Virgo Horoscope and Traits

Virgo SymbolName attributes like attentive, logical and practical as the top qualities of every proud Virgo sign and you would not be wrong. Sparing no thought or effort when it comes to their goals, these people have a deep-rooted presence in the material world and a systematic approach to life matters.

Virgo Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: August 23 – September 22
  • Element: Earth
  • Governing Planet: Mercury
  • Gemstone: Sapphire
  • Lucky Day: Wednesday
  • Symbol: The Maiden
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Ruled by: 6th House
  • Metal: Platinum
  • Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 11

Virgo Horoscope


July 12, 2020 – It seems that you are barely surprised by anything this Sunday and your attitude will generally be to take everything as it comes without too much consideration.

This on one hand will help you avoid any unnecessary stress but might also put you in the situation to accept being part to certain activities, things you might end up regretting eventually, just because you didn’t put that extra thought in.


July 13, 2020 – This is a good time for activities in the outdoor for you, regardless of how the weather is in your region. So don’t be surprised if I’m asking you to get out in some rather extreme conditions, at least have a walk.

It will be good for your mind if not also for your body. Another way of getting some balance might be through a sport so don’t avoid such activities either.

July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

In July, those born under the sign of the Virgo seem to go through a dramatic, possibly wonderful, transformation of their love life, to renew their connections with friends, to clarify some doubts about their inner world.

Virgos want to make decisions on their own and stop listening to the advice of those around them. This can put them in front of quite serious discussions with family members. It is possible towards the end of this month to get a significant amount of money that will help them fulfil an older wish.

Dear Virgo, you may face some problems in terms of married life. Try not to despair, because things can be solved through communication. It is also important to learn to work in a team and pay more attention to those around you.

July 2020 highlights

This period will be quite peaceful, and Virgo will be able to pay attention to practical things. Traveling and vacationing with loved ones is now more than appropriate. You will have great fun and strengthen your ties. However, keep in mind that July, with its energy, may bring into your life a person who may not be very sincere. Not everyone has an open heart and meeting a liar could overwhelm you.

Under the influence of a strong moral conscience, Libra will finally resolve its priorities in July. Both in professional and personal life. A feeling of liberation awaits you. Finally, you have set your priorities and you can continue your plan. If you don’t give up, you will definitely reach your goal.

Advice for key dates in July:

Around the 3rd: Put some emotional distance between you and someone toxic in your life.

Around the 9th: Worry less about collaborations and work more independently.

Around the 15th: Oportunities can only arise if you are truly open to embracing them.

Around the 22nd: Time for work and responsibilities not slacking around.

Around the 30th: No need to divide between home and personal hobbies, you can do both just as well.

Virgo love horoscope for July

This month, please remember that love needs to be cultivated, nurtured, by re-evaluating the way it is received and given …

If you have a life partner, it may be necessary to defeat the impression that he or she is paying too little attention to you, and rather to examine whether and how you deserve his or her love, if you prove yourself quite often and with expressiveness, eloquence, how much it means to you.

In the event that you aspire to get involved in a fling of some kind, it is necessary to drive away from your soul the feeling that you are not appreciated, that you are neglected or ignored by the person whose heart you want to conquer.

The desire arises to have more confidence in yourself, to first learn to love yourself so as to attract someone else’s love!

Career horoscope

Your approaches in the professional and financial spheres are favored by your collaborations with people with the same objectives as you!

Under the vibrations of the new Moon occurring on the 20th in the sign of Cancer, it may be necessary to get rid of a veil of mystery, secrets, with which you surround your projects, aspirations. Especially the people who care about you need to clarify your status, what your real interests are!

In the last decade of July, you have the opportunity to get rid of old inner burdens, which hinder your evolution mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

You may sometimes feel drained of energy when you are around many people, and you need to revitalize yourself, to energize yourself alone. You seem to be wary of the spotlight and to take on a secondary role on the world stage for the time being!

Your wellbeing this month

The stars encourage you to act according to your feelings this month, instead of analyzing them in the cold, in the freezer. Excessive splitting of the thread into four can restrict your spontaneity. Once again, you are encouraged to be yourself, without making concessions to others!

After a while of separating weed from wheat in friendships, you know for sure what people you can trust. All you have to do is to strengthen your connections with true friends, especially since, in a short time, you will need their consistent support.

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2020 Yearly Horoscope

Virgos won’t experience too many changes in 2020 and this is actually a good sign. Family relationships will be peaceful and relaxed, while their financial situation will remain stable and secure. They won’t receive a promotion this year, nor will anything important happen in their career.

As the horoscope for 2020 says, Virgo natives will receive new motivation to ponder on their own desires. They want to know themselves more, to put in more effort at work, and to figure out how they could discipline themselves.

Establishing a concrete and stable program might help with productivity and efficiency, while they’ll also get more time to enjoy life as a whole.

They’re always helping others, trying to learn from mistakes and receive inspiration for the lives of others. In such a way, they manage to discover their own limitations and put their skills to good use.

This year, Virgos might go for a change. In a way that is counterintuitive to their own natural state. Namely, they will become impulsive and rushed with their decisions, despite their naturally realistic and rational nature.

Romance and relationships won’t play out as good as they’d have wanted. This might cause a break-up or a rift appearing. Moreover, financially disadvantageous circumstances will lead them to bankruptcy. They’ll lose money, and enter conflicts with their coworkers.

They have to be patient and think very carefully before going with a certain plan. Important decisions have to be weighed and analyzed. Virgos are decision-makers most of the time, and their natural rationalism will be essential here.

2020 isn’t going to bring them any over-the-top positive surprises, so they can expect hardships and obstacles coming their way. This will push them to overcome their boundaries and limitations, think outside the box, and become better than ever before.

Come next February, the influence of Jupiter and Neptune will start to be felt, making these Virgos that much more imaginative and creative. March brings planet Saturn into direct interference with Uranus, bringing Virgos that much closer to satisfaction and independence.

They’ll have the resources and abilities to achieve their goals, to fulfill their deepest desires, and to achieve a state of balance between work and love. The foundations of their future life will be set in 2020.

Virgo Love Horoscope 2020

Many things will change this year. For instance, you will no longer tolerate toxic relationships or partners that waste your potential. If need be, you’ll break up and start a new life, go down a new road. This time, you won’t regret any decisive choice you make.

This is a year that encourages you to start it all over again, to use your intuition, and to discover your mysterious self. Become who you want to be, look for new partners, and realize that relationships have their pros and cons. Halfway through the year, you might find yourself trying to come back to a partner you left.

Single or not, you will still give it your all to find a partner and fulfill your romantic desires. Luck is on your side as well, bringing you ever closer to that special someone.

Many opportunities and admirers will come your way. Especially after the first five or six months of the year.

Virgos that are already engaged in relationships will want to take it to the next level, perhaps marry or have a child. In any case, if they want to make some headway, they’ll first have to take it easy and let the relationship discover itself.

Relationships will need to be nurtured and taken care of if they are to progress. You need to put in the effort if you want to be happy.

Communicate better with your partner, become more intimate, share plans and ideas for the future. Become more in control of your own emotions.

Health & Wellbeing in 2020

It’s all good for Virgos in 2020 when it comes to health and wellbeing. They’re cheerful, happy, and determined to reach their professional goals. Nothing will stand in their way. With so much energy and impetus, they will change their future one way or another.

However, they have to do it the smart way. They have to take care of their health. Some of the planets will provide a natural healing ability that stays with them all year long but they’ll have to exercise to be healthy for good.

Efficiency and productivity can only be achieved with the self-discipline to work and relax in equal measures. Rushing out ahead doesn’t do any good other than exhausting your energy. Think beforehand when you’re going to work, and when’s a good time to relax.

Virgo Finances in 2020

Manage your finances. That’s pretty much what you have to do during 2020. It is the single most important piece of advice you’re going to receive. Keep a close track of your income and spending habits, and try to reduce the latter.

Unexpected situations might ask for the money you don’t have, and it’s all going to spiral down to a disastrous situation.

Save for the future, invest your money so you have a more stable and secure lifestyle in the future. Live beneath your means if you can, just so you can save more money. During the first part of 2020, you’ll be making loads of money anyway.

Virgo Career 2020

Changes will take place within your workplace. It might not be a new job but you’ll certainly change your routine or way you do things. Technology will progress amazingly the next year, and you might want to invest in it to make some money.

When it comes to communication, you aren’t exactly entertaining cordial relationships with your coworkers. Romantic relationships will suffer from the same issue. You are enjoying the time off, and excitement decides for you.

Virgo natives will make some headway in their professional goals this year. Changing jobs is not going to happen though. In any case, if they want to see anything concrete, they’ll have to wait until halfway through the year to reap some rewards.

They will have a clearer and more concise vision on their professional goals, and they’ll be able to apply this new-found power on their tasks, plans and strategies. Those will be the essential tools of the trade when it comes to building a new future for themselves.

Must Remember

Don’t deviate from your path. If you’ve chosen something, stick with it because it’s much closer to your goals than you think. Achieve your goals, soar to the skies, and make all your dreams come true. Simply take the initiative and do something in this sense.

Jupiter makes your family life more peaceful, happy and balanced over the long term. Everything will be smooth, and halfway through the year, your family will become more intimate because of certain social circumstances.

Priorities: you need to establish some if you want to be successful and productive. Try to nurture your relationships, all of them. Accept advice, be receptive to emotions and requests.

Virgos will travel a lot, especially when it comes to fulfilling some professional tasks. They’ll accomplish that which they came for, and fulfill everyone’s expectations. Saturn makes it possible for them to change workplaces as well.

It’s a good time for some to learn new skills, gain more knowledge on certain topics, and enlarge their perspective on the world.

With confidence, determination, ambition, and perseverance, they will take the initiative, and fulfill their dreams, professional or romantic. The world opens its vast expanses in front of Virgos in 2020.

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Virgo Personality Traits

Virgos are industrious people who usually get the job done well from the beginning, as they pay great attention to details and always have a plan. More than this, they’re driven to work hard and don’t just daydream, especially when focused.

It’s unlikely for them to make a decision when not knowing every fact. Shy and reserved when going out, they prefer situations in which they have to deal with only one person and don’t like going to parties that much.

Positives and Negatives

The planet that rules the sign of Virgo is Mercury, which means people born in this sign are a little bit nervous and restless. However, while Geminis are like this, the Virgos aren’t.

On the contrary, these natives seem very calm and composed on the outside. However, on the inside, they’re intense and want to bring their order to the world. It’s like they can’t sit still until everything is organized and working perfectly.

Since they have an analytical mind, it’s easy for them to find solutions to any problem. More than this, they have an eye for details and can notice what’s unseen.

Clever and very honest, they always speak what’s on their mind and don’t hide the unsettling truth. They give too much importance to being sincere to ever lie.

If they have promised something, no one can stop them from fulfilling that promise, so they’re very reliable. Rational and perfectionists, they don’t give up until their tasks have been properly completed.

What makes them unlikable is their tendency to criticize others too much. This is why many people see them as petty, not to mention they’re usually not taking others’ opinions into consideration.

The worriers of the zodiac, it’s very easy for them to end up suffering from hypochondria. When trying too much to get things done perfectly, they’re annoying and nagging. The fact that they’re always judging doesn’t help them either.

These negative traits of theirs can have them unwanted at social gatherings and different events. Aside from all this, they’re also conservative and traditionalists. Changes that are meant to revolutionize don’t impress them at all.

Virgo Love and Compatibility

Since they’re very analytical, Virgos have the tendency to size people up, assessing their positive and negative traits, even when it comes to love. They don’t do this because their mean, they just can’t avoid paying attention to every little detail, which usually has them seeming intimidating for others.

What’s even more interesting about them is that they’re not like this only with others, but with themselves too. It can be said they’re their own worse critic. When having to deal with what seems imperfect to them, they become restless and worried.

People born in Virgo also happen to be very wise and to possess a unique innocence that can only be seen in children. As far as love goes, they’re old-fashioned and romantic, wanting to fulfil their fantasies and to meet a person who can make them fall in love very intensely.

It doesn’t matter if they are renowned scientists or military leaders, they all want the sweetest type of love. However, this doesn’t mean a partner who can fulfil their fantasies and isn’t practical can be by their side for too long. For example, Virgos wouldn’t stand being with someone who isn’t always well groomed.

Besides, they’re attracted to intelligent people who can hold on to a long-term relationship without straying. It’s unlikely for a Virgo to be with someone who doesn’t know how to keep a conversation going. People born in this sign like being courted.

They want something serious and don’t like one-night stands. What they’re looking for is the “real thing”. Besides, they need their family to approve of their partner because they like parading the person they’re with in front of their loved ones.

While sentimental and romantic, Virgos are firstly practical and down-to-earth. They’re the most compatible with Tauruses, Cancers, Scorpios and Capricorns. Tauruses can make them feel secure and at peace, not to mention they can guide them when times are tough. Problems may appear when the Virgo is being standoff and pushes the Bull away.

But their marriage is meant to last for sure. The signs Virgos are not at all compatible with are Aries, Gemini, Pisces, Aquarius, Leo and Sagittarius. If they happen to end up with one of them, things may turn into a disaster sooner than later.

When two Virgos are together, their life is usually happy because they both know what the other is feeling. More than this, they’re very practical and can get things done the way they both want.

Career and Money

Practical, attentive to details and always ready to work very hard, Virgos know which are the best solutions to any problem. They’re also methodical, so they thrive in an environment in which they need to organize things, to take care of paperwork and to use both their mind and their craftiness.

When focused, these natives can get a job done perfectly, as they have a very efficient way of handling every little detail. Since they’re avid readers and artistic, they could decide to become critics.

They also have a need to help others, so they could work in the healthcare environment or be psychologists. It doesn’t matter what they decide to do for a living, they usually become successful very rapidly, as they’re dedicated to their work and know how to take advantage of opportunities.

Besides, they don’t have a problem taking orders and usually help their colleagues when these happen to have a problem. They will take care of every detail that’s related to their project, not to mention they can be very efficient when working in teams or having to make decisions for others.

Their colleagues will always love them because they’re the ones to take care of the most difficult tasks and to give a hand. Virgos are all about practicality and the methods that have worked before.

As far as money goes, they usually put something aside for a rainy day and don’t spend it irrationally. This means they don’t spoil themselves and go for what seems practical or cost-effective. However, this can make them seem a little bit cheap, especially when they worry too much about the future and don’t indulge in pleasure from time to time.

Health Aspects

When it comes to the internal ruling, the Virgo rules the abdomen with the intestines, the solar plexus, the spleen, the liver’s lower part, the generative organs and the portal veins. Externally, this sign is the ruler of hands, nails and umbilicus, whereas structurally, the carpal bones.

Almost obsessed with their own health, Virgos are giving their best to always be fit, so they’re the ones to regularly exercise or play a sport that isn’t necessarily competitive. They want to be perfectly skilled at something, so they may do physical exercises in the most correct manner.

The Virgo also rules the respiratory system, the sinuses and the bowels. This is why they usually suffer from allergies and colds, constipation and intestinal problems.

Friendship and Family

Most of the time, Virgos are the ones to whom others come for advice because they really know how to solve problems. All this means they’re useful and eager to help, even if they can find a fault in everything and everyone.

Those who happen to be in their life will always be nurtured and supported by them, but they don’t hang out with people who haven’t earned their trust. These natives’ relationships are usually relaxed and loving, yet Virgos are never needy.

They just like spending their time with the people they love the most, not to mention they’re always ready to give a hand to those in need. Giving a lot of importance to family, Virgos will do everything in their power to keep their spouses, children, parents and relatives happy.

The fact that they’re nosy and a little bit intrusive can bring some drama into the life they’re having with others, but not too much to become a serious problem.

Very attentive to what people they love the most need, Virgos also respect traditions and are very responsible. They will always talk about how their parents raised them and about their ancestors.