Moon Trine Uranus Natal and Transit: Domestic Changes

  • When in a natal chart, the Moon Uranus trine is suggestive of an individual who is always doing new things, trying to escape the routine.
  • The Moon trine Uranus transit is good for domestic changes and escaping routine.
  • In astrology, the Moon is the governor of our feelings, the inner world of our emotions, of our hidden desires and domestic impulses.
  • When two planets are in a trine relationship, they are placed at 120 degrees of each other and in signs of the same element, so they work easier together.
  • In astrology, Uranus characterizes the adventurous, ingenious and those who challenge the established way of doing things.
  • Celebrities: Konrad Adenauer, Queen Mary, Larry King, Kirk Douglas, Robin Williams, Alicia Silverstone, Aaron Spelling, William S Burroughs.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon trine Uranus Natal

Natives having the Moon trine Uranus in their birth chart need to be stimulated by challenging events and fascinating people to not get bored. For this reason, their friendships are usually not long-lasting and fruitful.

They hate feeling tied down to anyone or anything, allowing for this to happen only in the bedroom. They give a lot of importance to their freedom, so their friends and partner have to allow them to do whatever they please.

It’s difficult for them to find the people who can really understand their personality. When it comes to their domestic life, this may be unusual because they were probably raised in a very eccentric family.

If this is the case, it would have been better for these natives to have had someone imposing a certain discipline in their life, when they were children. They would have probably been more than okay with distant and unemotional parents because they’re usually able to adapt to any situation.

People born during the Moon trine Uranus aspect seem to have knowledge without actually being educated as their intuition is strong, also their psychic abilities. For this reason, many of them are great astrologers and Tarot readers.

Tending to do things out of impulse and to never think twice, they seem to succeed at everything they’re doing with this attitude, not to mention many of them are very amused about traditions.

They don’t seem to have a problem changing jobs or moving from one country to another, which means they’re perfect doing a job that requires them to travel and to think freely.

For this reason, many of them are deciding to be freelancers or entrepreneurs and not to work “for the big man”. When getting bored with a person or a situation, they must make a change and escape routine.

Having an open mind and a tolerant attitude, they’re usually the ones encouraging others to do what their heart is telling them to, no matter how unusual and crazy this may sound.

People born during the Moon trine Uranus transit are fun parents and the best friends of their children.

As a matter of fact, they’re like this with everyone who happens to be in their life because they simply hate stiff and pretentious individuals.

It’s normal for them to be the ones who are saying something to make others laugh and be less serious. They’re receptive, spontaneous and very intelligent, not to mention courageous when having to deal with any issue bothering them and their way of living.

Having a sparkly personality and making everything more exciting, many want to be in their presence and to go to the same parties as them.

Furthermore, they possess a very creative mind, so they should focus on taking care of their affairs or even running some businesses. Their enthusiasm and high levels of energy are true blessings for them, together with how committed they are to succeed in life.

Attracted to the new and eager to make things better for the entire society, they’re more sociable and popular than private and withdrawn. Most of the time having great visions about their future, it’s the energy of Uranus that helps them shine everywhere they may be going.

In case Uranus is the planet dominating their birth chart, their domestic life seems strange for many, even if for them it is only looking normal and settled.

They may be terrified that traditions and routines are going to destroy their way of life, freedom and need to explore. This is usually happening when Uranus conflicts with what the Moon needs and desires.

Natives born during the Moon trine Uranus transit are neither attracted or resentful towards challenges and opposition, but it’s unlikely for them to ever act in a submissive manner. While having respect for authority, they’re still rebellious and eager to fight any abuse or injustice.
The way they’re doing this depends a lot on how they’re expressing themselves, which means some of them will create amazing art pieces, whereas others will focus on making the world a better place.

Their intuition will always guide them through life, so it’s very important for these people to believe in what their instincts are telling them.

Moon trine Uranus Transit

During the Moon trine Uranus transit, people are more open to change and excitement, but not at all erratic or depressive. They may have a feeling of restlessness and expect for something special to happen in their life.

It would be a good idea for many to trust their intuition and to act on impulse, especially when it comes to their relationships because they’d be more daring and open. Furthermore, it’s very likely for them to be fascinated by unusual people and to meet with individuals belonging to different cultures.

People are more friendly and open to interact during the Moon trine Uranus aspect, even if they’re not interested in forming long-term connections. It’s a time in which everyone had bright eyes and a smile on their faces, also more curiosity and spontaneous behavior.

However, this won’t last for too long and some individuals will become too tired of acting like everything is fun and fascinating. Everyone will want to go out and do something new because their imagination will be running wild and they’ll have an urge to do unusual things.

For this reason, adventure is pretty much favored during this period. Many will rely only on their intuition and laugh when things won’t seem to go the way they want them to.

They won’t pay too much attention to their own emotions because there won’t be any time for them to do it. Looking for excitement and as many thrilling situations as possible, they’ll want to have fun and to be amused.

The Moon trine Uranus aspect is good for domestic changes and escaping routine. Those who will try new things or to escape toxic relationships will be successful in their endeavors.

It would be a good idea for everyone to keep an open mind and to take advantage of every opportunity because they’d have enough energy to get things done most efficiently, not to mention they’ll see things with a pair of fresh eyes and be able to spice up any situation.

When it comes to work, they’ll meet many unusual and interesting people, so they need to participate in conferences and pay attention to what their colleagues, superiors, and mentors have to say.

It’s very likely some natives will come across influential people or meet with those who can have a great influence over their careers.

Original projects and good ideas will be more appreciated, so it’s suggested to put on paper any new thought or project as inspiration and a clear vision will be the things characterizing this transit the most.

As far as relationships are going, the Moon trine Uranus aspect is known to shake everything up, which means it is good for dates and doing something that hasn’t been tried before, from dancing classes to skydiving.

Single individuals should go out with their friends because their energy will have them restless until trying something new and exciting.

As said before, this period is great for taking on new challenges and adventures. Things will be experienced in a more intense way than usual, no matter if people will go on a safari or just watch a movie.

Their routine will get interrupted anyway, so they should go ahead and try any unusual plan or idea going through their minds.

The Moon trine Uranus aspect is never evil because it attracts positive energies and brings about vibrations meant to put natives in a higher state of mind.

Many will be more inclined to study metaphysical concepts and to intuit what’s going to happen next, not to mention they’ll be attracted to the occult, new cultures and rituals, also to reform the world. It’s a good time for making changes and eliminating what’s no longer needed to make room for new interests.

Great friendships will be formed because people will be more attracted to one another, even if most of them will only speculate that everything is going to be okay and the unexpected will be all over the place.

Furthermore, the Moon trine Uranus transit is good for traveling, making new plans and coming up with progressive ideas. Even the more passive natives will become alert and nervous, which will give them a boost to advance in life.

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