Venus in Astrology: Its Effects and Living With It


Astrologically speaking, Venus rules over both Taurus and Libra – therefore Venus represents money and love; two huge areas in our daily lives.

In truth, this is a massively simplistic take on Venus’ role. It isn’t just our interpersonal connections that Venus rules, it’s also our values, attachments and pleasures, as well as beauty, elegance and charisma.

It is responsible for our learning and understanding of all the things we find pleasurable in our lives.

Venus Astrological Associations:

  • Ruler of the Taurus and Libra zodiac signs;
  • Exalted in Pisces, weakened in Virgo, in detriment in Aries;
  • Governs the second and seventh astrological houses;
  • Characteristic keyword: Beauty;
  • Associated with the colors blue and green;
  • Linked to Fridays;
  • Representative gemstones: Sapphire and Emerald;
  • Representative material: Copper;
  • Linked to life period from 14 to 21 years.

In the celestial clockwork that makes up our solar system, Venus lies second nearest to our central star, and is also the second most illuminous body in night skies behind the Moon.

Twice during the day is Venus most visible – once just prior to sunrise, and again just after the sun has set. It is for this reason that Venus has been dubbed our “Morning Star” and “Evening Star”, depending on when it is in view.

It is also highly similar to Earth in terms of size and gravitational force, earning yet another nickname in our “sister planet”. The sheer volume of greenhouse gases present on Venus’ surface also means that it’s the hottest planet in our solar system.

In terms of the natal chart, viewing Venus allows us to see our approaches to relationships we hold in our heart, in addition to the things that we view as pleasurable.

Venus also shows us our behaviour in regards to money, our choice of gifts, as well as our leisurely activities too.

Given that Venus is the hottest of all the planets, it is completely understandable that a strong Venus can lead to feelings of love, emotion and relaxation, and can also result in dependence on people, food, and even in extreme cases, psychedelic substances.

Subsequent imbalances leading to mood swings or impulsive changes can be attributed to Venus, though the bulk of this lies with the Moon.

Where Venus comes in is primarily to do with balance, and maintaining that balance. This can be regarding hormonal balance, as well as physical balance too.

Being the second closest planet away from the Sun, it is also, at its shortest, just 40 million km away from our own planet Earth.

Venus takes just 225 days to complete as single orbit around the Sun, and surprisingly takes longer to spin on its axis once – at 243 days, meaning a day on Venus is longer than a year.

Venus enters its retrograde phases on a 19-month cycle, typically lasting around 40-43 days. According to Hindu astrology, a single journey through the zodiacal belt takes around 1 year, and it stays in a single sign for approximately 4 weeks.

When a person shows strong Venus characteristics, one can be very understanding, sympathetic and loving. When this influence becomes too strong however, this can manifest itself as vanity, selfishness and a lack of empathy.

In natal chart terms, astrologers typically take into account whether a person is male or female when viewing Venus. The reason why is that males typically attempt to offload Venus characteristics off their chart.

As the energy has to end up somewhere, these characteristics are normally exhibited in the women that he chooses to spend his time with.

In contrast to this, women are usually much more open to embracing their Venus characteristics, taking ownership of them rather than trying to offload them.

Materialistic desires aside, Venus also offers spiritual guidance, providing a way back for those people who have found themselves in the trappings of material goods.

In horoscope terms, Venus provides us with an insight into one’s wealth, giving a person better artistic tendency and a stronger sense of aesthetics.

Perhaps it is contradictory then that Venus also rules our attachment to things – be they people or objects, both in terms of the sense of attraction we feel towards these things, and our capability to attract as well.

Those who find themselves under Venus’ influence can often find themselves in the position of peace-maker. This is primarily due to Venus’ balancing nature, resulting in a harmonious energy.

Appreciation is centre to this, in that it gives us a need to appreciate the things we love, and to receive this appreciation from others too. Above all else, Venus rules art, desire, elegance, finance, relaxation, sensuality and luxury.

Venus feeds our inclination towards loving, being adaptable towards others, generate income and valuing the things that make us who we are, and the things that make up those around us.

It can however make us critical of others and leave a person feeling unsatisfied, when in reality we should feel the opposite. At its heart, Venus is about indulgence in the things we enjoy, no matter how simple.

It could be the appreciation of singing and dancing, or it could even be something as lazy as lying on a sofa with a bowl full of ice cream. Mediation, discretion and food are at the centre of Venus characteristics.

Observation of Venus is crucial to anyone looking to find love in their life. Some astrologers believe that damaged Venus’ never really regain the view that they even deserve love from another person, however, others say that this isn’t the case.

Instead, one can simply purchase a present for someone close to them, without the expectation that they will receive anything back.

A person can also take part in creative activities such as art or music. At a minimum, they should engage in some kind of self-indulgence to give them that feeling of appreciation.

Adopt a fluid approach to all things in life and a person will quickly realise that they are just as able to find love as anyone else is. Exposing yourself to the more care-free things in life allows you to see the world in a completely new spectrum never thought possible.

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