Sun Sextile Pluto Natal and Transit: Radiating Positive Energy

  • If the natal chart contains a Sun Pluto sextile, you are very aware of your needs and desires and always strive to make things happen.
  • The Sun sextile Pluto transit brings amount amazing progress at work but also some romantic tensions at home.
  • The Sun symbolizes one’s vitality and will, imbuing us with strength and creativity.
  • When two planets form a sextile, their energies take out the best in each other, so there are great prospects of opportunities and accomplishments.
  • In astrology, Pluto is associated with renewal and spiritual growth but also with obsessions and strive for power and control.
  • Celebrities: Rudy Giuliani, Sophia Loren, Tatum O’Neal, Alexis Tsipras, Bob Dylan, Cilla Black, Marcel Proust, Yehudi Menuhin, Albert Einstein, Louis Braille, Peter Sellers.
  • Transit dates: 15 March 2020, 15 November 2020, 17 March 2021, 17 November 2021, 19 March 2022, 19 November 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun sextile Pluto Natal

People brought into the world during the Sun sextile Pluto find it easier to express their individuality and the way they’re feeling about life in general. More than this, they’re able to see the dark side of things and to make sense of what’s happening, even if confused about their existence.

Most of the time, such energy is beneficial for these natives because it makes it easier for them to determine what doesn’t do their life any good, which means they’re very capable of identifying negativity and eliminating it as well, together with any challenge.

Those having the Sun sextile Pluto in their birth chart are usually feeling good in their skin, good at initiating new projects and transmitting their positive energy to others for them to feel the same as them.

Since Pluto rules over transformation, it makes individuals born during the Sun sextile Pluto transit more aware of their own needs, compulsions and eager to become someone important.

Looking at many celebrities born under this aspect, it can be noticed they’ve undergone certain transformations at some point in their life. This means all those having it present in their natal can transform their life whenever feeling like.

However, just like their most heartfelt interests are never likely to change, the alterations taking place for them when it comes to other aspects of life will be superficial.

This means they won’t ever change their personality or the way they’re acting in public, neither their objectives. However, they’ll be aware of their ability to transform at any time.

Usually, the Sun sextile Pluto transit needs its natives to live intensely and to put passion in everything they’re doing because the planet involved in it, which is Pluto, seems to ask for things to happen this way, making people having this aspect in their birth chart more intimate and connected with their secrets.

These individuals will focus on achieving their goals, but not oppose fate because they enjoy living in the moment and going with the flow.

The Sun being in an aspect with this planet at their birth is indicating they’re resourceful, but also eager to be the underdogs, the ones who society has rejected.

Furthermore, they have obsessive-compulsive tendencies and a tyrannical behavior that isn’t quite dangerous. This is because they’re at least turning their tendency to do things extremely into constructive will.

While ruled by their intense emotions and often too stubborn to accept other people’s opinions, at least it’s not boring to be in their presence.

As soon as this planet is starting to combine its energies with the Sun’s influence over the ego, it makes natives with the Sun sextile Pluto in their birth chart more powerful, active and determined to succeed in life.

These people will address their problems while evolving and becoming better persons, not to mention they’ll never focus on things that don’t seem important.

Possessing a strong intuition and psychic abilities, they’re not paying too much attention to logic. The Sun in the previously mentioned aspect from Pluto is giving them their mysterious air, which means they’re intriguing, especially when trying to see subtleties and to deal with hidden truths discovered in different realms of their spiritual existence. More than this, it gives them special powers and the ability to understand the greater depths of this world.

These natives can accept that people have a dark side as well, not to mention they’re most of the time playing with their dark impulses. However, they’re doing this just to develop more and to transform into better persons.

They seem to have many resources, a very strong will and the talent to make things turn in their favor. For this reason, they’re natural-born leaders who can focus to get things done most efficiently.

They may be fascinated with yoga and curious about what benefits meditation can bring them, also to play with the occult forces.

It’s easy for them to identify where the universe is transmitting its energy, also to recuperate from any disease and to resist a lot of stress. When it comes to their financial situation, they may gain when others are losing or inherit a lot of wealth.

Natives born during the Sun sextile Pluto aspect can perceive many psychological subtleties, not to mention they’re intelligent and very intense.

This sextile is showing them the way to make their most secret wishes come true. Deeply in their psyche, they can separate what’s keeping them from reaching their potential from the more superficial matters.

Sun sextile Pluto Transit

During the Sun sextile Pluto transit, people are feeling more obsessive-compulsive, which means they can get any difficult task done in no time.

This works especially in the situation in which they need to eliminate something no longer working in their life, either a bad habit or a messy situation.

For as long as this aspect is in place, many will obtain their satisfaction from knowing what they want and working hard for their dreams to come true.

They seem to have more access to power and the way it should be used, only this way being able to achieve great results. While not hesitating to be manipulative to get what they want, they can obtain the same things by having a strong will.

This transit would be beneficial for people to bring back the energy in their life and to let go of what they’ve already addressed in the past. Therefore, they should use it for this exact purpose and this way, get rid of what doesn’t serve them anymore.

For as long as this transit is happening, they’re more powerful and concentrated, which means this time is great if they want to commit again to some old projects or relationships they’ve started in the past, but didn’t seem to work out.

This is because they’re more charismatic and radiating positive energy, so they shouldn’t hesitate to make plans for dates and business meetings.

However, they should avoid obsessing over a certain client or project because their mind should stay with what’s truly important, even if they may be feeling uncomfortable if things are starting to become a little bit too personal or when the person that they’re meeting with is starting to take things too far.

If refused some offers and ideas, they need to just accept it and leave the entire situation behind. Others will most likely appreciate them afterward for not being pushy and demanding.

However, they should be a little bit pressuring when truly wanting something or fighting for a cause they believe in. Perhaps they’ll manage to raise awareness about themselves, and their partner of conversation will become more curious about what they have to say.

During the Sun sextile Pluto transit, everyone is more sexually charged, so they should think twice before choosing their lover. When it comes to work, they’ll make amazing progress, but this doesn’t mean they’ll neglect their personal life.

A person they respect a lot may inspire them to look deeper into their soul, which will make things better for them, especially if they’re trying to somehow regenerate and to make some small changes into their life.

In case they’re having some free time on their hands, they should just go to a spa and enjoy rejuvenation treatments. When it comes to joining a course or self-development classes, they should not hesitate and do it, also work hard to get the recognition of others.

The Sun sextile Pluto transit is also making them more attractive and sexually charged, but at the same time, it is giving them that mystery air with the help of which they can easily control others. As soon as they become aware of their power, their influence becomes incontestable.

They’ll manage to control this strong energy if they’ll learn to never abuse it because, in this situation, they’ll end up destroying themselves and really experience how destructive Pluto in any aspect can be. In case they’ll use all this to give a hand to others, especially to groups, they’ll discover many benefits coming with such an attitude.

The Sun sextile Pluto aspect is very beneficial for solving any kind of mystery, learning a thing or two about the occult and studying psychological reactions.

Those having some worthy things to do should go ahead and do it as they’ll accomplish everything that they’re setting their minds to. Their ambitions will be focused on important matters, not to mention many will be more hardworking than usual.

All natives will be focused and powerful, which means they should concentrate on projects and relationships that are going downhill for them. They won’t be necessarily more willful, but impossible to bother when they’re doing their job.

Opportunities will be all over the place, also activities meant to make all natives stronger.

For this reason, everyone should take advantage of the Sun sextile Pluto transit and achieve whatever they’ve set their mind to.

People will perceive everything at a deeper level and won’t be able to fake the intensity of their own emotions. They’ll likely discover some uncomfortable truths that will prove to be important for them at a later date.

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