Sun Square Saturn Natal and Transit: Needs and Priorities

  • With a square between the Sun and Saturn in the natal chart, you are likely to invest all your wits and efforts to get stuff done.
  • During the Sun square Saturn transit, we may want to push themselves too hard when it comes to the most trivial matters.
  • The Sun represents the self, our identify, personality and ego, and is linked to everything in our lives that makes us be unique from others.
  • When two planets form a square, there is a tension between them, which needs to be resolved, in order for an opportunity to arise.
  • In astrology, Saturn is associated with conformity, responsibilities and regulations, imposed by society or by authoritative figures.
  • Celebrities: Iggy Pop, Charles Manson, Dick Cheney, James Madison, Jimmy Hoffa, Jane Fonda, Helmut Kohl, Kelly Lee Phipps, George Harrison.
  • Transit dates: 21 April 2020, 18 October 2020, 03 May 2021, 30 October 2021, 15 May 2022, 11 November 2022, 28 May 2022, 23 November 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun square Saturn Natal

Those born during the Sun square Saturn transit may have to overcome more challenges than others to advance in life because this aspect in their birth chart is making them have low self-esteem ever since very young, especially if criticized by people with authority.

People having the Sun square Saturn aspect in their birth chart can be too hard on themselves. For this reason, they’re self-criticizing and possess a very low self-esteem, not to mention others will judge them harshly as well and this way, increase their negativity.

Having to face many difficult challenges ever since childhood, they’re known to mature faster than others and to be very good at finding solutions to problems. All the aspects involving Saturn are known to make people improve with age.

Natives born during the Sun square Saturn transit are usually these late bloomers who are investing a lot of their determination to deal with their problems, this helping them become very disciplined, ambitious and responsible.

Their successes are most of the time the results of their hard work and good organization skills, but they may be too ambitious and this way, turn into incompetent individuals who never seem to have any good luck in life.

If unable to let go of their ego and selfishness, they can end up being the victims of many disappointments and become highly frustrated, also negative to the extreme.

It looks like they know their responsibilities because the lessons they’ve learned in life were hard, especially in matters related to the Houses the Sun and the planet Saturn are occupying.

They can’t express themselves without limits because they’re too self-conscious and all the time feeling inadequate. Many of them are likely very close to their father, whereas others may lose this dear person in their life at a very young age.

Some of them may marry a person who has been widowed, others a much older or younger individual.

Their health may be affected by a lack of energy, not to mention their teeth and bones are very sensitive. And as if like this wouldn’t be enough, their older children may have many health problems as well.

A lot of what’s happening to the natives born during the Sun square Saturn aspect depends on how they’re reacting to different experiences and their inner force.

For example, when being too aggressive and straightforward, they can impede others from wanting to collaborate with them, especially if unable to notice what effects they’re having on others or what feelings these may have.

Oftentimes, this is only them exaggerating their fears regarding people, not to mention they tend to never relax, but instead to project their uptight attitude and domineering force onto others, making everyone feel very uncomfortable.

Some of them may become passive to any challenge and admit defeat before even starting to work on a project.

They indeed need to adapt to all the restrictions Saturn is imposing, but this doesn’t mean they should just withdraw and no longer take care of their problems.

The best solution for them would be to consciously modify the circumstances in their life and deal with them most efficiently afterward.

There’s no one more suitable than themselves to reshape their lifestyle in a way that could help them evolve. They may have issues expressing themselves and being creative, these things depending a lot on their confidence and the way they’re seeing themselves, not on their talents and positive traits.

They should positively see themselves because this will help them succeed and have strong relationships with others.

Sun square Saturn Transit

During the Sun square Saturn transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac may want to push themselves too hard when it comes to the most trivial matters and meet more resistance than they’re expecting.

They can become frustrated seeing how the smallest victories require them to invest too many of their efforts. They may encounter problems with their parents, most likely their father, not to mention their parental authority can become diminished.

Regardless of the issues they may be having with important figures, they need to take advantage of the Sun square Saturn aspect and to make some order into their own life. They may get to learn the most important life lessons during the day of this transit.

People may get tested and go through too many challenges, which can cause them to become pessimistic and depressed. Their ego may become bruised when things aren’t going their way or when feeling unable to make their dreams come true.

Any responsibility can have people feeling down because the Sun square Saturn transit is a period of testing characters. Many can postpone their duties for too long and this way, they end up being overwhelmed with what they were supposed to get done.

Natives of all signs shouldn’t expect to feel optimistic and happy for as long as the Sun is in square with Saturn because life will put a lot of pressure and limit them, no matter if they’re at home, at work or on vacation.

For this reason, they need to be prepared for it and to have all of their needs and priorities established. Their bosses may ask too much of them, also their father and other authority figures in their life, and they’ll find it very difficult to deal with any criticism or rejection.

Furthermore, this period can have many less confident as a result of bad experiences or some important person making fun of their efforts.

They wouldn’t be able to avoid such situations, so their only escape route would remain to deal with things as they’re coming. This time is known to lower energy levels, meaning all people are feeling less active than usual, so they need to relax more or to use some vitamins.

The year following will depend a lot on what they’re doing for this transit, meaning they should pay attention to what opportunities are coming their way during its period.

As much as some of the natives may think they’re able to jump over responsibilities, they won’t. Their plans are most likely going to be tempered with because of unexpected difficulties and the lack of rapid solutions to problems.

Therefore, the crises during the Sun square Saturn transit may repeat themselves in the following year if not properly addressed on time.

Many will feel like they’re heading nowhere in life, but if they’ll handle desperate situations when these are happening, they’ll do it once more when the circumstances will be of the same nature.

They should never take the easy way out because only hard work and a straight backbone will help them efficiently solve their issues. When giving up, they’ll get to feel weaker on the inside and the quitters in their group. Instead, they should accept hard work pays off and proceed with doing it.

During the Sun square Saturn transit, people should be patient, determined to succeed and ethical. It’s true that having many duties and feeling limited can make them want to quit fighting for their good, but this would only cause more problems for them in the long run, not to mention their subconscious would come and tell them they’ve made a mistake and that they should worry.

The more they’ll procrastinate, the more problems they’ll get to have. They may feel like life is being unfair with them and they may be right because sadness, insecurity, rejection and unfortunate events seem to be present in their way, no matter where they may be going.

The Sun square Saturn aspect is known to force people to work harder than usual, especially if they want to feel confident in their forces. While many may not receive the recognition that they deserve during it, they’ll still feel satisfied when making any breakthrough discovery.

The period of this transit can be either very fortunate or not at all. Many may feel depressed and wanting to grief during it, whereas some may experience the loss by death in their own home. Some will have domestic issues and feel like it’s impossible for them to no longer worry and be anxious.

These natives should avoid making changes if not forced to, not to mention they need to pay attention when interacting with others, especially the individuals much older than them.

The Sun square Saturn aspect is considered evil because it’s making people depressed and more sensitive when it comes to their health. It’s known to accelerate the evolution of rheumatism and chronic diseases.

For this reason, many should be careful with what they’re doing and pay attention to their mental health as any disappointment can make them have evil thoughts and even to become sick.

All in all, it’s a period considered critical by many astrologers, an influence that’s strongly trying all natives in the zodiac. It’s causing obstacles to appear and delays to happen, also the self-confidence of many to decrease.

Many may not pay attention to important details and end up doing things the wrong way, also because they’re too hurried and inattentive.

They shouldn’t take everything personally and look at things from a wider perspective because the inconveniences in their life will surely get to pass.

Clashes with those having authority or who are too conservative may make them feel like there’s something wrong in their way of approaching life. They can worry too much over unimportant matters and be very serious when it comes to their daily routine.

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