Venus Opposite Jupiter Natal and Transit: Putting Idealistic Views on Pause

  • In a natal chart, the Venus Jupiter opposition suggests big ideals but also a lack of concentration on the important things.
  • During the Venus opposite Jupiter transit, people are a little too idealistic for their own good and should stay away from big investments.
  • Venus governs romance and adoration, as well as personal taste and aesthetics.
  • When two planets form an opposition they are facing each other in the zodiac, and their energies are working against each other.
  • In astrology, Jupiter is said to directly influence the opportunities that we come across in life, as well as our luck and desire for education and journeys.
  • Celebrities: Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia, Giacomo Puccini, Billy Ray Cyrus, Poppy King, Marie Dressler.
  • Transit dates: 25 August 2020, 22 July 2021, 01 October 2022, 09 December 2023, 03 November 2024, 09 January 2026, 16 March 2027, 04 February 2028.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus opposite Jupiter Natal

People with Venus opposite Jupiter in their birth chart can be considered fortunate to have been blessed with an affectionate and joyful nature, as such, social endeavors come to them naturally and creating bonds of any kind, especially romantic ones, comes with ease. Issues appear when it comes to more meaningful and serious matters in their life.

Those influenced by Venus opposite Jupiter in their natal chart tend to take matters to the extreme. They’re usually over-attached, they tend to overindulge, overspend and waste their time in superficial endeavors.

They also have a lack of diligence and desire to work for what they have or want and are excessively wistful, have unrealistic goals and tend to waste their funds for objects of exquisite taste.

While they enjoy the perks of friendship, they are often a tad bit too easy going when it comes to the responsibilities of maintaining such a bond.

They’re a true friend when things are going smoothly, but hitting a rocky road and being asked for help by a friend in need will not go well with them.

Being pragmatic and diligent is simply not in their book. Venus opposite Jupiter tend to be surrounded by issues when it comes to romance and long-lasting commitments and are also rather selfish, taking advantage of others but getting upset when the same is done to them.

They aren’t all that wise when it comes to spending money or investing their finances, and as such, they will often find their entrepreneurial endeavors to bear no fruit due to their poor monetary judgment.

Since they’re so easily influenced, they often find it difficult to make a valid point and maintain an argument, which usually causes more issues in both their social and romantic life.

This also brings problems when it comes to work-related matters. Such issues get aggravated when their partner or coworkers are more determined than they are or if their work or goals require more diligence than they would have initially liked.

After all, they strongly dislike being forced into a repetitive routine or generally forced into having to do something.

Their desires lie in freedom and relaxation and their carefree nature and love of life are often what draws others to them, but it’s also what will possibly keep them from deepening their connection with what truly matters in life and from a sense of fulfillment.

Due to Venus being opposite to Jupiter in the birth chart, people under this influence will tend kindness, affection, and tenderness for those around them.

This can bring forth a multitude of issues, such as creating the illusion that they’re capable of helping no matter what and in the end being the target of disappointment due to not fulfilling such standards as well as neglecting one’s own needs and desires.

There’s also a predominant lack of determination and will to work. These people will often overindulge and spend a great deal of money for their pleasures.

When it comes to their business life, they tend to have a certain amount of success due to their charismatic, pleasant, comforting and sociable nature, easily winning the favor of possible patrons for future investments, whether they have the required aptitude or not, they eventually come on top with their clever wits and choice of words.

Socially, they tend to be the center of attention, people often being drawn to their carefree nature and high adaptability which enables them to talk over any subject.

When it comes to romance, there will be a requirement for effort to awaken any deeper, meaningful emotions, because Venus’s influence brings forth an appreciation of outside beauty, disregarding what’s truly important and focusing what’s on the outside.

It’s not that they shy away from such meaningful endeavors, they simply have a hard time feeling on a deeper level.

The best career path for these people is something that can explore their creative and imaginative nature to create a routine of responsibility that can eventually bring them the appreciation and respect they deserve, from both themselves and others.

A good choice would be anything involving any form of art, often turning a part-time activity or hobby into a fruitful and fulfilling career in fashion designing, home decoration, music, painting, so on and so forth. The more it will allow them to express themselves, the better.

Venus opposite Jupiter Transit

This transit comes with an abundance of opportunities to enjoy life and have fun. You’ll be prone to romance, social gatherings and overall having a good time, no price being high enough to stop you.

You might even have no breaks to hit in case your funds reach their limit, overindulging and overspending will be your main issues, but if you’ve been saving up and you have some free time, everything might work out for that vacation you’ve been planning.

During this period, you might feel the urge to overindulge in your desires. With people, you’ll also have an issue saying no, and so others might find it easy to take advantage of you, taking you for granted in the process, but being around those you care for will open your eyes to how fortunate you are to be where you are in life.

This is a time of creating bonds and making new friends, even partners. A time for enjoyment and lavish treatment and behavior, so forget about keeping to yourself or trying to abstain from all the delicious food you’ve been wanting, it’s about time you let loose, isn’t it? Any problems will simply have to wait until you’re done having fun.

Due to this influence, you might avoid work or any sort of routine that implies diligence and responsibility.

Financial investments and business offers might also have to be put on a pause since your current idealistic view on things will probably affect such endeavors and decisions negatively.

This might be seen as negative by your peers and superiors, since you’ll probably be unable to deliver on your promises during this period.

On the other hand, you’ll be enjoying life at its fullest, spending time with your friends, socializing, going out and having an overall great time, especially with your lover. Because of this yearning for pleasure you might also be prone to the consumption of drugs and alcohol, so be careful not to fall into an addiction.

It’s understandable that this will be a difficult task since fulfilling any and all desires is your ultimate goal during this period, but you’ll have to push through for your own sake.

All in all, you’ll be able to enjoy things quite freely and get to spend fun and thrilling time with those close to you.

Something that will catch your interest will surprisingly be that your emotional and intellectual interests lie elsewhere compared to your materialistic desires.

When choosing a partner, you’ll be looking for someone that you can learn from, their experience being the open book you needed to expand your horizon and become a better, wiser version of yourself.

This desire to grow might overcome your ability to self-analyze, pushing you to forget about your other goals in life due to believing they’ll be fulfilled because of somebody else.

Try taking a break from everything once in a while and go on a trip. This might open your eyes to new opportunities that you were previously unable to see and overall give you the experience you need to evolve.

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