Sun Trine Pluto Natal and Transit: Good Intentions Promoted

  • The birth chart trine between the Sun and Pluto suggests an individual who can achieve happiness and fulfilment in life by following their talents.
  • During the Sun trine Pluto transit, people are more capable of understanding subtleties and discovering secrets.
  • The Sun symbolizes the reasoning behind our actions, our personalities and egos and what we do with our will and stamina.
  • A trine aspect is traditionally assumed as a success driving and beneficial one, people being able to overcome their inner struggles.
  • In astrology, Pluto reflects life transformations, the process of getting rid of the old to make room for the new, the endless cycle of creation and destruction.
  • Celebrities: Kesha, Larry King, Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Jose Maria Carreras, Rupert Murdoch, Mel B, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Grace Kelly, Shakira.
  • Transit dates: 15 May 2020, 14 September 2020, 17 May 2021, 16 September 2021, 19 May 2022, 18 September 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun trine Pluto Natal

People born during the Sun trine Pluto transit are natural born leaders who possess a strong intuition and even clairvoyant abilities. More than this, their energy seems to never get exhausted and they can recuperate from any illness or failure by focusing and exercising their will.

For this reason, they’re often practicing yoga, meditation and other ways of self-enlightenment.

They’re motivated enough and have the ability to work with their energies most intensely, meaning they can make everything work in their advantage when being offered the opportunity. Many of them will likely inherit considerable or gain form the loss of others.

The trine between the Sun and Pluto is usually a beneficial and balanced one, so natives having in their birth chart are focused and capable of exercising their will or going through transformations meant to regenerate their energy for them to achieve their goals and merge more efficiently with their surroundings.

The bad influence of Pluto is not that present in their life as long as they’re working with their natural talents in ways accepted by society. They can use all of their resources to the maximum and make them work in their advantage, especially when having some precise goals to achieve.

These natives are more socially aware than others and interested in working with their talents to improve their surroundings. Naturally insightful when it comes to efficiently solving problems, they may choose a career in this direction.

Possessing a logical mind and many talents with finances, they prefer to take on projects that require them to make order in the most erratic environments and structures.

This is giving them a certain satisfaction because they simply hate out-of-control situations and prefer harmony of chaos and disorder, no matter if it’s about their personal life or the home they’re living in.

They’re good as spokespersons and leaders because their high levels of energy are giving them the impression that they have a purpose, whereas their optimism and inspiring creativity is helping them attract the support of others.

This naturally comes to them, leaving Pluto’s need for more power and manipulation to fade away, meaning they’re never going to be too authoritative as leaders.

People born during the Sun trine Pluto aspect can rely on their intuition to gain more insight when it comes to any situation and judging a personality. As said before, their clairvoyant abilities are making them more curious about meditation, tantric sex and ways in which they could discover themselves.

Realizing their talents can have them turning into more evolved souls, especially because the trine between the Sun and Pluto in birth charts is known to influence natives to desire many positive transformations when it comes to their ego.

This way, they can be more aware of their strength and impact on others, without becoming selfish or show-off-ish.

Many of them decide to be quietly proud of their achievements and talents. Regardless of their career and interests, they can often go to the extreme when trying to understand the most profound subjects.

Their own deepest interests can give them a purpose in life and meaning to every one of their actions. If natives having the Sun trine Pluto in their birth chart can realize their influence, they can become even more moral and honorable than usually.

Their best intentions can often turn against them, especially if there were many difficult aspects present at their birth, in which fixed stars were involved. The same transit in their birth chart is suggesting they can get along very well with powerful and influential people.

They seem to possess great creative talents, but if they want to put them to use, they need to go through some inner transformations and eliminate anything blocking them from achieving success.

However, for this to happen, they need to use all the energy of the Sun trine Pluto aspect to the maximum.

When managing to focus all the force of this transit on bringing some great benefits into the society and not try to escape solving their most difficult problems within their relationships and life in general, they should analyze what a Pluto that isn’t integrated could do to them.

When in solar placements, Pluto can be highly cooperative, even if natives aren’t conscious of its influence.

At least they won’t be bothered either about any influence coming from this planet, which can distort their perception of life and have them making poor decisions, especially when trying to be in the center of attention.

Sun trine Pluto Transit

During the Sun trine Pluto aspect, people are more capable of understanding subtleties and discovering secrets, meaning they may get to find the answers they’re seeking in life.

They’d be more willing to take a closer look at themselves and others, which could help them greatly in understanding important things about people and life in general.

Being more able to see everything more profoundly, they can solve many of their serious problems easily and recover after failure.

However, they should be able to overcome their past and what keeps holding them back without being afraid.

For as long as the Sun is in trine with Pluto, many natives in the zodiac can have more power and a stronger influence over what’s happening in their life, so they should make some room for many beneficial transformations that could happen to them.

They can also use their influence and strength to change their life, especially if needing to. Some may only see the dark side of things, the evil in every person or situations, and be fearful.

When analyzing the same things and issues over and over again, one can become wiser and develop a clearer understanding of what the world surrounding them is all about.

Those who will pay enough attention during the Sun trine Pluto aspect will be more perceptive in the following year and turn every experience they may be going through into a valuable life lesson.

Many will develop a special know-how and deduct when they need to make important transformations into their life in order to obtain the best results. This will give them a certain strong influence over others’ lives, also the ability to always land on their own two feet, regardless of what they may be doing. They’ll feel more empowered and allow success to come easily into their life.

When it comes to romance, they may get to live a very good year after the Sun trine Pluto transit will pass because they’d be more charismatic, not to mention their magnetism would attract any member of the opposite sex, whereas their passion, would keep their lover interested in them.

The more they’ll succeed with their pursuits, the more empowered they’ll get to feel. As far as money is going, they’ll seem to have more talents at investing and speculating, meaning they’ll manage to save more than usual and to earn from their investments.

During this transit, people should make plans for the future instead of taking too many risks. Important changes are welcomed and if intentions are good, they’ll only get to have positive results from their endeavors.

Interacting with powerful people and authorities or any big organization for that matter will be favored because you’ll only make a good impression on who matters the most.

Since Pluto is also the ruler of elimination, natives of all signs could use this aspect to organize their life and clean their surroundings, even to make arrangements when it comes to their career.

Furthermore, they could easily play the role of a leader, regardless if at work or in their group of friends because they’d be more able to make any positive change and their self-esteem would be heightened.

The Sun trine Pluto aspect is beneficial for studying the occult and mysterious events, so astrologers and tarot readers could greatly benefit from it because it would come easier for them to investigate and to see what personal changes it is bringing into every life.

Having this type of talents, many will reach great breakthroughs in their profession. This aspect is also good for taking charge as no one would be in the mood to talk nonsense or take care of the unimportant matters.

Important problems will be addressed and many will get to solve them as well. Others should exercise more, whereas some must address their most puzzling issues, either with relationships or projects at work.

However, everyone will have to be honest and look for the same sincerity of emotions in others as well.

It wouldn’t matter whom people may be dealing with, they should appreciate sincerity and connect with everyone in the most harmonious way possible. Some may be impressed by their intensity and appreciate their honesty.

The Sun trine Pluto transit is also good for getting in touch with one’s self through writing in journals and having the deepest conversations with friends. Many lessons will be learned, meaning people will be pushed further and further ahead in life.

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