The Square Aspect

Natal and transit interpretations of planets in square

Mars Square Pluto

Mars Square Pluto Natal and Transit: Making New Plans

The potential of Mars square Pluto revolves around living life with curiosity and self-awareness, these people taking each day as it comes, making the best out of what they get.

Moon Square Venus

Moon Square Venus Natal and Transit: Staying Out of Trouble

An individual with Moon square Venus in their natal chart is secretly craving for a peaceful life and will prefer to avoid conflict, even if this doesn’t take them exactly where they want.

Mars Square Neptune

Mars Square Neptune Natal and Transit: Avoid Any Rumours

The ambitious Mars Neptune square aspect is suggestive of a person who prefers to have a direct approach in all life matters but who needs to work at building their confidence further.

Moon Square Mars

Moon Square Mars Natal and Transit: Temper Your Emotions

The challenges and potential of Moon square Mars revolve around the individual’s strong emotional connection with their needs and the ways in which this governs their entire existence.

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