Venus Square Pluto Natal and Transit: Demanding More Affection

  • With a Venus Pluto square in your natal chart, you are well aware of your talents and charm and don’t hesitate to use them in your favor.
  • Pay attention to the Venus square Pluto transit because it might surface some deeply rooted insecurities you have been keeping hidden.
  • The planet Venus rules attraction and attachment to others, beauty and sensuality.
  • The square aspect creates tension between the planets and the signs they reside in, which are placed at ninety degrees on the horoscope wheel.
  • In astrology, Pluto represents power and control, and reigns over our relationship to authority figures and leadership.
  • Celebrities: Ryan O’Neal, Kevin Kline, Princess Eugenie, Goldie Hawn, Warren Buffett, Michael Moore, Shirley Temple, Bruce Lee, Sid Vicious, George Bernard Shaw, Julian Assange.
  • Transit dates: 28 February 2020, 15 November 2020, 11 April 2021, 05 September 2021, 27 May 2022, 20 October 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus Square Pluto Natal

Because of the square aspect between these two planets, people will be more susceptible from an emotional point of view than usual. They will be prone to feeling attraction, love and affection more intensely than usual which will be often manifested as an obsession.

While this might sound good, in reality, it can become toxic. Such intense feelings will also create insecurities which these individuals will find rather unpleasant.

To combat such anxious feelings, their behavior might take a turn for the worse and they’ll eventually become controlling and possessive so that they can ensure a relationship is going their way.

While this might be a great plan in their head, it’ll quickly turn into a disaster that can end any relationship. They can’t help it! This is how they handle this emotional fiasco they’re experiencing.

Throughout time and through a multitude of relationships, they’ll eventually, realize that such a path is wrong and can only lead to disastrous endings, as such they’ll eventually learn not only to control such tendencies, but also rid themselves of these issues entirely.

This issue mainly stems from a lack of knowing one’s self. Achieving such knowledge and learning to love themselves in the process will be their salvation.

This has its origins from their childhood. From an early age, these people realize that affection, passion and desire has more than just a strong influence over individuals as such they eventually, find out that such feelings and yearnings can be used for manipulation.

Seeing as how they have experience in this domain, love comes to them naturally and represents a great factor in their life.

While they feel love genuinely, Venus square Pluto natives can easily question or doubt the feelings of their partner. Such insecurities will take a toll on the relationship.

After all, who would enjoy having their feelings questioned daily, especially if they are genuine. It’s often this behavior that pushes their partner to detach themselves and eventually end the relationship.

This is a subconscious process which they aren’t aware of. Realizing this is happening will empower them towards changing this erratic and toxic trait of theirs and start the process towards self-healing and benefiting from this sign’s true potential for affection.

Their romantic endeavors mirror the intensity at which they experience love. As such, they will always be consistent with extremes. It’s absolute love today and passionate hatred tomorrow.

This becomes a vicious cycle that can tire out anybody. This is also caused by the frivolous demand for absolute faithfulness which takes its toll on their partner.

When it comes to their love life, one could say that fate and nothing else handles its course. Why? Because they are often seen to easily become involved in such relationships and are also prone to having some side flings on the side, simply because life has presented them with the opportunity.

And it’s not as if they try to control it. Why would they, seeing as how intense their yearning for such feelings and sexual activities is? They might also have issues in revealing their true desires or sexuality due to mental insecurities.

Besides their wanting of love they’re also big fans of money. They’ll often be seen engaging in a relationship or marriage simply because of financial reasons and might even indulge themselves in sexual activities solely for money.
People with this transit are also not that big on safety, especially financially speaking, often making investments that might leave them broke. All in all, they ought to teach themselves to notice this pattern of behavior and emotions early on so that they can correct it before it’s too late.

The first step is the realization of self-worth and self-love, seeing as how they also tend to engage in relations with partners that mistreat them.

Venus Square Pluto Transit

While Venus squares Pluto in the birth chart, you’ll be experiencing troubles in social and romantic relations within your closest ones. It won’t be an issue of how you usually feel, but an issue of expressing your deepest emotions and feelings to those closest to you.

During this transit, the most profound and evident changes and issues will be in the romantic aspect of life.

Intense feelings will turn into negative emotions and change your behavior from kind and gentle to envious, clingy and even possessive. You might become a control freak if you’re not careful.

Every time the Venus square Pluto transit is happening, you’ll be able to enjoy a cluster of intense emotions. Why, you ask? Well, simply because that’s the way you are, aren’t you? Too involved in what you feel.

You usually love being in love, but during this period you might change your mind about that. Your deeply rooted insecurities will take over your feelings of love and twist them around, leaving you wondering if those close to you or your partner do feel love for you.

Due to this, you’ll constantly be demanding, whether directly or indirectly, proof of their affection for you. While you’ll be trying to be discrete, constantly feeling insecure and anxious regarding this domain will become noticeable.

Your lover might detach themselves from you as well as your friends estranging you. Remember, joking around about how nobody likes you that much just to get reassurance or affirmation is not the way. Instead, try learning what it is about you that is lovable and learn how to love yourself as well.

These traits of yours will often push you into attempting to use your manipulative abilities and power to make others do your bidding. Part of the time you’ll be doing it without ever intending it from the beginning. At this point, it’s become a reflex for you.

Because of this behavior, you’ll find that people might often detach themselves from you or straight up leave. Relationships will feel exhausted from this period’s trials, and only the most balanced bond will come out victorious. After all, who likes a control freak that sides with possessiveness more often than they do with understanding.

While your motives are understandable, remember, letting your insecurities take control of you in such ways, especially when those ways tend to try and take control of others, is something you should change about yourself.

This will attract the same behavior from your partners, so karma might do its job eventually if you’re not careful. Learn to respect yourself and the freedom of others.

During this period, you might as well be presented with opportunities for affection as a constant. While this is nice, answering the call of such intense feelings might take you by surprise and transform into something toxic and unhealthy for both parties involved.

A good relationship is one built on the foundation of trust, respect and understanding, and this is not something you’ll come to realize easily. Your controlling side will want to flourish in this transition which will most possible turn you into an egotistic, selfish, abusive and envious individual.

You’ll try to control your partner from both an emotional and sexual point of view. While this might sometimes sound appealing in bed it will eventually become tiresome and unhealthy to be on the receiving end of dominance.

You ought to learn self-control and reach for the knowledge of self. It’s your insecurities that are causing such vicious cycles from popping up in your life and it’s the realization of this happening that will start the process towards freedom.

Leave behind such trivialities and grow as a person to live life to its fullest, especially during this transit.

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