Moon Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit: Emotional Turmoil

  • In a natal chart, the Moon Uranus opposition indicates someone whose domestic life is full of surprises and excitement.
  • Observe how during the Moon opposite Uranus transit, people find it easier to develop personal relationships and friendships become stronger.
  • In astrology, the Moon is full of feminine, domestic energy and rules over our emotional expression and temperament.
  • The opposition aspect is all about confrontation and overcoming differences, as the energies of the two planets face each other.
  • The planet Uranus governs wilfulness, quirkiness, and originality.
  • Celebrities: John Fitzgerald (Jr) Kennedy, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Princess Renee of France, Taylor Swift, Liz Greene, Princess Diana of Wales, Donald Trump.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Moon opposite Uranus Natal

Those who were born with the Moon opposite Uranus aspect in their birth chart are meant to have a domestic life full of surprises and excitement.

Everything happening at their home and into their family will reflect their erratic emotions and inner restlessness.

It wouldn’t matter what their consciousness is dictating them to do, they’ll only allow their emotions to rule their life, especially as far as their most important relationships are going.

As a matter of fact, this aspect of the Moon and Uranus will have the most noticeable influence over their intimate connections.

Uranus makes people more distant and therefore, difficult when having to form strong bonds with other individuals. This coldness is brought on by their need for independence and freedom.

People having the Moon opposite Uranus in their birth chart are famous for rebelling against those who are looking to get close to them and to form a relationship of intimacy.

This is happening because they simply hate feeling tied down or dependent or someone else. However, if they’re being left alone to analyze their feelings, they may start to think no one wants to be their friend and to crave intimacy.

For this reason, they need to be with people who allow them to be free and don’t reveal too much of their emotions.

Furthermore, natives with the Moon opposite Uranus transit in their natal chart hate having a routine. They need variety and many changes to happen into their life if it is for them to be as creative and emotionally available as they can be.

This is why they’re inconsistent and sometimes too dramatic. It can be a challenge to live with them, especially for those who are older and very disciplined. It’s very likely one of their parents, probably their mother, has taught them to be independent.

According to other aspects and fixed planets in their chart, Uranus may have given them a parent who’s too curious about science or astrology, while some may have had an abusive or absent one.

No matter what kind of influence this person had on them, he or she has surely made an impact on how these natives are interacting with others at an emotional level.

Those born during the Moon opposite Uranus transit may be unable to develop purposeful and long-term relationships until aware of the fact that Uranus has an erratic dominance on the emotions and reactions coming from their subconscious.

Their home, family and best friends will notice how dramatic and emotional they can be, also that they’re always dealing with unexpected events, no matter where they may be going.

These natives can’t stand those who are faking to have feelings for someone because they’re very serious when it comes to honesty.

It’s rare for them to get together with superficial people or to do something that isn’t dictated by their own emotions.

When rebelling against tight schedules and repeating patterns, no one should take their objections personally because they seem to not be able to have a more disciplined life or to stick to a schedule, even if they’re struggling to.

Many will admire them for following their inner voice and being intuitive, which means they’re usually pretty proud of their emotional sincerity.

It’s true they can sometimes be very difficult to deal with and some are seeing these natives as selfish, but they’re not seeing themselves like this at all.

Having a creative mind, they can come up with many good ideas, even if not constantly. Each time Uranus will work closely with a more influential planet in their birth chart, their intuition will tell them what to do.

The intuitive force Uranus brings about is different from the one of Neptune because it makes people true to themselves and more self-centered.

Those having the Moon opposite Uranus transit in their birth chart will always be affected by changes when it comes to their domestic life. This won’t be enjoyable for them, so they may want to have a second look at their plans before taking action.

On the other hand, they’re lucky to be born under this aspect because whenever they’ll think that boredom has taken over their life, they’ll have something unexpected happening to them.

Of course, this means they’ll have to deal with situations of crisis, but in the end, they’ve asked for things to happen this way. If their Moon is in a hard aspect with Uranus, they may need to be emotionally stimulated all the time.

They won’t be aware of it, but every emotional disruption and change happening into their life will be a reason for them to analyze why things are happening the way they do.

They seem to always make changes, especially when it comes to their home and domestic routine because variety in the family makes them truly happy. In case some of them want a more stable environment, they need to improve their conscious awareness.

These natives can make big discoveries and grow very rapidly as human beings if they decide to study psychology, astrology and even medicine. In order for them to have a more stable life and control over their feelings, they need to be calmer and to take things slowly.
The purpose of all this is for them to no longer act on impulse, or in a chaotic and rushed way. Just like with any other aspect of their life, they need a balance between their routine and adventurous side.

Furthermore, these natives have to understand they can’t play the mad genius role and at the same time be the perfect partners for their other half.

Moon opposite Uranus Transit

The Moon opposite Uranus transit brings about many surprises for all natives of the zodiac. It is a good time to have an open mind and to not insist on doing things as planned.

While it can be unpleasant for some, it’s also a good opportunity for many to no longer have bad habits and a routine that only makes their life more difficult.

This is a time when relationships are becoming stormy and domestic lives disrupted. People may get together with new individuals who are nothing like what they’ve been used to before.

Furthermore, they may feel more rebellious and do exactly the opposite of what their loved ones are expecting of them.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to develop deep personal relationships during this transit because many natives are more irritable while the Moon is in opposition with Uranus.

No one is in the mood to act politely or to be nice because many are feeling more comfortable when alone.

Furthermore, this transit makes people more sensitive and aware of the invisible vibrations coming from the Universe. They may do something bad and blame others just because they feel like it.

Thankfully, this celestial aspect that causes emotional distress and problems with relationships doesn’t last for too long.

However, people need to be aware of it and to understand that their reactions beyond their control are very important as well. They may feel a stronger need for freedom, which can disrupt their connections with others, not to mention they’ll try to gain the attention of their loved ones by teasing these people.

The Moon opposite Uranus transit is not good for decision-making because intuition and instincts of many won’t be correct and the unexpected happening to them overwhelming.

More than this, this is an aspect that causes people to no longer focus properly and to look only for excitement.

Those who’ll make new friends during it can discover that their new relationships are disrupting, not to mention the surprises, the moods and the fact that they’re more detached from an emotional point of view will put their old connections under a lot of pressure. Many will have to deal with changes at home and in their intimate bonds.

When the Moon opposite Uranus transit is happening, women tend to be more affected by all the chaotic emotions others are having.

Everyone will be more sensitive, impulsive and adventurous during this time, and not in a positive way. Those having to work or to focus on the tasks at their hand may find it much more difficult to do just so because relationships with their colleagues will be more nervous.

It’s very likely for them to feel like their life is not going as supposed to, so they’ll want to do something about it. They shouldn’t be impulsive at all because this can lead them to conflicts with their colleagues and superiors, also with their partner.

It would be a good idea for them to try and at least not snap at people while they’re at work, or perhaps at the person whom they’re only dating for a few weeks. As a matter of fact, it’s never suggested for anyone to project his or her frustrations on others.

It’s very good this transit lasts for only one day because it’s very difficult for many natives to control their impulses during it, not to mention some won’t even try to do things the right way and this way, generate a lot of chaos for others.

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