among the most short-tempered in the zodiac, so it’s easy to make them angry. When not knowing how to deal with all the anger they have, things can become really problematic. For example, they can’t stand being criticized for their work or told how to do their job.

Aries Love and Compatibility

When it comes to love, people born in the sign of Aries like to spend a lot of alone time with their partner because they want all his or her attention. In return, they put that special person in their life first.

However, if they’re not the most important for their other half, they may want to break up sooner than later. All this doesn’t mean they’re pushovers and needy because they’re among the most independent people.

Being controlled or suffocated with love makes them run away. All they want is to be in the center of attention and to share their most intimate thoughts with someone. Being the first and therefore, the youngest sign in the zodiac, they tend to be dependent on their partner.

For this reason, they need to focus on themselves when in a relationship, as this reminds them of how powerful they actually are. Their sign is all about the Self, so they need to be individualistic, especially if they want their relationship to be a success.

Sensual and having a great sexual appetite, they’re still looking for a partner who gets them rather than someone who’s a great performer in the bedroom. What’s very important to them is the respect they’re being shown by their other half. If not appreciated, Arieses can easily move on to another partner.

The most compatible with an Aries native are Leos, Libras and Sagittariuses, as they’re very similar with Leos, even if both are divas, can learn a lot from the Libra while also teaching themselves a thing or two, and have great potential with Archers.

Since they see Cancers as too reserved and sensitive, they don’t have a high level of compatibility with these natives. The problem is that they may be too pushy when trying to take Cancers out of their shell, not to mention they don’t have enough patience to see themselves happy with these people.

When two Aries natives are together, their lovemaking is all about passion and fireworks, whereas their fighting can bring them both to very intense anger. This is why two Arieses make for quite an explosive and not very compatible couple.

Career and Money

Aries zodiac sign people simply shine when it comes to their career and the way their making money as they’re very ambitious and creative, also competitive and strong.

As good leaders, they prefer to order people around rather than to follow others. It’s incredible how fast they can think and solve problems. However, if they want to succeed, they need to stick with what they’ve decided to do for a living and to keep their emotions in line.

If having to solve a problem, they know how to assess the situation and can find the best solution. Ram natives aren’t at all bothered by competition because it makes them better. This is why they’re great athletes, managers and even soldiers.

Besides, their competitivity can get them very far when it comes to career, so they’re the ones who usually advance at work faster than others, as they don’t mind proving themselves all the time. Being leaders is what suits them best.

If they don’t happen to be in a managing position, Aries people become those employees who contradict their bosses when feeling like things are unfair. Their high energy levels have them working overtime quite often. More than this, they seem to have an eye for details and are great at keeping records.


The Aries sign rules the head, the brain and the nerves, also the carotid arteries. Externally, this is the sign of the facial bones together with the jaw and the cranium. Arieses will often complain about suffering from tooth and headaches, about sinusitis or the fact that they went bald from an early age, not to mention they’re prone to injuries in the head area. What’s also common with many of them is some kind of birth mark on their face.

Friendship and Family

As far as their social life goes, Arieses are very warm and always on the move. They love making new friends and can tolerate many negative traits in those they love. More than this, they’re very open and respectful.

Most of the time, their closest people are strange and opinionated. Because Rams are very good at communicating and honest, their friends love and cherish them. It’s very likely for them to have many friends during their lifetime. However, they have the tendency to make friends only with those who are as energetic and open as they are.

Being ambitious and independent, Aries individuals usually know from a young age what they want and prefer to separate themselves from their family. When children, they’re difficult to control, not to mention they need to be loved by their parents more than other youngsters.

If not allowed to do what they want, they can become very angry. Therefore, their parents need to be very patient with them. At least when adults, they never hesitate to take good care of their family and any issue that may appear in the life of the people they love the most.