Leo Horoscope and Traits

Leo SymbolVivacious, passionate and a little dramatic, search no further for creative inspiration because you got it all in the Leo sign. Playful and loving to bask in the spotlight, these people are drawn to celebrating every waking moment of life. You can trust a Leo to get whatever is needed done, no matter how difficult the job may be.

Leo Zodiac in a Nutshell:

  • Dates: July 23 – August 22
  • Element: Fire
  • Governing Body: The Sun
  • Gemstone: Ruby
  • Lucky Day: Sunday
  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Ruled by: 5th House
  • Metal: Gold
  • Lucky numbers: 1, 4, 8

Leo Horoscope


May 24, 2022 – The more discipline you put in your day, the better the results as it seems that you function best when you have a plan.

This is not a particularly difficult day but you have set your mind on several objectives and will try to accomplish them in as little time as possible, hence the need for thorough planning. Other than this, an easy day ahead.


May 25, 2022 – Natives who are already in a serious relationship will get the chance to rekindle their romance this Wednesday, perhaps by taking their partners out.

Whether you receive an invite of some kind or prepare this yourself, you will feel very special, will prepare a long time before the event and surely will enjoy this properly.

May 2022 Monthly Horoscope

May is going to bring only pleasant surprises in your life, as well as some tiny difficulties. Tensions will arise in relationships starting with the 2nd week further. Don’t hold back, or you will explode. There will be all sort of delays, so it would be a good idea to no longer move forward, waste any time with what’s unnecessary and you can’t stand, or the people you care about will have to pay for what you have done.

For this time period, all the activities will slow down, your love life included. Before your relationship will see a positive evolution, it’s going to be necessary for you to keep things on hold until May 22nd, which will be painful, but something that will be destabilizing.

Your journey will continue, and nothing will change with your projects. At the month’s end, things are going to get calmer, all the discomfort is going to disappear, and you’re going to be allowed to relax and breathe.

May 2022 Highlights

Your map’s upper half is going to be much more powerful during the month of May. The 10th House of Career is also going to be the one with most power. This is going to push you right towards the goals you have in your career.

Domestic and home affairs are going to run behind the schedule. There won’t be much you will be able to do in the moment. Go out in the world. The Fast Planets would have completed their Western to Eastern move for the month.

It will be enough with flattering other people, as well as with waiting for crumbs to fall on the life’s table. You will have the force by your side once more, so you’ll become powerful, as well as focus on what’s making you happy so that you can start building on it.

Obviously, this doesn’t indicate that you’re going to be disruptive or rude when it come to your social behavior. Rather, you won’t need permission from any human when it comes to manifesting what your heart desires. Go for what you want.

With all that, the Leo will have the complete support of the people he or she was trying very hard to make happy. The humility lessons that have been learned so far, although there will be some more advanced training programmed 6-8 months starting from now, will do you good, but you need to be your authentic self.

You will have a dominant interest in traveling, religion, education, career, philosophy, group activities, and friendships. When it comes to finances, the situation will be more than interesting. Your planet of Money, Mercury, is going to come out from the conjunction with the 5th House’s planet Jupiter.

Many Leos had important financial winds in their favor and blowing. One creative project that you had has been sold, or perhaps one of the investments you made turned to be profitable. One of you little one’s ideas paid off, or your good luck came from entertainment, sporting events, and parties. There will be speculative fevers strong until May 8th.

After, the conservatism is only going to become bigger. There will be financial judgment, and not luck, which is going to be reasonable and practical for you. After May 8th, you will most likely get good prices for the important purchases you’ll be making. Before the date, the costs won’t be objective.

Mercury’s rapid movement is going to show how financial progress that’s going to be fast as well, so your goals will be achieved very rapidly. Your financial confidence will get stronger. This is a month of complicated love.

By May 21st, the situation is going to seem stormy, and your relationship will go through a crisis. The interest conflicts between you and the partner are going to be intense, and the Love Planet’s setback won’t be of any help.

The problem was the emphasis of this planet on career, but as soon as, after May 21st, that planet will subside, there will be no complaint to make. Also, after his date, you will have a social mood that’s better, being rational when it comes to relationships. Vitality and health will break the pattern until the date of 21st. Relax and rest more.

Leo Love Horoscope for May

May will be presented in splendour. When it comes to love, everything is going to be sweet. This is an ideal time for going out and enjoying life. Allow yourself the envelopment of magic and the romantic atmosphere that’s going to give your relationship all sort of new impulses.

Meet with your friends and take them out to eat dinner. Your partner must be included in all the activities you’re enterprising. This way, there won’t be any reason to be jealous. Only when having your other half by your side, you will get to enjoy life as intensely as your emotions and excitement dictate.

As a result of the stars’ favorable constellation and the Venus planet’s help, mid-month, you’re going to feel energetic and full of life, which will reflect positively in the love life that you have, the more your mood will become better.

Your relationships are going to get deeper, so your romantic happiness will increase day by day. It’s going to be a peaceful, happy, and relaxed month for Leo natives. Most of the time, you’re going to be in the attention of many, discovering your love life’s most interesting facets and living all sort of new experiences.

This special month should be enjoyable when it comes to pleasures and the most beautiful life aspects. During May’s first week, the planet Venus being present in the sign of Leo is going to surely get noticed. This is going to have you feeling more confident, attractive, and energetic. Those Leos who are single are going to have the perfect mood and want to go to parties.

They will want to come across the perfect couple so that the 7th Heaven can be reached together. You will be lucky in love for the month’s most part. There won’t be any day in which you’re not feeling excited and radiant. Don’t spend time at home but go out.

Discover just what life is offering, as you will notice how only a little of the initiative you have is going to get you exactly what you want. There won’t be any day in which you won’t feel excited and radiant. Also, for the entire May, the stars are going to support you all the time, providing many of the good opportunities of finding the true love and living the most fun romantic adventure. Take your chances.

Career and Finances Horoscope

It doesn’t matter how things are painted in “charcoal gray” for you when the “flowery May: is going to begin, you mustn’t allow yourself to be blinded in any way, by seeing beyond any appearance, as if you’re seeing the world through pink glasses, before the month’s end, you’re going to be able of seeing the itinerary that’s right, right until you’re going to reach the hopeful horizons.

You’re going to work doing exactly what you like. The May days are going to be days in which you need to claim the changes that have to made in the company that you’re running. Making your schedule is important.

Since teleworking was key for the past weeks, it will continue to be the same so that you’re feeling the hours are passing, as well as that you don’t really know how far you can get with just a little bit of effort.

You’re recognizing mistakes and successes, at a scale at which parts are set in motion. You will be able of achieving every single thing you have set your mind to do. At work, you need to be calm.

If you have excess work to do, then the ideal would be that you will manage your time and own agenda very well. From a professional point of view, you might have plenty of work, so you shouldn’t be nervous.

Keep in mind that being calm and talking is going to help you reach a very successful conclusion. Find the balance that’s yours if you have people under you. Keep your smile and encourage others to be smiling as well.

You only need to negotiate and talk. There will be major shocks with finances, and you may even get some funds that are unexpected, which will help you improve finances. Spend moderately and save.

Your Wellbeing This Month

From May 7th, many of the people born in Leo are going to suffer a decline that’s marked in vitality. Faced with such conditions, you should reduce the study and work pace, so give yourself some rest for a minimum of 7 hours every night, do some exercise, and any activity that improves the circulation, allowing the whole organism to remain oxygenated.

It’s a good idea to go on with medical consultations that rule out anemia, as well as any other problem that can’t be easily detected. Eating lentils will increase your apport of iron, the element that’s fighting anemia.

The month of May will be ideal for getting in shape and enjoying love. The Sun will be hot, and summer will be not far. This is a motivating force for any Fire sign. You will enjoy any activity in the outdoors. You will look for going out and practice walking.

All this is going to be beneficial when it comes to the circulatory system that during the past months has most likely been delicate. Don’t forget to also relax and bathe in the sun. The good life is for you.

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2022 Yearly Horoscope

In the beginning of the year, your characteristic boldness may get to be tempered by some sad stories you hear about in the news, even by some problems your friends are having.

You may be more empathetic than ever, so you will want to get involved in other people’s lives, looking to solve their issues. It’s not unlikely for you to go for your bank account and give and give hand with money.

While in some situation, this can be very helpful, there will still be times when helping our financially won’t prove to be as constructive as you have had expected it to be.

Make use of what you’ve experienced in the past and your artistic talents to guide others make it through the most difficult times. When it comes to worldly affairs and therefore, the big picture, you may need to put things on hold for a while, as what your loved ones need is much more important.

Leos having a job will make progresses in their career during the year’s first months, as Jupiter is going to positively influence them. Things are great with money because the cash is flowing for them.

Saturn may be of great help too, having you becoming very wealthy in an unexpected manner. Those Leos who are in a serious relationship are going to get married and have a very harmonious family life.

For the last half of the year, there are tentative health prospects and children are making slow progresses, but they will succeed at exams. It’s important to travel to foreign countries if you want to advance at work.

Being elegant and diplomatic would help too. For the year’s 1st quarter, Leos are going to travel and gain a lot from their trips. You will have a prosperous time period as far as business and profession are going.

However, things will change during the year’s 2nd half, when Saturn will enter your sign. You may be forced to struggle in order to remain healthy, to keep your work position and money.

In September, Venus entering your sign will put an end to the struggles brought on by the nasty planet Saturn, and you will feel better.

Leo Love Horoscope 2022

The love and romance areas are very important for you in 2022. Your Love ruler Uranus has the tendency to transfer itself in the long run, into your 7th House of Love and Marriage, staying here for many years.

This will influence your love life more than you imagine. For example, it can make you more eager to have freedom in the couple. You want your partner and yourself to be dedicated and committed to your relationship, but you’re also determined to have your own space.

The good news here is that you attract people who think the same way you do. Leos who are already married will realize their spouse is starting to redefine him or herself, wanting to do things individually.

If the marriage is stable from the beginning, the changes happening won’t influence it that much, whereas the romanticism won’t disappear. However, affections of both parties are going to radically change, even become more chaotic.

For example, feelings will be strong and passionate one day, only to turn into indifference the next one. This can indeed make things more exciting in the couple. There will never be a boring moment between the partners and for the next 70 years.

Single Leos are very likely to get married this year, whereas married ones will find different ways of making things more interesting in their relationship. Opportunities for new love are going to arrive unexpectedly and rapidly. Love at first sight is the word of the day.

New friends are immediately attracted and just as fast dropped because this is the influence of the planet Uranus. In other words, love will be rather turbulent. While Leos have been experimenting with romance for a few years now, they will be even more eager to do so because Uranus will be located in Aquarius.

You will simply rewrite the book of love for the next 7 years to come. You will meet new people and feel as if you’re relating to them more than to anyone else. High tech may be a lot used for romantic purposes, so Leos will send the most passionate emails and even use dating sites to look for long-term relationships.

It would also be legitimate for them to court according to what the Horoscope says. Single Les will be more attracted than ever to people who are rather scientific, intellectually oriented and very good with tech.

There’s also increased attraction towards people living overseas. All in all, you will be very passionate about the new. Those who want to conquer a Leo’s heart need to take all these things into consideration.

Present yourself in a clean and diverse manner, as no one will think you’re a freak, and if they do, no worries because the Leo will love it. Natives of this sign who are looking to get married the second time need to avoid experimenting in 2022, regardless of how tempting it may be for them.

You must remain individualistic and make sure you’re serving only your own pursuits. Someone at your job or perhaps concerned with your wellness and career will be the ideal person for you this year. Take advantage of this excellent time period to establish a relationship.

One of you siblings may encounter some love problems. In case he or she is with someone older, there may be new meanings being attributed to his or her love connection, so new ways of managing the situation will be necessary.

What your sibling wants is to be in a long-term and stable relationship. If you have sons and daughters at the age of marriage, just have patience. They will surely meet someone special.

Leo Career Horoscope 2022

The career sector will be in the center of attention for you this year. For the 1st half of 2022, you need to take advantage of the astral aspects if you have big ideals, as your profession may suffer during the last half of the year.

It’s very likely you will need to relocate or to travel for business. While 2022 will get to its end, you will be more focused on your family and love life. As a bonus, you will get more opportunities to go out and meet someone special, in case you are single.

From June 10, you will be more popular because Jupiter is going to transit your 10th Solar House. At the same time, this will also give you a boost in your career, so expect to get promoted or get a raise.

However, the downside of this situation is that the alignment of the planets is urging you to be more cautious at work. What may seem to be a good opportunity for you in the spring can turn into something you have never wanted.

Also, you may encounter communication problems with your colleagues. Therefore, weigh all your option and don’t make decisions before not thinking twice. Neptune will be in 2 signs in 2022.

During the last weeks of the year, it will reside in Aquarius and then move into Pisces, which is your 8th Solar House, on February 3. While this master of inspiration and illusion is closing its transit through your 7th Solar House, you need to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned as far as relationships are going.

Similarly, to all influences from planets, this will matter a lot for your future. There are big chances you have been both disappointed and happy with your relationships, and this may influence the way you’re seeing your connections with others.

Neptune is going to transit its sign, Pisces, also your 8th Solar House. While it’s not going to be active all the time, it will still have moments in which it’s going to influence your financial sector in a both positive and negative manner, especially during the years in which it’s in contact with your Sun.

Therefore, you need to be careful with money, especially if making them involved interacting with others or with financial institutions. Check documents and references twice if you don’t want to be cheated.

Pluto, which moves slowly, is going to continue creeping in Capricorn, which is your 6th Solar House of health, daily work, pets and service. This planet of transformation won’t do anything significant halfway, but it will have global evens influencing you personally.

Pluto’s aim is to change, so you will feel powerful enough to achieve transformations. Use Pluto to improve your lifestyle and diet. Or perhaps decide to volunteer fighting for good causes because this transit is going to greatly reward you for your efforts.

However, there’s also the chance of work difficulties appearing, especially while Pluto is in contact with your Sun.

Problems may appear because you’re in conflict with your colleagues and superiors, because you don’t feel financially satisfied, also because you may need to deal with a family problem.

Social Life Predictions for the Lion

The year catches you not feeling as you belong, a situation to which you don’t have any solution. In spite of this, you endure and don’t struggle too much to advance.

Starting with May 11th and until October 28th, Jupiter passing through Aries will bring you the chance to make changes. During June, the planet Mars in the sign of Aries has you more motivated to not waste your time.

For the summer, you’re going to feel as if you don’t have enough room to move, but at least your problems will be fixed. Many changes for you in 2022. Be tactful and elegant when negotiating.

Leo Health in 2022

As far as health goes, the year’s beginning is going to be very auspicious. With Jupiter on Ascendant, you will have the most pious thoughts.

It’s important that you have a routine as far as drinking and dieting go. Your health may suffer during the year’s last half, so pay closer attention to how you’re feeling during this time period.

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Leo Personality Traits

Courageous, smart and enthusiastic, Leos are natural born leaders. They are always looking for adventure, but this doesn’t mean they don’t want to balance things so that they have enough time to relax and indulge in luxury too.

Apart from all this, they’re very optimistic people who only see the glass half full. It doesn’t matter how bad the situation they’re in may be, they always see the positive side and don’t think about the worst.

Positives and Negatives

Leos have high ideals and are very intelligent, so they love talking about philosophical subjects. Others see them as traditionalists devoted to the causes they believe in. Furthermore, these natives don’t hesitate to speak straight to the point, which is a great and rare quality for a leader.

It’s easy for them to function in the most difficult conditions, as they know how to make the best out of any situation. All these traits they posses make them loyal employees and effective manager.

More than this, they seem to have the ability to love just as much as they love to be in the center of attention. What makes them even more different than others is the fact that they love drama and are good at entertaining people.

When entering a room, their magnetism attracts everyone, not to mention they’re very creative and love talking about any subject, especially if all the eyes are on them. Competitive, they always want to be first and can be very stubborn.

It would be a good idea for them to become artists because they’re tenacious and creative enough to become successful. Since they give a lot of importance to their image, they could also pursue a career in the entertainment world.

As actors are known to have big egos just like they do, they could decide to play on big scenes or in front of cameras. This way, they would be adored and get all the attention they want.

Just like any other sign in the zodiac, Leos have their weaknesses too. For example, they’re too domineering and self-confident, so arrogant and ignorant. Besides, they wouldn’t hesitate to deceive if this would help them be highly regarded.

The fact that they give so much importance to the way they look indicates they’re also self-centered and obsessed with power or being recognized for their greatness.

When doing something, Leos are loud and wish to be seen as out of the ordinary. Most of the time, people see them as arrogant because they trust themselves and their own abilities too much.

Besides, they have the tendency to think they’re the only ones to be right, no matter the discussion. While enthusiastic and ambitious, they’re still big procrastinators who usually take the easy way out and focus mostly on glory and having fun.

Leo Love and Compatibility

Represented by the king of the jungle, Leos want to be bosses no matter what. They’re very powerful too, so it can be difficult for them to find a matching partner. This special person who happens to be in their life needs to make them feel like they’re royalty, even if they haven’t accomplished anything and their life is wasting.

This is because they want to be worshipped and admired more than anything. Giving a lot of importance to loyalty, Leos want to be with someone who wouldn’t even dare to pay attention to someone else besides them. At least they have a very big heart and love to give their love without being annoying and pushy.

Good parents and great friends, the Sun is ruling their sign, so they also make steady partners who love to spoil their other half. However, they need to be surrounded by affection and to be admired.

It’s important for them to realistically make an appreciation of what they have to offer, especially if they want to be in a long-lasting relationship. No one can be in control all the time, so they have to understand a romantic connection is mostly based on love, mutual respect and support.

If they can see that glamour is not everything, they can end up being very happy next to the person they’re in love with. Looking at their personality, Leos are the most compatible with Libras and Sagittariuses because with Archers they have the same life goals and ways of thinking, whereas with Libras, they agree to focus on classiness and to do the same things.

When two Leos happen to be together, their relationship is very passionate and intense. It’s very possible for them to be a couple for a lifetime, but only if they both decide to no longer fight so badly to have the power.

Career and Money

Possessing a tremendous energy and all the time looking to get busy, Leos can thrive in any career. Besides, they’re very ambitious, positive and creative, so as soon as they’re dedicated to their job, they can be very efficient.

The ideal situation for them would be to occupy a managerial position, as they’re quite meant to be superiors. They also happen to be good at expressing their feelings in an artistic manner, so they could decide to be entertainers or actors.

Politics and teaching are also suitable for them, but only if they feel like they have the power. It’s very likely for them to choose careers in which they need to parade and show people how amazing they are.

When it comes to money, they don’t hesitate to spend it on the most luxurious and expensive things, which works out well for them because an imposing leader needs to flaunt his or her success.

Many Leos have a problem holding on to a job in the beginning because they need to follow orders. However, if they’re given the opportunity to make important decisions and to initiate projects, these natives can become very strong and inspiring.

The fact that they need to be proud of what they’re doing for a living helps them have more passion for their job and give their all at work.

While money seems to come their way easily, they usually spend it on things that are very in, not to mention they’re among the most generous people in the zodiac, which means they make expensive gifts and don’t hesitate to help their friends when these are in need. This may not be the wisest thing to do, but it makes them feel very good about themselves.

Health Matters

The Leo zodiac sign rules the heart, as it’s a Fire sign that keeps the body warm. This means people born in this sign are only listening to what their heart is telling them. The Leo also rules the metabolism of the liver, the spinal cord, the spleen, the aorta and the pulmonary arteries together with the vena cava.

Externally, Leo is the governor of the forearm and the back, whereas structurally, of the 12th dorsal vertebrae.

When it comes to the diseases Leo natives are prone to, these are the cardiac ones, blood clots and heart attacks. Many of them have heart palpitations and tensioned. Besides, they tend to make a fever and to get sick rheumatic heart diseases or pericarditis. Some of them have serious eye problems.

Friendship and Family

Leos are very generous and loyal, committed to being dignifying and having high ideals. They’re naturally inclined to help others, no matter if they’re feeling exhausted and like they couldn’t do anything in order to improve a situation.

More than this, they’re very strong and keep their promises. Their friends can count on them to be by their side and present at parties. Leos don’t usually spend too much time alone because they need to be appreciated and admired. It can be difficult for them to find the people who are always ready to praise their actions and to keep up with their high levels of energy.

Just like the lion in the jungle, they seem to possess a strong sense of belonging to their community, not to mention they’re very protective of the people they love the most.

When their family is going through trouble, they’re very affected and would do anything in their power to keep their loved ones strong and safe. This means they have strong connections with their parents, children, spouses and relatives.

Leos always put family first, even if they’re most of the time self-centered. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t want to be independent from a young age. They’re just the ones to always be by their family’s side, especially in times of need.