Venus Trine Uranus Natal and Transit: Spiritual Awakening

  • If the natal chart contains a Venus Uranus trine, then this person is very adaptable and quick to seize any opportunities coming their way.
  • The Venus trine Uranus transit helps take to fruition most of the decisions we are making this period, especially if we really want something.
  • The planet Venus governs all romantic aspects in one’s life, values and possessions, as well as beauty and charm.
  • When two planets trine, it means they support each other and their energies are said to generate further positivity and happy synchronicities.
  • Uranus in a birth chart indicates the areas of life in which we challenge the status-quo.
  • Celebrities: Glenn Close, Placido Domingo, Marie Antoinette, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Yehudi Menuhin, Ariana Grande, Robert Redford.
  • Transit dates: 10 October 2020, 13 January 2021, 19 November 2021, 20 September 2022, 22 December 2022, 31 October 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Venus trine Uranus Natal

Being born with Venus trine Uranus in the birth diagram instills a yearning for communication and bonding with those around you. This also transfers to the romantic side of your social life.

The main focus for a suitable long-term partner would be on finding someone who is unconventional, unlike the norm. That or somebody that would be able to allow them to reign freely without much restriction, without exuding feelings of envy or possessiveness.

There will also be no shortage of friends during this period. They will also share in attributes similar to a lover. By that, they will also be genuine and different in their own unique ways.

As these people evolve and change their personalities or behaviour, so too will their friend list either become larger or change altogether. Coming by people that will suit their interests will be easy, seeing as how open and fun they are to be around.

The Venus trine Uranus aspect is one filled with positive and thrilling energy. Situations of a spirited and lively nature will often occur during this period.

Their aptitude for adaptability makes it easy for them to quickly get accustomed to others, regardless of their origin or culture. They also have the skill to easily read anybody they come in contact with. Some would even say that they’re psychic.

When it comes to their love life, while in a relationship with a partner, what comes first will always be patience and acceptance.

These individuals can seem rather unruly to the outside folk, and their thirst for freedom and adventure must never be caged.

As for the sexual department, they tend to have rather non-traditional kinks if they could be called that. A partner that tries to change that about them or put a barrier around their taste is definitely a no go.

For them, relationships tend to last longer the farther away they are from their partner. Mainly because that way their personal space and desires won’t be limited by their partner being unintentionally suffocating or asking for too much attention. If their partner shares the same ideals than that’s even better!

These people are truly blessed when it comes to looks and socializing skills. They have it all! They’re attractive to a fault, original and can talk up a storm if they wish to. Of course, in the non-devastating way. The affection they can show is rather refreshing and suffocating at the same time and their sexual desires are filled with fiery passion.

Their carefree attitude and thrilling personality tend to act as a beacon for individuals of status or wealth to gather around. They can also be seen trying out their skills with art. In theatre or acting to be more precise.

Monetary aspects of their life will also take a fortunate turn and they can even expect positive developments in their mental and spiritual growth.

There is a deep appreciation for innovation and anything that has to do with it, whether it’s technological advancements or the new trends in make-up and fashion, these people are always up to date.

Venus trine Uranus Transit

The transiting side of this aspect mainly governs over one’s yearning for thrills and adventure. As such, one ought to actively avoid any sort of mundane daily traditions. Work and normal everyday patterns become exhausting mentally and spiritually. The same stands for your social interactions and relationships.

You’ll definitely be enjoying the benefits this aspect brings to their fullest! Most of the decisions you take during this transit will bring fruition and you’ll be able to take advantage of victories in both the monetary and social departments of your life.

Due to your volatile, yet affectionate nature, you’ll find yourself constantly creating bonds with people that you meet.

This might also apply to your love life. Because of your appreciation for freedom and adventure, you’ll also want to take advantage of this transit to go on a few trips abroad. Who knows, you might even find your soulmate in the process.

Anything regarding socializing and friendship will be enhanced. As such, you might even find that your close friend is romance material. You just have to pay attention and ask the right questions, or in this case, make the right moves.

If by chance you are already engaged in a relationship, there’s a possibility your partner might be interested in some new and odd things while in bed, if you catch my drift.

Spiritual awakening is right around the corner. If you’ve ever been interested in mysticism or occultism, it’s high time you start your research!

If somehow you engage in a new relationship during this period, you’ll most likely be lucky enough to find a partner that will stimulate you and explore all of your desires with you.

Sadly, it might be short-lived. Mainly because side flings are a common thing during this transit and there’s little to no way of knowing if a relationship will last or not, especially with how unpredictable your tastes can get.

The desire for free reign is stronger than ever. Too bad this also collides with the yearning for a significant other. And I say too bad, mainly because it’s hard to find someone that can satisfy both your need for affection and your desire for adventure and freedom. Try looking for someone that shares the same interests as you, that should do the trick.

Your usually volatile personality will reach a new time peak in this transit. Because of this, your general tastes will change too, along with your potential for ingenuity and creation.

This will also mean that not everybody will be catching your eye during this period. It must be someone that can truly match your caliber, otherwise, they simply won’t do. It will also be hard to stay diligent and determined on your projects since you’ll most likely become tired of doing the same old thing over and over again. The best way to recharge your batteries is to take some time off and do something relaxing or thrilling to blow off some steam.

You would do well to try mixing things up now and again to keep the boredom at bay. All in all, you’re pretty much in complete control of your life so it’s up to you to do whatever feels right!

Change things up a notch. It doesn’t matter if it’s your clothes, makeup, hair or behaviour. See what fits you and just do it!

Even your friends will be following in your footsteps, each of them bringing something new to the fray of the unexpected. As such, it’s high time for a night out with your pals! The multitude of odd and interesting traits that you’ll all bring along is bound to create a crazy and fun mix.

You’ll also be quite attentive when it comes to the new trends in make-up and style. So, who’s to say that your night out with your friends won’t actually be a day out on a shopping spree?

Financially you should be doing quite well, so it’s pretty safe to indulge in your desires during this period. In doing so you might even get to befriend new and unconventional individuals just like you. Ones that will incite the spark of curiosity within.

This transit really has it all just for you! You’re blessed with opportunities for socializing, romance, sex, and creativity.

You can even start practicing new methods for your art or imagination to materialize them in new, refreshing ways! One thing to keep an eye on would be to not overindulge in, well, pretty much anything. You might eventually run out of money that way, you know?

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