Taurus Horoscope and Traits

Taurus SymbolSurprising, focused and ambitious but also relaxed and wise, no wonder the Taurus is the best at ensuring a comfortable and pampered life. Steadfast and loyal in nature, these people prioritize consistency and stability in most of their life aspects and tend to preach the same to those dear.

Taurus Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: April 20 – May 20
  • Element: Earth
  • Governing Planet: Venus
  • Gemstone: Emerald
  • Lucky Day: Friday
  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Ruled by: 2nd House
  • Metal: Copper
  • Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 6

Taurus Horoscope


September 17, 2021 – The current disposition looks at how much romance you can add into your life, especially if you are somewhat forced to make up for lost time.

This might bring some superficiality and lack of emotions in this Friday’s actions but nonetheless, you are putting an effort in this direction and this should be appreciated as much as possible.


September 18, 2021 – The current disposition might put some roadblocks in front of emotional communications that you take part in this Saturday.

This may be why you are feeling more confused than ever and why it is hard to get to grips with what is being told. Natives with siblings might enter into some discussions that are rather conflictual because of this.

September 2021 Monthly Horoscope

It doesn’t matter if you believe love at first sight exists or not, you will have a month’s beginning in which things are going the way you want them to. In case you don’t want things between you and the person you like to go fast, just talk to him or her, you will be listened to.

You are sweet and sensitive in a rather rustic manner, as you want warmth and calmness in your relationship. When it comes to your self-confidence, this is going to flourish. Regardless of the fact that you and your partner may have different expectations, agreement will prevail in the couple.

When it comes to family matters, you need to settle the accounts in this sector. Don’t wait for anything, be daring and look for what you want. Be competitive and go to unusual places to meet people. Change your daily routine because you won’t regret doing so. Believe in yourself and your life will be perfect.

September 2021 Highlights

People born in the sign of Taurus will feel this month that they have heavy obligation that they must fulfil, especially if it’s for them to accomplish their goals. Therefore, they’re going to realize how dedicated and organized they need to be.

Laziness is not an option because it would only bring chaos into their existence. September is a month that’s going to bring you the most interesting opportunity for showing yourself and achieving your goals.

You will be focused, have a good plan and enough motivation to follow the path you’re on. This will have you doing a great job at work, so your bosses are going to be very pleased with your performance.

You may even be assigned projects you were dreaming of working on, as well as moved to a department you really like working for.

Taurus Love Horoscope for September

A very interesting time period for Tauruses as far as love goes. Venus and Mercury entering the 7th House of Aries on September 14th is going to promote communication in the romantic relationship.

Dialogue is going to be very important for Bulls to feel balanced, as the stellium or accumulation of planets in the 7th House of Aries may bring some tension in the career sector.

Single Tauruses will be influenced by Mercury and Venus transits in the 7th House to have more opportunities of establishing a relationship with someone who suits them from both an intellectual and physical point of view.

The Sun in the 7th House of Aries, on September 23rd, is going to reinforce this trend, whereas the New Moon in the sign of Libra, on September 28th, is going to touch the astral map’s love sector too.

Career and Finances Horoscope

The aspects tackled when it comes to the romantic relationships will also be important for the career area. This means Tauruses need to be more responsible when making love decision, to understand that making a mistake can have the most negative consequences.

Keep in mind that others’ opinions matter too, regardless of how much they’re not agreeing with you and the way you’re thinking. Don’t hesitate to sign contracts and make financial commitments. In case you were dreaming about starting a business,

September can be the month in which this happens, as you seem to be very prosperous for the entire time. Besides, your intuition as far as finances go is very strong. In case you have more money than usually, make investments.

For the entire month, you will earn a lot, the 1st fortnight being favorable for earning and spending what’s in the pocket for having fun. The 2nd fortnight is favorable for making more money at work, expect your salary to increase or to receive bonuses.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Facing some difficulties at work and in their emotional life, Tauruses are going to be impatient and very restless. They may not notice how their nervous system is being affected by this and the fact that they’re annoyed or always irritated.

Some Bulls will have a problem with their self-esteem, problems they have had been dealing with for some time.

You need to learn how to accept who you are, to care about yourself and no longer blame others for the mistakes you’re making. This is an important lesson being thought to you, so take note of it.

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2022 Yearly Horoscope

2022 brings promises of being an excellent year for those Taurus who are working. They should expect to get promoted and earn more money. Business ventures they have kept on hold are going to become active again.

Therefore, you’re going to succeed, even if you’ll try more than ever to accommodate others’ opinions. Venus is going to bring stimulation to your love life, and there are good chances for pregnancy.

The planets Mars and Jupiter are going to bring harmony and peace into your relationships. You’ll be encouraged by your friends to take your projects to an end, whereas Jupiter will help you be successful.

Mars will improve your health and have you very passionate about a new hobby. Since you were hoping in the past few years to advance in your career, it seems that this is going to happen in the beginning of 2022, as your good luck will arrive. Therefore, expect to get promoted and to earn more money.

Everything you’re doing is going to attract you many followers, so you’ll progress no matter what. You will be in the center of attention, so count on that.

In 2022, Taurses are going to see things getting much better for them. They need to keep their mind open and to not blindly follow others. As far as career goes, they will be appreciated, and they will see improvements.

Furthermore, their financial situation is going to be sound. Marriage will be favored by your planetary position in the 2nd quarter of the year. Some people may try to trick you, so don’t believe everything you’re being told.

Taurus Love Horoscope 2022

In the past few years, your love life has been in fact going through a time period of renewal and purification. You have been experiencing an act of balance in which your dreams and passions were not the same with the ones of your other half, so you have been searching for something that your partner didn’t.

You have learned tough lessons on compromising, and you may be feeling the results of these lesson in 2022 too. At least your love life will be stable because of this.

More than this, since your 7th House of Marriage is going to be rather inactive, expect the calendar to foster an order that has already been established.

Single Bulls won’t want to be with someone, whereas the married ones will not even think about ever getting a divorce. Starting with October 23rd, social and love passions are going to be more outstanding.

Singles will get a chance to meet someone special during their outings. Marriage will seem easy to achieve yet won’t be too important. All this will happen to Tauruses who haven’t been married before.

Those of them who are their 2nd or 3rd marriage, or perhaps looking to get married for the 2nd or 3rd time will have many admirers in 2022. Someone highly educated, popular and rich is going to come into your life, becoming your mentor and the person whom you’re admiring the most.

He or she will earn a lot of money by activating in the fields of tech or science. Your life can be absolutely superb, even if things won’t happen fast. You may analyze your connection more than ever in April, and if you will still be with the same person after this time period, as well as after the tests in June and October, then things can get more serious than they are.

Bulls on their 3rd relationships should expect things to happen slowly for them. You may discover that you need to be extra cautious, even if you have a need for something long-term and stable.

You will get what you want by being patient and analyzing things. Also, you need to make sure you’re not getting together with someone who isn’t meant for you.

Be cautious in your friendships too, as many of your pals may end up disappointing you. Don’t confuse your acquaintances with your friends. Some people are just business partners or associates.

They’re not also your best friends. Genuine friendships are built on mutual understanding and common hopes and dreams. Your real friends want you to be happy.

If you’re not sure about who’s your friend and who isn’t, take your time to evaluate the people surrounding you. There may be phony individuals in your proximity, so try and avoid them.

You don’t need to have an army of friends who don’t know a thing about you, as you only need a few people who truly care about your life. One of your siblings may go through a disaster marriage this year.

Taurus Career Horoscope 2022

On February 2nd, Neptune is going to end its transit through Aquarius. While in your 10th Solar House of status and career, you have very likely noticed this mysterious planet’s all facets.

Neptune is famous for bringing about confusion and being the ruler of illusion, yet at the same time, it’s also creative, glamorous and inspiring. For January 2022, take your time to reflect on the events it brings about, especially the ones happening to you in the past 14 years.

While Neptune moves into the sign of Pisces, which is your 11th Solar House, learn some important lessons this plane has to teach you. Until 2025, which is when Neptune will end its Pisces transit, you’re going to make many connections.

Some if your friends are going to inspire you to achieve all your goals, but there will also be some who are going to disappoint you. Just be cautious when inviting someone into your life.

Never trust first impressions. Use this transit to become part of a group and to work in teams. At the same time, you could just take Neptune’s force to sense the needs of others.

Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, which is your 9th Solar House, is going to emphasize wisdom, education and knowledge. Don’t say no to going back to school, even if graduating may seem impossible at a first glance.

At some point in Pluto’s transit through the sign of Capricorn, which is going to last until 2025, you’re going to feel as if you need this journey in your life. Since this is also the sector of legal affairs, spirituality, far away journeys, customs and cultures different than your own, it would also be a good idea for you to interact with foreigners, but if possible, not by traveling to their countries because you have difficult planetary alignments throughout the summer and the fall.

Just read books, surf on the internet and go to cultural and ethnic events in your town. Pluto’s transit’s main thrust is going to profoundly change your way of thinking, so don’t be surprised if you’re sometimes questioning everything you believe in. Read self-help books to get to know yourself better.

Social Life Predictions for the Bull

Jupiter in Pisces has you attacking 2022 under auspices. This planet here is influencing your projects and commitments. People who believe in your abilities are going to support you throughout the entire year.

You will be encouraged to accomplish. Meanwhile, you’ll start to believe in yourself more, which will bring a certain level of comfort, also make you wish more to advance in life.

Don’t become upset when others aren’t agreeing with your ideas. If this happens, just put some distance between you and the person who doesn’t think the same way you do.

This year is going to be rather easy. Be respectful and don’t dismiss any idea or person, even if these may annoy you to the point of bursting into anger.

Taurus Health in 2022

When it comes to health, the year won’t begin very favourably for you. Rahu in Ascendant will very likely have your physical state of being going through ups and downs. You may feel as if your intellectual needs aren’t being met, not to mention Jupiter’s transit will be in an auspicious place as far as your health goes.

In case you haven’t been suffering from any disease earlier, it’s very likely for the times to be auspicious.

If you are suffering from weather borne illnesses, expect to get better. If you want to remain healthy, stick to a mostly vegetarian diet. Prolonged diseases aren’t on the horizon, so you can be relieved.

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Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus people are very sensual people who are always connected to their own body, confident in the way they move and aware of how they can attract. This means they’re also very sexy. More than this, they’re always keeping their cool, no matter how difficult a situation may be.

Many admire them for being calm when things seem to go downhill. Their only problem is that they have the tendency to be so relaxed that they usually end up stuck in a rut. This is why they need to have clear goals and to fight for what they want.

However, they also need to pay attention and not become too selfish or focused on the material side of life. It’s okay to be a little bit materialistic, but they need to remember that sharing is important too.

Positives and Negatives

Always keeping their promises and one of the most dependable, people born in Taurus are also enthusiastic, focused, determined to succeed and eager to obtain everything they want. As a matter of fact, they can sometimes be too stubborn.

Their strength is something others appreciate and admire in them, together with their caring nature and intelligent mind. It can be said Taurus individuals are the best examples for those who want to develop.

At the same time, they know how to make their loved ones feel secure. With Venus as their ruler, they’re great lovers and can appreciate beauty every step of the way. Taurus natives want comfort and to have a routine.

Anyone can rely on them because they’re always in control of things and usually don’t end up jobless or destitute. Besides, they’re very dutiful, so people want to be their friends or colleagues.

It’s unlikely for them to not get their job done because they simply hate procrastinating, not to mention they’re very stubborn and tenacious, so their number one goal is to see their tasks completed.

While soft and gentle, they’re also firm and know what they want from life. With Venus as their ruler, they can appreciate beauty and are looking for love. What they want the most is to have a stable life, no matter if it’s about their career or life at home.

They’re usually very happy when having to spend their time around their own home. The collectors in the zodiac, they usually own many antiques and have the most expensive objects. This is also because they give a lot of importance to the materialistic side of life.

Just like the animal representing their zodiac sign, the bull, they can be too stubborn sometimes. Many people see them as lazy because they move slowly. However, they aren’t. They just want to take their time in order to think about what they have to do.

While never showing their temper, they surely have one, so their patience can hide a challenging personality. It’s better to never annoy them because they can be fierce when arguing.

When it comes to relationships, they can grow to be very attached to the people they love, even possessive from time to time. Many can’t understand their need to have security and to own as many things as possible, so they’re often regarded as greedy and too self-indulgent.

Taurus Love and Compatibility

Loving tradition and being both sensitive and tough, Taurus natives always seem composed on the outside. However, on the inside, they’re very romantic and hoping to be with their true soulmate for a lifetime.

It can be said their needs are basic, as they only want a stable relationship with someone loving, stable and attractive. They may have problems finding someone because they simply hate change and usually don’t start relationship just because they want to remain feeling comfortable.

As soon as someone has got their attention, they’re the most trustworthy and reliable partners, even if sometimes so predictable that their other half finds them boring. They don’t like playing games and can be very possessive with the person they see as “the one”.

When it comes to their admirers, these are many because Taurus natives are ruled by Venus, meaning they’re very attractive. What they love the most is going to romantic dates and keeping things old-fashioned.

This means they like giving and receiving flowers, having candlelit dinners and gifting. While it’s difficult for them to give their heart away, they’re surely worth the wait.

What they’re very good at is holding out for the Mr or Mrs Right. This person is classy, mannered and attractive, also peaceful and at the same time strong. Tauruses hate drama, so they want to be with someone who’s spiritual, not flamboyant. They want a stable relationship, but this doesn’t mean their love life has to be boring.

There surely is a special person for them, someone who gives as much importance to appearances just as much as they do. While very generous and affectionate with their partner, they have limits too. This means they wouldn’t spend their time with someone who wants to take advantage of them.

They may be very kind, but this doesn’t mean they’re weak. On the contrary, they’re among the strongest people in the zodiac. Cancers, Virgos, Capricorns are the signs they’re best suited for, as they’re similar with Cancers and have the same life goals, have the same sexual desires as Capricorns and similar work ethics as Virgos, whereas next to Pisces, they can dream about their perfect family life.

Career and Money

Taurus natives love having money, so they don’t mind working very hard in order to make a good living. They’re also reliable, patient and attentive to details, no matter if managers or only employees.

If they have to focus on a task, they’re very firm and no longer pay attention to other things in their life. However, they need stability more than anything. When looking to be rewarded for their work and to obtain material pleasures, they’re only building up their system of values and struggle to live a luxuries life.

What they want from their job is to offer them what they need. Slow and great thinkers, they usually take a lot of time before deciding what they want to do for a living.

This means they’re blooming pretty late. However, as soon as they have made a decision, no one can change their mind to work hard for their career anymore. Just like in love, they have the tendency to hold on to a job that doesn’t make them happy anymore because they’re very loyal and scared of changes.

Most of the time, they work very hard and their colleagues can rely on them for anything. Besides, they have a loving nature, so they’re appreciated for paying attention to others’ needs.

As far as finances goes, a Taurus always makes sure their debts are being paid, not to mention he or she has a good pension plan and puts aside money for more rainy days. The careers that suit them best usually are related to agriculture, cooking, banking and the art world.


The Taurus rules the throat, lower jaw and neck externally. Internally, this sign is the ruler of the larynx, pharynx, thyroid gland and the organs inside the neck, also the carotid arteries. Many Taurus people complain of having stiff necks and problems with their ears.

Structurally, Taurus rules the cervical vertebrae, the palate, the chin, the occiput and the lower jaw. When it comes to the diseases people in this sign may suffer from, these are the ones related to the neck, stroke and lymphatic stasis.

Friendship and Family

Very loyal and always ready to offer their help, Taurus people don’t find it very easy to make new friends and to trust others. They usually hold on to their childhood friends and prefer to keep those who happen to be in their life close for a lifetime.

As soon as becoming intimate with someone, they’re very nurturing and ready to work hard for their connection with that person. They give a lot of importance to loyalty and would never betray their family or friends.

While expecting the same in return, they still can have a lot of fun with people, even if they don’t trust a lot. This is because they want to enjoy every moment in their life. Being protective too, Taurus individuals will always fight for the people they love the most.

When losing someone dear, they tend to feel very empty on the inside, not to mention it’s difficult for them to accept change.  They give a lot of importance to home and their family, so they love kids and having a routine with the people they love the most. What they really enjoy is hosting parties and cooking for those who come over to their place for a visit.