Venus Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit: Your Emotional Insight

  • The Venus Neptune conjunction in the natal chart suggests an expressive individual who is very keen on showing their emotions some way or another.
  • Be mindful of the Venus conjunct Neptune transit because this is not a time for big decisions, especially in the professional area.
  • In astrology, Venus imparts knowledge and wisdom on how to love and what beauty to appreciate.
  • The conjunct aspect is the astrological placement of two planets in the same sign, which means their qualities become blended.
  • In astrology, Neptune’s energy urges us to be imaginative and visionary, to exceed boundaries, to reject any and all limitations.
  • Celebrities: Truman Capote, Leonard Cohen, Louis Pasteur, George III of UK, Josephine Baker, Tracy Austin.
  • Transit dates: 27 January 2020, 19 March 2021, 27 April 2022, 15 February 2023, 03 April 2024, 01 February 2025, 27 March 2025, 20 April 2025, 03 March 2026.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus conjunct Neptune Natal

When Venus is conjunct with Neptune in the birth diagram, people tend to show a high level of intellect, affection, spirituality, and comprehension. Highly empathetic, they easily find those in need of help, but are often left wanting, having absurd or illogical methods as a means to help them.

While they are seen as good looking, they’ll have issues with relationships due to their insecurities, tied up with their volatile nature.

They have somewhat of an abundance of originality and ingenuity. Their imagination hardly finds any bounds, which also causes an appreciation for everything beautiful.

Their emotions can also work in tune with those of others, which can be useful in relations of any kind, but also harmful for both parties if not tempered.

Socializing is somewhat of a hobby for them, but it can also come to their detriment. Art of many forms is of great interest to them, especially the more spiritually inclined art. Their natures force them to be rather illogical in their methods and might often be unable to carry their weight in a group.

Such people ought to learn to distinguish their own foolish, romantic ideals from reality. Doing so will ensure realistic expectations in a relationship in which healthy communication and request should be a norm.

It’s not bad to ask for faithfulness in return for the same, and their partner ought to deliver. If troubled, they can vent or relax through expressing their feelings in their art, whether visual or musical, anything works.

During this conjunction of the planets, people will be influenced towards putting their lover under the magnifying glass, yet ignoring the reality of the fact that they aren’t as their ideals would have them.

These people are simply blinded by their desires, by their wanting of their lover to be the perfect one for them, so much so that they simply ignore the facts until the harsh reality hits them dead on in the eyes.

Seeing as how they’re so easily influenced by emotions and other people, they’re also likely to be played around with by those that would take advantage of their easy to fool personality. Which in all actuality is the main cause of hardships that pop up in their life and relationships.

Their nature makes it so that they actively avoid conflicts of any kind. They stray away from anything that remotely smells of a fight or argument. They’re simply too emotional and unguarded for such “activities”.

Their dream romance involves exquisite taste, an interest in arts of all forms as well as literature. Those are the prerequisites for an adequate partner for these people, as well as a balance of good looks and appreciation for beauty.

While their taste in life revolves around the brief, slight pleasures and the beauty of it all so does their image of a suitable partner.

They’ll be on the lookout for methods in which to express themselves as artistically, spiritually and beautifully as possible, often relying on art to do so, designing the latest fashion, painting, covering one of their favorite songs or writing an entirely new one, anything goes.

Due to their high emotional sensitivity, it will be hard for them to mingle with society as it is and they’ll be forced to adapt or flee if they are to live life properly. Of course, the latter being the advised option.

Venus conjunct Neptune Transit

During this transition, you’ll be likely to be presented with a multitude of options for you to explore from a romantic point of view.

You’ll also have the obligation to develop your spirituality and emotions along with heightening your senses and mind all for the purpose of being able to manage relations of any kind properly.

An issue you’ll encounter will be your standards which will cause you to delude yourself into thinking of reality as the world inside your head, not the one outside of it, which let’s be honest, you find much harsher than the joyous things that happen in your mind.

As usual, you’ll be a people’s person, lending emotional support to those that need it. Regarding diligence and determination, you won’t be having much of any as long as your work won’t involve an artistic approach.

Anything business-related is simply a no go for you because you find such activities and harsh forms of communication and debate simply too much to handle.

While your emotional insight and judgment of characters are usually on point, during this period you’ll be easy to trick and people might take advantage of your over-trusting character.

Spending some thoughts on people and their behavior as well as your decisions is something highly advised. You don’t want to rush into something you’ll regret, do you?

Financially speaking, you’ll be prone to making some rash decisions which might end up in some poor investments. Or not. This subject seems to also be dependent on luck.

You might spend money on volunteering associations or in domains that might actually be of no use. Try asking for guidance from someone you can trust. Two heads are often better than one.

Anything too mundane or resembling a routine bores you. In the will, determination and hark work department you’ll be found more than lacking, simply because your interests lie entirely elsewhere, and that’s art.

You’ll have a strong yearning to express all of your feelings and desire using artistic methods, be it sculpture, singing, instruments, drawing or painting, as long as it implies creating beauty in the process, you’ll do it.

Your love life will also experience a turn of events so to say. Seeing as how you’re an idealist to the core, your romance will be affected by this as well.

In your head, your partner is this perfect person that has it all, beauty, kindness, gentleness, love, affection, passion, compassion and empathy, and the list can go on and on seeing as how unrealistic your standards can get.

And this can take its toll on anybody, especially on your lover, since there’s probably few if at all people on this earth that entirely what you’re looking for.

Something else you’ll be focused on will be a lifestyle fit for superstars. Why? Because you’ll feel like overindulging in luxury and beauty, and the type of life you want can only be achieved by those with a great deal of wealth, a.k.a. rich superstars.

The faith of your relationship has two possible outcomes. You and your lover either live a happy, dreamlike relationship filled with love, lust, affection, understanding and compassion, emphasis on dream world, or you’ll be awoken to the harsh reality of the fact that things aren’t going as dreamy as you’d like them to.

If you want to live comfortably and happily, you’ll have to be able to make the difference between what you wish would be and what is and could be. Such issues might pop up with your friends as well, not only your partner.

So, exert caution in how you view your current relationships if you don’t want to end up disappointed and unhappy.

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