Our Mission

HoroscopeJoy is the website I always wanted to create but never had the courage! It’s my work of art, the apple of my eye and my gift to everyone from those who are passionate with astrology and want to read quality interpretations to those who simply want to find out more about their personalities.

Joy Carter – Founder

We believe that astrology is here to empower us, to answer questions we didn’t even know we had about ourselves and to help us become the best version of who we are meant to be.

Our mission is for you, our reader:

  • To have access to quality astrology content that is original, as specific as possible and personalized for use in your daily life;
  • To gain insight into the basics of astrology which to then be able to wisely use in your own decision making;
  • To stay up to date with any new findings in the field of astrology and be among the first to discover what’s new.
  • To benefit from a pleasant online experience, on our fully responsive website, whatever device you may be using to access our content.