The Sun in Astrology: Its Effects and Living With It


In astrological terms, the Sun is the source of all life, and is at the centre of our consciousness. The epicentre of our existence is defined by the Sun.

The importance of our central star is characterised by the fact that those who find themselves under its influence are often the happiest among us. Given the exposure we all have to the Sun on a daily basis, it would be easy to assume that we’re all under its influence most of the time. However, the plain truth is that the Sun provides guidance for where we aspire to be in a rational way, rather than an instinctual way.

The Sun Astrological Associations:

  • Ruler of the Leo zodiac sign;
  • Exalted in Aries, weakened in Libra, in detriment in Aquarius;
  • Governs the fifth astrological house;
  • Characteristic keyword: Leadership;
  • Associated with the color Orange;
  • Linked to Sundays;
  • Representative gemstone: Peridot;
  • Representative material: Gold;

When compared to the Moon – which is what we consider to be our secondary luminary – the Sun is our present, whilst the Moon is our past, allowing for reflection and contemplation.

Those who find themselves under the Sun’s influence exhibit characteristics such as creativity, pride, purpose and nobility. When the influence becomes too strong however, one can become absorbed in their own self-importance, judgemental and arrogant.

Given that the Sun’s home is at the centre of our solar system, it never enters a retrograde phase – all the celestial bodies it commands orbit around it. The Sun spends approximately a year going through the zodiacal belt, spending around 1 month within each sign.

The Sun’s position within the chart shows us the purpose one has in life, along with the manner with which a person leaves their imprint on the world.

Our central star’s position by house will then tell us where our personas can flourish, with each house highlighting and shaping our own sense of being and character. We then look to express these qualities through our influence from the Sun.

The Sun shines on us and radiates its knowledge unto us, exposing itself and making itself obvious. This in itself makes its influence clear, but also presents a difficulty when associating it with the imagery and symbols from the 12th House, Neptune and Pisces.

It represents our yearning for creativity and our youthful desires. When a person is truly in tune with the Sun’s knowledge and influence, they are able to harness qualities such as honesty, fame and will also manifests physically with impeccable eyesight.

The Sun has strong connections to royalty too, given its position in our solar system. As a result, it is responsible for all kinds of regal states, and other positions of prominence.

Coupled with this is a sense of wellbeing and strong health. This all leads to a person exhibiting exceptional leadership skills. Such people also have great paternal relationships, helping them to be generous, sensible and reliable.

In addition to this, the Sun also gives a person the ability to digest information and overcome obstacles that life throws upon them.

This is also responsible for giving us that feeling of having your stomach in knots after receiving bad news.

The internal decision that then follows – whether we stick around to try to overcome such situations and better ourselves, or opt for a more protective route and retreat – the overall sense of security is given to us from the Sun, and the fire it bellows out to us.

This also acts as a kind of “firewall” around our being too, protecting us from any negativity or harm coming to us from other worlds, especially when we are at our most vulnerable.

In order to maximise the effects of the Sun, we mustn’t compromise our values. Instead, we must welcome and embrace the opportunity to have a central focal point for our energy, around which everything else revolves. This helps keep all things happy and in balance.

In this sense, the Sun acts as our father figure, our leader and our idealistic selves. It is the source of all things we strive to become – an endless source of fiery energy that will last well beyond our physical bodies.

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