Uranus in Astrology: Its Effects and Living With It


In astrological terms, Uranus is a planet constantly moving, full of energy, never staying still for a minute. It never looks back or indulges in the archaic nature of tradition.  Instead, it everything new, innovative, forward-thinking and progressive.

This lends itself well to those who are looking for some ingenuity, creativity and enlightenment. Though sometimes, this type of energy can manifest itself as irresponsibility and recklessness.

Uranus Astrological Associations:

  • Ruler of the Aquarius zodiac sign;
  • Exalted in Scorpio, weakened in Taurus, in detriment in Leo;
  • Governs the eleventh astrological house;
  • Characteristic keyword: Freedom;
  • Associated with the color teal;
  • Linked to Tuesdays;
  • Representative gemstone: Amethyst;
  • Representative material: Uranium;

The Greeks gave Uranus its name, after Kronos’ father – otherwise known as Saturn, and Zeus’ grandfather – also known as Jupiter. Though this is where the name comes from, it can be said that Uranus has far more relevance when looked at in the context of Prometheus.

A young and inexperienced Uranus shows characteristics that can be brash and reactive, however when a person truly finds harmony in its energies, it can be a source of great intuition.

This is particularly the case for those with more inventive minds – as Uranus can provide the direction necessary for finding that next step and pushing one’s ideas further.

Uranus’ position within the chart is often shared between many belonging to the same generation – primarily because of the planet’s rather pedestrian pace through the galactic neighbourhood. Its position by house tells us how much an individual will go against the mould, and how much they will reject the status quo.

Of all the signs, Uranus has rule over Aquarius, which is the more philanthropic than the rest. Exhibiting bravery and skill, Aquarius tends towards more noble endeavours, and this stems primarily from Uranus’ forward-thinking and progressive attitude.

When other planets come under Uranus’ influence, they too experience the verve and zest for innovation that so many others feel.

Uranus’ position within the chart can also show us how one can find themselves isolated as a result of their focus on their ideas, along with a sense of unpredictability.

In this event, Uranus can have a physical impact on those it heavily influences, in the form of tension and anxiety. The need to break free and showcase their ideas can result in a situation where they feel the need to over-indulge.

This is the reason why when in the seventh house, its effects are amplified, and can lead to extreme events such as separation between partners, or even divorce. This is because of the effect of isolation it can have.

Uranus has an impact on all our relationships, though this largely depends on the house and sign in which is resides at any given time.

Its eccentric nature often gives us people who are quirky, breaking the norms, and rejecting what we would perceive as ‘normal’.

Regardless of the group, they often find themselves in situations where they are fighting the power, or for a greater good.

Although people under Uranus’ influence can be risk takers, and can find themselves in dangerous situations, they can also represent the best of us too. In this sense, Uranus can be thought of as the rebel child that goes on to inspire us all.

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