Mars Square Saturn Natal and Transit: Feeling Defensive

  • The Mars Saturn square in the natal chart means you sometimes alternate between enthusiasm and apathy and can change your mood very quickly.
  • The Mars square Saturn transit is usually making people feel frustrated and inhibited but can be motivating as well.
  • In astrology, Mars is named after the God of War and governs outward activity, our impulses, drives and motivations, as well as how we control our anger.
  • When two planets are in a square relationship, their respective governing life areas are impacted and so people may benefit from some kind of opportunity there.
  • In astrology, Saturn emphasizes discipline and conformity, helping us become more focused and punctual.
  • Celebrities: River Phoenix, Susan Sarandon, Igor Stravinsky, Ernest Hemingway, Charlie Chaplin, Emperor Nero, Antonio Salieri.
  • Transit dates: 24 August 2020, 29 September 2020, 13 January 2021, 10 November 2021, 07 August 2022, 25 November 2023.

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Mars square Saturn Natal

People born Mars square Saturn are true perfectionists. They can pick themselves and others up without having any mercy, not to mention they can get involved in all kinds of circumstances that aren’t quite matching their standards.

Their creative energy is freeing them as soon as they’ve started working on some of their main objectives. What they want the most is to identify their emotional and psychological grounds to make them feel stable in life.

Saturn is influencing them to be more passionate about their desires, not to mention they can invest all of their efforts in everything they’re trying to do. They do have some intense desires, not to mention their goals are as strong, yet they can’t express them in a very practical way.

For this reason, they’re austere, precise in thinking and most of the time looking to follow only their interest. Their actions are most of the time the result of frustrations, which can lead to feeling negative, meaning they need to overcome them.

Being involved in conflicts and working hard can transform their consciousness, meaning they can obtain their redemption, whereas more discipline can free their souls.

They can as well work very hard, but they’re prone to accidents that can result in broken bones at their job, especially if they’re surrounded by danger, which can result in their death.

These people can have many problems with their health because this is how the signs in planets Mars and as well Saturn are influencing them to be.

More than this, their difficulties interacting with others when it comes to marriage and relationships are making them less gentle, patient and kind, which is attracting them many enemies. For this reason, they must become more compassionate and caring. They shouldn’t pass any judgment or criticize others.

Because they’re alternating between aggressiveness and being apathetic, the career of natives born under the Mars square Saturn aspect can get influenced seriously, especially if they’re politicians or in the army.

Their actions aren’t always disciplined and properly oriented, meaning they can sometimes lose their purpose in life. These people can often fail in making their dreams come true, which can make others think they’re only lazy and undependable.

The trick for them is to continue living their life, but this may not come easy because they’re only throwing themselves at work and aren’t planning, not to mention their judgment is often colored by their fears and their immediate desires.

At least they’re working very hard for good things to come their way. They should be careful and not end up consuming themselves for no reason because this can be in their disadvantage. They can avoid all this by balancing their drives and responsibilities.

Natives born during the Mars square Saturn transit are usually healthier than others, but they should release their energy by performing physical exercises, as often as possible.

Either if Mars is in square with Saturn or in opposition, people with these aspects are usually working hard to attain their goals, not to mention they’re persevering, regardless of how many difficulties they may be having and discouraged they may be feeling.

When focusing on their goals, they can accomplish a lot, not to mention they may feel their road in life is long and full of obstacles, as well that all the weight is on their shoulders. If rejected or defeated, they can repress all of their desires and thus, have a more complicated life.

This can lead to their body to release all kind of uncontrolled energies. Such manifestation is negative and unsafe for themselves, not to mention they can fear success and become frustrated.

For this reason, they can throw tantrums, become envious, criticizing and even so violent that they’re starting to fight others and end up with their bones broken.

These people are capable of controlling themselves, not to mention they’re all the time in self-denial and expecting too much from their capabilities. They also tend to hold themselves back, to doubt their power and abilities.

The Mars square Saturn natives may meet a lot of resistance when trying to assert themselves and take matters into their own hands.

Any angry and frustrated feelings they may be having can cause them many problems, especially if they’re trying to collaborate with others and to depend on their loved ones.

These people are working better when all alone, but when cooperating, they can deal with the harshest human experiences.

Their energies can be destructive, yet educating them to overcome any difficulties. When it comes to spirituality, their unlimited energy can have them put through many tests.

The key for them is to deal with the flow of life, to deal with the energy blockages and to be self- aware, as well to learn from experiences.

The square between Mars and Saturn is putting a lot of pressure on people, not to mention they can challenge natives having it in their birth chart.

The more they’re aging, the more they can come to terms when feeling limited by this transit at their birth. This is making them more self-confident and wiser when it comes to their experiences, not to mention how ethical they can be.

Patient, persevering and empathetic, these people have a strong self-esteem and many long-lasting relationships, meaning they’re deserving to be recognized and to achieve great things in life.

Looking at all the celebrities who were born during the Mars square Saturn aspect, it can be seen these are confident people with a great desire to become successful.

Mars square Saturn Transit

The Mars square Saturn transit is making people feel frustrated and inhibited. Their wishes and desire may grow very strong in them, but it’s difficult for them to express their passion and to succeed in life. The more they’re pursuing their goals, the more they’re going to face resistance from others.

All kind of circumstances can impede them from progressing in life. They may have problems with those who possess a lot of authority, as well their parents and older siblings.

When dealing with the most important things in life, they need to be driven by the most reasonable goals. Because their problems can hold all of their attention, it’s important for them to keep thinking of the big picture.

Some of people’s past duties and bigger responsibilities can pressure them too much, but they can easily get rid of them. If moving too quickly, they can encounter many obstacles. For this reason, they should take things step by step and accomplish their specific goals.

This transit is not at all a winning one, so natives of all signs should be defensive.  Instead, they should start new projects according to their wishes, yet they should stay focused on what they’re already having.

Feeling rejected and limited will have the hot energy of Mars released and causing them a lot of problems. For this reason, they can feel frustrated and angry in case their energy is not expressed in a safe manner.

Being patient and making plans will have them fulfilling their dreams. Taking risks and having outbursts of energy can make all of their problems worse. It is better for them to work alone and to focus on the things close to their home.

This transit is not good for conquering new grounds and fighting, instead for sharpen the intellect and becoming more defensive. Being a frustrating one, many people may encounter delays and deal with all kind of obstacles.

It’s possible for a lot of individuals to encounter problems from their past, as well details that have been overlooked can come back to haunt them. It will be difficult for them to contain their frustration, but this isn’t the most suitable approach.

Many won’t be able to hold their energy inside, so they’ll outburst in tantrums and have the need to direct all of their energy towards productive means.

They should try and appreciate all the minor details regarding their projects, not to mention they can focus their attention on progressing steadily.

All the tension gathered up inside of them can make people physically express themselves and push themselves too hard or become when feeling threatened, meaning they should be very careful when playing a sport or driving their car.

The Mars square Saturn can be considered evil, meaning it’s acting against people’s progress by fighting the good and the bad inside of them, a battle that can be compared with stormy weather or a speedy spin.

During this aspect, people will express their quick-temper in a very hasty and harsh manner, which can cause them a lot of trouble.

As well, if some other placements in the skies are influencing natives of all signs to have a rash temperament, their life can become troublesome.

In case something evil is happening in their life, many people may exhibit some dishonorable and disgraceful behaviors and end up in ruins, whereas they can become impulsive and willful.

There’s no situation for this transit to operate favorably because the two planets involved have a strong and malefic influence because there’s a war between their energies, influence that can make people more violent.

For this reason, natives of all signs in the zodiac should avoid fighting and having frictions with other people, especially if these are depriving them of their liberty. This aspect is causing many natives to be turbulent, as well too enthusiastic and extreme.

If the Moon aspects are evil, this square can become evil as well. This is why many natives should be more cautious and control themselves too.

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