Moon Square Mercury Natal and Transit: Take Your Time and Be Careful

  • When in a natal chart, the Moon Mercury square is suggestive of mood changes and difficult social interactions if the native is not happy with themselves.
  • Be mindful of the Moon square Mercury transit because your mood will vary wildly and your strong opinions might offend people.
  • In astrology, the Moon is the governor of our inner world, from emotions to temperament and hidden desires, as well as home aspects.
  • When two planets are in a square relationship, the world is expected to put a little bit more effort into everything that is impacted by those planets.
  • Mercury is in charge with how we learn and exchange information with the surrounding world, as well with our conscious mental processes.
  • Celebrities: Barbra Streisand, Susan Sarandon, Umma Thurman, Oscar Wilde, Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, Harry Houdini, Mary Shelley, Conan O’Brien, Prince.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon square Mercury Natal

The Moon square Mercury natal indicates people with such placement are always struggling to keep the tension between their heart and mind under control. They don’t necessarily have an inner conflict between what they’re thinking and feeling, they’re more debating which path to follow when having to make a choice.

However, this can be beneficial and turn many of them into creative geniuses, but not very good at dealing with the mundane.

People born during the Moon square Mercury natal are very indecisive when it comes to matters that they deeply care about and their own opinions, thing that can impact their intimate connections with others in a noticeable way.

While they may not care about others’ opinions about them, their partner may have opposite feelings regarding the same issue.

Not being able to choose between what their heart and mind is telling them; they can externalize this battle by not communicating.

While they may express their feelings sincerely and openly, others may have difficulties understanding them and think they don’t care about anything or anyone.

Very attached to their family, they may extend their feeling of belonging and be true patriots. The square aspect between the Moon and Mercury in their birth chart is indicating there’s a conflict between their rational thoughts and emotions.

These natives can’t seem to reason properly from time to time because their feelings are impeding them to do just so. It’s normal for these people to be irrational and to think that others are unfair in their presence, which isn’t the case most of the time.

They have this tendency to pay attention to unimportant things and to feel insecure for no reason. Very capable of efficiently communicating with their closest friends and family members, they have a problem when interacting with strangers, which can impede them from achieving success.

They should avoid not considering others’ opinions when these are disagreeing with them. Instead, they should just evaluate every idea coming from someone else and be as objective as possible about it.

It doesn’t matter if the Moon is in conjunction, square or opposite aspect to Mercury, natives having one of these aspects in their birth chart are aware of the strong connection between their conscious and unconscious mind.

Their thoughts and emotions can influence their decisions a lot, and they’re most of the time listening to what their feelings are saying. Depending on their Sun sign and other aspects in their birth chart, they can be very sensitive when interacting with others, but this means they’re only sympathetic and very understanding.

Mercury is the astrological ruler of learning and communication, whereas the Moon rules over behavioral patterns, moods, creativity and intuition.

When these two are in a square in birth charts, natives with such placement can understand how others are functioning, also what they’re thinking and feeling.

The perfect way to take advantage of this transit is to communicate in a sensitive and very accurate way. Usually, people are reluctant to giving bad news, which means they tend to twist the truth so that it sounds softer.

This is exactly what an aspect between the Moon and Mercury does to natives having it at their birth: it gives them an amazing ability to sensitively inform others of anything bad that happened or is about to take place.

There’s no secret these people are very good at giving advice and talking about their feelings. Furthermore, when the Moon and Mercury are forming an aspect in birth charts, the natives having it are very intelligent and creative, which means they can immediately learn new things.

The Moon is responsible with memories and first impressions, while Mercury with communication, so an aspect between these two can only bring about an interest for intellectual activities and science.

Those lucky enough to have been born during it can absorb new information without even focusing, not to mention they’re charismatic, sympathetic and witty. However, the square aspect between the Moon and Mercury not being evil nor good, it makes its natives provocative and attracted to scandals.

These people seem to always be nervous and to have their unconscious mind connected with the conscious one. Some of them aren’t very reasonable because their past is all the time haunting them, not leaving room for objectivity and an open attitude.

Their strong emotions can cloud their judgment, which means they may be focused only on unimportant things, making their loved ones feeling very annoyed in their presence.

While having serious problems with many of their relatives, they can still be the most loyal and efficient friends anyone could ever have. Smart, energetic, agitated, cynical and assertive, they’re also fascinated by gossip.

When it comes to their health, these natives can suffer from digestive and nervous diseases. Many of them may not be able to express themselves clearly in public, while others can refuse to reason and act only when being shown love or that they’re being clearly understood.

All of them should pay attention to any important document they’re signing because both the Moon’s and Mercury’s Houses are also focused on this type of agreements. If they want a carefree life, they need to keep their ego in control and to sometimes make a compromise or two.

Moon square Mercury Transit

For as long as the Moon square Mercury transit is happening, natives of all signs are more emotional, colorful in their way of thinking and fast to react to any new challenge. This transit is usually making everyone busy because they all need to balance their emotions and thoughts.

For this reason, many will need to avoid stress and boring activities during it. Paying attention to their loved ones’ feelings while the Moon is in a square to Mercury, they can have their relationships developing harmoniously for long periods as well.

During the Moon square Mercury transit, all natives in the zodiac are moodier than usual, which means they can have many arguments with their loved ones.

They may have stronger opinions and not care about what others believe in. All this means many should avoid preaching during this period.

More than this, they should keep the war between their rationality and emotions for themselves.

This may indeed sound opposite from what other aspects are asking of them, but when it comes to the square between the Moon and Mercury, only a few exceptions to this rule can be made, especially when dealing with family and appurtenance matters. It would be a good idea for them to not get angry over a political or sports debate.

The Moon square Mercury aspect is considered to be evil because it brings about many disturbances in the domestic environment. It is not a good time for getting together with relatives because disputes may appear for no real reason.

During it, natives of all signs should pay attention to their correspondence as communication would be impeded from flowing naturally, which means many would get to feel misunderstood, not to mention how others’ misconceptions may interfere with their balance.

They should also avoid traveling or committing themselves to someone or something until the transit is no longer in place. It would be a good idea for them to as well not meet with real estate agents and lawyers, or to sign any contract unless necessary.

Those who are more sensitive to the attacks coming from others should try and avoid interacting as much as possible because they can get deeply hurt.

Furthermore, the Moon square Mercury transit is not good for creative writing either, but at least it doesn’t last for too long.

As a matter of fact, it takes only one day for it to pass, day in which everyone will be more preoccupied with profound matters of unconsciousness and not willing to accept any demand coming from their loved ones.

Their past may come back to haunt them, but in a depressive way that makes them feel insecure, which means they won’t be able to function at their best, no matter if at work or at home.

Being moody for as long as the Moon is in square from Mercury, people may react aggressively to any provocation until the aspect is over. This is the reason why they should avoid interacting with new people during this period.

Instead, they could just stay at home or get together only with individuals they’ve known for a lifetime as these won’t judge them for their moods. If meeting someone new, they may make a bad impression and seem cold or depressive.

It’s very likely for them to have difficulties concentrating on conversations as well, so they can transmit the wrong messages and not even realize it. As soon as this transit will be over, they’ll return to a lighter mood and focus more on what’s happening to them in the present.

It would be a good idea for them to not pay attention to their memories of past lovers while the Moon is in a square with Mercury because they’ll forget all about it as soon as the Moon will change its position.

Being more emotional, they should also not give importance to their feelings about people and situations during it. All of their energy should be focused on matters of the mind because they’d be more able to clearly judge and criticize.

This transit is beneficial for cleaning up around the home as people would be in the mood for such an activity, not to mention more at peace with having a routine.

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