Mars Square Neptune Natal and Transit: Avoid Any Rumours

  • Someone with a natal Mars Neptune square is very drawn to the mysterious and will prefer to trigger all kinds of drama in their lives.
  • During the Mars square Neptune transit, it seems that unusual habits and emotional needs are arising, where least expected.
  • Mars is a planet of action rather than of reaction, pushing us to be bold in our plans and stick to them at all times.
  • In astrology, the square aspect involves planets residing in houses that are in different quadrants, each pulling things in its direction.
  • The planet Neptune has an escapist and illusionary energy and is concerned with the realm of dreams and fantasy.
  • Transit dates: 28 January 2020, 09 April 2021, 11 January 2022, 12 October 2022, 19 November 2022, 14 March 2023, 28 December 2023, 03 September 2024.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars square Neptune Natal

People born during the Mars square Neptune transit are more courageous and braver, but also more likely to get involved in intrigues and scandals. They need to express their most powerful desires and fight for worthy causes by taking more action.

Their passions are not related to what their audience is requiring of them and for this reason, they’re most of the time involved in scandals and ready to fight any battle.

These people have unusual habits and emotional needs that are arising from their unconsciousness. In case they’re repressing their urges, they can end up suffering from sexual and psychosomatic crises, hallucinations being as well possible.

When expressing their desires, they can end up abusing drugs, sex, and even food. If feeling like their sexuality is bothering them, they should try performing in the arts.

Those born under the Mars square Neptune aspect can become involved in dangerous situations, so they should avoid performing any psychic activity. They’re self-deceptive and not quite aware of their motivations, the ones related to the House of Neptune.

Not so good with money, these people are as well deceitful, not sincere and traitors, especially if there are many other strongly afflicted planets and aspects in their birth chart.

They seem to chase problems everywhere they’re going, not to mention they can easily develop allergies to drugs, get sick with food poisoning or other health issues.

Too weak when it comes to pain and suffering, they can take more action to prevent hypersensitivity. They should learn what honesty means and be sincere with themselves, to begin with and work their imagination as much as possible.

Their mind is so strong that it can be difficult for them to work with their instincts anymore. They’re sometimes imagining everything’s wrong around them, but they’re also fantasizing about goodness with the same intensity. Their desires are usually strong and auto-imposing.

Mystery and intrigue are what matter to them the most. It’s very likely for them to experiment from a sexual point of view because they’re sensual and strange, but some people may see them as perverted.

Their libido can be endless and they can find themselves in a state of persistent desire, getting easily tired of the same sexual routine and chasing sensations.

If addicted to some kind of fantasy, they can exaggerate and look all over the place for new ones. Only after getting in touch with what’s in their heart and discovering their true wishes, they’ll realize their sensations are only sensations, and not something that’s profoundly fulfilling.

Having fears that they may not be proper from a sexual point of view, they’re denying themselves and for this reason, they’re looking to compensate what they’re missing on by doing things they’re truly sure about.

Some people born during the Mars square Neptune transit can experience many extremes. They like to tease and to enjoy pleasure after they’ve waited for some time to experience it.

For this reason, they may flirt too much, even if married. What’s interesting about this placement is that if they’re doing something immoral, their guilt can cut them in many little pieces, so they can end up destroying themselves, as well they can realize they’re doing this most compulsively.

While knowing they’re doing something risky, they can keep continue doing it because any challenge is making them feel alive.

They need to fight feeling discouraged because loss and too many disappointments are only making them stronger. But they shouldn’t blame anyone and wait until they’re calm enough to think in a rational way about why some things are not turning out the way they hoped to.

It’s very likely for them to be misunderstood because they’ve perhaps imagined different outcomes. When talking about others behind their back, they should try and refrain themselves from doing it.

This is an aspect that’s bringing about many suspicions, so people should make many efforts in order to be honest.

They should avoid gossip, lies, and deceptions. They need to have faith in themselves. When feeling scared and vulnerable, they must trust everything’s going to be okay. Self-confidence is very important for them.

Mars square Neptune Transit

During the Mars square Neptune aspect, people must admit comfort needs to be obtained or else they may need to seek the advice of a psychologist to convince them to take action.

Their energy levels are low, not to mention they can recuperate from any disease, so it’s very important for them to deal with any problem and after move on.

Sincerity with themselves and their loved ones can help them recognize all of the faults that can impede them from succeeding.

In the conditions in which they need to be compassionate and to have good judgment, they may want to avoid dealing with unpleasantness.

They’re usually succeeding when not having any expectations and answering only to the heat of the moment. The more they want things from life, the more their dreams are starting to develop.

They can get upset for no real reason and hidden issues, and their plans are most of the time surfacing for as long as the aspect is happening. There’s a tendency for them to become too suspicious and to become paranoid, too jealous or revengeful.

Confused by their motivations, they should avoid believing any rumor or suspicion because deceitfulness and hidden actions can mess their karma.

For as long as Mars is in square with Neptune, many can be the victims of scandals and deceitfulness. They should pay attention to what offers are coming their way.

This is something that’s working for their heart because Mars’ passion is not properly transmitting the reality of any situation. It’s not a good idea to many any first moves for as long as this transit is in place.

They shouldn’t allow their imagination and fear to get the best out of themselves. Many should avoid taking on too many projects and mind their own business while using their confusing feelings for all kinds of creative plans in which they need to use their imagination and to be inspired.

Too much physical effort should be avoided because Mars and Neptune can push people to imagine they’re super-humans. Their immune system being low, they may end up suffering from hypochondria. If they want to be sure everything with their body is alright, they should have all of their symptoms checked.

For as long as Mars is in square with Neptune, people may have very low energy levels and react in many different ways that not even themselves can understand, whereas hard work can become their only purpose, which can have them feeling more passive than usually.

Many are immediately distracted by what’s happening around them, so their life will seem like it’s falling apart.

They’re more prone to deceive others and not engage in any confrontation, or perhaps another person may try to be deceitful with them.

No matter what will happen, trust and honesty are very important for them, so they may discover what lies are being told to them when they’re least expecting it.

They should avoid engaging in unrealistic businesses and feeling like the most grandiose people in the world, as well as participating in activities that are making them feel dishonest.

This aspect is dangerous, more likely in the situation in which one of these planet’s influence is very strong.

Turbulent wishes may descend upon them and they can become the ones who are being in the center of attention of others without having the intention.

In case there’s nothing sensual or erotic about them, the Mars square Neptune’s influence will be brought into the light, and in case the natives are wise, they’ll see that all the impulses coming from their emotions and affection, as well religious believes can help them in this direction.

This transit is good for analyzing judgmental skills, so the momentary enthusiasm they’re feeling can have them saying and doing things they’ll, later on, want to regret.

The Mars square Neptune doesn’t pass without bringing about some wild dreams that can toy with natives’ emotions, which can lead to expressions of aggressiveness.

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