Venus Opposite Neptune Natal and Transit: Be True to Yourself

  • With an opposition between Venus and Neptune in the natal chart, one needs to battle their lack of self-confidence in order to achieve their potential.
  • When the Venus opposite Neptune transit is in full action, it is very important to know what you want, not to get confused or disillusioned.
  • In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, pleasure and harmony, as well as hat of beauty and material possessions.
  • The opposition aspect means that the two fundamental forces of the planets are in need of reconciliation and to achieve this, the individual must change.
  • In astrology, Neptune’s energy controls both idealism and deception, making us visionary but also prone to dependencies and escapism.
  • Celebrities: Venus Williams, George Harrison, Mia Farrow, Boy George, Scott Hicks, Debra Winger, Patricía Neal.
  • Transit dates: 18 October 2020, 09 August 2021, 24 September 2022, 03 November 2023.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus opposite Neptune Natal

Those with Venus opposite Neptune in the birth diagram will be influenced into becoming visionaries, often to the point of having unrealistic goals and expectations.

Their emotional sensitivity will hit a new high due to their subconscious machinations. Their instincts will often be in conflict with their emotions which will, in turn, make them prone to outside influence.

Due to this, their decision-making abilities will become faulty and they might indulge in social and romantic activities as well as financial investments that will eventually lead them towards a loss.

During this period, there will be a lack of determination and a rather strongly felt tendency to over-indulge which can lead to an array of issues such as alcohol or drug addiction. They might even shift the blame on others around them for their faults.

The lack of self-confidence might prove to be an issue, especially in the ability of Venus opposite Neptune natives to make well-thought and efficient decisions.

Living has to go smoothly and lavishly for these people to feel pleasure in life. The main goal for them would be to become more appreciative of affection and empathy.

Overthinking matters of romance will be common and it might even turn into paranoia. There will be a strong requirement for communication and honesty with their partner in order to stop such intrusive thoughts from happening and to prevent any cheating out of insecurity from ruining a relationship.

This opposition of the planets will most likely turn people suspicious of those around them, often lacking trust even in those they hold close. Overthinking social situations and relations will bring them to a point where trust will be a luxury they might not afford.

They will often feel betrayed when there won’t be any actual reason for it, simply because their mind is playing tricks on them. The influence of Neptune can turn their very mind into a toxic environment filled with insecurities due to the emotional susceptibility it brings.

The villain in this picture is mainly their psyche. Why? Idealistic, unreasonable and toxic desires and thoughts can start taking root in their mind, affecting their cognitive process and expectations to a point where their behavior and decisions take a turn for the worse, often manifesting such negativity in their daily life and relations, causing issues to pop up in their social and love life.

Insecurities and self-doubt will play a great role throughout their life, affecting their romantic relationships.

These individuals will suffer from having one too many thoughts of not sufficing for their current partner or being undeserving of their time and affection.

They’ll try to compensate for their imaginary shortcomings and might even create unrealistic images of a happy relationship, being left disappointed after the realization that things aren’t as pink as they seem.

Their financial life and endeavors often mirror their social and romantic relations. They end up being tricked or investing where they shouldn’t because of their vulnerable, emotional and paranoid nature.

The secret to solving such issues is to first put their appreciation of self into maintenance. Having a proper and realistic grasp of their true potential and abilities will unlock better decisions and methods to produce and maintain a monetary status.

Another method would be to care for one’s self in a physical manner as well in order to improve the self-image. Getting a new haircut, buying new clothes, changing up the usual makeup, all of these things and more can benefit the sense of self-worth.

Venus opposite Neptune Transit

The main issue this transit brings is seen in the romance and money related aspects of your life. Your gullible and emotionally susceptible self will make have you falling victim to others taking you for granted and taking advantage of your gentle, giving personality, often acting as if they care in order to get something from you.

Your overall desire to please others will be your downfall. If you’re not feeling pleased with how things are going on, you need to speak up. Hiding your dissatisfaction will only bring further conflict in your relationship.

Being true to yourself will also be a huge factor in successful business deals and financial investments.

Knowing what you want and how to get it will be paramount, as abruptly finishing a deal without second thoughts or honest opinions from people that you can trust can make a big difference and impact on your future.

So, whatever is on your mind, make sure you have people you can trust and communicate with for the sake of your fulfillment.

One thing you should remind yourself to do during this period is taking a step back to look at the bigger picture. Witness the effects of your machinations and try to see if the choices you’ve made up until now have bore any fruits.

Are you satisfied with your self-image, with your ideals, with your view of the world? No? Then rid yourself of your unrealistic standards and desires, see the world for what it is or you’ll end up forcing your illusions onto others and disappoint yourself when they don’t deliver, especially when it comes to your partner.

Your make-believe world will seep through the cracks, affecting your daily life, creating financial problems and impeding your social endeavours.

Your partner needs to be a level-headed, rational individual that can pull you out of such disillusions. Your compassionate nature might push you into falling for people with a bad streak, that need a helping hand, such as alcoholics or drug abusers, which will only make things worse for you.

What you could do to bring more joy into your life is to focus on yourself for once. Making a change for the better is always welcome, and working on your aspect is a good way to cheer up.

Try switching things up a bit, add more colours to your outfits, change your hair colour, or redecorate your living room.

Giving life to your artistic side is also highly advised, so try taking those dancing lessons you’ve been thinking about, do some song covers in the shower or paint something and nurture your spirit together with those you hold dear.

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