Neptune in Astrology: Its Effects and Living With It


Neptune is the chief of our otherworldly traits – namely our dreams, inspirations, and most of the other areas of our inner most psyche.

In charge of all things relating to our spirituality, those under a strong Neptune rule would be a free spirit, even somewhat naïve.

Neptune Astrological Associations:

  • Ruler of the Pisces zodiac sign;
  • Exalted in Cancer, weakened in Capricorn, in detriment in Virgo;
  • Governs the twelfth astrological house;
  • Characteristic keyword: Inspiration;
  • Associated with the color lilac;
  • Linked to Thursdays;
  • Representative gemstone: Aquamarine;
  • Representative material: Neptunium;

A person who is positively influenced by Neptune would be merciful and compassionate, intuitive and be more likely to be spiritually in tune than someone who isn’t.

That said, some lesser desired traits a person would show would be dishonesty, treachery, compulsion and obsession.

Neptune’s position within the chart won’t just affect someone on an individual basis dependent on their sign, it will affect an entire generation, primarily due to its incredibly slow journey through space.

It is for this reason that Neptune’s influence is often referred to as generational, as opposed to say, seasonal.

Where Neptune can have a more micro influence is when it associates with another body in our solar system – star or planetary. Neptune’s characteristics can be thought of as idealistic, even if not realistic.

Of all the signs, Neptune rules Pisces – dreamlike and ethereal. The Romans saw Neptune as their Sea God – fitting for the planet’s influence; vast, swirling and elusive.

These traits let Pisces swim through the aquatic playground into a world of limitless possibilities.

Naturally, Neptune rules the 12th astrological house – principal of the human connection to the spiritual world. In addition to this, it also overlooks one’s emotions and capacity to love.

With this in mind, it is fair to say that Neptune allows for deep and reflective contemplation, the opportunity to stop, look inside, reflect, recharge, and re-join earthly realms with a renewed calm.

In order from our central star, Neptune lies 8th furthest away, carrying the same mass as 17 Earths. Its violent winds are coupled with an icy blue hue stretching across its surface. This is largely down to the small concentrations of methane found in Neptune’s atmosphere.

The position Neptune holds by house shows us where we are with our spirituality, intuition and connection to higher dimensions. Those under Neptune’s influence can effectively destroy their ego and rise to higher purposes in life.

That said, should the influence become too strong, a person may become vulnerable to disillusion, a detachment from what is possible, and a naivety that is otherwise avoidable.

One may also show hope in such extremes, that they disregard and overlook anything that probably should be considered.

When in the correct balance however, Neptune can allow us to flourish in the most selfless of ways, inspiring those around us through sacrifice or talent.

Those who show this side of Neptune’s influence are often found in areas such as charity, medicine, psychology and care.

In higher profile cases, this can also manifest as art or music, capable of reaching the masses and inspiring them through these mediums.

Naturally, such example come at a cost – namely popularity and fame. It is here that one’s resolve is truly tested, having to resist the temptations and the pressures that come with these new surroundings.

Should a person cave to these distractions, Neptune’s more negative characteristics will then surely manifest. When considering this, it does provide a fair explanation why such a large number of people who have experienced fame turn to the solace offered by drugs for example, and seldom do these events end well.

The ultimate show of Neptune’s rule is when one can exhibit their talent and their gift of inspiring others, whilst simultaneously remaining away from the public eye.

Without the need for any kind of gratification, a person is able to see the true purpose of their actions, but of course the fruits of their artistic labour won’t have the reach it perhaps deserves – which in some ways is the tragedy of Neptune.

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