Mercury Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit: Becoming Persuasive and Influential

  • The natal Mercury Pluto conjunction is characteristic to people who prefer to live mostly in their minds and who can focus for lengthy periods of time.
  • Pay attention to the Mercury conjunct Pluto transit because everyone is more persuasive and people can be pushed to do things they don’t really want to do.
  • Mercury looks at how we get our point across, how we express ourselves and how we process the information from the world surrounding us.
  • The conjunct aspect brings two planets together in a zodiac sign, like two peas in a pod, making their energies influence each other and operate in the same direction.
  • Pluto offers us an authentic experience of ourselves through creation and destruction, through permanent changes.
  • Celebrities: Claudia Schiffer, River Phoenix, Galilei Galileo, Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Baudelaire, Sydney Pollack, Sylvester Stallone, Whitney Houston, Harry S Truman, George W Bush.
  • Transit dates: 12 January 2020, 04 January 2021, 30 December 2021, 28 January 2022, 11 February 2022, 10 February 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury conjunct Pluto Natal

The Mercury conjunct Pluto aspect in birth charts is giving natives a strong intellect and a true curiosity. These people are usually intense, and this can be seen in the way they’re communicating.

Besides, they can positively influence others and are convincing just by throwing a glance. Many are being influenced by the way they’re talking and by the facts they know.

Their minds can probe into every little detail and see what’s being hidden. For this reason, they possess the ability to deal with the occult and to know concepts no one else can ever understand. This is why they can be great detectives or researchers.

The secrets of many can get revealed to them. They give more importance to the truth than to their own or their loved ones’ comfort. Willful, true geniuses with great resources, these natives are interested in working with the energies that are creating the matter.

They need to keep their strong and insightful mind active because they can see deeply beyond appearances. It doesn’t really matter if they’re using their brain as a social facade or to develop some smart theories, their curiosity is simply pushing them to see what’s beyond.

Because they want their minds to be their main resource, they’re often just collecting information from everywhere and trying to put it together to obtain something practical.

They’re at home only when in their mind and enjoy working with their ideas when having to solve different problems because they have confidence in what they’ve created.

Because they have investigative talents, the inside processes of their minds are all about making sense from what they’ve experienced and studied. Besides, they’re also giving meanings to what seems relevant only to themselves, but their ideas can sometimes be valuable for others as well.

People born during the Mercury conjunct Pluto aspect have a very sharp mind and can’t miss any detail as their mental power is all about reaching to the heart of any problem and being distracted by what doesn’t matter.

They can hear only what’s important and can separate facts from superfluous information. This is why they can investigate and perform researches very easily, think intelligently and grasp the news or ask the most interesting questions.

However, they can turn research into obsession, meaning they need to be careful when it comes to exploring new information, as any idea or individual can have them thinking too much.

Their beliefs are deeply rooted and they have eloquence in whatever they’re thinking of. Some people may find their speech to be too much, this being the reason why they’re so authoritative and persuasive.

These natives can talk like politicians or priests, not to mention they can convince others about their opinions and strong beliefs. It would be sad for them to become too cynical just because they’re always seeing the dark side of life.

However, being healthy when it comes to skepticism is keeping them with their feet on the ground.

It’s the way they’re relating to their knowledge that’s making them such precise communicators. Others will always be amazed by their profoundness and the way they’re understanding different concepts. Mercury conjunct Pluto in birth charts is a position of neutrality.

Its natives can as well be great manipulators and the best secret keepers, this being the reason why they’re the best when it comes to propagandizing. They’d do a great job in the communication field and the secret services, underworld organizations or occult societies.

More than this, people born during the Mercury conjunct Pluto aspect can also be forceful in the way they’re expressing their ideas, which can be a problem for them when it comes to their relationships.

Some of their friends can see them as interfering and very intense. They should learn what relaxation means because it’s easy for them to become agitated and to end up suffering from nervous diseases.

When the presently mentioned aspect is afflicted in their birth chart, they can suffer from the complex of power and become overbearing for others because they’re too insisting to change their opinions and points of view. Affliction can make them more manipulative. When the aspect is positively influenced, they can naturally escape any worry.

However, people born during the Mercury conjunct Pluto aspect need to always take care of their health.They will probably be involved with the Dark forces and become too serious, but they can escape this by avoiding addictions and being abusive. Able to see the big picture as they’re intelligent and their mind can grasp any psychological concept, they’re intertwined with the Universe and its existence.

Their spirituality is always helping them to have an evolved mind and to transcend what life on Earth is putting limits over, as well the body, which can have an end.

Mercury conjunct Pluto Transit

The Mercury conjunct Pluto transit is known to bring about profoundness in the way people are thinking and sending messages, also to make these things more intense. For this reason, natives of all signs should just address the issues that are troubling them.

They can discover many things by researching and studying, also by asking questions. More than this, they can understand mysteries and deal with the occult, even study Astrology. Strongly opinionated, they may need to speak up their mind and listen to others.

In other words, communication is essential for as long as Mercury is in conjunction with Pluto because the day of this transit is meant for mental activities.

Those who are ready to make efforts can make some of their dominating thoughts diminish and think more efficiently for themselves.

If trying to solve personal problems, people need to analyze themselves and not be scared of what they can find out. Many should analyze themselves from a psychological point of view or go to a counselor to better understand what’s happening with their relationships.

Some should keep in mind they’re possessing the mental abilities to generate deceptions because they’re more persuasive and influential. Spiritual truths can be shared just as easily as propaganda.

Many can become interested in what’s being serious and in darkness, by getting involved in criminal activities and becoming addicted. Intellectual power struggles are more likely to happen, whereas thoughts can be projected and things expressed through non-verbal ways, freaking people out.

Many can have the ability to see the root of any problem during the week following the Mercury conjunct Pluto transit.

Distractions about unimportant details won’t appear and people won’t change their direction. Keener when it comes to how they’re perceiving life and having a laser mind can lay down the ideal path for researching and studying what has been addressed before.

Hidden information can come into the light, so natives of all signs should just look at the unknown, following the leads they’re obtaining along the way. The week of the Mercury conjunct Pluto transit is also good for going undercover.

The intellect is getting combined with the inner power and is making people better leaders, more convincing talkers and also very hard workers. Analysis can be right on spot for as long as Mercury is in conjunction with Pluto.

People are not only curious about factual concepts and numbers, as well as mysteries. They are more connected to their feelings than to what’s in front of their eyes. This is why they should become more practical by reading motivational books or talking with a therapist because they can find out many things about themselves.

Having a more intense way of thinking, so to speak, they can as well end up suffering from nervousness and become way too serious.

Some may find their peers difficult to deal with and too much to handle because they’re being too penetrating, not to mention influential. For this reason, relaxation is advocated during this period.

In-depth discoveries can be made and many can discover great things about their soul and the connection with their ancestors. The spiritual and transcendental changes they’re going through can limit their physicality a little bit.

During the day in which Mercury is conjunction with Pluto, communication is becoming much more powerful, and many may no longer be conscious of how impacting their words are, not to mention they can feel others are questioning or subjecting them to challenges.

However, the general need is for honesty, sometimes in a brutal manner, which can be a form many to control their business partners and collaborators.

If this power is kept under control and focused, people are more determined to make mental researches and to investigate, to write, educate, counsel and encourage by using their words.

Superficial pieces of information can’t be satisfying, meaning the root of any issue and subject is sure to be explored. Secrets are important, so many will find out about things that have been kept hidden from them.

On the other hand, some may not want to share their secrets to keep their power. No matter the circumstances, they should use all the information and knowledge they’re gathering during this period, in their interest.

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