Saturn Square Neptune Natal and Transit: The Power of Honesty

  • The birth chart square between Saturn and Neptune suggests someone who values patience and responsibility.
  • When the Saturn square Neptune transit is in full action, reality and illusions combine and we don’t always know what to believe about what is happening to us.
  • In astrology, Saturn defines our lives through the limitations and boundaries thrown upon us, as well as through our commitments.
  • The square aspect means that the two planets reside in signs that are ninety degrees apart and fight for supremacy of their energies.
  • Neptune is the planet of inspiration, dreams and fantasy, helping us cope with illusions, the mystical and our spiritual lives.
  • Celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jordan, Miles Davis, Mark Twain, Queen Victoria, HP Lovecraft, Venus Williams, Paula Abdul.
  • Transit dates: 16 September 2033, 13 January 2034, 25 June 2034, 01 April 2052, 06 July 2052, 13 January 2053.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Saturn square Neptune Natal

The Saturn square Neptune in birth charts is making people go through tough times for them to be more conscious, as well as to liberate themselves from negativity.

This can be achieved through discipline, a lot of patience and by being persistent for the fears to no longer exist and their dreams to come true. Neptune is the governor of creativity and arts, especially the visual and musical ones.

There are many celebrities born during this time, meaning they’re the type who can creatively express themselves by learning some important life lessons.

The square aspect between Saturn and Neptune is all about an inner tension, also about feeling frustrated, because of Neptune always inhibited when it comes to making dreams come true and the unconscious mind feeling restricted by Saturn.

The results of such pressure and agitation can make people born during the Saturn square Neptune aspect feel inadequate, incompetent and inferior. However, such feelings can be only an illusion and not at all realistic, but their influence is strong when it comes to what people are doing and their choices.

The more time passes and such tendencies are being advocated, the negative results don’t cease to appear and they may start to think they’re inferior to others.

These natives can start to only act as self-defeatists and no longer have confidence in what they can do. Such negativity can begin to spread to the point in which they’re beginning to no longer accept being challenged or taking on any responsibility.

Denying aspects can have them suppressing their unconsciousness, which can develop until this so-called “poisonous” personality of theirs is turning out to be more natural, even if distorting when it comes to the merge of body, consciousness and feelings.

The fear and anxiety people born during the Saturn square Neptune are feeling, as well their neurotic crises, can be the result of their unconsciousness and can even result in mental illnesses that may require them to be institutionalized or kept in confinement.

These natives should avoid any type of drug or psychic activities because they can become the prey of negativity and dark forces. Always feeling like the victims and confused about what career to choose can have them seeking a way out when it comes to their responsibilities.

They fear paranoia, so they should avoid it at any cost. It may seem for them that they had to face too tragic situations and disappointments more than other people. They should understand their darkness is meant to provide them all the determination they need and the foundation for any kind of life experience.

Looking for more adventure and to explore darkness through the use of drugs is not at all something they need because it’s making them vulnerable to being stuck and incapable of ever getting out.

There’s no reason for them to force themselves or to worry about what happened in their past as self-forgiving is everything that they require in order to function properly as human beings. Because they’re looking for sympathy when seeing others suffer, they can end up not having any friend, also suffering.

These natives are usually experiencing strange emotional tensions, not to mention they’re too inhibited and can be disappointed. They seem to have many talents with the arts and in the business field.

Hard workers, they’re not quite the most efficient individuals, though, because they’re lacking practicality.

Being impatient when it comes to their everyday issues can have them more cunning and devious when trying to fulfil their dreams. These people can attract many enemies into their life and can also be the victims of scandals.

Even their friends may no longer want to talk to them, or the other way around, they’re the ones who no longer want any connection with their loved ones.

Looking for the perfect partner, they can end up alone for a lifetime. More than this, they’re wilful and peculiar when it comes to their religion.

Saturn square Neptune Transit

The Saturn square Neptune transit can bring about darkness and some terrifying experiences. During this period, many people can be depressed and in grief because of hardship.

It’s also possible for them to be overwhelmed by an unexplained fear and paranoia, not to mention they can start questioning everything about their hopes and dreams.

They should avoid certain things if they no longer want to worry and to be disappointed, for example, drugs, conspiracies, joining cults, believing and any scheme that sounds too optimistic.

Reality and illusion are combining during this time, especially for those who are hiding something. Even those who are transparent may go through situations that are incomprehensible and can get deceived or become misunderstood.

Whereas this cycle can be a difficult one, it’s also of untruthfulness. For those who are off centre, it’s all about revival because they can see things clearer.

A lot depends on how they’re reacting to the facts they can’t escape. Those who are duplicitous may find it difficult to continue being the same. As a matter of fact, the more they’re being fake, the more they’re encountering all kinds of issues.

The inevitable has to be accepted and they need to know what to do, even if this means no longer having to face any consequence and being more aware of every detail that can, in fact, impact their life in a significant manner.

Any circumstance can make them appreciate how important honesty and being attentive actually is, regardless of the results.

This transit is one of disillusions and disappointments because reality keeps influencing their career. There are many fields of life this transit is influencing, so the concrete reality can be neglected.

Many may play the martyrs and believe they’re doing the right thing for others. They may trust others and their goodness, as well as believe only what they want, no matter if they’re assessing correctly. But for as long as this period is happening, many obstacles are appearing and beliefs are getting tested.

Partnerships can get destroyed by new information and many may discover they’ve been investing all of their efforts in something unrealistic. They may notice that others have been taking advantage of them and trying to make every situation in their life more realistic.

While this can be painful, balance in life is absolutely required. Health matters should be addressed as well because energy levels may be low and many may experience fatigue, all sort of infections, also allergies.

Others may display their weaknesses and lack the confidence they so much need. It’s very likely some will take advantage of their state of mind and vulnerability. For these, coming to terms with themselves is essential.

People should acknowledge their shortcomings and work with them to take advantage of their potential. Whereas some events can have them insecure, there may be some conditions in which problems need to be assessed realistically.

Those who are looking at what’s underlying their happy moments, as well their disappointing ones can have less power, exception making matters related to their imagination and inaccuracy.

This can be a great time in which people are coming to terms with what isn’t definite and doesn’t have any precise effects.

Things can be put in the right context if the elements are in their place. The purpose of this difficult transit is for people to no longer be fearful, guilty and worried.

On the contrary, they should have patience and focus on the fundamentals, so it would be smart for them to express themselves through music and dancing because this will make them more conscious.

They should be practical and act in a defensive manner, not expecting to advance too much. It’s possible their worries are coming out of their guilt. It can be very difficult to identify why they’re feeling guilty relating to matters of past lives.

Many will likely feel some strange and difficult to diagnose symptoms. If these are real, there’s no paranoia, so they should visit the doctor because they’d no longer be worried and their fears will get to disappear, not to mention they’d gain a lot of confidence in themselves.

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