The Moon in Astrology: Its Effects and Living With It


The Moon represents feminine energy, particularly in a maternal sense, holding both a childlike quality within us as well as our internal mothering instincts too. Characterising spontaneity and instinct, it exhibits qualities that allow us to respond, reflect and contemplate.

The Moon Astrological Associations:

  • Ruler of the Cancer zodiac sign;
  • Exalted in Taurus, weakened in Scorpio, in detriment in Capricorn;
  • Governs the fourth astrological house;
  • Characteristic keyword: Sensibility;
  • Associated with the color grey;
  • Linked to Mondays;
  • Representative gemstone: Pearl;
  • Representative material: Silver;

While the Moon orbits the Earth, by virtue of this it also orbits the Sun too, reflecting its light back to us in the process. This is symbolic of the effect the Moon has on us, providing us with protection and safety, even when the warmth and light of the Sun disappears overnight.

As it circles our home planet, it never enters a retrograde phase. It does though stay in each sign of the zodiac for approximately 2 and a half days.

In many ways, our sole celestial satellite is the antithesis of the Sun and its effect on ourselves. Whilst both give us energy, they operate in very different ways – the Sun grants us rationality, whereas the Moon gives us irrationality.

Instinctual acts are a direct influence courtesy of the Moon. We may be able to overrule these with slightly more logical approaches because of the Sun’s influence, but it is key to understand that the initial reaction stems from the Moon’s influence.

Many people are predominantly ruled by the Moon, acting instinctively rather than purposefully. This applies more so when the Moon occupies a position within any of the Water signs, such as Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer.

This can also be the case if the Moon finds itself near the cusp of the 10th or 4th House, or near the Ascendant or Descendant.

Where possible, the optimal solution is to keep the Moon in balance as much as possible, devoting not too much and not too little energy to it.

When under the Moon’s influence, a person may become emotionally tougher, exhibiting greater mental strength than normal.

They often find that they can concentrate for prolonged periods of time and can connect emotionally with many people. Their natural maternal instincts can also play out here, as they often put the needs of others before their own, showing their close one’s compassion and care.

They have the ability to connect with their environment differently to others, on a far deeper level.

Show the Moon too little energy however, and signs of weakness appear, particularly emotionally. They often find themselves experiencing incredible highs but also very demoralising lows, highlighting a lack of control.

In this state they are more likely to experience general problems in their life as a result of their poorer temperament. This then can have a knock-on effect on their health and wellbeing.

On a good day, the Moon can make us creative, protective, imaginative and intuitive. However, on a bad day, the Moon can also make is snappy, irrational and agitated.

The Moon’s position within the natal chart shows us how we interact with our environment, particularly when we are in our own domestic surroundings. It highlights where we are at our most comfortable both physically and spiritually.

This ties in with the maternal qualities that the Moon gives us – a feeling of care and being in the right place. The brightest object in our night sky, it captures our imagination from the earliest age, standing out against a backdrop of bleak vastness, always there and always dependable.

Just like we are dependent on the Moon for light during nocturnal hours, we are also dependent on it for much of our early development, as we are on others around us.

Our success in defining this bond with the Moon during our early years helps establish our ability to deliver and be the recipient of care as adults.

In many ways, the Moon allows us to reflect on our memories from years gone by, both good and bad.

From our habitat during our childhood, or the things that made us feel warm, the Moon captures the most innate details of our lives.

This may sometimes be in opposition to the influence we receive from Mars and Pluto, but ultimately the goal is to achieve balance, spiritually and emotionally.

Accepting our emotions as they come to us, openly and freely is the best way to embrace the effects of the Moon and remain in touch with our hearts on a healthy basis.

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