Scorpio Horoscope and Traits

Scorpio SymbolWith a mental strength that is not far from unusual and an enigmatic nature that will keep you wondering, the Scorpio sign is one of the most sensual and private of the zodiac. Ambitious and enticing, there is also a relentless desire for control lurking deep within these people.

Scorpio Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: October 23 – November 21
  • Element: Water
  • Governing Planet: Pluto
  • Gemstone: Topaz
  • Lucky Day: Tuesday
  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Ruled by: 8th House
  • Metal: Steel
  • Lucky numbers: 4, 9, 11

Scorpio Horoscope


September 24, 2020 – The biggest temptation you need to guard yourself of this Thursday is that of indulging into some expensive objects or experiences that you don’t really need at the moment and that are completely outside your budget.

You are essentially trying to buy yourself temporary gratification and peace of mind with future debt.


September 25, 2020 – The current disposition seems to be playing with your impulses, challenging you to feel and do things and you are quite weak and ready to comply.

Someone close might try to prevent you from certain actions but you will probably prefer to ignore them and pretend that they are just killjoys and trying to ruin your time.

September 2020 Monthly Horoscope

For those born in a Water sign, the month of September is going to be emotionally draining, meaning it will be difficult for them to find stability too. You, as a Scorpio, will be busy both personally and professionally, so try to remain calm as much as you can.

To achieve tranquillity, meditate, keep a journal, play sports, perform breathing exercises, eat healthy and educate yourself on matters of spirituality. Only after doing all this, can Scorpios gain courage and experience tranquillity in their life.

Adverse events are going to unfold in their personal lives too. These events will lead to discords between partners, which won’t be in any way pleasant. Discard your temperament and observe what of utmost importance to achieve peace.

As a Scorpio, you will feel great and energetic, and this will positively affect your lifestyle, also productivity at work.

Your energy level and temperament may be intrusive and threatening to your colleagues and loved ones, so calm down and be attentive towards the way others receive your messages when you’re trying to express your deepest feelings.  

September 2020 Highlights

The month appears to start with an advantageous period for profits and meetings. The first week of the month has your relationships improve, especially those relationships with the people you have many things in common.

But be careful because your health will be poor, and your work will be draining you of all your energy.

Around the 7th the past will plague you, and it will poison your thoughts. During the second week of September you are going to improve in your career and its relationships, so your bosses and co-workers will appreciate you more.

Around the middle of the month you will feel like you’re going through despondent nostalgic situations from the words and gestures of others. Around the 24th, strain at work will re-emerge, seeming like it never stops.

Following the 27th, the strain eases and things go back to normal so during the last week your productivity peaks.

Scorpio Love Horoscope for September

Be careful this month because your romantic relationship will turn sour. The lack of a preoccupation leads to you stressing too much about your future. You will be drawn into being unfaithful and unbothered with the problems that surround you.

September is going to be a terrible month for you some moments, and many things will go awry. Your vitality might decrease in the earlier parts of this month. You will be docile, which is uncharacteristic of you.

However, you’ll have a special charm that will attract you a suitable partner. As the month ends, things will begin to look up for you when it comes to romance.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Things will be difficult, both emotionally and career wise. There is going to be stress over Scorpios, and they may have no assistance from other people, not even from their closest ones.

Their marriage could end if they don’t ease up on the pressure they’re putting on their partner. In this time period, you as a Scorpio, will be tempted to find yourself again.

The Universe asks that you focus on your career either by putting in some extra effort or by getting a new job if your present one is unsatisfactory. You will also get the money you want eventually.

Scorpios are no strangers to money, not because of their prowess with saving up, but because they always find a way to monetize, to turn small businesses into large businesses, and for the long-term.

They know money and are able to balance relationships with their job, all while still never exhausting finances, not even when they’re with a high maintenance person.

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2020 Yearly Horoscope

For Scorpios, 2020 is a year of gains and rewards that come as a result of the efforts spent in the past. Previous work and investments will bloom this year, and the financial gains will be massive.

When it comes to professional relationships, Scorpios will have to get used to the overall environment and get over any obstacles. They have to look for a stable plan to put their ideas into practice and realize that they are completely able to achieve their goals.

Not many things will happen this year for Scorpios. They might be getting sick in the first few months but it’s nothing serious. Family issues will wreak havoc on their lifestyle but those can be solved simply by showing understanding and patience with the partner.

Saturn will transit Aquarius at the beginning of 2020 which brings Uranus along to make the Scorpios aggressive and dominative. They want to achieve independence, freedom of thought, and to become as individual as possible. For this reason, they won’t heed other people’s advice.

However, they’ll become more in-line with the rest of the world pretty soon, when they notice that things aren’t going exactly as they envisioned them.

They’ll act with determination, courage, and ambition, knowing fully well that they can achieve their purposes.

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2020

Relationships will stay pretty much the same for Scorpios. These natives prefer knowing exactly what types of relationships they have with people at any given time, and they won’t change a thing if possible.

Single Scorpios natives won’t have any luck this year, unfortunately. 2020 is a year of constancy and continuity for Scorpios. Meaning there won’t be any great changes for them this year.

The astrological readings say that you will go through some relationship issues instead. The planets might bring you luck and the desire to jump ahead into a new relationship but you’d do better to think things through before doing that.

If you are in a stable relationship, then this year might bring the opportunities to take it to the altar. You will have to think this through and though. Scorpios are known for rushing things but you should take better care of your partner, treat him or her with care, affection, and compassion.

Commitment comes this year, regardless of their plans. One more thing is that single Scorpios aren’t completely certain of engaging in a relationship, even if they want that a lot. Being single doesn’t feel too bad, as a matter of fact. Professional advancement becomes harder with a relationship to nurture.

Scorpio Finances in 2020

Many good things happen for the Scorpios from a financial point of view. Meaning that they will have many opportunities to increase their income and to learn from experience.

Knowing how much money they spend will become essential this year. They should know clearly how their finances work, the underlying aspects that no even ever bothers with.

2020 addresses one’s needs first and foremost. As for material desires and indulgence, Scorpios will have to postpone that for the next year. This is a good time to pay off some debts or collect owed money.

Scorpio Career 2020

Starting from the last year when you received a promotion, 2020 will present many opportunities to advance on the professional ladder. Halfway through the year, you will have the freedom you want. Work however you see fit and build your reputation in the company.

Putting in hard work, going forward with ambition and determination, taking on difficult projects will show your employers that you’re responsible and skilled. However, don’t go over the top with the aggressive approach.

Rushing things has never led to productive and stable results. Make plans, be careful and patient with your choices, and work together with others to make the most of your potential.

Preferably, they want to ascend on the professional ladder this year. Scorpios are more fired up than usual, fighting for any opportunity like it was their last one. The planets don’t disappoint them either because they’ll have the chance they wanted.

During the first part of the year, they will have to learn new skills or polish the old ones, while the last part of 2020 will let them advance one more step towards their desires. They might even change jobs.

Whatever they kept on the backburner will have to be addressed this year. Ideally, Scorpios should find something to specialize in because that would bring even more monetary opportunities.

Health & Wellbeing in 2020

These natives aren’t daring or courageous enough to put themselves out there. They can’t focus for too much on a single task, while their overall health declines with wasted efforts.

They should realize that they’re slowly falling into an abyss of their own making. Overexertion and intellectual exhaustion take them by surprise when they start falling apart.

They should take some free time to take care of themselves, relax, and be in a comfortable place. Mars instills them with resources of undying energy that ravages them from the inside. The likelihood of remaining burned is next to impossible.

What they should do instead of wasting their time with worthless things is focus on what’s important. People often concentrate on the most important things before even acknowledging the existence of other responsibilities.

This is exactly why Scorpios should take a good look at what they have to do this year, and set a priority list. Lifestyle, diet, physical activity, professional tasks or romantic getaways, not all of them are as important as the others. They should remain healthy if they simply follow a strict code of conduct.

Must Remember

Being impulsive and spontaneous brings certain downsides by putting them in difficult situations. They have to be accountable for their actions, and some things are too pricey in this life.

Instead, Scorpios should take a step back and be more mature. They don’t need to do stupid things to have fun. Professionally, while mistakes are acceptable sometimes, persisting in failure is akin to stupidity.

They need to demonstrate their worth both to themselves and to others, and this starts with a single step towards their goals.

Scorpio people will have very good family relationship this year, mainly because of Jupiter sending down healing energy. Children aren’t excluded from the plan either. Some health problems might arise from time to time though.

The beginning of the year presents many conflicting situations within the family or couple. Instead of falling to an agreement, they keep on persisting on their different opinions. Scorpios have to find the common ground and pacify everyone.

You want to take a good look at this year’s prospects, and analyze all of them. When it comes to family, there are certain things you should put more focus on.

The latter part of the year finds these natives traveling to other countries, either with work interests or on personal vacations. Planet Saturn makes all of this possible. In fact, traveling with a family is encouraged this year.

However, these Scorpios won’t do well with risky endeavors and challenges this year. It would be better to stay away from them, otherwise, they’ll lose themselves. If they still want to pursue higher goals, they need to become disciplined, accountable, and responsible.

If they make a plan, they need to follow it point by point and avoid deviating from it no matter what happens.

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Scorpio Personality Traits

Mysterious and very intense when it comes to their own feelings, Scorpios don’t usually reveal their emotions. At the same time, they like to find out secrets about others and have a strong intuition when it comes to guessing what the people they know are thinking.

Determined to succeed and loyal, these natives make great leaders, doctors and even scientists. They can adapt to any situation, so it’s not unlikely for them to change careers. Their determination and will has them being stubborn more than often.

However, this also means they’re fierce competitors who mostly win, no matter the situation. Domineering and obsessed with having control, Scorpios don’t allow others to express themselves and can be very destructive when looking for revenge.

Positives and Negatives

When it comes to understanding other people, Scorpios are a natural and almost psychic. They’re curious about everyone and what they can do. Their sign is also the one of life’s mysteries such as sex, birth, regeneration and even death.

Not afraid to explore life, many of them are curious about the occult. When fighting for what they want and believe in, Scorpios are a true force, as they’re passionate and committed to the causes they believe in. When wanting revenge, they can be cruel and ruthless.

The fact that they live intensely usually has them dealing with any challenge without hesitating, not to mention they would use every piece of information they have in order to destroy their enemies. While this is not expected of them because they seem calculated, they always follow their heart and can be very loyal in a relationship.

In love, Scorpios dedicate themselves completely to their other half, meaning they’re protective and loyal, almost to the point in which they’re starting to become aggressive.

Ambitious and very competitive, these natives will always give their best to be first. Besides, they know how to obtain what they want and never give up on their dreams. Many know them for being very independent too. What’s great about them is that they can be very loyal to their partner.

They very much appreciate the people they can trust, so their best friends or partner are usually reliable. When close to someone, Scorpios are fiercely loyal, generous and kind. However, the fact that they’re so intense turns them into possessive people who are obsessed with being in control of everything.

If someone doesn’t treat them well, they will do everything in their power to get their revenge, even if they’re taking years to do just so. As said before, they don’t like showing their true feelings, so many of their friends think of them to be cold.

The Western zodiac indicates Scorpios are control freaks and domineering. This means they don’t like being told what to do or where to go, and this behaviour of theirs can never change.

When someone does something they don’t like, they see it as a betrayal, so it can be dangerous to even be in their life for a short while. When someone crosses them, they take their time to plan a revenge and to come back stronger than ever before.

Scorpio Love and Compatibility

Very passionate and intense, Scorpios are also changing from one minute to another when it comes to love. For example, they can be mysterious and uncaring one moment, committed to something serious and long-lasting the other.

Being people of extremes, they run hot and cold, which can be very confusing for their loved ones. Also suspicious, they don’t trust just anyone, not to mention it can be very difficult to get intimate with them. Love makes them feel both curious and scared.

Inside their heart, they know that they want to have a soulmate more than anything. When someone strong and dynamic appears in their life, they get scared and want to run away. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t stand still for some time to see what’s going on.

Being one of the most passionate people in the zodiac, Scorpios need to be kept guessing. When in a relationship, they don’t only commit, they merge with their other half, which is why they’re scared to get involved with someone too early. This also means they can show their partner what true intimacy means.

The more they surround themselves with love, the fierier they are in the bedroom. However, in order for this to happen, they have to let go of their need to always be in control.

Being the sign of psychology, they’re very good therapists for their friends and can even decide to do this as their daily job. What helps them relax and unwind can be yoga, meditations and being more spiritual.

Scorpios are the most compatible with Cancers, Virgos and Capricorns. They seem to be made for Cancers and to manage to last in a long-lasting relationship with them.

With Virgos, they can have a great connection for as long as they’re open and sincere, whereas with Capricorns, they need to understand people have some flaws too.

Leos and Aquariuses don’t match Scorpios at all because they do nothing else but to annoy them. With Leos, Scorpios can’t last long because they can’t put up with all the dramatic scenes.

Career and Money

Good managers, creative and efficient when it comes to solving problems, Scorpios usually manage to accomplish their goals and never give up on their dreams. They have a scientific mind and can fulfil any task without struggling.

Determined to advance at work and focused, they can become managers in no time. When it comes to their personal and business lives, these are very balanced. They can succeed as scientists, detectives, psychologists, researchers and even sailors.

Since they have a lot of respect for others, they expect to be respected too. Very disciplined, these natives can hold on to a budget, not to mention they’re not scared of working hard for their money.

Besides, they don’t have the tendency to spend a lot because they need to feel secure about tomorrow. This also indicates they can make good investments. As far as their job goes, this has to allow them to think freely and to be independent.

Having success and prosperity in mind, Scorpios need to do something that allows them to advance and to gradually increase their income. Good at both working on their own and in teams, they still don’t prefer to be leaders because they want to mind their own business. Hardworking and dedicated to what they may be doing for a living, Scorpios can make work seem effortless.


From an external point of view, the Scorpio zodiac sign rules the nose and the bones in that area, the pubic region and the reproductive system. Internally, it rules haemoglobin, the sexual organs and the prostate, the descending colon and the rectum.

This sign’s influence is also over the larynx and vocal cords. Structurally, Scorpio rules the bones in the pubic area, the nasal ones, the coccyx and the sacrum. Furthermore, it has influences over the thyroid and the thymus, the uterus, the endocrine and sweat glands.

As ruler of the excretory and reproductive systems, Scorpios can easily end up suffering from infections, sexual diseases and fevers. At least they’re very strong and can overcome any health problem.

Friendship and Family

Honest and very fair, Scorpios make very good friends. They’re also loyal and dedicated to the people they love the most and their family. Intelligent and witty, they feel at their best in the company of those who happen to also have a clever mind.

Surprising and ready to do just about anything for their loved ones, Scorpios can still become very dangerous if crossed or deceived. They happen to be very emotional when suffering, not to mention no one can make them feel better after they have been disappointed.

Their family will always be protected and cared for, as they’re loyal to the people they care about, also ready to do anything for them. When very young, Scorpios can see their family dynamics and understand when they can’t be pushy.

If someone treats a person they love badly, they become ruthless with that individual. The more they’re allowed to have some space at home, the happier they are with their family. While always ready to make plans with their loved ones, they also can be very dangerous opponents of any of these people who has dared to wrong them.