Virgo Horoscope and Traits

Virgo SymbolName attributes like attentive, logical and practical as the top qualities of every proud Virgo sign and you would not be wrong. Sparing no thought or effort when it comes to their goals, these people have a deep-rooted presence in the material world and a systematic approach to life matters.

Virgo Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: August 23 – September 22
  • Element: Earth
  • Governing Planet: Mercury
  • Gemstone: Sapphire
  • Lucky Day: Wednesday
  • Symbol: The Maiden
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Ruled by: 6th House
  • Metal: Platinum
  • Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 11

Virgo Horoscope



February 2024 Monthly Horoscope

This February, Virgo, prepare for a cosmic rollercoaster that will redefine your path to fame and righteousness! As the stars align, you’ll find yourself at a crossroads between ambition and harmony, where the pursuit of recognition may lead to unnecessary conflicts, especially at work.

But fear not, your social sphere will be buzzing with positive energy, offering you perfect opportunities to reconnect with friends and enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

Embrace the need to educate yourself and unwind, as this month is about striking a balance between personal growth and maintaining relationships.

Capricorn’s energies will bolster your endeavors, ensuring that your projects and plans are not only successful but sustainable. However, beware of Saturn’s opposition; it’s a reminder to approach partnerships with caution and deliberation.

Your creativity and originality will be your greatest assets, helping you navigate through complex family dynamics and sparking a wave of innovation in your professional life. February promises a dance with luck, especially around the 11th and 12th, so keep your eyes open for opportunities to shine.

In matters of the heart, Venus’s journey through Capricorn and Aquarius will bring closeness and unexpected twists to your relationships. Career-wise, the celestial influence encourages you to harness your creativity and ambition.

While financial prospects may be challenging, focusing on your ambitions could lead to fulfilling achievements. Health-wise, the stars are in your favor, blessing you with good health and vitality.

So, Virgo, as you step into February, prepare to harness the energies of the universe, embrace the changes, and ride the waves of creativity and connection! This is your month to shine in every aspect of life.

February 2024 Highlights

This February, Virgo, you will feel a strong desire for fame and righteousness. Be cautious about unnecessary conflicts if someone opposes you during this period, particularly at work. While you may want to persuade people, avoid overdoing it, as it could negatively impact your professional relationships.

You’ll have great interactions with friends, but the month may hold you back occasionally. Recognize the need for self-improvement and relaxation.

For Virgo this February, it’s an ideal time to reconnect with friends. Plan a trip or invite them to your place. However, if visits become frequent, it might affect your privacy and make you uncomfortable. You’ll also take a more authoritative stance within your family and become an organizer.

Expect some challenges with your children; excessive correction may lead to more protests. Remember, less intervention can sometimes be more effective.

You will still receive support for your progress, with positive influences from Capricorn. The influence of Sagittarius will no longer be a hindrance, giving you more space for your endeavors. Mars, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn will favor your projects and interactions with future-focused individuals. This ensures that your actions are concrete and sustainable, allowing you to pursue your goals.

Despite the opposition from Saturn (which will be joined by the Sun on February 20 and Mercury on February 24), consider partnership offers, but examine them carefully. This February, Virgo, invest your time and effort into creative and original pursuits.

Your ingenuity will lead to innovative solutions for challenging topics. Your focus will also be on family matters, and luck will shine on your life, bringing profit.

You will be determined and deep, exploring art and new opportunities, both in art and your profession. You will connect with people who need your help, and your sensitivity will guide you. Affection from someone you care about will provide inspiration, reshaping your values and emphasizing emotional comfort.

You will embark on new projects with careful planning, benefiting from fate’s favor. On February 11th and 12th, luck will be on your side, making you shine in social settings. February 13th and 14th may introduce you to someone special.

February 22nd will highlight your originality, attracting the attention of those around you. On February 25th, you’ll recognize your sensitivity and offer help to those in need.

Dive into new spheres to expand your social circle and make friends. Dedicate time to family and strengthen bonds with those close to you. This month is perfect for expanding your professional endeavors and engaging in meaningful conversations, paving the way for success.

Virgo Love Horoscope for February

Until February 16, Venus in Capricorn will bring you closer to the people you care about, but it may also introduce a sense of relationship monotony. As Venus moves into Aquarius, expect subtle shifts in your love life. Embrace the unexpected and trust in the process. Your connection will find its footing, providing reassurance. Enjoy this period but remain vigilant.

Over time, your partner might find the routine tiresome, so be sure to inject some surprises into your relationship.

With Venus in Capricorn, you’ll draw nearer to someone who shares your ambitions. As the month ends, remember not to jump to conclusions about others’ intentions, whether voluntary or coercive. Stay calm and composed.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Ensure that you leverage your creativity to pursue the career goals you hold dear. The energies of Capricorn will be invaluable in supporting both your professional endeavors and your financial stability. Your dreams will start to materialize, dispelling pessimism, from February through February 23rd.

However, during this time, both Saturn and Neptune will challenge not only you but also your professional courage. Avoid getting bogged down in minutiae; maintain focus and heed your inner voice. Act in the interest of others and your superiors.

The month promises excellence, enabling you to work more effectively than ever. Your career is on an upward trajectory, and this February, you’ll shine as a leader, reaping rewards from your subordinates or juniors. While you won’t need to toil excessively, you’ll still reap the benefits.

There’s a strong likelihood of travel, with the East being the most favorable direction for your gains. Someone may extend a favor that propels your career forward. It’s an excellent month, so set your ambitions high; they’re likely to be fulfilled.

However, the stars offer no encouraging signs for your financial prospects. If you’re caught in a dispute or litigation, anticipate outcomes that may not be in your favor. Exercise caution and consider postponing decisions until a more favorable period arises.

Some among you may exhibit a tendency to exploit subordinates and workers for personal gain, but this will only breed resistance and an unpleasant atmosphere. Firmly curb such inclinations, as failing to do so will only implicate yourself in the discord.

Your Wellbeing This Month

This month promises excellence, leading to improved functioning, particularly in your career, which will soar to new heights. You’ll feel like a more effective leader, reaping various benefits from your subordinates, all without overworking yourself.

Anticipate the realization of long-awaited gains. There may also be ample travel opportunities, with an eastward direction being favorable. The support of an elder individual could pave the way for significant career success.

Don’t hesitate to pursue your dreams, as this month offers excellent prospects. Education seekers will find the stars favoring their endeavors, particularly those in technical fields who will exhibit enhanced dexterity and skills, achieving notable successes.

Students in hospitality and the arts will excel, and those preparing for competitive exams can expect success with some effort.


February bodes well for your health, as the stars are favorably inclined towards your well-being. If you have chronic conditions like constipation or rheumatism, expect faster relief. To avoid health issues, exercise caution and take good care of yourself.

Even if you’re prone to acute problems like inflammation or fever, anticipate relief, as there should be no major health concerns during this period. Simply remain vigilant and prioritize self-care.

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2024 Yearly Horoscope

In 2024, Virgos are set for a transformative journey through love, career, family, and health, as the celestial bodies align to guide their path. Saturn's presence in Virgo's relationship house signals a pivotal year.

Choices between deepening commitments, like marriage and children, or letting go of unfulfilling relationships, will be at the forefront. Love, in its liberating essence, will demand efforts, yet promise a start filled with wonder and happiness.

As the year unfolds, Virgos will find their romantic lives flourishing under the stars' benevolent gaze. Balance and serenity are key as they navigate through the ebbs and flows of relationships.

The seasons bring their own challenges and opportunities: a transformative spring, an autumn of introspection, and a winter of steadfast commitment. Social and familial ties strengthen, urging Virgos to expand their circles and embrace new connections.

The love horizon for Virgo in 2024 is a blend of stability and introspection. Established relationships may take significant leaps, with marriage on the cards for some.

However, celestial movements also forecast potential misunderstandings and the need for clear communication, especially mid-year. Single Virgos might find distractions in fleeting romances, but true love seems to be waiting at the year's end.

Professionally, 2024 is a year of reaping rewards for Virgos. Hard work and sincerity in their endeavors will lead to success, though caution is advised in new business ventures. The academic and competitive pursuits look promising, especially for those seeking education abroad or in technical fields.

Family and social life are also highlighted, with the beginning of the year bringing harmony and support from family, especially maternal figures. Social engagements will enhance Virgo's prestige, and journeys, including pilgrimages, are highly auspicious.

However, health requires attention, especially at the start of the year. Dietary care and mindfulness in daily activities are crucial. Relief and improvement in health are expected post-April, as Jupiter casts a favorable aspect.

In essence, 2024 for Virgo is a year of profound growth and choices, a dance with destiny under the watchful eyes of the planets. It's a journey through love's complexities, career milestones, familial bliss, and the pursuit of health and inner peace. A year where every Virgo will find their unique rhythm in the cosmic ballet.

Saturn in Virgo's relationship house will either make or break the year for many. You may choose to commit fully, like getting married or having children. Other Virgos might decide to end a relationship where they've been compromising.

Love will bring liberation. You'll be asked to put in effort, but the year seems to start amazingly. Your private life will take up much of your time, positively influenced by the stars. Stay balanced and find serenity.

Before summer, a reignited passion will transform you, leaving you feeling as if you're on a cloud. Happiness is just around the corner, and you'll relish the feeling. Autumn will introduce disturbances, allowing you to reassess past decisions.

Winter calls for commitment, with a rich social and family life awaiting. Do you need to make new friends? Don't worry, the planets are aligned with your desires. You'll form various connections and won't be bored.

Planetary influences will boost your encouragement and positivity, especially when expanding your network. Avoid possessiveness, as it may hinder you temporarily. Share more, even if it's challenging. Your relationships will remain peaceful throughout the year.

Post-holidays, you'll enter the new year in great shape, with strong morale and peak mental clarity. Come spring, your energy might dip, and everyday fatigue could slow you down, but this won't last long. As a Virgo, you'll focus more on your weight this year.

To maintain balance, organize your diet and limit fat intake. This year promises luck, so seize the opportunities the stars send, particularly for your projects. Believe in yourself and your potential; never doubt your qualities.

Virgo Love Horoscope 2024

In 2024, Virgos, your love life may not be impulsive. Focus will be on self-development, improving your desires and preferences. If you're in a relationship, spend more time with your partner, showing love and appreciation while managing your business.

The year starts strong for couples who found love soaring in 2023, leading you to consider marriage and possibly plan a wedding. The Sun's presence in Capricorn will deepen your relationship, enhancing attraction towards your partner.

However, on March 14th, the Sun's transit into Pisces may cause misunderstandings with your partner, making you appear distant. It's important to communicate that this isn't their fault. Your efforts here will be supported as the Sun enters Aries on April 14th, continuing until the end of July.

Mars entering Libra on June 22nd will energize relationships. Yet, beware of miscommunications when Mercury enters Leo on July 27th. Unstable thoughts may lead to unfairly blaming your partner. Stay in control and understand the chaos you might be causing.

Trust issues, especially when Venus enters Virgo on August 25th, can stagnate your relationship. Resist temptations and resolve any issues to save your relationship.

For single Virgos, distractions from sexual desires may arise. If you've been out of the dating scene, focus on other aspects of life. Venus in Virgo might lead you towards bad company, increasing desires but not necessarily leading to long-term happiness.

By the year's end, focus on finding new love as work stability, increased energy from others, and happiness will be in your favor.

Virgo Career Horoscope 2024

In the beginning of the year, you will reap the rewards of your hard work and professionalism. The more effort and sincerity you put into your creative endeavors, the more success you'll achieve. However, with Rahu in your 7th House, expect some changes in your professional life.

Avoid starting new business ventures during this period, as hidden forces may create obstacles, possibly due to Jupiter's presence in your 8th House. After April, the situation will become more favorable. You will find success in your career, and businesses will see significant returns. Those employed will gain recognition in their workplaces.


Avoid forming new partnerships this year, and focus on what the year offers in terms of career and competitive examinations. Saturn in your 6th House will bring success in exams and competitions, making it an ideal time for pursuing higher education abroad.

For those in electronics or hardware, this year will be particularly promising. You'll overcome challenges and may find new employment opportunities. Post-April, higher education will bring additional benefits.

The year will start with moderate favorability regarding property and wealth. You will likely acquire property and vehicles.

From this month onward, Jupiter in your 9th House indicates economic improvement. Jupiter's favorable transit will increase your income and savings, though you may spend more on social events. If you have children, anticipate an increase in their wealth as well.

Family and Social Life Predictions for the Maiden Sign

At the start of the year, family life appears auspicious. Jupiter's influence on the 2nd and 4th Houses suggests peace at work and harmonious family communication. Your mother, in particular, will be a great support.

However, Rahu in the 7th House may cause issues in your romantic relationships and could affect your spouse's health. This placement might also lead to travel for work purposes. After April, social engagements will increase, enhancing your prestige, respect, and even fame. Harmonious interactions with younger siblings will boost your influence and power.

Travel-wise, the year is very favorable. With Saturn and Jupiter in your 12th House, trips to foreign countries are highly advised. Jupiter in your 9th House also indicates that pilgrimages will be auspicious.

Virgo Health in 2024

The year begins without significant health benefits. Jupiter in your 8th House, along with Rahu's aspect on the Ascendant, may cause health fluctuations. Expect some bone discomfort, possibly due to bad weather.

If you have pre-existing health conditions, take all necessary precautions. Pay attention to your diet and daily activities. After April, Jupiter's aspect on the Ascendant will improve your health and lead to more mature thoughts. You may find increased interest in religion, providing mental peace and physical relief.

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Virgo Personality Traits

Virgos are industrious people who usually get the job done well from the beginning, as they pay great attention to details and always have a plan. More than this, they’re driven to work hard and don’t just daydream, especially when focused.

It’s unlikely for them to make a decision when not knowing every fact. Shy and reserved when going out, they prefer situations in which they have to deal with only one person and don’t like going to parties that much.

Positives and Negatives

The planet that rules the sign of Virgo is Mercury, which means people born in this sign are a little bit nervous and restless. However, while Geminis are like this, the Virgos aren’t.

On the contrary, these natives seem very calm and composed on the outside. However, on the inside, they’re intense and want to bring their order to the world. It’s like they can’t sit still until everything is organized and working perfectly.

Since they have an analytical mind, it’s easy for them to find solutions to any problem. More than this, they have an eye for details and can notice what’s unseen.

Clever and very honest, they always speak what’s on their mind and don’t hide the unsettling truth. They give too much importance to being sincere to ever lie.

If they have promised something, no one can stop them from fulfilling that promise, so they’re very reliable. Rational and perfectionists, they don’t give up until their tasks have been properly completed.

What makes them unlikable is their tendency to criticize others too much. This is why many people see them as petty, not to mention they’re usually not taking others’ opinions into consideration.

The worriers of the zodiac, it’s very easy for them to end up suffering from hypochondria. When trying too much to get things done perfectly, they’re annoying and nagging. The fact that they’re always judging doesn’t help them either.

These negative traits of theirs can have them unwanted at social gatherings and different events. Aside from all this, they’re also conservative and traditionalists. Changes that are meant to revolutionize don’t impress them at all.

Virgo Love and Compatibility

Since they’re very analytical, Virgos have the tendency to size people up, assessing their positive and negative traits, even when it comes to love. They don’t do this because their mean, they just can’t avoid paying attention to every little detail, which usually has them seeming intimidating for others.

What’s even more interesting about them is that they’re not like this only with others, but with themselves too. It can be said they’re their own worse critic. When having to deal with what seems imperfect to them, they become restless and worried.

People born in Virgo also happen to be very wise and to possess a unique innocence that can only be seen in children. As far as love goes, they’re old-fashioned and romantic, wanting to fulfil their fantasies and to meet a person who can make them fall in love very intensely.

It doesn’t matter if they are renowned scientists or military leaders, they all want the sweetest type of love. However, this doesn’t mean a partner who can fulfil their fantasies and isn’t practical can be by their side for too long. For example, Virgos wouldn’t stand being with someone who isn’t always well groomed.

Besides, they’re attracted to intelligent people who can hold on to a long-term relationship without straying. It’s unlikely for a Virgo to be with someone who doesn’t know how to keep a conversation going. People born in this sign like being courted.

They want something serious and don’t like one-night stands. What they’re looking for is the “real thing”. Besides, they need their family to approve of their partner because they like parading the person they’re with in front of their loved ones.

While sentimental and romantic, Virgos are firstly practical and down-to-earth. They’re the most compatible with Tauruses, Cancers, Scorpios and Capricorns. Tauruses can make them feel secure and at peace, not to mention they can guide them when times are tough. Problems may appear when the Virgo is being standoff and pushes the Bull away.

But their marriage is meant to last for sure. The signs Virgos are not at all compatible with are Aries, Gemini, Pisces, Aquarius, Leo and Sagittarius. If they happen to end up with one of them, things may turn into a disaster sooner than later.

When two Virgos are together, their life is usually happy because they both know what the other is feeling. More than this, they’re very practical and can get things done the way they both want.

Career and Money

Practical, attentive to details and always ready to work very hard, Virgos know which are the best solutions to any problem. They’re also methodical, so they thrive in an environment in which they need to organize things, to take care of paperwork and to use both their mind and their craftiness.

When focused, these natives can get a job done perfectly, as they have a very efficient way of handling every little detail. Since they’re avid readers and artistic, they could decide to become critics.

They also have a need to help others, so they could work in the healthcare environment or be psychologists. It doesn’t matter what they decide to do for a living, they usually become successful very rapidly, as they’re dedicated to their work and know how to take advantage of opportunities.

Besides, they don’t have a problem taking orders and usually help their colleagues when these happen to have a problem. They will take care of every detail that’s related to their project, not to mention they can be very efficient when working in teams or having to make decisions for others.

Their colleagues will always love them because they’re the ones to take care of the most difficult tasks and to give a hand. Virgos are all about practicality and the methods that have worked before.

As far as money goes, they usually put something aside for a rainy day and don’t spend it irrationally. This means they don’t spoil themselves and go for what seems practical or cost-effective. However, this can make them seem a little bit cheap, especially when they worry too much about the future and don’t indulge in pleasure from time to time.

Health Aspects

When it comes to the internal ruling, the Virgo rules the abdomen with the intestines, the solar plexus, the spleen, the liver’s lower part, the generative organs and the portal veins. Externally, this sign is the ruler of hands, nails and umbilicus, whereas structurally, the carpal bones.

Almost obsessed with their own health, Virgos are giving their best to always be fit, so they’re the ones to regularly exercise or play a sport that isn’t necessarily competitive. They want to be perfectly skilled at something, so they may do physical exercises in the most correct manner.

The Virgo also rules the respiratory system, the sinuses and the bowels. This is why they usually suffer from allergies and colds, constipation and intestinal problems.

Friendship and Family

Most of the time, Virgos are the ones to whom others come for advice because they really know how to solve problems. All this means they’re useful and eager to help, even if they can find a fault in everything and everyone.

Those who happen to be in their life will always be nurtured and supported by them, but they don’t hang out with people who haven’t earned their trust. These natives’ relationships are usually relaxed and loving, yet Virgos are never needy.

They just like spending their time with the people they love the most, not to mention they’re always ready to give a hand to those in need. Giving a lot of importance to family, Virgos will do everything in their power to keep their spouses, children, parents and relatives happy.

The fact that they’re nosy and a little bit intrusive can bring some drama into the life they’re having with others, but not too much to become a serious problem.

Very attentive to what people they love the most need, Virgos also respect traditions and are very responsible. They will always talk about how their parents raised them and about their ancestors.