Mercury Trine Jupiter Natal and Transit: Remaining Open Minded

  • If the natal chart contains a Mercury Jupiter trine, then this person is very grounded and acts with common sense and realism.
  • The Mercury trine Jupiter transit helps those who are open-minded and who think progressively to expand their horizons.
  • The planet Mercury governs our conscious reasoning, the way we communicate our thoughts and how we interact with the outside world.
  • When two planets are in a trine relationship, it means they cross signs that are 120 degrees from each other and bring positive energies.
  • In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, guiding the way we open our minds and how we seek our luck and good fortune.
  • Celebrities: Kirk Douglas, Oprah Winfrey, Muhammad Ali, George Washington, Vincent van Gogh, Dennis Rodman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Angus Young, Gordon Ramsay, Kourtney Kardashian.
  • Transit dates: 10 May 2020, 29 August 2020, 12 July 2021, 20 September 2021, 08 October 2021.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mercury trine Jupiter Natal

People born during the Mercury trine Jupiter aspect are tolerant with others, not to mention they can understand many problems because they like to contemplate on others’ experiences.

This aspect is perfect for those who are studying philosophical subjects or religion. These natives are great as far as communication is going, not to mention they can project their ideas in an easy and confident manner, having others accepting them.

Their judgment is sound, and their power to observe is tremendous because they’re possessing great intelligence, not to mention they have a lot of integrity and are considering notions of ethics and morals to involve their thoughts or what they’re doing.

These people’s mind is all the time working, but can lack originality. They seem to not have enough ambition or to be persistent, not to mention they’re stubborn enough and are usually avoiding controversies.

The Mercury trine Jupiter aspect in their birth chart is quite strong and can cause the mind to be more intuitive, sound when it comes to judging, also to have more common sense.

For as long as this transit is in place, people will expand their conscious mind and clearly see the path that’s being laid in front of them, starting to be more philosophical and religious. Many can gain by investing, speculating or investing in commercial enterprises.

They can as well travel and form connections that can bring them a lot of benefits. Their nervous system can be in very good order because they can deal with their inferiors in a very profitable manner, as well they can engage intermediaries to act for them, people who can manage a business in an honest and discreet manner.

These natives can be successful if writers or when corresponding, as well when dealing with papers and any legal matter.

In case other influences in their birth chart are good, many favorable and happy events can happen in their life, so the time of this transit is beneficial for those who were born under the same aspect.

These natives must love maps because they’re offering them detailed perspectives of what’s small and big.

More than this, they’re permitting many people to plan their course and to see what path they want to follow, how far their objectives are or how much time will it take for them to get where they want to.

Maps are encouraging many to encounter areas they had no idea about and to learn new things.

They’re showing many interesting places that should be visited and open the eyes or the mind to new experiences and what has been yearned. It looks like their future is opening up for them when studying these pieces of paper, and as strange as it may sound or seem, it’s igniting their dreams about new and exciting adventures.

Regardless of what it can happen, the sense of humor of these natives is always untouched, meaning it’s amazing to be around them, because they’re teaching and at the same time listening, understanding and also encouraging.

Their mind is open, permissive, quick at understanding and they’re honest and at the same time contemplative.

They’re communicating in an easy and confident manner, not to mention they can easily express their own ideas and convince others of their truthfulness.

People born during the Mercury trine Jupiter aspect have sound judgment and can observe almost anything, also the intelligence above the average and a lot of integrity, meaning they’re considering morals and the ethical concepts in a natural manner.

Their mind is usually active, but they can lack originality, ambition and they can be stubborn when trying to avoid scandals. Good in nature and mild in temper, they’re mannered and giving with their friends.

More than this, they simply love entertaining others at their home and are looking for harmony when it comes to social matters and what they’re pursuing from an intellectual point of view.

Possessing a large library, they want to travel with both their mind and body. When in life, they’re exemplifying the principles of positivity and their optimism is helping them succeed more often than others.

This is an aspect that can help many run their life in a smooth manner because their perspective is broad, not to mention they’re all insightful and can plan for the future better than others.

Jupiter is amplifying all the senses of planet Mercury, as well as the processes of thought and their communication abilities. When it comes to the logical point of view, they’re mentally agile and their views are usually perfect for studying foreign languages, Law and even religion.

These natives can also be talented when it comes to writing on science fiction subjects because they love thinking about the future. Having their ways when it comes to business, they can choose any career they may want to.

Their progressive way of thinking and giving nature is indicating they’d do a great job in charity, but they can also wait for others to help them.

When it comes to the basic rights, these are important for them, and they would for sure not agree with censorship. These people are enthusiastic, powerful and very determined to communicate their ideas.
For this reason, they should get involved in Politics or join activist groups. When it comes for them to travel for long distances, they should do it in order to broaden their perspective and become more knowledgeable. This way, they’ll develop all of their intellectual senses. It would be easy for them to manifest such an expansion of their energy by exercising.

It can be said the defect of this aspect in birth charts is the tendency of people to overthink, until becoming mentally exhausted.

Mercury trine Jupiter Transit

During the Mercury trine Jupiter transit, ideas are flowing more easily, not to mention learning is becoming more fun. Since the right people and information are attracted, people can obtain the answers they want without struggling too much.

More than this, they should trust their knowledge and their ability to use it because this way, it would be easier for things to be understood. Travel is being favored, and plans can bring about a lot of positivity. This time should be advantageous for those who are looking to broaden their perspectives.

The Mercury trine Jupiter transit is known for its optimistic side. During it, people should study, research and socialize more.

Also, they should make plans because their good instincts are being favored, whereas their future plans and positive thoughts calculated.

This time is perfect for cleaning up and putting everything in order. Many should plan their journeys, especially those on long distances.

Those who are open-minded and thinking progressively should expand their knowledge and perspectives. When it comes to what they’re studying, they should orient themselves towards Law, foreign languages and religion.

As far as business is going, many should take advantage of this transit and negotiate or sign contracts. This time is perfect for dealing with legal issues. More than this, it’s all about good luck and making people happier. Some can find themselves helping charities and organizations that are dealing with human rights.

When it comes to fun conversations, the week following the Mercury trine Jupiter transit is one that can get people far away in life.

They could charm anyone with their elegant ways and confidence, which seems to be encouraging and raising the levels of optimism. Many will as well be able to communicate their good intentions and inspiring ways, so that positivity is everywhere and outside their personal entourage.

They may speak with conviction and demand attention, as well as elevate the purposes or the integrity when it comes to what they’re interacting with.

It’s very likely for them to convince others with their words, not to mention their natural teaching abilities can become highlighted during this time, so they shouldn’t hesitate to be mentors for younger people.

The funny side of many would get activated under the influence of the Mercury trine Jupiter transit, not to mention it would enable them to see life in the most amusing way, a way they haven’t noticed.

Individuals with a busy social life could be encountered, not to mention it can be easy for many to make friends and to enjoy making business with them. This time is good for taking a step back and studying new opportunities for businesses.

Many prefer to expand their ideas and to evaluate how much their investments have returned, not to mention the everyday details of their projects would no longer seem interesting anymore.

Their thinking ways, as well their opinions can get built on confidence and optimism, but they may not get how the situation is from simple discussions.

They can exaggerate when telling the truth and even if having honorable intentions, they can give other people the impression their potential is bigger.

More than this, they can make promises they can’t deliver because they simply can’t accept their plans to not come true. During this time, natives can travel for business and run some errands.

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