Mars Square Jupiter Natal and Transit: Focus on the Positives

  • The birth chart square between Mars and Jupiter suggests an individual who is more likely than others to take risks and not think decisions through.
  • During the Mars square Jupiter transit, we feel this need to prove ourselves to those around and may do some exaggerated things.
  • The planet Mars indicates the areas of life where you express your enthusiasm and how you channel your energy when trying to accomplish something.
  • The square aspect suggests that the planetary energies conflict and create some tensions that are quite revelatory for those influenced.
  • The planet Jupiter is associated with luck and good fortune, being considered a kind and benevolent celestial body.
  • Celebrities: Vincent van Gogh, Lionel Messi, Marcel Proust, Helmut Kohl, King Henry VIII, Monica Seles, Marie Curie, Johnny Carson, Indira Gandhi, Burt Reynolds, Victoria Sackville-West.
  • Transit dates: 04 August 2020, 19 October 2020, 23 January 2021, 23 May 2023, 27 February 2024, 04 September 2025, 04 May 2026, 15 November 2027, 08 July 2028, 10 January 2030, 11 March 2032.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Mars square Jupiter Natal

The way in which people are expressing their strong energy and enthusiasm needs to be done in between safe measures. There’s this tendency for the aspect to take action out of impulse and to do something dangerously.

The balance between being cautious and acting out of courage has to be found. They shouldn’t be conservative because they’d only waste their talents that arrive from the square aspect between Mars and Jupiter, all their impulsive desire and the initiative required for them to be impulsive and take the initiative that’s being asked of them to go and create amazing inventions others may not be too bold to create.

While others need people like them to stand up for their ideals and to also take risks for them, they have to protect their health and to not become impulsive.

Too many risks being taken by them can lead them to suffer accidents and to become embarrassed for social interactions. They’re capable of blaming themselves for the problems in the society and the collective evolution by feeling gratified by their passions.

These natives can get involved in holy wars and win the approval of their public, also their violent aggressiveness. They can even gain a lot of money as a result of this behavior and on the account of other people’s destruction.

People born during the Mars square Jupiter aspect can spend a lot of their time and resources for the wrong means and also the ones of others. They’re hardworking, impatient, wasteful with their energy and talent by acting impulsively and focusing their actions on other things.

They’re agitated and want to be constantly stimulated, so they can overdo anything until they no longer know when to give up. They’re fanatics and their controversial religious beliefs can have them finding out important social and philosophical questions.

They must protect themselves against becoming extreme, when it comes to the Houses in which Mars and Jupiter are occupying. They should analyze their materialistic reasons and why they’re making excesses.

They’re oftentimes working against themselves, and others get blamed for their defeats. They’re as well open to interact, but not at all dependable and constant.

These natives are often hiding their true intentions behind their inoffensive actions that are related to their religious beliefs.

They can be exaggeratedly optimistic and hypocrites, therefore they can become more caring and thoughtful when it comes to future events. They must learn to know their goals.

The Mars square Jupiter in their natal chart is giving them an exaggerated energy and an enthusiasm that will allow them to have full control.

On a more positive note, this transit is giving them the ability the almost impossible things or at least to believe they can do just so. They’re fascinated about adventure and want to explore, this giving them the possibility to explore many different subjects and experience many things in life.

When it comes to the negative part, the energy of Mars is getting perpetuated by the expansion forces Jupiter is sending, but the square of this planet can sometimes be too much, which is making them more impulsive and lustful, also more sensual.

People born during the Mars square Jupiter need to be excited, free and all the time experiencing new events to remain satisfied. They should plan everything ahead because this way, they can’t waste their time and overcome any obstacle coming their way.

These natives may as well have to work in their attitude with others. They can compete too much and struggle to prove their superiority, but they’re not doing it aggressively.

They may need to always take a closer look at the people they’re interacting with. Maybe when they were young, they didn’t feel accepted by others, admired for their talents and needing to prove their worthiness.

Those who were born during the Mars square Jupiter transit may feel tough as others and can be treated unfairly, also unable to accept getting over criticism. They should use their ambitions and drive and achieve their goals and not be too excessive if they don’t want to get hurt.

Mars square Jupiter Transit

The Mars square Jupiter transit is a positive influence, in the sense that it gives rich energies and a powerful enthusiasm, boldness and sexuality.

The amazing influence of the aspect is allowing them to be creative and physically expressive, or else their soul can start to become agitated, not to mention aggressive and impulsive.

During the Mars square Jupiter, people are having problems saying no to anything. The agitation many are feeling will keep them in between boundaries and they’re sometimes having problems with knowing when to break. Abundantly enthusiastic, they want to do only good.

The Mars square Jupiter transit can be used to improve their own lives and themselves by making wise choices. While they can overestimate themselves and their abilities, their experiences will help them increase their understanding and what can be done.

Now people are more enthusiastic and confident, but they tend to be too optimistic when assessing their potential.

These natives have an incredible need for expanding their projects and focusing on their growth, but they need to be very attentive when cautiously making plans and executing them for their business projects.

They may be extreme when it comes to what they’re capable of, but they have to pay more attention when planning and executing what they’re supposed to do.

It’s very likely for them to agglomerate with projects and struggle to meet their deadlines. They may project themselves in a higher position when looking at what their investments are returning and can risk by over-extending all of their resources.

People born during the Mars square Jupiter transit may need to prove themselves to others, yet they can as well brag too much and inflate their ego.

Their physical resistance is making them feel high and they really like winning, but can’t be good sports when defeated. They should be more cautious when the situation is demanding of them to be more physical, but they have this tendency of impulsiveness and their actions can have them risking the integrity of their body.

This aspect is evil on so many levels, but just as active or malefic in a special way when the nativity isn’t progressive.

For as long as Mars is in square to Jupiter, people can lose a lot of money and become very extravagant when expediting others and lavishing in gifts because this aspect is indicating they may be wasteful, either in the physical realm and their surroundings.

They shouldn’t get involved in any litigation because their legal troubles can have them losing great things, as their own decisions will go against themselves.

This is an aspect that can make many feel imprisoned and confined, also not at all good for any social and religious matters because it’s making people more enthusiastic and excessive with their feelings.

Never as malefic as it appears to be, unless the Moon’s aspects are malefic, cases in which so many troubles can be threatened, especially by extravagance and excesses when feeling free.

Many should avoid lending any money and all the journeys to faraway places should be completely avoided because this period is indeed critical.

They’d better be focused at everything that’s going to happen to them for the following year, it will be very easy for them to exaggerate when not paying enough attention to whatever they may be doing.

However, this will happen accordingly with their intellectual capacities and not in their favor. They’ll enjoy any challenge, so if they decide to orient all of their creativity on what’s positive outcomes, they can achieve great success.

Their libido tends to be over the hill, meaning they’re fun and can cause many people to feel frustrated. Luckily, this exact energy they’re having can help them obtain the best results, if they keep changeling their exaggerated energy into something productive.

They shouldn’t allow their feelings and views on life to get to the extreme. The temptation to start fighting with others over everything can give them the strongest feelings.

They should be quiet and keep their faith, especially when acting defensive, and they can function at their best when only tolerating others’ opinions.

During the Mars square Jupiter transit, people are more energetic and ready to take the initiative, start new projects and take risks than can have them achieve great things on a large scale.

The greatest way for them to get this energy from impulses would be to be thoughtful and more strategical. They shouldn’t act in a rash manner and all the time consider how daring they can actually be.

The Mars square Jupiter aspect is making them more courageous when feeling threatened, meaning a defensive attitude could always work for those of them involved in many accidents.

More than this, they’ll need to keep their energy moderate because they may tend to burn all the resources in their body for as long as this period is lasting, reaching a state of both mental and physical fatigue.

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