Venus Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit: Power and Confidence

  • In a natal chart, the Venus Pluto conjunction means you are quite criticizing of your own actions and take a lot of time to be pleased with what you achieve.
  • When the Venus conjunct Pluto transit is in full action, one’s need for affection is dramatically increased, as is the need for emotional depth.
  • Venus is the planet of our inner desires, of beauty, love and romance.
  • The conjunct aspect occurs when two planets travel together in the same sign so their energies are combined and the result is a strengthening of both.
  • In astrology, Pluto is responsible with making room for the new by throwing out the old, governs power play between people, obsessions and jealousy.
  • Celebrities: Charles Dickens, Frida Kahlo, Beyoncé, Olivia Newton-John, Zac Efron, Dr Phil McGraw, Wes Craven, Nancy Kerrigan.
  • Transit dates: 28 January 2021, 11 December 2021, 03 March 2022, 01 January 2023, 17 February 2024, 07 December 2024, 19 January 2026.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus conjunct Pluto Natal

Naturally charming, full of love of life and financial wisdom, people born under Venus conjunct to Pluto are very attracted to the opposite sex and are prone to fast infatuations. Inconstancy may also be a prominent feature of their inner life.

One’s emotions or sexual drive may become repressed, but it is much more likely that already intense states become amplified – inevitably leading to at least some disillusionment.

Loyal and highly invested, one may expect the same in return, feeding into possibly being both possessive and sexually indulgent.

The loving nature of people born under this alignment informs much of their life outside romance – they abhor injustice and will fight it at every turn.

It feeds their creativity, too, with a particular inclination towards acting. Before one turns to speak, they may elicit strong reactions in others, be they of interest or aversion.

Underneath the surface, people with this natal aspect in their chart tend to suffer due to the extreme changing nature of their affections. Fears of inadequacy, and thus rejection or betrayal, fuel possessiveness, and sensitivity. Impartiality or distance are hard to come by in personal relationships.

Driven by instinct, and willfully charming to boot, one may feel that they’re guided by the very hand of fate into the arms of another and is quick to flights of fancy.

The dynamic this outlook fosters may be too much pressure for one’s partner from the very outset, coupled with the very natural high expectations of fidelity and truthfulness.

Though it is natural to grow together and learn from one another, great care ought to be taken so that one’s partner isn’t an ultimately unnecessary prop for self-development.

At the same time, it is critical that, while on this journey, one attributes their discoveries correctly: much of self-discovery is seeing things we’d rather not be confronted by, and owning instead of projecting them shall be a test of character.

Given the intensity of feeling involved, it should come as no surprise that relationships will be central to one’s well-being.

The urge to merge comes naturally, just as one easily attracts partners, and it takes no time at all to form a deep bond. The same is likely to be true of one’s partners.

However, if low self-esteem or emotional lows are also features of one’s natal chart, then this arrangement may lead to self-disregard and thus consuming and destructive relationships.

Highly reactive, each instance of betrayal or abuse leaves a mark and, if left unresolved, can feed a sharp downward spiral. So powerful are the echoes of pain, that one may be driven to various ways of self-harm – including indirect, behavioral ones, ranging from promiscuity or other risky conduct to willful financial self-sabotage.

Alas, one can ultimately transcend pain and forge a better life path, though bearing the heavy load of Pluto’s auspices.

Along with the positive facets of self-compassion and self-love come all the other boons of this conjunction. Confidence, acclaim, status, and functional human relationships await as end-results of personal transformation, aided by other helpful astrological aspects.
Weeding out behaviors and associations that put a damper on one’s development is crucial – one will thus tend to gravitate towards people of similar outlooks.

Few can match the intensity and depth of love one may exhibit, but that isn’t a problem – after all, it only matters that others love as best as they are able, and that shall satisfy.

Venus conjunct Pluto Transit

During this transit one’s need for affection is dramatically increased, as is the need for connection and emotional depth.

When single, one’s unfulfilled needs may be problematic, but they can also be a problem if one is engaged in an otherwise healthy relationship that is mismanaged at this very fragile time.

Whether of a purely social nature or a more intimate one, one can expect more powerful, intense interactions to take place.

Conversely, shallowness shall be even more intensely dissatisfying. All this comes so naturally, that one may not be aware of it, and the effect it has on other people. Some may be made deeply uncomfortable, but others will be thoroughly enchanted by one’s presence and natural allure.

A deliberate use of wit and charm may come in very handy due to a financial project one may be embarking on – and it may be necessary to do so over time, while one accrues the necessary resources.

It is advisable to exercise due caution in dealings involving money – it shall, however, be a matter of following the already present instinct to be critically analytical of opportunities.

One’s creative work mirrors the developments of other areas – its impact grows, as does one’s affinity for lively and dramatic mediums of expression.

During this transition, the ideas of sexuality and power will be intertwined much more strongly in one’s mind. This will have a twofold effect.

First of all, one may unwittingly project an intense sensual presence – one too intense to go unremarked by others. This will feed into one’s romantic relationships, and provide the resources one needs to take charge and thoroughly enjoy the dynamics at play.

But one mustn’t forget about the converse aspects of this – one’s dark tendencies and drive to power may end up hurting the other.

Measuring one’s words becomes a lofty task during this transition – if mere restraint is not enough, acute awareness of other’s reactions as one speaks may be required.

Channeling one’s determination into pursuits other than those in the social sphere may prove to be highly beneficial – both through sparing others from one’s drives, but also through the refocusing of energy onto more personal endeavors.

Deliberate use of one’s power of persuasion may lead to unwanted results, especially if trying to use guilt or other rhetorical subversion.

Simply being aware of one’s personal magnetism, however, needn’t be cause for worry – only the abuse of such a powerful influence.

What ought, however, to be cause for concern are negative aspects of the self and others during this transit.

Possessiveness and jealousy, in particular, are to be reined in and kept under observation. A powerful drive towards romance is not problematic, but a tendency to cross boundaries and infringe upon other’s personal space and time is to be reined in, lest it spell interpersonal disaster.

Along with these inclinations, one may find themselves attracted to unfortunate, unsavory or outright dangerous characters.

If already engaged in a functional relationship, the couple’s sex life may bloom into adventurous new experiences, provided there is mutual consent.

If single, powerful attraction may spark an intense, karmic relationship. Regardless, ensuring a smooth course and positive outcome comes down to engaging with the other honestly and freely, without the trappings of pretense or social games.

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