Venus Square Neptune Natal and Transit: Susceptible to Exaggerations

  • With a square between Venus and Neptune in the natal chart, you might be prone to escaping reality and trying to live more in your mind.
  • During the Venus square Neptune transit, you could be dwelling more on the things you are unhappy about in your life.
  • In astrology, Venus reveals our idealization of love and beauty, our hidden desires and relationship with possessions.
  • The square aspect is a tense astrological placement in which the two planets are ninety degrees apart and guide different areas of life.
  • Neptune is the planet of dreams, of our subconscious minds and fantasies, how we transform our lives through our imagination.
  • Celebrities: John Belushi, Marie Antoinette, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Omar Sharif, Tina Turner, Kim Kardashian, Nicolas Cage, Robert Graves.
  • Transit dates: 03 May 2020, 20 May 2020, 27 July 2020, 30 December 2020, 27 May 2021, 26 October 2021.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus square Neptune Natal

When Venus squares Neptune in the birth chart, people will have a high level of susceptibility from an emotional point of view. They will hardly be able to filter any or all outside stimuli and might be prone to easily getting offended or hurt by what others say.

So much so, that there doesn’t even need to be a good reason behind it, they simply feel as if they’ve been wronged and that’s that. They cannot differentiate their judgment from their gut feeling which in the end leaves them vulnerable.

A lesson must be learned here, and that is that one ought to have a sense of self-worth and learn to love those around.

Speaking of love, in this department, these people might be experiencing a series of unfortunate events. Their creative energy can help them come up with rather imaginative sexual activities to do as well as igniting a passionate fire that gets taken in bed.

These people choose to live in a dreamland to escape reality or even indulge themselves in psychoactive substances towards this end.

They can also be languid or potentially messy or may come up short on getting things done. They cherish the generous living and might be lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family.

Those born under the Venus square Neptune aspect ought to keep away from taking shortcuts to amass more wealth, it’ll be often that they’ll be cheated out of luck. They are aesthetic, tastefully delicate and, now and again, timid and resigning. Being indecisive is also a common trait of theirs.

Insecurities are constant during this period. People with Venus square Neptune will feel they are being avoided by the crowd, as if they were displeasing to them, however, this is all in their head.

It’s a twisted perception that lacks self-worth and if this supposed opinion that others have on them is true, it is only because of the impression they give off about them by themselves that influenced strangers into thinking of them as such.

And this comes with no surprise since Neptune governs images. One could actually turn these 180 degrees and take advantage of this by using Neptune’s gifts to improve your image and perception of self.

As for Venus, it’s all about beauty, so in a way, both Venus and Neptune have something in common when it comes to appreciating aesthetics. All in all, working on one’s image will do wonders for a sense of self-appreciation.

If such these people do manage to see themselves for their true worth, then everything else will come naturally. They’ll wonderfully get along with anybody in public and their love life will start flourishing as it should have from the start.

One downside would be that due to Neptune’s influence they might be prone to providing too much trust and love to someone that doesn’t deserve them and might end up taking advantage of them.

Responsibilities and diligence are not that present in individuals born under the Venus square Neptune aspect. They find it easy to simply spend time as comfortably as possible without putting much effort into anything they do.

They also tend to spend their waking hours still asleep in a way, constantly daydreaming of the perfect life, without doing anything to reach such a goal. It’s simply much easier to dream than to work for their desires, and they don’t mind it.

This lack of determination and responsibility also means they’ll be vulnerable to situations that will leave them exposed financially.

Whether it’s because of them overspending or because somebody they trust spent up their funds without their knowledge.

Their love life isn’t looking that great either. They yearn for the perfect relationship and wish for companionship as such they easily throw away their love to anybody who would take it. Whether they’re worth it or not. This is caused by their inability to properly judge people or themselves.

Which in turn leads to something even worse than not knowing their strength and worth, hate. Hating themselves is not out of the question and is something that happens quite often.

Learning to accept faults for what they are, possibilities for correcting something, for becoming better and taking action upon this is what will get them out of this dark cloud of distaste and depression.

Venus square Neptune Transit

In this transit, you’ll be highly influenced by your view of yourself. This will bring you to the peak of desperation and might push you into seeking help from others. Don’t!

It’s your image of yourself that’s bothering you, you’re not satisfied with how YOU are and asking others for help might result in them forcing their ideas of how one ought to be.

Instead, look within yourself for things that you want to change. Doing this will ensure you’ll be the best version of yourself, not anybody else’s.

Romantically speaking, while you’ll believe you’re doing great, in all actuality, you couldn’t have it worse if you tried. Why? Simply because you keep living in your dream world. This means that the love and infatuation you’re experiencing for your partner or partners during this period are false.

Any emotions and time you’re giving to your partner, know that they’re not worth it. The image you have in your head of them is exactly that, simply your self-made image inside of your mind.

In reality, they’re nothing like you think they are, so open up your eyes and stop giving them opportunities to mistreat you and take advantage of you.

While your insecurities are great, they affect you in subtle ways by making you feel pleasure out of any sort of recognition you receive from others, whether it’s fake or not. It’s often the latter, trust me.

Praise and adulation come a long way, especially for you. Realize that the truth is often not what you’d like it to be and you’ll make leaps towards seeing things for what they are, which will, in turn, help you with discovering yourself as well.

During this period you will constantly be left exposed and vulnerable to negative energy and people might look to benefit from that. Something that would help would be if you were together with someone with whom you share true understanding and a deep bond. If your relationship is the opposite, you’ll be in for a rather rocky time ahead.

Your lack of appreciation and discipline will leave you susceptible to overindulgence in anything that pleases you. As such, be careful not to fall into addictive patterns or actual addiction of substances, drugs or alcohol. All of these traits are common and unfortunate during this period.

Because of them, you won’t be doing that great in most aspects of your life. Emotionally you’ll be more vulnerable than usual, rationally, you’ll let yourself be affected by things that ought to be of no importance and financially you should shy away from any investments since you’re in a mood to overindulge, as such you might be spending way too much to feel good. This can also spell trouble for your health, holding the possibility of you dwelling in addictions.

Your artistic spirit will feel unrest during this transition, sadly you won’t feel in the mood to express it to its full potential. You’d much rather spend time in your head with your imagination for companionship rather than using it productively in work or any other activities involving effort.

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