Sun Square Pluto Natal and Transit: Identifying Your Needs

  • The natal Sun Pluto square means you are very ambitious about achieving your goals but should be a little more responsible at home too.
  • When the Sun square Pluto transit takes place, people are more focused on important issues, not to mention matters that require their complete attention.
  • The Sun’s energy in astrology is a rather forceful and creative one, imbuing us with strength and will to succeed.
  • The square aspect is a strong and tense astrological placement in which the two planets collide in their effects over the areas of life that they govern.
  • In astrology, Pluto is considered the governor of the metaphysical, of the darker aspects of life, of transformation and re-birth.
  • Celebrities: Ricky Martin, Tiger Woods, Omar Sharif, Barbra Streisand, Maya Angelou, Sally Field, Leonardo da Vinci, Steffi Graf, Robert Schumann.
  • Transit dates: 14 April 2020, 15 October 2020, 16 April 2021, 17 October 2021, 18 April 2022, 19 October 2022.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Sun square Pluto Natal

People born during the Sun square Pluto transit should make some changes in their behavior if they want their relationships to be harmonious. Also wanting to be in control all the time, they may have ego clashes with the ones they care about the most.

The battles they’re usually carrying are most of the time meant to help them obtain a higher consciousness.

It may difficult for them to do just so, but they must let go of some control and no longer be so domineering if they want to be appreciated by others. Until they’ll learn how to relax, it’s very possible for them to go through many crises and to interact with dark forces.

This won’t be too big of a problem for those of them fascinated by darkness, yet the ones terrified of it will feel stuck.

If they’d decide to talk about secrets regarding their sexual taboos, their addictions, and even the occult, they may put themselves in danger and at the same time promote any beneficial transformation meant to happen in their life. No longer being in control can bring them a rebirth that can get them rid of any pain brought on by the hard aspects between the Sun and Pluto.

However, they should never give up being determined to succeed or their hardworking nature because the intensity of which they’re capable will bring them only good things when it comes to these matters.

They should be ambitious and not worry too much about competing with others in this way, they’ll manage to obtain a position of authority and no longer feel like they’re having any problem.

People born during the Sun square Pluto aspect are motivated to succeed, arrogant, obsessed with control and true rebels, meaning they’re translating their thirst for power into imposing their own will on the ones they love.

Instead of trying to change others, they should focus on doing this for themselves. It can be difficult for them to express their most positive side because they’re all the time nervous, this being the reason why they need the sympathy of others so much and so often.

They seem to not have any idea about how to focus their energy in a constructive direction and to cooperate, even if they can be great as managers.

Their temper needs to be calmed down, not to mention they must avoid exaggerating when it comes to their relationships with the opposite sex, in which they can be very aggressive.

It can be very difficult to handle the energies brought on by the Sun square Pluto aspect because the negativity of the planet Pluto can come and completely take over.

Those who are aware of what’s happening should turn this influence into something positive by looking at their Sun sign and its requirements. However, they need to be careful with how they’re expressing all of Pluto’s power because it can make them feel like big nobodies and emptied of all their energy when not used wisely.

This planet is known to make people more ambitious, forceful, domineering, aggressive and extreme, not to mention it can accentuate any Sun sign’s traits and induce a compulsory behavior.

People born during the Sun square Pluto transit are all the time feeling an inner tension because of this placement in their birth chart, finding it difficult to go over the limits that are impeding them to make their dreams come true.

This is the influence of Pluto that’s forcing them to transform and to recognize if pressure is being put on them or if they have any frustrations that will eventually just outburst and get released.

These natives need to learn how to cooperate and compromise, also to be more moderate. As soon as achieving the balance they require and knowing how to listen better, they’ll no longer be so domineering, which will allow their relationships to develop harmoniously and creatively.

Sun square Pluto Transit

During the Sun square Pluto transit, people may want to be more in control, but they’ll end up having ego clashes with authority figures.

They’ll be more affected by any argument and crisis, which can lead them to self-destruction and extreme behavior. Being challenged in this manner can have them becoming defensive and withdrawn.

Any intense experience will make them reveal some of their most hidden psychological issues regarding their fear of death or of no longer being in control, of being abused and even tortured.

Of course, they may have these terrors from their past lives, but they can as well be the results of their addictions, experiences, and spiritual journeys.

For as long as the Sun square Pluto transit is in place, natives of all signs need to identify why they need so much to be in control as this will help them relax and evolve into higher beings.

This period is meant for rebirth and for gaining more inner strength. For this reason, everyone should use it by channeling their intense feelings onto their ambitions and efforts.

Their confidence may be shaken by extreme attitudes and even fanaticism, but they should realize these minor crises of theirs are not going to last for too long. They should try to be as considerate as possible and avoid making radical decisions because they’d only harm themselves this way.

It’s very likely some natives will be manipulated by a person with authority in their life during this transit. Many should avoid stressing their body too much because their regenerative abilities are slower than usual.

Others must make changes in their life because if not, the Universe will come and do it for them and not in a nice manner. While shedding their skin and defensive walls just like snakes, they’ll get to be more truthful with themselves and to accomplish everything they want.

It’s never easy to go through any transformation, but if they won’t do it, the following year may become for many, filled with fights for power, emotional problems, and tendencies to obsess.

During the Sun square Pluto transit, everyone should accept any challenge, no matter how difficult, because they can obtain amazing results that will make them feel very good about themselves, not to mention how much they’ll develop.

Many relationships will get tested and secrets will come into the light, but this doesn’t mean people going through all these things shouldn’t focus on their growth anymore. Others will seem more stubborn and obsessed with control than usual, also provocative and aggressive.

However, they’ll get the same response because many natives will wait just around the corner to show their muscles and to take part in any battle. Small disagreements may turn into real wars, so people will wake up fighting for power and being frustrated when unable to obtain it.

People must keep in mind the Sun square Pluto is only lasting for a day and that a defeat is never the end of the world. They should keep calm and control their reactions as all the bad things will, at some point, pass.

The week following this transit will as well be about power struggles and things happening at higher speeds.

Many will see problems where these don’t exist, feeling like their colleagues, bosses and loved ones are challenging them more than usually. They’ll take things personally and remember negative issues from their past when facing something that slightly resembles the dark period they’re reminiscing about.

They may remember how they used to hurt and make their emotions become chaotic, no longer being able to sustain any of their relationships. It would be a good idea for some to just take a day off during this transit, or perhaps do their job without asking others for assistance.

They should submit what they’ve accomplished for revision after checking it twice because any criticism can make them feel depressed. It would be perfect for them if they could do something creative or physically challenging, or why not, both. Therefore, they could write, dance, paint and after go to the gym.

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