Jupiter in Astrology: Its Effects and Living With It


Astrologically speaking, Jupiter’s massive physical size reflects its characteristics, primarily defined by maturity. It shows tolerance, a strong moral compass, thankfulness, faith and honour. In this sense, Jupiter represents our purpose, potential and influence.

Conventional associations normally consist of fortune and sometimes wealth (not necessarily in monetary terms, but more in the sense of having a richness in life).

Jupiter Astrological Associations:

  • Ruler of the Sagittarius zodiac sign;
  • Exalted in Cancer, weakened in Capricorn, in detriment in Gemini;
  • Governs the ninth astrological house;
  • Characteristic keyword: Wisdom;
  • Associated with the color purple;
  • Linked to Thursdays;
  • Representative gemstone: Turquoise;
  • Representative material: Tin;
  • Linked to life period from 35 to 42 years.

It can be said then that the journey one takes to this point is also ruled by Jupiter, and the ability to grow and develop as individuals. It can also help a person show their humorous side, as well as a tolerant attitude towards others.

Of course, in negative terms, the flip side to this can also be greed and a desire for excess. This can lead a person to become somewhat reckless.

Jupiter itself is a planet formed entirely of gas – therefore it lacks any rocky substances like our own planet. Behind the Moon and Venus, it is third in line of the most luminous bodies in the sky, thanks in part to it owning the title of being the biggest planet in our solar system.

Jupiter was given its name by the Romans, after their God that oversaw and protected their laws, which is perhaps fitting, given its strong sense of morality.

Of all its physical properties, Jupiter is perhaps best known for its “Great Red Spot” – a giant storm on its surface so vast that it could fit three entire Earths inside!

When viewed in astrological charts, many idealise Jupiter, mainly due to the sense of hope it gives us. Its generous nature leads us to contemplate just how it will better our lives.

It is important to bear in mind that Jupiter won’t offer any meaningful direction to our lives unless they align completely with the potential and possibilities viewed through a person’s natal chart.

An example of this would be the occurrence when Jupiter moves through the seventh house – where it may bring a long-lasting love, or even marriage into one’s life.

However, this is only possible if the natal chart allows so. A lack of connection here seldom leads to the fruition of these possibilities.

At its closest point, Jupiter lies 588 million km away from the Earth. Its also the central orbital point for a staggering 63 satellites, or “Moons” if you will.

A complete orbit around the Sun takes Jupiter approximately 11.86 years, entering its retrograde phase once a year, lasting around 110 days. One journey through the Zodiac belt takes it 12 years to finish, and it remains inside a single sign for about 13 months.

Due to the relative lengthy periods of time it takes for each of its astrological journeys, the impact Jupiter has on our lives is high, and lasts longer than the effects from other planets.

Generally speaking, Jupiter’s position determines both the width and the point of protection in a given natal chart.

It acts as our mentor, guiding our learning, and helping us define our inner values that shape our own personal realities we inhabit.

When Jupiter takes up position in Capricorn or Gemini, potential possibilities offered by Jupiter rarely come to fruition, leading to mental blocks on our way to making our thoughts into reality.

When Jupiter enters this phase, it can often lead to a person struggling with drive, imagination and inadequacy. Ultimately, this can make a person lack any and all purpose.

Jupiter’s position in one’s chart shows us how we communicate our desire to give, and how we tolerate the actions of others.

The process of trusting other people is fundamental to this, and furthermore how this goes on to enrich our lives. Its position in terms of astrological houses and planets holds the key to where we find this knowledge.

For many, Jupiter represents our moral code, wisdom, generosity, optimism and vales. Its overbearing size lends itself to the notion of excess, in many senses of the word.

An example of this is when it is placed within the second astrological house, one may end up eating more than they need to, and also spending beyond their means as well.

Physically speaking, Jupiter rules our thighs and blood, ruling Sagittarius whilst finding acclaim when in Cancer. Jupiter’s greatest gift it can give us lies in areas much closer to home – indeed our actual homes and our family that inhabits that home.

This is perhaps in stark irony that we search for Jupiter way out into the solar system, with its distinctive rings and iconic giant red spot, when in reality its beauty is in fact in front of our very eyes, minds and hearts.

The types of people who typically exhibit strong Jupiter characteristics are those who find themselves in positions of leadership, such as teachers, judges and people high up in religious hierarchies.

A strong Jupiter can give a person wealth, prosperity and a higher spiritual understanding. In addition to this, one can also possess a strong moral code and a deeper understanding of other people’s positions in life.

It goes without saying then that those who experience these effects are more often than not a huge benefit to their local communities.

One should be aware though that if the effects are too strong, then a person can find themselves biting off more than they can chew, leading to unnecessary issues in their life and problems in their spiritual journey too.

A weak Jupiter can lead to disastrous life choices, leading to others not being totally honest with them. It can also result in lack of focus, a poor sense of purpose and a regressive mental state.

They can begin to think pessimistically about many areas of their life, opting to fill the voids with material possessions, turning a blind eye to their spiritual journey.

Such actions can then lead to financial hardship – coming as a direct consequence of poor choices and chasing material goods.

They face difficulty realigning their focus to more spiritual goals, which can then manifest physically in the form of weight gain, diabetes and organ issues.

Jupiter is our leader, and represents our higher goals, both spiritually and in our physical world.

A higher sense of purpose, family values and prosperity can result from a strong Jupiter, in addition to a heightened sense of justice and morality. It gives our material possessions meaning, whilst simultaneously granting us drive, determination, adventure and wisdom.

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