About Us

HoroscopeJoy.com is the great result born out of Joy Carter’s passion and expertise in astrology and her love of people.

Joy started this project in 2019 with the desire to provide an amazing place for people to interact with astrology differently. A place where everyone can come for quality content and revealing information into their own personalities and choices.

To do this, she teamed up with the loveliest of tech people. They are the ones who keep everything online and who work tirelessly to improve your experience on the website, whether you visit for one page or jump from one article to another, look for your horoscopes and so much more. They are the ones who keep the creative astrology content orderly and easily findable by you.

We can guarantee that everyone in the team is working towards the same goals, shares the same values as Joy and is on the same mission, at the centre of which, is you, our reader.

We also welcome proposals from astrologers, writers and influencers who are interested in becoming part of the editorial team of HoroscopeJoy so if that is you, drop us a message and will be in touch.

For any similar enquiries please use the contact form or send us an email at office [at] horoscopejoy [dot] com