Mars Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit: Seriously Challenged

  • With an opposition between Mars and Pluto in the natal chart, you need for control and independence could bring some totally avoidable conflicts.
  • When the Mars opposite Pluto transit occurs, we tend to become very frustrated with waiting for things, and can’t really control our urges.
  • In astrology, Mars offers us clues as to where our passions go, what we use our energy for and how much impulse control we have.
  • The opposition astrological placement takes place when the two planets are about 180 degrees apart on the zodiac wheel.
  • In astrology, Pluto is considered the governor of the metaphysical, of transformation and of the darker aspects of life.
  • Celebrities: Michelangelo, Charlotte Ford, Mel B, Ely Jacques Kahn, Jean Henri Fabre, Mary Shelley, Bret Easton Ellis, Rosie O’Donnell, John Belushi, Ian McKellen.
  • Transit dates: 05 June 2021, 20 May 2023, 03 November 2024, 03 January 2025, 26 April 2025, 03 October 2026, 15 September 2028, 31 August 2030, 17 August 2032.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars opposite Pluto Natal

The Mars opposite Pluto transit in birth charts is making people feel like victims. They can even be too demanding with themselves, which can lead to a masochistic tendency.

Their need to compete can have damaging effects when it comes to their self-respect if they can’t make their expectations related to their self-image and sports come true.

Putting it differently, this victimizing feeling they’re having can be having a domineering and abusive parents or teachers.

This can cause them to have conflicts with their superiors and other people, when adults. It’s okay for them to feel persecuted, but if they want to resolve the conflicts happening in their life, they need to be more dynamic and realize their role.

Their power and need for independence can irritate others, making them act defensive and hostile. They have an intense energy and their courage can revive their warrior spirit can make them seem harsh.

Mars opposite Pluto in natal charts is giving people a lot of intense energy that needs to find expression of their physical and imaginative outlets.

They have a need to do the impossible to prove themselves since this aspect is one of conflicts. This aspect in their birth chart can cause many conflicts and problems for them, especially when they’re very young.

Without having any intention, their natural power can become the biggest nature they need to address. Together with Mars’ boldness and force, they’re as well receiving more passion and increased sexual urges.

They’re most of the time giving off a mysterious magnetism and this can be used to their advantage. But as with their other powers, they can replace their subversive methods and domineering behaviors should be replaced with high principles and an increased awareness of their karma.

Looking at the celebrities having the Mars opposite Pluto in their birth chart, those are being influenced by the unlimited opportunities that are transforming the wild energy of Mars into constructive and appreciated successes.

They may all the time feel like they’re struggling to evolve, but as long as they’re not abusing their personal strength, they can win the greatest things in life.

The Mars opposite Pluto aspect in their birth chart tends to reflect the inner battle in them, until their personal interests and they’re making a positive contribution to the society because Mars is a planet of desires, whereas Pluto is more sociable.

They most likely need to have a better grasp of their personal strength, but they should use these skills of theirs to make their group happy and accomplish all of their dreams, especially since they have this tendency to use the power of the group and manipulate many people to help them with their ambitions.

Conflicts between their actions and desires will give them tests and establish what evolutionary direction they should take for their souls to feel accomplished.

They have a great force and are aggressive, meaning they can always try to use the power of the collective to gratify their ego and inflation.

The Mars opposite Pluto born people should learn to use their power as their actions can have many consequences for both themselves and others. They’re good leaders and can help others be the same, meaning they’re usually provocative and causing conflicts.

During wars and periods of conflicts, they may want to be in the middle of action and can end up being physically abused, injured and even dead.

They’re oftentimes dealing with violence and may want to take part in many revolutions and criminal activities, whereas it is as well possible for them to become victims or to be perpetrators of crime.

The Mars opposite Pluto natives can become aggressive when angered, bringing a lot of chaos into other people’s lives.

Their strong sexual desires can simply dominate their mind, meaning they can use them everywhere, when they’re creating art. Obstacles in their life can seem impossible to overcome, but only if they’re taking advantage of others’ emotions. Their goals and objectives can turn into obsessions.

Mars opposite Pluto Transit

During the Mars opposite Pluto transit, people are not at all ready to compromise, they don’t want to renounce on their ideals when being under pressure. They’ll feel more pressure for as long as Mars is opposition to Pluto.

In case they know what they want, they have the strength to chase after every objective they’re having with all of their energy.

As a result of clashing wills, they may get involved in different conflicts and they can become defensive. They should try and identify how their passion is stirred at the most profound level and after go after it without defending and offending others.

The Mars opposite Pluto transit is making people intense when it comes to their desire to achieve their biggest dreams. When it comes to their competitive spirit, it’s very likely for them to do the almost impossible to attain success.

Their inner battle can be one of strive to use their potential to the maximum and to improve their past efforts. Their determination is intense, but it’s very likely for others to always test them.

For as long as Mars is in opposition to Pluto, people can be tormented with whatever they may be doing and can’t tolerate people interfering with their endeavors.

Many may react with tremendous strength and sometimes even violently when feeling like others are pushing them, not to mention they can have some urges they can’t even understand themselves.

Such a situation can have them feeling frustrated about what they’ve been holding back for some time, so they can use this transit to have more force and intensity, so they may end up being surprised by their anger.

They can get tested with different projects that they’ve started a year back, whereas this transit is critical for them because they can be seriously challenged.

They should be careful to never allow any energy to put a hold on them, or they’ll end up involved in activities that seem dangerous and nonconstructive.

Their enemies are stronger during this period, so it would be better to never anger them. For this reason, negotiations and projects should be postponed for cooperation, since their affairs with others will seem more struggling.

They may be interested in exploring their most profound thoughts, so it’s very likely for them to discover many of their hidden resources and secrets.

Their drive for the finances is as well more intense, but they can be unfair and use manipulation to obtain they want, a thing others don’t appreciate in them.

Their physical power is usually very high and they may put a lot of pressure on themselves, meaning they can work too much and burn themselves.

Their need is to be themselves, so more individualistic. However, if they’ll decide to be alone during the year following Mars opposite Pluto, they’ll have a harder time than usual.

The most important lesson all natives need to learn during this transit is that not everything revolves around them. Therefore, they should consider other people, or else they can become jealous, involved with possessive individuals or have power battles with almost everyone they’re coming across.

As a matter of fact, they may find out that individuals almost everyone with their intensity. They should look beyond appearances and into the soul of people with whom they’re carrying any discussion.

There’s a great chance for them to interpret all this as manipulation because they can imagine others are manipulating them.

In case they’re not realizing what’s happening, they’ll respond angrily and aggressively when having responsibilities, but they’ll never be in control if they can’t see what’s happening.

It would be smart for them to keep in mind their results are never the right ones. While it may seem difficult, they’ll have to put themselves in everybody’s shoes, just before making comments. In case they’re not satisfied with what’s being said to them, they should just be quiet.

This is a powerful transit of primal instincts, oftentimes activating the fighting spirit in themselves. In case they’re capable of channeling their aggressiveness and domineering needs, the transformation of this aspect enables them to achieve many things.

Physical and imaginative interests are favored, yet the competitiveness can be about business and the professional fields, in situations in which boldness and power are needed. It’s very likely the projects they’ve started a while back.

Oftentimes, the Mars opposite Pluto aspect will result in competitive actions against others and also a particular individual.

In this situation, they should focus on making their dreams come true, they can fight any resistance against powerful opponents. In case their position is threatened and they’re using forceful methods, they can end up involved in fights.

This transit is pretty physical, this being the reason why their aggressiveness can turn into violence. They can sometimes fight very strong forces.

They’ll look for vulnerabilities when it comes to their plans and their defenses. There will be some cases in which they’ll realize some of their efforts aren’t going to accomplish anything.

When choosing to fight their battles during this transit, people shouldn’t go alone and ask their more motivated friends to help them. Success will continue to follow them if they’ll keep their principles and morals high.

Any convincing tactics and intimidation can backfire on them. When it comes to the sexual chase, this can become a danger for them because they can be too insisting and they can overwhelm them. In the case of dating, they should keep away from predators and especially men who are violent.

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