Mercury Square Neptune Natal and Transit: Save Your Energy for Later

  • In a natal chart, the Mercury Neptune square means the individual is haunted throughout their life by their big expectations.
  • The Mercury square Neptune transit sort of takes from our energy but helps us become more empathic and attentive to others’ subtleties.
  • Mercury makes us be communicative, inquisitive and resourceful but also indecisive and too pessimistic.
  • When two planets form a square, they create a hard right angle to each other, conflicting each other’s energies and fighting for supremacy.
  • The planet Neptune is concerned with what can’t be explained by logic and governs our dreams, illusions and imagination.
  • Celebrities: Audrey Hepburn, Miles Davis, Cat Stevens, Mel Gibson, Herbert Hoover, Eddie Izzard, Jim Carrey, Aaron Spelling, Nathan Lee.
  • Transit dates: 22 May 2020, 13 December 2020, 22 May 2021, 06 July 2021.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Others’ opinions seem to have them not so decisive when making decisions anymore because they seem to change their position when having discussions with others about what they’re thinking.

Not paying attention to the details that matter, they’re creative and can’t actually pay attention, meaning they can lose their focus when dealing with details and having to concentrate.

This is suggesting natives born during the Mercury square Neptune aspect need to concentrate more than others and to find a job that requires them to pay attention to more than one thing.

Being conscientious and investing their efforts in what matters the most, people can deal with any bothering problem and better remember their friends’ names, they as well have to tell their stories straight and to understand what others are saying.

This is giving these people the freedom to develop their naturalness and to be more imaginative or spiritual, to see how beautiful receiving information can be and how to express themselves in a sublime manner.

They may be very talented when it comes to occult practices, but it can be difficult for them to deal with some of their own emotions and psychic abilities.

People born during the Mercury square Neptune aspect are imaginative and profound, but as well all the time thinking only about what’s in their mind. If repressing their feelings, they can forget some details and no longer efficiently communicate with

others because they’re only subjective and can’t correctly transmit their ideas. Hating competition, they can repress their feelings and forget how to deal with details, as well to communicate, because they can no longer focus on how to talk. For this reason, they should keep things simple when interacting with others.

When it comes to higher realms, they’re very good, but as far as their normal life is going, they’re good at following orders, even if they need a more disciplined mind. If signing a contract, they need to ask for advice and to talk with legal professionals.

Since many can’t actually understand them most of the time when they’re young, they can become insecure and nervous. For this reason, they need to rely on more than fantasy.

They don’t like being criticized and getting rejected, meaning it’s essential for them to exploit their creativity and artistic talents.

More than this, it’s as well very important for them to not do anything that’s having them too sensitive because this way, they can become liars, fraudsters, conspirators, occult practitioners and abusers of drugs or alcohol.

Mercury square Neptune Transit

During the Mercury square Neptune transit, natives of all signs have lower levels of energy, meaning they should not use this day to deal with projects in which logic has to be used. They’re drifting and dreaming of how to escape their everyday routine. Their imagination is more active than usual, this being a great day for fantasizing and creating.

More sensitive to what others are saying and feeling like they’re being picked on, many need to avoid becoming paranoid. Some concepts can’t be understood, not to mention important conversations should be postponed until thoughts are becoming clear again.

Those who seem to have a more confused mind in the week following the Mercury square Neptune aspect shouldn’t be surprised if things aren’t properly working for them. They may feel like they can’t actually think clearly and can even forget their phone number.

However, they shouldn’t be very worried because the influence of this transit lasts only for a few days and people will be back to their old self pretty soon.

Meanwhile, they should remember they’re naiver than usually and others can easily take advantage of them.

During this transit, natives of all signs in the zodiac are more open to any possibility. Because it’s difficult for them to clearly see, they can sometimes lose themselves in their thoughts.

This period is good for not assuming responsibilities and for thinking freely. If others are not being given enough attention, indiscretions may appear. For this reason, honesty is advocated for the best choices to be made as the information received can be confusing.

If seeing someone is offering them something too good, they should avoid falling for it because they may end up feeling sorry, as soon as illusions will disappear and the truth will come out in the open. It’s easy for many to become deceived when Mercury is in square with Neptune, not to mention they can mislead others.

For this reason, they should be honest when communicating and not assume other natives can understand them. When confused, they need to take a break and work with their intuition because this can have them doing something important.

More than this, they shouldn’t be very focused either because they wouldn’t be thinking very clearly and prefer to just dream. Their thoughts can become too glamorous and technicalities should be avoided.

The Mercury square Neptune transit is not good for making presentations and asking people what they want, neither for closing formal agreements.

Many may find it difficult to deal with any fact and to follow orders because they may question every fact and not want to give any answer. For this reason, this period is good for making decisions and for filling up gaps in logic.

The Mercury square Neptune transit is good for changing ways of thinking that can create confusion and build up discussions regarding different businesses.

When it comes to orders being given and received, many may not think clearly and misinterpret what they’re hearing, this being the reason why they need to look for professional advice, especially when having to close businesses and other types of legal contracts.

If having family and friendship problems, natives of all signs in the zodiac should keep it to the basics because their imagination can have them deceived and more confused, as well as insecure.

Scandals and cheating should be as well avoided for as long as this transit is in place because even the smallest lies could cause people to feel embarrassed and details may end up hidden.

It could become easier for them to believe in conspiracies and become extreme with their religious views. More than this, they need to protect themselves from salespeople and from taking loans.

More than this, psychic and energetic vampires can discover their weaknesses and can have them sticking to activities that are appropriate for this transit, meaning they need to dance and to explore their artistic side.

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